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GENERAL HOSPITAL 12 Nina makes plans for Silas




Nina makes plans for Silas

Written by C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultant: YRbiggestfan



At the park, Bradblogentry-14971-0-97207400-1406601161_th and Lucasblogentry-14971-0-07332000-1406601177_th are sitting on a blanket having their picnic. While Brad is eating, he’s thinking about something else..


Felix: Where are you off to? It’s early for you to be getting off.

Brad: Lucas and I are going out.

Felix: Well that’s...that’s good.

Felixblogentry-14971-0-93788700-1406601200_th refocuses himself on whatever it is that he was inputting into the computer.

Brad: Could’ve been you ya know?

Felix: Are you with Lucas just to stick it to me? Because if that’s true, it’s not gonna last. Go have your picnic. Lucas is far from stupid. He’s gonna notice it, and it’s really not fair to him.

Brad: You wanted to know why I was leaving early, and I told you. Have a good day.


Brad snaps himself out of it while Lucas has a flashback of his own…


KELLY’S...Lucas walks to the door with two bags in each of his hands. He leans on it so he can open it, but as he leans, Sebastian opens the door with his left hand, and puts his right hand to Lucas to stop him from falling. Lucas quickly turns around, and seems captivated.

Lucas: Thank you. That would’ve been bad if I’d fallen and spilled this.

Sebastian: You’re welcome. You must be having a party. I don’t think you’re gonna eat that all by yourself.

Lucas: No it’s for me and…

Sebastian: Your boyfriend?

Lucas: Yeah.

Sebastian smiles.

Sebastian: Lucky him.

Lucas snaps out of his flashback…

Brad: Wow you were a hundred thousand miles away. What were you thinking about?

Lucas: Ummm...this food. It’s pretty good.


ON ANOTHER SIDE OF THE PARK...Shawnblogentry-14971-0-78980600-1406601242_th is on his cell phone with Jordanblogentry-14971-0-99053200-1406601319_th as he sips on a cup of water filled with ice.

Shawn: When are you coming back home?


Jordan: When the DEA gives me the okay. You know I can’t just up and abandon my assignment.


Shawn: Come on Jordan. Look I miss you.


Jordan: I miss you, too. I’ll be home as soon as I can.


Shawn: I love you.


Jordan: Love you, too.

Meanwhile, Mayablogentry-14971-0-06371400-1406601345_th is jogging and as soon as she sees a bench, she goes to sit down. She rubs her right knee and winces at the discomfort. Shawn is walking and notices Maya, and Maya naturally looks up at Shawn, and the two make extended eye contact.


SILAS’S APARTMENT - Samblogentry-14971-0-58233600-1406601371_th and Silasblogentry-14971-0-11202800-1406601392_th are lying on the couch together and Silas holds Sam.

Sam: We’re almost there huh?

Silas: After everything we’ve been through.

Sam: Rafe’s death.

Silas: Patrick being fired.

Sam: Although there’s one more obstacle we have to overcome.

They look at each other and simultaneously say “Nina.”


NINA’S SUITE - Ninablogentry-14971-0-04640300-1406601429_th is on the phone with Madelineblogentry-14971-0-07657600-1406601448_th.

Nina: Mom I saw Silas propose to Sam in the MetroCourt. It was the most agonizing thing I’ve ever seen. I wanted to throw up a hundred times.


Madeline: I don’t know why you’re hung up on that adulterous man. You need to move on Nina.


Nina: If I can’t have SIlas, nobody will. There’s no way he’s gonna marry Sam.


BACK AT SILAS’S, someone knocks on the door. Silas answers it and it’s Michaelblogentry-14971-0-10595200-1406601488_th and Kikiblogentry-14971-0-57017100-1406601511_th.

Sam: Hi. Come on in.

Kiki: Hey.

Michael: Congrats are in order huh. Kiki and I aren’t the only ones getting married.

Silas: That’s why we called you over.

Sam: We were wondering if...you wanted to do a double wedding.

Michael and Kiki look at each other.

Kiki: That sounds like a great idea, but there’s one problem right?

Michael: Well Sam you and Jason’s marriage ended because he was declared legally dead.

Kiki: But Silas and Nina’s marriage...is still valid.


Nina is still on the phone with Madeline as she looks at her old marriage license, and Sebastian walks in unseen by Nina.

Nina: We’re still married, and we’re gonna be a family.

Nina hangs up, turns around, and sees her sonblogentry-14971-0-02579500-1406601549_th.

Sebastian: Mom what family are you talking about?



HOSPITAL - Felixblogentry-14971-0-93788700-1406601200_th and Epiphanyblogentry-14971-0-68992700-1406604022_th are sitting on a bench near a window.

Epiphany: Brad is playing games. I don’t know why you let him make you so upset.

Felix: You know at first I couldn’t stand Brad. All he wanted was sex, but after some time passed, I started seeing him differently. I thought we could work on something until...

Epiphany: You found out that he helped Britt steal Lulu’s embryo.

Felix: I haven’t looked at him quite the same since.

Epiphany: Yeah Brad did all of those things, but you still have feelings for him, and from what I can tell, he’s only with Lucas because he can’t be with you. Seems like he’s made his decision, and you need to make one, too.

Felix: What are you trying to tell me?

Epiphany: Start seeing other people. Leave Brad and Lucas be. Move on.


Lucas: My Aunt Ruby’s recipe is still delicious. She ran Kelly’s for years.

Brad: I heard about her.

They both look at each other and nod their heads knowing that Ruby was a madam.

Brad: Well my dad had his share of concubines.

Lucas looks at Brad and smiles.

Brad: What’s so funny?

Lucas: This is how we met remember?

Brad: The Floating Rib.

Lucas: I just found out that my father Julian was a mobster.

Brad: And I told you about my dad being a mobster.

Lucas: We were sharing parental mob stories.

Brad: Have you heard from your dad?

Lucas: He texted the other day. He’s sticking it out with Alexis. You know you told me about your dad, but not about your mom. I wonder why you don’t talk about her.

Brad: There’s not much to say. We haven’t spoken much since I came out.


Shawn: Are you okay?

Maya: Yeah I’m...I’m fine.

Shawn takes three napkins out of his pocket, pours ice from his cup in them, and places the makeshift ice pack gently on Maya’s sore right knee.

Shawn: This might help.

Maya: Thank you.

Shawn: If you elevate it, it might help reduce some swelling.

Maya: Hey I don’t know you.

Shawn: Shawn Butler.

Maya smiles and Shawn smiles back.

Maya: Maya Ward.


Silas: I don’t think Nina’s gonna give me a hard time about divorcing.

Kiki: I’m not so sure about that dad.

Sam: After everything she’s done, do you think she’s just gonna grant you a divorce so we can get married?

Michael: Can you really trust Nina to do the right thing?

Silas: I don’t really know, but somehow I think that this is all gonna work out.


Nina: Eavesdropping is rude. How much of that did you hear?

Sebastian: You said something about having a family. With whom? The guy you’re still married to? Silas Clay?

Nina: I’m talking about Silas, you, Kiki and me.

Sebastian: But Kiki isn’t your daughter.

Nina: Blood doesn’t always make you family.

Sebastian: Yeah so I’ve heard. Grandma told me that Silas cheated on you with Kiki’s mom. I’m surprised you haven’t divorced his ass yet.

Nina: That’s true, but sometimes you have to learn to forgive. When I first woke up from my coma, I was mad as hell about what Silas did, but I’m over it now.

Sebastian grabs his backpack.

Sebastian: Yeah mom if you say so.

Nina: What’s the matter? You don’t believe me?

Sebastian: Not one bit.

After Sebastian leaves…

Nina: Oh son you’re so perceptive. Your father has no idea what I have in store for him.


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Epiphany's right. Felix is too good for all that crap. But somehow I know he'll end up right back with Brad. I see sparks between Maya and Shawn. Too bad Edward isn't alive to make smart-ass remarks about how awful they would be for each other. I guess that's Tracy's job now? A double wedding, hm? Sounds like potential for major drama. Love it.

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