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GENERAL HOSPITAL FANFIC EPISODE 10 Nathan overhears a mysterious conversation




EPISODE 10 - Nathan overhears a mysterious conversation


NINA’S HOUSE - Sebastianblogentry-14971-0-71928000-1404348853_th is on his tablet with headphones on, lip synching words to music, and Ninablogentry-14971-0-17971200-1404348905_th, who is dressed in a tan power suit, pulls back one of the earphones and yells “helloooo!”

Sebastian: Mom!

Nina: Oh no you’re not gonna sit around here day after day on your tablet like you did at your grandmother’s. You either work, or go to school, but I’m not gonna let you be a bum.


AT THE HOSPITAL - Bradblogentry-14971-0-99375400-1404348956_th is talking to Lucasblogentry-14971-0-00822200-1404348979_th at the sixth floor elevators.

Brad: How’s your mom?

Lucas: She landed safely at Sea-Tac.

Brad: Good. You didn’t forget our picnic today right?

Lucas: Not at all. I’m heading to Kelly’s now.

Brad: That’s what I do for my babe. I’ll meet you at the park later.

They kiss as the elevator doors open, and Lucas leaves.


PARK - The day is bright and sunny while Lulublogentry-14971-0-93070900-1404349093_th sits on a bench with her son Rocco in his stroller. Maxieblogentry-14971-0-55206700-1404349151_th is sitting next to her.

Lulu: You’re gonna come to my housewarming right?

Maxie: Why wouldn’t I Lulu? Of course I am.

Lulu: Because I’m ordering twenty slabs of ribs from The Floating Rib and mac and cheese.

Maxie: So you’ve got jokes about Levi huh? You know he doesn’t eat any of that, and he doesn’t encourage me to eat it either.

Lulu: Come on Maxie. This isn’t even you. You love ribs and mac and cheese. You don’t see what he’s doing to you.

Maxie: You don’t even know him. None of you do. Not like I do. He’s caring, he’s tender, and he’s changed my life.

Lulu: He cost you six more months with your daughter. What kind of a man does that?


MAXIE’S APARTMENT - Leviblogentry-14971-0-69372100-1404349215_th is in the living room stretching out when his cell phone rings. He stops his yoga routine, sighs nervously, and answers it. Nathanblogentry-14971-0-39734000-1404349346_th, who just took a shower, walks to the living room unseen by Levi.

Levi: Hello father.




NINA’S OFFICE - Nina is sitting at her desk on the office phone, and she flashes back to what she said to Sebastian. Tracy knocks on the door and seems to snaps Nina out of it.

Tracy: I got what you want.

Nina is still staring off into proverbial space.

Nina: Tracy.

Tracy: Where were you just a minute ago?

Nina: I just brought my son to town, and I already see he’s gonna be a handful.

Tracy: You seem concerned. Is there anything I can do to help? I have two sons of my own. I think I know a little bit about mothering.

Nina: Don’t worry about it. I’ll handle Sebastian.

Tracy: Listen. If you’re worried about him getting it right, he will. My son Dillon did. I’m sure he will, too.


HOSPITAL 6TH FLOOR NURSE’S STATION - Felix is there typing something in one of the computers when Brad walks up all smiles, and in plain clothes instead of his lab coat. Felix, dressed in blue scrubs, stops typing and focuses on Brad.

Felix: Where are you off to? It’s early for you to be getting off.

Brad: Lucas and I are going out.

Felix: Well that’s...that’s good.

Felix refocuses himself on whatever it is that he was inputting into the computer.

Brad: Could’ve been you ya know?

Felix: Are you with Lucas just to stick it to me? Because if that’s true, it’s not gonna last. Go have your picnic. Lucas is far from stupid. He’s gonna notice it, and it’s really not fair to him.

Brad: You wanted to know why I was leaving early, and I told you. Have a good day.

Brad leaves and Epiphanyblogentry-14971-0-43771100-1404349447_th walks up to Felix from behind.

Felix: The patient in 621. I put all their charts in the system. The doctors shouldn’t have a problem finding it.

Epiphany: Chile please I ain’t worried about that. I know you do good work.

Felix: Thank you.

Epiphany: But you ain’t doin’ so good with hiding your feelings for Brad.

Felix: However true that may be, he’s with Lucas, and I’ve gotta respect that.


KELLY’S...Lucas walks to the door with two bags in each of his hands. He leans on it so he can open it, but as he leans, Sebastian opens the door with his left hand, and puts his right hand to Lucas to stop him from falling. Lucas quickly turns around, and seems captivated.

Lucas: Thank you. That would’ve been bad if I’d fallen and spilled this.

Sebastian: You’re welcome. You must be having a party. I don’t think you’re gonna eat that all by yourself.

Lucas: No it’s for me and…

Sebastian: Your boyfriend?

Lucas: Yeah.

Sebastian smiles.

Sebastian: Lucky him.


Maxie: That was a while ago. He’s tried to make it up to me ever since.

Lulu: Maxie I can’t believe how blind you are to him. He told the judge that Nathan lied on your behalf, and you have to wait to see Georgie because of it.

Maxie: If I hadn’t thrown away the court notice, nobody would have had to lie. It was all my fault.

Lulu: Let me guess, Levi got you to see that, right? Put the onus back on you.

Maxie: It was my fault Lulu. Why can’t you see that Levi is good for me?

Lulu: Because he’s not. Any man who will cause a woman to lose their kid is no good for anyone.


Levi just answered his cell phone while Nathan listens.

Levi: You’ll have to give me more time. I’m doing what I can do. I think I’ve done well considering the circumstances. Things are coming together.

Nathan steps back behind a wall, still unseen by Levi.

Nathan: Who’s his father?




Michelle Stafford as Nina Clayblogentry-14971-0-17971200-1404348905_th

Justin Gaston as Sebastian Westblogentry-14971-0-71928000-1404348853_th

Parry Shen as Brad Cooperblogentry-14971-0-99375400-1404348956_th

Ryan Carnes as Lucas Jonesblogentry-14971-0-00822200-1404348979_th

Emme Rylan as Lulu Spencer Falconeriblogentry-14971-0-93070900-1404349093_th

Kirsten Storms as Maxie Jonesblogentry-14971-0-55206700-1404349151_th

Ryan Peavey as Detective Nathan Westblogentry-14971-0-39734000-1404349346_th

Zachary Garred as Levi Dunkelmanblogentry-14971-0-69372100-1404349215_th

Sonya Eddy as Epiphany Johnsonblogentry-14971-0-43771100-1404349447_th


Recommended Comments

It will be interesting to see who Levi's father turns out to be. I loved the little girl time that Maxie and LuLu were having. Sebestian... interesting character. Love him already you write him sooo well. Nina what is going to happen next??? Excellent job Cary!

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Really good show I was able to understand everything.

But who is Traci and Nina to each other?

Nina said no bums aloud lol

I like what you did with Levi's story. Maxie's feelings for him, Lulu's reservations and now the phone call. Levi is def up to no good, that weird fellow. How did he come to town?

Brad wrong for teasing Felix the way he is with his " Coulda been you." I liked felix kuz he held it together. What is the reason they are not together anyway?

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Brad's a douche. Rude. Felix needs to hold it together, because I'dve punched that heffa in the mouth.

I loved Lulu and Maxie talking about Levi. It was a good scene, and Levi is a weirdo, bad for Maxie.

Tracy and Nina are interesting, it's good you're giving Tracy a foil, well needed.

GREAT work.

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