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GENERAL HOSPITAL 9 New arrivals at the Quartermaines




GENERAL HOSPITAL 9 New arrivals at the Quartermaines

Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

KELLY’S DINER - Carlyblogentry-14971-0-99572500-1403469749_th and Josslynblogentry-14971-0-98130900-1403470293_th walk in and take their seats with Josslyn facing the window…

Carly: What do you want honey?

Josslyn: I might have been in Australia with daddy, but nothing has changed.

Carly: Okay okay, you want those curly fries.

Josslyn: With ketchup on the side.

Carly: Great.

Josslyn: And what else?

Carly: Oh I forgot. A pickle.

Josslyn: Right. Thanks mom.

Carly: You’re welcome honey. Stay right there.

Carly walks up to the counter and Shawnblogentry-14971-0-00611000-1403470314_th approaches her from behind it.

Shawn: Josslyn’s gotten big huh?

Carly: Yeah and her mouth has gotten fresher.

Shawn: Usual for the kid huh? Curly fries, ketchup on the side, and a pickle.

Carly: Thanks.


OUTSIDE OF KELLY’S - Leviblogentry-14971-0-26759400-1403470333_th and Maxieblogentry-14971-0-72933300-1403470404_th are arm in arm walking slowly, then they stop in front of the window. Levi’s back is to the window.

Maxie: I don’t know what’s going on between you and Nathan.

Levi: I don’t either. Maybe he’s jealous.

Maxie: Oh I don’t think that’s the case.

Levi: Come on Maxie. You can’t be that blind. The guy likes you.

Maxie: Well I don’t feel that way about him. I reserve that for you.

Levi: That’s why...I want to take you on a trip.

Macblogentry-14971-0-28449200-1403470460_th and Felicia[attachment=1065:FeliciaGH.jpg] approach them. Felicia is wearing a distinct piece of jewelry. A row of three red and three green jewels line the necklace.

Mac: The hell you are!


MICHAEL’S OFFICE AT ELQ - Michaelblogentry-14971-0-48982800-1403470584_th sits at his desk when Kiki walks in.

Kiki: Where’s Jason?

Michael: He wanted to be home to greet my cousins when they get here.

Kikiblogentry-14971-0-29426800-1403470605_th slowly closes the door and gets seductive…

Kiki: Oh so you’re telling me that we have the office all to ourselves.

Michael: Yep. Sure do.

Kiki and Michael approach each other and kiss.


QUARTERMAINE MANSION FOYER - Tracyblogentry-14971-0-96588100-1403470630_th is on her cell phone.

Tracy: How is he? Who? Luke Spencer. I’ve only called a hundred times to check on him over the past few weeks. No change? Okay, but you will keep me posted on his condition, please? Thank you.

Tracy hangs up. Monicablogentry-14971-0-02277200-1403470701_th comes to the top of the stairs unseen by Tracy, and observes her. Tracy sighs to hide her sadness at Luke’s condition, then she makes her way to the living room.


QUARTERMAINE LIVING ROOM - Jasonblogentry-14971-0-88901600-1403470663_th has his feet up on the coffee table on his tablet. He reads an article that reads “Bid for waterfront property acquisition heats up.” Tracy walks in, and goes to pour herself a drink.

Tracy: Shouldn’t you be at the office?

Jason: I don’t answer to you Aunt Tracy.

Tracy: You need to be working on acquiring that waterfront property. You never know who else is trying to get it.

Jason: Michael’s there.

Tracy: You leave Michael to do everything don’t you?

Jason sighs with exasperation as Monica walks in.

Jason: He’s doing a great job.

Tracy: You know I almost liked you better when you were a mobster.

Monica: You leave my son alone.

Tracy then turns to Monica.

Tracy: Here comes mommy to the rescue. You defend this laziness!

Monica: Jason can do whatever he wants to do.

Tracy: Oh my goodness. I bet daddy and Alan are turning in their graves.

Monica: ELQ is in great shape. And besides how are you going to criticize my parenting? Where are your sons?

Tracy: Off living productive lives, unlike Jason!

Monica: At least I didn’t ship him off to boarding school because I couldn’t be bothered!

Tracy: You think you know everything!

Jason (still looking at his tablet): Here comes an argument.

Monica: I know that I’m here for my children and grandchildren whenever they need me! You should try that sometime!

Tracy: Oh you’re just mother of the year aren’t you?

Monica and Tracy start talking over each other and an argument indeed ensues as Mayablogentry-14971-0-43927900-1403470723_th and Sydneyblogentry-14971-0-53588300-1403470746_th walk in with their suitcases. Maya and Sydney look at Tracy and Monica arguing, look at each other.

Maya: Heeeyyy!!!

Monica and Tracy stop arguing and look at the girls.

Maya: We’re here!





Michael and Kiki are lying on the couch covered by a blanket after having made love.

Michael: That was the best break I could have taken.

Kiki: You sound like you’re satisfied.

Michael: Everything I eat doesn’t have to be filling.

Kiki: As long as it’s tasty, you shouldn’t want for anything else right?

Michael: Oh it was definitely a delectable treat.

Kiki: It’s a good thing Jason isn’t here.

Michael: Why?

Kiki: Because I wonder what snacks you have to offer.

Michael: Some jerky maybe.

Kiki: Beef jerky huh?

Michael: It’s definitely no turkey.

Kiki: Hmmm where you are hiding this.

Michael: I think you know where to find it.

Kiki puts her head underneath the blanket.


BACK AT THE Qs, Maya and Sydney have arrived, and Tracy approaches them, along with Monica and Jason.

Jason: Hey welcome back.

Maya: Thank you cousin.

Jason: I’ll take your bags to your rooms.

Sydney: Don’t you guys have maids for that?

Tracy: You think you’re entitled?

Monica: Welcome, both of you.

Maya: Thank you Monica.

Monica: You two must be hungry. I can have cook make you something.

Maya: Thanks Monica. I’ll probably eat later.

Sydney: No I’m hungry now.

Maya: Syd I was gonna take you to Kelly’s.

Sydney: I don’t want any diner food. Monica, I’ll have a tossed salad with crisp lettuce, tomatoes, and fresh cucumbers, and light Italian dressing.

Monica: Sure, I’ll let cook know.

Monica leaves and Tracy starts on Sydney.

Tracy: Monica’s not your waitress Zoe!

Sydney: Do not call me Zoe. I hate that name. I go by my middle name Sydney.

Tracy (turning to Maya): And why did you change her name to Ward?

Maya: I don’t have to explain to you Tracy. Syd do you wanna go to Kelly’s with me?

Sydney: I’ll catch up with you.

Maya, sensing what might happen, makes a veiled plea to Sydney.

Maya: Sydney? Let’s go.

Tracy: Yeah Zoe, go with your sister.

Sydney: After I eat my salad.

Maya: Okaaay.

Maya gives up trying to get Sydney to come with her and leaves.

Tracy: I’m gonna tell you something young lady. Being Maya’s sister is not your saving grace.

Sydney steps past Tracy and looks around.

Sydney: Maya told me allll about this place. Her descriptions didn’t do it justice. This is a palace. Can you take me on a tour?

Tracy: Excuse me?

Sydney: You’re loaded aren’t you?

Tracy: You’re a piece of work.

Sydney turns back to face Tracy.

Sydney: My big sister also told me how much of a bitch that you were, and justice wasn’t served there either.

Tracy: Is that right?

Sydney: Because you’re more than she described.

Monica returns with a tray and a plate of salad.

Monica: Here you are Zoe.

Sydney: Thank you. It’s Sydney. I don’t go by Zoe anymore.

Tracy: You’re not gonna come in my father’s house and talk to me like that!

Monica: It’s my house.

Tracy: Thank God you’ll be going back home after Michael’s wedding.

Monica: Wrong again Tracy.

Tracy: What?

Monica: Maya and Sydney are staying in Port Charles, and they’ll be living in this house.

Sydney: Oh that’s gonna be so much fun, right Tracy?

Tracy knocks the tray out of Sydney’s hands, causing the salad to spill on the carpet, and Sydney sighs in frustration.

Sydney: You old bitch! Look what you did!

Tracy: Why don’t you clean it up, and go get a salad from Kelly’s.



Shawn: How’s everything coming with Michael’s wedding?

Carly: So far so good.

Shawn: I know that you wish Sonny could be here.

Carly: Yeah, but he can’t.

Shawn: I’m lookin’ out for Michael.

Carly: Thank you. I really appreciate that.

Shawn: I’ll be right over with Joss’s curly fries.

Carly walks back over to Josslyn, who is coloring, and sits back across from her.

Josslyn: Are the curly fries gonna be ready soon? I’m hungry.

Carly: Yes honey.

Josslyn looks up and sees Levi’s long hair out the window, but she can’t see his face.

Josslyn: Why do guys have long hair? I thought that was for girls.

Carly: Well some guys have long hair. Hey some girls have short hair, too.

Josslyn: Oh. That guy out there looks like Joey. Joey has long hair.

Carly turns back and sees the same thing Josslyn sees.

Carly: Who’s Joey?


OUTSIDE KELLY’S - Mac confronts Levi with Felicia and Maxie…

Levi: Excuse me. I think that’s your decision.

Felicia: He’s right Mac.

Mac: Where the hell do you think you’re talking Maxie?

Maxie: It’s a romantic getaway, and he’s right. It’s my decision. I’m not a little girl anymore.

Mac: I don’t trust him. Maxie you don’t know him well enough to be going away with him.

Felicia: Mac why don’t we go in and get our food.

Levi: Wait a minute. Felicia if I may ask, what is that you’re wearing?

Felicia: It’s an Aztec artifact.

Mac: It’s none of your business. Let’s go.

Mac and Felicia leave Maxie and Levi outside, and Maxie notices Levi’s attention to the necklace, and secretly wonders why he’s taken by it.



Carly Jacks - LAURA WRIGHT blogentry-14971-0-99572500-1403469749_th

Josslyn Jacks - HANNAH NORDBERGblogentry-14971-0-98130900-1403470293_th

Shawn Butler - SEAN BLAKEMOREblogentry-14971-0-00611000-1403470314_th

Levi Dunkleman - ZACHARY GARREDblogentry-14971-0-26759400-1403470333_th

Maxie Jones - KIRSTEN STORMSblogentry-14971-0-72933300-1403470404_th

Mac Scorpio - JOHN J. YORKblogentry-14971-0-28449200-1403470460_th

Felicia Scorpio - KRISTINA WAGNERblogentry-14971-0-31357600-1403470527_th

Michael Quartermaine - CHAD DUELLblogentry-14971-0-48982800-1403470584_th

Lauren “Kiki” Jerome - KRISTEN ALDERSONblogentry-14971-0-29426800-1403470605_th

Tracy Quartermaine - JANE ELLIOTblogentry-14971-0-96588100-1403470630_th

Jason Quartermaine - BILLY MILLERblogentry-14971-0-88901600-1403470663_th

Monica Quartermaine - LESLIE CHARLESONblogentry-14971-0-02277200-1403470701_th

Maya Ward - ANNIE ILONZEHblogentry-14971-0-43927900-1403470723_th

Sydney (Zoe) Ward - LAURA HARRIERblogentry-14971-0-53588300-1403470746_th


Recommended Comments

Very nice episode! Looks like "Sydney" and Tracy are going to butt heads. Seems like Sydney will become the new Tracy. I think Levi will end up stealing the necklace. Just by your description it looks like that will happen. I wonder who Joey is too and could he be coming to Port Charles? Loving the romance and charm you are turning on with your couples. Very nice!

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Excellent show, very racy dialog and scenes. I liked the office sex scene. Very creative with the dialog. Tasty snacks. Wow.

I loved the scens at the Q place. I like Sydney. She's going to give Tracy hell and I like that. SHe got a mouth too. I was stunned she cussed in front of Monica.

How did Levi and maxie hook up? I wonder what's up with this aztec thing.

A very Entertaining show Cary!!!

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Every scene popped!

I loved seeing Tracy and Monica go at it again. Wonderful! I think I'm really gonna like Sydney. Good to see everything working toward Michael's wedding.

The Aztec thing fascinates me. Good reaching back into Felicia's history with that. I wonder how Levi fits into it!

GREAT work!

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