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By C. Nathaniel Richardson


Part 1


Michael walks up to a door that says “Dr. Monica Quartermaine, Chief of Staff.”, knocks on the door, and sees Monica.

Michael: Grandmother.

Monica: Michael! Hi honey. How are you?

Michael: I’m good. I came to give you the good news.

Monica: Oh…I already heard!

Michael: So…you know?



The guards escort Ava Jerome to the visitors’ area, where Kiki is waiting on the other side of the glass. They simultaneously pick up the phones.

Ava: Kiki I thought I told you I didn’t want you to see me like this.

Kiki: Sorry mom. I had to come see you.

Ava: I already know that I’m a horrible mother. You didn’t have to come all the way to the penitentiary to tell me.

Kiki holds up her left hand, and Ava is shocked.

Ava: Oh my God. He asked you.

Kiki: Michael and I are getting married.

Ava: Wow that’s…that’s wonderful. Congratulations. When’s the wedding?

Kiki: This week.

Monica: Congratulations! I will be more than happy to help with any planning.

Michael: That would be great, if you’re up to a fight with my mom.


Carly: You put that over there by the table. And I want the threshold overrrrr here.

Carly continues to dole out orders and Franco walks in.

Carly: Hey you. I’m real busy.

Franco: I can see that, but can I borrow my lovely girlfriend for a minute?

Carly: Franco I’d love to but I just can’t. I gotta…

Franco silences her with a kiss and Carly smiles, but she’s focused…

Carly: I really needed that, but I gotta finish planning Michael and Kiki’s engagement party. I don’t want anything going wrong.

Franco: It won’t.


MEANWHILE, Carlos Rivera is in the back alley of the Metro Court, and it’s dimly lit. He looks around, and starts walking. Suddenly, Shawn appears in front of him, and pointing a flashlight, and a shiny silver Smith and Wesson, at Carlos.

Shawn: What the hell are you doing here?



Ava: Well I’m...happy for you honey.

Kiki: Well you don’t seem like it.

Ava: Because I’m here. I would rather be supporting you.

Kiki: I don’t think the Quartermaines would want you around after what you’ve done.

Ava: There’s nothing that would keep me from supporting you.

Kiki: I know mom. I...wish you could be there, too.

Ava: I’m so grateful that you’ve stood by me, despite everything that I’ve done.

Kiki: You’re always gonna be my mother.


Carlos: I had to go to the bathroom.

Shawn: You’re a terrible liar.

Carlos: Looks nice in the ballroom. Looks like Sonny’s son and Ava’s daughter are gonna have a nice engagement party.

Shawn: Julian sent you didn’t he?

Carlos: I don’t work for him.

Shawn: Yeah right.

Carlos: I took the rap for Sonny because Ava threatened my Sabrina. It’s her fault Sabrina left!

Shawn: I don’t give a damn about your vendettas.

Carlos: Well I can’t get to Ava and Sonny. They’re locked up.

Shawn: So you’re going after their kids? I can’t allow that.

Suddenly, someone knocks out Carlos.

Shawn: Jason? Thought you were done.

Jason: Old habits die hard. Let’s get him outta here. I’m not gonna let him hurt Michael.


Monica: Your mother IS something else. Guess I better lay off.

Michael: Thank you grandmother. I appreciate it.

Monica smiles.

Monica: I’m so happy. For you. For all of us. For our family. I’ve got all of you back again. I’ve lost Alan, Emily, Edward, A.J., but Jason’s back, and I’ve got you.

Michael: Don’t forget Aunt Tracy.

Monica: I couldn’t if I wanted to.

Michael: I gotta get back to the office. Jason and I are working on a project.

Monica: Okay. You have a good evening.

After Michael leaves…Monica walks to her desk, sits back down, and looks at a picture.

Monica: Alan, oh how I wish you were here. Everything is better than I ever could have dreamed. Michael and I have gotten close, and Jason’s back...with us.

Then she sighs and pulls up something on her computer.

Monica: There’s just one more thing that will make everything complete.

Monica looks at a DNA test showing that Jason is Michael’s biological father.



Recommended Comments

Yayyy smile.png A GH fanfic!!! smile.png

Okay, so the script was great. I loved the twist that Jason was Michael's. Also I hope Ava's ass stays in jail.

I hate that Kiki and Michael are getting married,

GOOD episode ;-)

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Cary I am thrilled that u got this going I knw u will work wonders. Now we have NBC ABC CBS. The blog s complete. Enjoyed seeing Jason back into the fold. Cannot believe Monica is doing this. I hope that KIKI and MICHAELS engagement party is not a repeat like Morgans. Ava is looking out for herself.

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Not to well versed with GH But I support any thing you write. I def see a mix of RC's style and your own stamp. Esp by the way you cut some off the scenes.

I ve seen what you ve done with AW and I look fwd to you putting heart back into GH. It started already with Monica looking at Alan's picture.

Not a fan of jason. But a good start..

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Alright. So I only vaguely know what's going on in the show right now, but it looks good. I like the interactions and I do love that Monica is being featured as much as she is so far. Hope that continues.

Jason I haven't liked since he got in that car crash in '96 but...enh. We'll see.

Looks good so far!

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