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Y&R: March 2024 Discussion Thread

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Boy I guess JG chose this week was his week to revisit all of his C and D plots and characters complete with a Winters Wednesday

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After predicting it would be a month before we’d see Lily/Daniel/Heather again, I was wrong by it was only 2 days lol. Of course I imagine we now won’t see them for another month when we have a scene of Billy telling Devon & Lily “I told you so” when Omegasphere underperforms without Daniel. 

And Devon and Abby compared themselves  to Heather/Daniel with the way they hurt Chance & Amanda…LOL!

Actual all of Wednesday was FF material. 


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I was an avid viewer in the 1990s, and now just watch clips of the highly promoted stories, but I have two questions.

  1. When Nicki, Victoria, and Claire were talking at the ranch about Claire's dream, what room was that supposed to be?  It had white sofas, and it didn't look like the ranch living room that I recall.
    1. Am I the only one who still thinks Claire is kind of creepy?
    2. What happened to Cole after he appeared at Jordan's house?
  2. Does anyone in Genoa City still just sell makeup?
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The original Newman ranch was burnt down 10 or so years ago and rebuilt with a bland set that was pretty much universally derided. A few years ago we stopped seeing that set and a new smaller room took it's place. There is no longer a front entrance or staircase, just this sitting room.

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Honestly...I thought...given the fact that JG does as most people say here story focused on for 3 weeks, vanishes, may/may not come back. I thought Lily/Daniel/Heather was done, done.  So I was happy to see Lily vs Heather. Though she probably should have slapped her. And Heather...NO. Ever since Heather decided to stay in town permanently, she has been giving subtle looks. Lily has every right to call her out. And they all work together. See? There's still potential for mess. But since Daniel and Lily broke up as soon as she made it back to town, I'll be shocked if JG mines the potential of them all working in the same building.


And I shook my head at Jack. Ponytails. Ashley has PONYTAILS, Jack. At least, Jack's brain was not totally out to lunch. He at least found it odd. But he really should have known something was wrong with Ashley because she had PONYTAILS...something Ashley NEVER has. At least...as I said before...the Abbotts are getting clues that something is wrong with Ashley. And As I also said before, I love watching ED perform. But that moment of 'dumbing down the characters' really rubbed me the wrong way.


Jordan is cray cray. And I love her for it. 


I continue to love the growing Sally/Audra friendship.


That Giggly Heffa. smh. Pathetic.




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