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DAYS: February 2024 Discussion Thread

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Yeah… with that first scene, I’m still not sure how Father Eric ever thought he could make it as a priest

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Sloan’s attitude today reminded me of the way she was when she first came to Salem. I have mixed feelings about it but I don’t necessarily hate it. Maybe they should have had her go into more detail as to how she had no idea what raising a child was like and how she thought she  was ready to be a mother but soon realized that she actually wasn’t. 

And yeah, I know there’s Covid protocols and everything, but I think it’s time for the show to have real babies on set again. The blanket just isn’t cutting it anymore. 

I like how Maggie was used today too. It was nice to see her looking out for Theresa and cautioning Alex. He really doesn’t know what he’s in for and him trying to learn could be used to drive story somewhere down the line. For him and for Theresa as well. I like how those scenes were written too. There’s been a lot less prop writing since the scab writers started and that’s always a good thing. 

As for Chad and Everett, I think deciding to interview Clyde about the drug ring is a pretty stupid thing for them to do but I’m interested in what it could lead to. If it were me, after the interview, I’d have Clyde send some guys to go try and kill Chad and Stefan, which they’d try to do at Johnny and Chanel’s wedding. In the aftermath, Clyde would finally be killed off and it would lead to conflict for Johnny and Chanel based on the conversation that Chad and Johnny had yesterday about the Dimeras. 

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I mean, was it just me or was that scene directed just a whole helluva lot more sexy & hot than, geeze, to compare I have to go to GL Philip & Olivia directed by Bruce Barry. Kudos to Sonia for the way she directed that love scene! I felt like finally we look like a streaming soap!

I applaud Sloan finally having this insight into herself. Of course she's right that they've gotta let the baby self-soothe but who could concentrate on making love with the sound of a baby crying right there so close to hand. They desperately need a bigger apartment with a room or even a cubby hole to use as a nursery. I'm sure their sexual activity wakes the baby.

GH never did the blanket thing. However, they did have some of the biggest newborns ever seen.

And, was it just me or were the scene less chopped up. It seemed more to flow. I suppose that Janet could've made production changes just as soon as she had the position. But, I did like it. 

I just think you can almost feel Alex getting more & more jealous with every passing moment.

Somehow this hard-hitting journalistic approach doesn't seem like the Salem newspaper to me

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The story was good and I thought both the actors were good finds.  It feels very unfinished.  I assume they will both be back?

Today's episode was decent.  I felt like there were a lot of characters in this particular episode.  Nothing really happened, but I didn't hate any scenes (except of course Leo's)

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Well, if I understand things, and I did say if, but I think this would have been right when the fan campaign was at its height to get Corday to take action on the miscreant coEP/Dir & they had 2 dark weeks that were spur of the moment decisions followed by his firing.

So my point is that it was a crazy time I am sure & maybe they made a quick decision to waylay them for awhile & bring them back when things were calmer. Ya think? 

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I think the overdose itself was in Carlivati & Quan's plans, so the scabs executed it, but then they put that story on ice because they're not really doing anything huge or canvas-changing during the strike material. But it's taken the most compelling story on the canvas (the drug story) and shifted its focus from Tate, Holly, and their families to... Ava, Stefan, and Harris, which is an absolutely hideous trade.

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