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GH: December 2023 Discussion Thread

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Okay, that makes sense. I know I recall that it is very expensive. I was thinking that meant the insurance coverage for it was not good & not existing, well, that is definitely not good!!!! I imagine they have been living modestly & saving, too. This will go through their savings & they'll probably have to go into debt as well. This should be part of their tale! 

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This stuff with Kristina and Blaze's struggles with coming out....sorry, I'm just not feeling it.

It all comes off as trying too hard to me -- like an after-school special. Weve had plenty of gay characters and couples on this show in the past, and it's not like we're being introduced to some alien species.

Unless we get to meet and know Blaze's Catholic family -- and I highly doubt we will -- I just don't see the point of any of this. I'd rather see these characters just like each other and fall for each other rather than watch this trauma bonding.

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I liked Blaze in doses in the incredibly cheesy/retro '80s silly storyline with Chase (I talked in the past about how it was a unique mix of topical material - Kesha/Dr. Luke, etc. - with incredibly hokey soapy 'music business' drama where a non-musician character becomes a rock star for no good reason). Do I think she is a great choice for a lead partner for Kristina? Nope. I just don't care.

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