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GH: December 2023 Discussion Thread

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Lol! Same.  This isn't even about making room for Vanessa Marcil's very hypothetical comeback.   Just let 8 people go.  GH has such a bloated cast.

Haha!  I was trying to come up with a reasonable love interest and I was like......oh no.  Why is everyone she was paired with back in the day like that?  I guess Ricky Martin is still okay-ish?  I wouldn't recommend that chemistry less pairing to the masses again though.

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Ricky Martin is such a handsome fella and I love him.   Him and Brenda were just not where it was at lol.  I *might* be willing to give him a try since I do think he's gotten better at the acting thing but he obviously is to big of a star to be on GH.

I am totally open to ideas.  I really couldn't come up with one on the fly.  I am horrible at hypothetical casting though.

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Yeah; I don't Martin coming back, unless for a one-off special-type of appearance a-la the Nurses' Ball.

Option one (age appropriate): David Fumero (ex-Cristian, One Life to Live)

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Option two (slight de-SORAS): Jordi Vilasuso (ex-Rey, The Young and the Restless et al)

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Parting thoughts:

I don't like Carly or the actress who plays her, but Carly improved when she took over running Kelly's. Carly and Drew still need to break up.

I thought Olivia was boring and pointless, but the Eddie Maine storyline and now Lois have made her entertaining.

The return of Lois is a total win and upgrades every character in her orbit.

I missed Ryan and Victor after they left. The show struggled to be entertaining after they left. 

I like Curtis, but the rest of his family- Portia, Trina, Marshall, and Stella- all bore me.


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Posted (edited)

Interesting. I love Carly, Olivia, Lois. I miss Ryan but not Victor. I don't like Curtis or Marshall. Portia I Iike or don't like according to how they're writing her at whatever moment it is. True, Stella is boring and overbearing, a bad combination.

But, Trina is wonderful. She & Spencer are the closest thing to a supercouple that there's been in years. Now I don't need a supercouple but when one comes along one can hardly not appreciate it! 

My next don't likes are Finn & Gregory & Violet. 

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