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ALL: Always surprised by the casual violence of men toward women in older episodes

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Watching episodes of soaps from the 80s and 90s, I’m struck by how common it was to have male characters slap female characters, and these usually weren’t characters who were supposed to be villains. Like Roger on GL slapped Alex back after she slapped him, but he was a rapist so that’s not shocking, but that same show had Billy Lewis returning Reva’s slap and slapping his daughter. A character like Lucas on Days was I think supposed to be more rootable and he had to be held back by Austin from hitting Sami after she slapped him and straight up slapped his mother without any provocation from her. I was watching a 90s episode of OLTL and Jason, who seemed like a good guy, slapped Dorian back after she slapped him. I guess this did still occur occasionally in the 2000s like when Alan slapped Sonny’s girlfriend Reese, but it seemed really prominent before then.

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There was some crazy stuff back in the day that they could never get away with now. But even now you have characters like Sonny Corinthos that are heralded as saviors of the town who called women whores and sluts and did horrible things to them, but he is considered fit for sainthood by the writers. For a genre that caters to women, the misogyny is rampant.

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People evolve as grow over time. Two of my male cousins viewed women as only sex objects but matured due to a variety of circumstances.

On the other hand I was a nutty SJW feminist type but then I realized that most feminists have an asinine saints/sinners view point. You post is the literal definition, perfect example, of what I mean.

I'm sure you bitch about men and there "bro's before hoes" thing. Yet, women favor each other more than men. 


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It's simple.

Let me ask you this. Regarding Dorian/Victor. Suppose a male doctor who lost his license wormed his way into the life a wealthy woman with a heart condition and he cuts her pills down -- culminating to her having a heart attack and him just standing by with a grin on his face.

You and all the manic Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan worshipers would have a goddamn stroke yourself.

People get a thrill when they see women attacking, emotionally or physically, each other.


  • Restless' Attic Fight with Kay and Jill

But never, ever when a man attacks a woman, emotionally or physically.

I never had, to be honest. But, still, lets not pretend that men against women violence is somehow a greater sin than women attacking women.

Women can be as cruel, emotionally abusive, corrupt, as men. Don't pretend that isn't so. And why the hell do you people always have to bring up the negative? Why not, say, create a post with the topic/headline being "Always surprised by progressive behavior between the sexes on soaps". Matt allowing Maggie to practice; Don allowing Marlena to Practice; Stuart Brooks encouraging his daugther, Leslie's, career aspirations; Adam being okay with his wives having careers.


But you wouldn't ever do that, would you? You simply want to remind all of us how evil men are, have always been, throghout the history of the world. I would go on about the equal menacing women throughout world history but, well, you will find shitty way of justifying their actions as I condemn the actions they, and men, have done.


PS: Your hero, Althea Davis, threw things at her men (you cheer though, I'm sure. Just as I'm sure you would cheer if a woman beat up a little boy but would protest if a man wagged his finger at a little girl for stealing a cookie).

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@Paul Raven  It has to be farce, right?  The comment you mentioned reads like it was written as a monologue for Archie Bunker in 1974.  From the references to first wave feminists, to the archaic views of women's careers, to the incel-like personal attacks on posters. 

We can debate the use of violence in storytelling, and it's historic context, without all of this delirium.

PS, If they mention Phil Donahue or Alan Alda in their response I am going to die laughing.

Also, @SamandWillowFan I respect your premise, through a modern lens it looks as weird as when Ricky Ricardo threatened to spank his wife on I Love Lucy.

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