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B&B November 2023 Discussion Thread

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Yes Ron @Soapsuds I completely agree! Badass Stephanie JR is back! Now go kick Sheila's ass for messing with your family, same with Little Puke too Steffy

Today's SINN scenes were perfection. Kelly drawing a pic of her family but sperm donor nowhere in it? LMAO. She goes to stay with Grandma Li and no mention of said sperm donor again ROFL

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I’m pleasantly surprised by this SINN reunion as I was bracing for the worst given how ridiculously stupid they made Steffy with her exit. A mix of family time and love making time is a nice surprise for the show’s leading couple.

And Kelly has been calling Finn daddy for months now, even back before the beach incident.

Of course sperm donor (I like that term lol) is a dead beat, obsessing over something he can’t have while wholly ignoring his two bio daughters and his adopted son. 

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Thorsten Kaye as Ridge reacting to RJ telling him Eric was dying ...
totally flat.
I mean RJ could have been telling him that the price of blue silk fabric was up by one cent per yard.

No emotion that I could see.

TK's voice got slightly louder but I didn't see any feeling.

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Oh, I was thinking the same.  It surprised me a little (well I mean not really) cause I've always thought TK's best acting was opposite JM.  But yeah, I didn't notice TK emote any real emotion.  Joshua Hoffman has been doing a decent job, even Jennifer Gareis has upped her game.

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