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B&B November 2023 Discussion Thread

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JMW's post-birth recoveries - both her body and how quickly she returns to work - simply mindblowing.

If B&B was smart they'd have KKL and JMW fighting for control over FC. JMW is the heir apparent to KKL. There's so much history and great story between Brooke and Steffy that can be built on for years.

Frankly, it'd be a lot more interesting that 90% of what we've been given during the past 18 months - the SINN shooting was a shockingly bad plot and the show has never really recovered.

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How was it "shockingly bad" when it got praise after praise after praise from literally everywhere? It was the last time the show did actual drama


NO the show hasn't recovered from stupidity like Ridge lying to Taylor's face, chasing her up a mountain, lying to her face repeatedly then leaving her at the altar when he was the liar

Come on be serious now. This is why some of y'all get muted for "takes" like that 

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I really am beginning to wonder if JM is actually retiring. If so, I'm glad they're at least giving him a big send-off story, and if Eric does die, are they going to bring all SIX of his kids back for the funeral. I can't remember. Did Kristen and Felicia return for Stephanie's funeral?

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