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Y&R September 2023 Discussion Thread

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That's the anniversary gala episode in which the Neil Winters Jazz Lounge is dedicated:

March 23 Canada, March 24 US

recap with pics:

another recap with pics:

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Truth lol. I’ve become fond of reading soapsspoilers.com for their day ahead Y&R Canadian recaps as for just being straight to the point with their recaps & spoilers (while so many other sites throw in speculation to their recaps and spoilers to the point of it being false) but there’s sometimes so much click bait dreck to scroll through. 

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Since Kyle has decided that call himself Smiling Kyle after Smiling Jack I  am going to predict now that Audra will be Kyle’s Diane while 

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The rest of the first week of September was uneventful. Same old same old with Victor/Adam drama unfolding while the rest of show revolves around pointless stories about mergers and acquisitions occurring in Crimson Lights. Literally nothing happened although I did the Victor, Sharon, and Heather scenes.

Actually I hate the show for squandering the Victor/Sharon friendship so many years back. 

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They must’ve warned him to pick up his sh*t before they dump it. Instead of having security meet him at the door (they obviously disabled his key card as he is no longer an employee) and escort him through the building, they had PR meet him, where he could pick up his inflatable doo-dads and tchotchkes.

Davidson is now talking about the horrible way many people are treated in the workplace but did he ever stand up for any of his colleagues when they were treated poorly at Y&R? He mentioned Laura Birn but does he remember how Stephanie E. Williams? Did he ask “Where is Kristoff” when KSJ was obviously off screen for an oddly long period of time?


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These quotes stand out:

❝ When did you learn you were being taken off contract?

Doug Davidson: I don’t remember the exact date, but I got my notice in early December of 2018. But [changes] actually started when Bill [Bell] stepped down [as head writer in 1998]. ❞

LOL. 1998? Sure. Yeah, he's going to glaze over those Isabella years, haha.

❝ Were you given a reason? 

Doug Davidson: Jill [Farren Phelps, who came on in 2012] and I had a really good working relationship. They made her hire her replacement. I guess her replacement was doing what Sony [Pictures Television, which produces Y&R] had issued. He was the one that made the decision [to take me off contract]. He had a history of cutting legendary characters from his shows. He made the claim that nobody has to know [I’d been fired]. I went to a producer three times that year in April, June, and another time. I was saying if he doesn’t write for me, it’s going to raise a red flag. I’m under my guarantee. I was told not to worry. ❞

So, was it Mal Young or Sony Pictures Television? He's always blamed Young, but it does sound like it was a Sony decision (which would not surprise me).

❝ That’s when Mamie, Nina, Danny, Leanna Love, and Gina all came back – but no Paul. What happened then?

Doug Davidson: I was contacted [by the show] about coming back. I had several Zoom meetings with Danielle [Unger, director of current, CBS]. She cares about the show. She was delightful, engaging, forthcoming, honest — everything you’d want to see. Josh [Griffith] was great. They said, “Well, we will set the ball [in motion]. I’m sure we can [find] a middle ground and have this taken care of.” I contacted my lawyer. He contacted Sony, and it was like they had no clue about [my talks with Josh and Danielle]. I felt there was a total disregard to my legal representation. My answer was, “No, thanks.” ❞

You got lawyers involved? Sir... I don't believe you, just in the same way you've tried to say you were never asked back until Anthony Morina & Josh Griffith were put into position, yet, you admitted you were asked back, several times, and declined them. You just want the series regular title; you don't want to be recurring, which is still an employable position. Grown-ass baby right there, believing he's entitled to status and title.

❝ Had you ever thought about going to another show?

Doug Davidson: No. I felt blessed to be where I was. When I was asked to go to Santa Barbara, Paul Rauch [the producer there at the time] said to me, “You’re not ready to leave. Are you?” He was a character. He came onto our show [as executive producer] and had the decency to call me to say, “They’re cutting you again.” It wasn’t until Jill came in that I got back to something decent. ❞

Ah yes, the infamous Davidson vs. Don Diamont decision. It should have been Davidson. Also, Santa Barbara? Damn. That soap really wanted CBS sendoffs, didn't they?

Not to mention, his social media is an absolute M*G* mess. MESS!

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