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OLTL: Ina Hopkins' Boarding House


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Hi there,

  With the sporadic uncovering's of Classic OLTL episodes from the late 70's and 80's, I am very intrigued with Llanview's local landlady Ina Hopkins and her haven for some of the show's beloved characters.

I know Ina lived/owned the property, but who else lived there?

I know Karen Wolek did, after she broke up with Larry given her secret life turning tricks...

Katrina Karr... Karen's hooker friend lived there, and was Ina's business partner in a local restaurant... 

Ed Hall, after his divorce from Carla...

Did Marco Dane when he masqueraded as his twin brother Mario?

Did Herb Callison when he separated from Dorian?

I think Faith KiplingJohnny Drummond, and Cassie(almost?) As well as Melinda? and Becky Lee

How was Ina written out of the story? Did she move with Kat to be a live-in babysitter to Kat's daughter Mary?

I wish she, Ina, would have stayed in Llanview throughout the 80's and 90's... I liked the boarding house motif and the surrogate families it created...



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The boarding house was a great place. For wayward outsider characters. In the couple of random episodes. That feature the boarding house. I love the interaction between the characters. With a quirky Ina in a maternal role. I really like Karen and Ed's friendship. 

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I wasn't watching then but I love what I have seen of the boarding house and I think it fit with OLTL's theme and was a natural way to bring characters together. They should have done this again towards the end as the budget was slashed but soaps don't seem to know how to properly do this now. 

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Katherine Squire (See Soap Hoppers)  was Alice Lovelace, an early member of Ina's household.

Stephen Schnetzer's Marcello Salta lived there, also, I believe, romancing housemate Katrina Karr (Nancy Snyder).



Karen and Marco

Jill Voight's Becky Lee lived there.   Mary Gordon Murray moved Becky into the "Carriage House"



Ed Hall befriended Karen there



and I think you're right about Herb during a Dorian breakup

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(from the infamous elevator)



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