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Ben is devastated when Ciara leaves town with Theo Ben and Claire have bonded and confided in each other over the last few months. Will that comfort lead to something romantic between them? Ron says the audience knows Ben and Ciara are endgame but if Ben turns to Claire that will lead to some complications. Ron advises to wait and have some faith in your favorite couple.



Kate/Jake/Gabi Due to Kristen's deal with Vivian, she breaks up with Jake as Kate; Things hit a road block when real Kate shows up "When Kristen as Kate dumps Jake, it may lead to him reconnecting with Gabi, something the audience is waiting for."-Ron



Xander Fresh off divorce from Chanel, Xander uses some information he has to blackmail his way into a new job. It's a new environment for him that will put him up with some people he has clashed with in the past.




Sami/Lucas/Chloe Chloe is in disbelief over Lucas wanting to be with her again, Lucas blurts out that he's dying of a brain tumor & wants to spend what little time he has left with her. Lucas is scrambling to cover up his story so he turns to Sami for help


Allie/Chanel/Tripp: - Allie and Chanel used to go clubbing together in London. Via Chanel we will see the fun loving side of Allie. - There is something that happens during their reunion that comes out of left field and it's a surprise and it does throw Tripp for a loop.



- Eli and Lani help Chanel navigate out of the Xander situation - Chanel ask Lani and Eli if she can stay until she figures out what to do next - Chanel living with Eli and Lani and the twins kind of turns their life upside down


Gwen/Abigail/Chad: - Gwen thinks something is wrong with her baby - Abigail & Chad are trying to reach a point where she can accept that Gwen is having Chad's child Ron says he doesn't want to give anything away but it's going to have tragic consequences for all involved



- The walls are closing in on Kristen - Kristen turns to an old conspirator, Xander for help to cover up her secret - Ultimately Brady is going to discover the switcheroo


Rafe/Ava/Nicole: - Rafe and Ava are growing closer and that gets under Nicole's skin - Nicole has feelings of jealousy that are unsettling her because she is married - Nicole gets some news about Eric and does something self destructive. Something the old Nicole would do


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OH gross! Kristen going to disguise herself as Kate now. The only thing somewhat interesting will be Chanel's antics. So Chanel knew Allie off screen too. Poor Days doesn't even have a nightclub set. For the kids to party at. I guess Allie will party at the tiny park bench. Ain't nobody was asking for a Rafe/Ava/Nicole triangle. It all sounds dreadful. Maybe it's for the best. If Days isn't renewed. 

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