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I agree that Ron was necessary to permanently alter the tone. For all their faults he and Frank saved the show in '12, period. But they didn't go far enough, and it went south very fast. They also made a huge mistake losing almost all of Guza's exceptional writing staff, who knew that show inside and out and should be there today. At its best in the late 90s and some of the very early 2000s, GH rivaled ABC primetime on dialogue.


Georgie and Emily could and should easily be brought back to life a la AMC's network finale arc (Project Orpheus) any time GH chooses to go off the air. I know how I'd do it - you just tie it back to the same supervillain cabal from the 2010s, like Ron had apparently wanted to do with Stuart Damon's Alan in '12 when he thought they were going to close out the show. (Stuart was too ill to appear much, plus the show didn't get cancelled) Both women have ties to heroes and powerful families who could be leveraged to attack their parents, both are medical personnel or students like Robin with viable skills. Same story. Or you can just bring them back and send them off into happy endings, to bring them back permanently someday as needed. It was a bad mistake to kill both - especially with Kirsten Storms clearly at the end of her usefulness onscreen on Maxie.

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