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Look into the past - 1975


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1 hour ago, Mitch said:

Wow...and really made Lisa seem her bitchiest...her son dies and she is mooning for Bob?? And from the synopsis it seems as if everyone just went along with life. "Oh Chuckie is dead...well how is Joyce??" I know Marland wanted to bring him back instead of making up Scott Eldridge, but Fulton said, "Nancy Hughes buried him and whomever Nancy Hiughes buries stays dead!" I think it would have been cool if Shea was still alive and faked his kids death to punish Lisa and then they both came back years later.



LOL it’s pretty bizarre. Reading the ATWT synopsis reminds me that ATWT reads and sounds stagnant with the show about to stumble as the Soderberg’s time as HW’s came to a close. Although Joyce’s story I believe we are coming up on her shooting Don when she had hoped to shoot Ralph dead instead?

Re: Days wow the Samantha story escalated very quickly didn’t it? It had to be one of Days’ first wacky plots and reads as just wacky all over. Is any of it available to watch at all? I wonder what longtime Days viewers thought lol. 

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Just now, soapfan770 said:

Re: Days wow the Samantha story escalated very quickly didn’t it? It had to be one of Days’ first wacky plots and reads as just wacky all over. Is any of it available to watch at all? I wonder what longtime Days viewers thought lol. 

There's a very brief clip on Youtube of Marlena in the sanitarium. And there's also some script pages available to read on Jason47's site.

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All My Children

Written by: Agnes Nixon

Produced by: Bud Kloss

Estelle LaTour had been unable to bring herself to tell either her friend Donna or Donna's new husband Dr. Chuck Tyler that she knew that Donna would never be able to bear a child. - Ty, Donna's former pimp, had seen to it that Donna would not run the risk of pregnancy when she became part of his Locust Street "stable" at the age of 14. The sterilization was performed by a shady doctor on Ty's payroll when Donna required surgery for Appendicitis. - Estelle was barely able to forestall Ty's successor, Billy Clyde, from telling Donna by claiming that the owner of a bar had some money for him. – He was led up to it by saying that Ty had been convinced that Donna would never marry because of the lousy home life she'd had. - When Billy Clyde returned, Estelle had gotten rid of Donna, begging her not to come to visit her on Locust Street again. Estelle forgot herself so far as to tell him he was not to dare say a word to Donna and he reacted by asking who she thought was going to stop him.

Benny Sago was present in Phoebe Tyler's attorney's office when he told her that her co-called evidence was tainted and that she could be subject, together with Benny, for prosecution for abetting Benny's break-in to Mona Kane's apartment and wiretapping. Upon her return home, Phoebe continued to insist that Benny perjure himself and when he refused, she fired him, ordering him to leave the premises immediately and retrieve his possessions later. Benny left on an evening of drinking, visited Estelle, and learned about Donna's condition.

Undaunted, Phoebe told Mona Kane at Charles' office that as the divorce hearing was scheduled for the following day, she was determined, if her husband did not contact her by seven o'clock that evening to say that he had withdrawn, to go to the very conservative head of the Pine Valley Hospital board of directors personally with the pictures she had Benny take and demand that Dr. Tyler be dismissed to avoid scandal. Phoebe spent the interim drinking heavily and when the time came, asked her son Linc to drive her to keep her appointment. Knowing that Phoebe's license had been revoked, and refusing to drive her himself, Linc wrestled Phoebe's car keys from her and left, advising her to sleep it off. After he left, Phoebe fished in her purse for a set of keys to Brooke's sports car and set off, only to be stopped by Phil Brent and his new partner when she was speeding and ran a red light.

At police headquarters, Phoebe's refusal to submit to a sobriety test - the roadside one Phil's partner administered was definitely not in her favor - and her obvious condition resulted in her being booked and ordered held for a hearing. Faced with the prospect of a night in jail, Phoebe called Charles to beg him to rally round ... to the extent of $500 bail. With understandable relish Charles refused to lift a finger but as Linc happened to be with him, Phoebe's luck held and he took the phone, telling his mother that he would be down immediately.

While Linc was arranging bail, Phoebe capped the evening's performance by telling Barbara Barrett, an alert roving reported representing the local TV news station, that the entire mess, could be laid “at the feet of my roving husband, Dr. Charles Tyler." The quote was repeated along with a graphic still picture on the Evening News.

Benny heard about the debacle from Brooke and was on hand, when Phoebe woke the following morning, with a tray and sympathy. Phoebe was maneuvered into taking Benny back, with a raise, and set out for court to defend herself. When her posturing, accusations of spite on the part of the arresting officer, and claim that she suffered from Labyrinthitis and was attempting to procure medication for symptoms of vertigo, accounting for her unsteadyness, failed to impress the judge, she toppled into Benny's arms in a theatrical faint. The judge waited her out and insisted that she choose whether she would serve her sentence of seven days in jail at one time or on three consecutive weekends, to begin the following weekend. Forced to the wall, Phoebe gave her answer as the weekends but insisted that she would fight the actual incarceration up to the Supreme Court, if necessary.

Unknown to her daughter Devon, Ellen Shepard and Mark Dalton were again seeing one another, although circumspectly. When Mark voiced his opinion that their lives would be easier if Devon herself should fall in love, Ellen told him that she was afraid that was what had happened, but unfortunately Devon's choice seemed to be Dan Kennicott. - Devon had told her mother that she discovered that Brooke had been two-timing Dan with Benny Sago. She was more than tempted to tell Dan after Brooke called her a sneaky little eavesdropper, and insisted that Dan would believe her, rather than Devon, and ordered her to keep her hands off "her property." –

Devon watched as Dan, after telling her that he has gotten a D on a very important exam and was in danger of losing his scholarship if he didn’t work extra hard to make it up, left to celebrate with Brooke the fact that "at least he didn't flunk."

When Benny Sago was bar-hopping and trying to set up a job for himself after having been fired by Phoebe, he had asked Erica at the Goalpost if the place could use some help. When Tom Cudahy heard that Erica had told Benny there wasn't a chance, he became annoyed and reminded her that it was his place to decide who would work for him.

Benny had also brought news from the Chateau about Nick and a stunning blonde, evidently an old friend and Erica realized it was Claudette Montgomery just as she and Nick walked in together. Tom had to remind Erica that there were patrons to be seated when she sat with Nick and Claudette. The following day, Nick told Erica that he was considering hiring Claudette as his hostess unless Erica herself decided to return to work at the Chateau. - Claudette Montgomery was an old rival of Erica's who was jailed for drug pushing, for a time involving the Chateau in some very nasty publicity. –

Dr. Frank Grant considered out loud to Jeff Martin whether he should "bite the bullet" and tell Caroline Murray himself that he made love to his estranged wife, Nancy, before she did. Jeff advised against it, saying that Nancy was not vindictive and just wanted to see Frank sweat a little because of his treatment of her. Frank let the matter drop and finally convinced Caroline that her jealousy and insecurity were akin to Donna's feelings toward Tara; that she should learn from her own advice to Donna not to make herself miserable over a relationship that didn’t exist anymore.

When Edna Thornton was reminded by her small daughter that she hadn't gotten her medication for the day and she heard that the child was feeling ill, she told Dottie not to take her medicine; that they would hitch a ride into town and her daddy would take care of her. - Edna set David up to turn her down when she called him to come out to see Dottie so that the seizure, when it came, would play better. - Edna mentioned to a local farmer who gave them a ride that she was David Thornton's wife and was told that David was the man's personal physician and a fine doctor. She had also nailed down a job as a manicurist at the "Beauty Spot," whose clientele numbers a good many doctor's wives, by dropping David's name and mentioning that though she was married to him she wanted to work to keep herself busy.

When Dottie had a Grand Mal seizure followed by a repeat of the episode a short time later, David admitted, when pressed by Christina, that he believed Dottie was his daughter. After Chris made it clear that she would welcome the child, he tried to get Edna to agree to a divorce, giving him custody, only to have Edna insist that it was a package deal and threaten to leave town with the little girl, sick as she was. David learned that Edna deliberately risked the little girl's life and, after talking with Christina, he finally agreed to move in with Edna and resume the appearance of a marriage in the hope that eventually a marriage in name only would pall and she would give up Dottie.

Donna had refused to accept even the lab test findings that she was not pregnant and had been shopping for baby clothes after having insisted stridently, in the presence of Tara and Dr. Frank Grant, that Chuck wouldn’t admit that Dr. Clater was wrong, remarking how doctors stuck together.

Mark Dalton and Ellen Shepard were planning to be together in New York as Ellen had to make a buying trip for the Boutique. Devon learned that the following day was a holiday at the college - Founder's Day - and asked her mother if she could go along on the weekend trip, causing Ellen to cancel her plans with Mark. When Brooke and Dan quarreled because he had to prepare a project in order to make up his low mark on his Structure's exam, conflicting with Brooke's plans for a football weekend, Devon stepped in, offering to type for Dan and insisting she had no plans for the weekend. After Devon told her mother she had changed her mind, Ellen called Mark back and she started packing again.

Acting on information supplied by Nancy Grant, Joe Martin had flown to Texarkana to confront the man he spoke with a day earlier on the phone who had denied that he could tell him anything about Tad, the child Ruth and Joe had grown to love after he was abandoned by his parents. The man's name was Ray and he was an intinerant worker from Tennessee. Ruth had insisted that he pursue the matter and make it clear in person that they only wanted his permission to adopt the boy.

Another World

Written by: Harding Lemay

Produced by: Paul Rauch

Sven Peterson, the uneducated, unscrupulous, rapacious servant to international business magnate, Mac Cory, had his employer dancing like a puppet while Sven controled all the strings. Sven's master plan was to get to Mac's fortune through Regine Lindeman. He arranged for her arrival from Sweden to be with her mother, Helga, Mac's housekeeper, and Sven's so-called "cousin." After maneuvering the departure of Mac's entire household staff, Sven forced Regine on Mac, using Mac's loneliness to the greatest advantage since Mac's wife, Rachel, left him. Regine was not as willing as Sven would like, so he used the threat of physical assault on Helga to keep Regine's cooperation.

Not all of Mac's associates were as blind to Sven's control as Mac was. His secretary Pat suspected "something" when Mac wanted Regine to stay home and take care of Helga, rather than continue her job at the Cory complex. Somehow Mac couldn’t grasp the point Pat was trying to make about Sven. Rachel was then sculpting full time in her own apartment. She had countered Mac's "threat" to a legal separation by preparing one against him through her lawyer, Greg Barnard. When Rachel mistook a hug between Mac and Pat for something more meaningful than it was, she launched her separation with more determination than ever. She had instructed Greg she was willing to go out of state if necessary to obtain a divorce. Greg's suggestion that Rachel misinterpreted the evidence of an affair did not deter her. Her only retraction was if Mac wanted to save this marriage, he was going to have to fight for it.

Rachel did listen when Pat and her mother Ada warned her about Sven. She got a confirmation when Sven threatened to keep her out of her own house by changing the locks. Knowing Rachel's weakness, just as she was communicating with Mac, Sven conveniently reminded Mac Regine was waiting to continue reading poetry to him. Rachel exited and Sven scored.

Regine was involved with Cliff Tanner against Sven's violent objections. She was pregnant with his child but wouldn’t tell Cliff for fear of trapping him into marriage. Sven learned this and combined Regine's pregnancy with Mac's vulnerability in a devious deceit. Mac acted on Ada's request to have Regine move out to avoid gossip. After agreeing to her move, and sharing a brandy in his bedroom, which was drugged by Sven, both Regine and Mac passed out. Sven quickly rearranged them so when they awoke, Regine and Mac found out they had spent the night together in bed and neither of them remembered how they got there or what, if anything, had happened. Sven called Iris over, timing her intrusion so she caught Regine fumbling from Mac's room in her slip. Mac couldn’t offer any explantion. He, Pat and Brian Bancroft, his lawyer, decided the immediate solution was to get out of town. As Mac packed, Rachel confronted Mac. She wanted to see if they could make some sense out of their relationship, since Ada had convinced Rachel Mac had not been unfaithful. Mac was obviously shaken by the mess he thought he created for himself. Sven barged in, dragging Regine, to apologize for her "waywardness." With Regine's earring, which Sven planted, in Rachel's fist, she concluded they spent the night together, by choice, and Mac again was speechless to his own defense. Regine feared for her mother's safety, so she wouldn’t contradict Sven. Rachel stormed out, ordering Greg to start the separation legalities immediately.

Iris had just been trying to break her clutch on Mac by legally relinquishing all rights to his estate. Her only purpose in this was to gain Brian's confidence that she could release Mac entirely, in which case Brian would then marry her. She was so distraught by the scene she had witnessed that she couldn’t control her desire to help Mac. As she was explaining how Regine was taking advantage of "poor daddy" to Pat, it dawned on Iris, Sven was behind it and it was he who maneuvered his way to be Mac's sole servant. More annoying to Iris was the fact that he took her in when she thought she was using Sven to keep Mac and Rachel apart. Iris' houseguest Countess Elena de Poulignac proved to be Iris' sincere friend, offering to help her in this situation. She made Iris tell Brian of her part in cooperating with Sven and his efforts to keep Mac and Rachel apart. Brian accepted this better than Iris anticipated and promised he would protect Mac if and only if this is the LAST TIME Iris intervened in Mac's life. She sobbingly promised, NEVER, to get involved again if he could help "daddy" this time. Brian even went so far as to suggest he and Iris get married immediately. Iris was confused but offered no objections.

The wedding ceremony was performed in the elegance of Iris' home. Iris no sooner repeated her wedding vows when she was at the phone, ready to call Mac with the news. Brian vetoed the call, telling Iris to leave her daddy alone and concentrate on her husband. She discontently obeyed. At the wedding reception Elena caught Iris asking John to talk to Greg about Rachel's separation papers. Iris' reply to Elena's question "whatever happened to your promise to Brian not to interfere in Mac's life" was simply she realized worse things could happen to Mac than being married to Rachel, she wanted the separation stopped.

Pat stood up to Sven, insisting to talk to Regine. To stop Pat, he threatened to spread malicious gossip of an affair between Pat and Mac along with the lies Regine had been sleeping with Mac for weeks. Pat was appalled. She later admitted to Ada, perhaps there really was something going on, but only Rachel knew how Mac reacted after being hurt by her.

On Ada’s suggestion, Clarice McGowen talked to Rachel. She managed to get her to postpone the separation, knowing Rachel still loved Mac and they belonged together in marriage.

Rachel collected her thoughts and went to Pat to apologize for accusing her of wanting an involvement with Mac. Pat accepted, then convinced Rachel Regine was not the guilty party; Rachel drove Mac to infidelity. Rachel however, would not accept this, retorting Mac should have more will power. She took her lawyer's advice and gave Regine a chance to explain. At her house, Rachel walked in on Sven who was gluttoning on Mac's brandy. Rachel let him know he manipulated this "affair," and when Regine herself told Rachel not to believe anything Sven said, Rachel, disgusted, walked out, refusing to believe any of them.

Olive Randolph’s love affair with Evan Webster was rapidly losing its romance. Caught in the act by Molly Randolph, Evan had ordered Olive to "buy" Molly's silence. Before she got to Molly, Mike, Molly's husband, had requested to talk to his father John. Olive was panicky that Molly had already tattled and managed to keep John away from Mike temporarily.

Mike’s reason for talking to John was to complain about his inability to keep Molly happy. She wanted material things and he couldn’t afford to buy them. John offered Mike a job clerking in his law office. Mike gratefully accepted. Molly didn’t share his satisfaction. She wanted to know when Mike was going to quit sponging off his relatives. Molly's desires were wandering with each argument she and Mike had. She had becoming attracted to Cliff. They shared their grievances about their love lives to each other and Molly confided this to Olive who jumped at the chance to win Molly over. She promoted Molly's complainted about money, then bought her an expensive necklace to win her friendship and trust. Olive was pleased to offer Molly and Cliff the cabin she and Evan used for their rendezvous. Mike, on the other hand, admitted to John he might have made a rash decision in marrying Molly, he was not even sure he still loved her. After Cliff thought Regine bitterly jilted him because she didn’t love him, Molly's hint that Olive had offered her the keys to her private cabin is a temptation he couldn’t refuse to share with Molly.

Suspicions were mounting in Mike's mind as Molly continued to be absent from work during the day. She was quite happy with her new arrangement, making love to Cliff at the cabin.

Evan was still working hard to get Olive and John's money. He was offered his investigator friend $10,000 cash to catch John in the act of infidelity with his secretary Joan Barnard. Investigator Kelly recommended Evan guarantee John had insurance before he set up John in a near impossible situation, as far as Kelly was concerned. Evan put Olive to work on it immediately. She told John she checked his life insurance policies to ensure he had coverage in case the house they were building was too expensive. - To the contrary, Olive was spending to the hilt on the house and could care less if John could afford it or not. - Evan had taken the policies and informed Olive she was not a beneficiary. She quickly asked John to change the policies to include her as a beneficiary. John obeyed promptly.

Mike and Joan were both suspicious of Evan and Olive but couldn’t gather any concrete proof. They agreed Joan would stay friendly with Evan which could get them results. Evan was pretending to care for Joan, sounding jealous innuendoes about her and John.

Olive and Evan were celebrating in the comfort and privacy of the new house, drinking wine and becoming giddy and amorous, when Greg Barnard used John's key to enter the house to make an inspection for the updated insurance policy. While working there unseen, he saw Olive, clad only in a black slip, run in to get more wine and return to the bedroom where a man's voice was responding. He was stunned but managed to slip out unnoticed. Back at the office, Greg relayed to Joan he then knows Mike had Olive's number but wouldn’t explain why.

Alice and Ray Gordon had irreconcilable differences because Ray couldn’t cope with competing with Steve Frame, Alice's deceased husband. He was founder and successful business head of the company Ray was then causing to go bankrupt. Alice saw no alternative but to close down the business before it did go under. Ray asked Alice to give him the chance to run the company on his own so he could prove to her he was capable of retrieving it. She sincerely wanted him to succeed, and felt she owed him that much. First, though, she discussed it with Willis Frame, Steve's brother, because her confidence in Willis' abilities did not waver. Alice returned to her former career as a nurse but, before she left the business in Ray's complete authority, she asked Willis to stand by in case she needed his help. Ray seemed to be making a good effort until he learned it was Willis who sent a potential customer in his direction. With that, Ray cancelled any future business with this client in a desperate attempt to cut all ties with Willis. Willis' girlfriend Angie, who had stood up in Willis' defense on several occasions, accused Willis of enjoying making Ray suffer. He couldn’t seem to stay out of Ray's way. Willis claimed he was there to help Alice save the company, not to antagonize Ray.

Alice wouldn’t give Ray the time of day so, in his sad and lonely state, Angie asked him to her friend Clarice's for dinner. He agreed and what a surprise for Willis, who crashed the party, to see Ray there as Angie's chosen guest. He turned around and went to Alice's for comfort, staying there for dinner.

Alice told Willis he was too possessive and she, obviously, was not as much so as he was. When her aunt Liz jumped in with recommendations on how Alice should handle her life, as she was doing such a poor job, Alice set her straight. She wouldn’t tolerate Liz' interference anymore, because what Alice did was none of her business. If she couldn’t stay out of it, she could leave Alice's home and never come back. While Liz walked outside to calm down, Willis looked at Alice admiringly. He liked what he saw, a side of Alice he never knew. Alice was determined she wouldn’t let people walk all over her again. With that, Willis reached over and gently touched her cheek. Alice was quick to walk away. She did accept another date with Willis, which included Sally, after she denied anything more than friendship with Willis to her brother Russ. Willis had persuaded Scanlan Bros. to give their large project to Ray Gordon. Ray was under the impression he landed the contract for the department store on his own. Alice promised not to tell him it was Willis' recommendation, and was noticeably pleased.

Dr. Russ Matthews had accepted his divorce from Sharlene and the subsequent departure of his girlfriend Corinne Setton because of Russ' new freedom. His aunt Liz, an eternal matchmaker, had pushed Iris' friend Elena right into Russ' lap. Impressed by her title of "countess," Liz forced Russ and Elena to socialize, in her company, of course. Elena would like to become friendlier with Russ, but was discouraged because of his friendship with Gwen Parish.

Elena took her friend Quentin Ames' advice and continued her pursuit of Russ. Intruding on a dinner party between Russ and Gwen, Elena somehow managed to monopolize Russ' company. Gwen claimed she was neutral about Elena's presence, but if looks could kill ...!

As The World Turns

Written by: Robert Soderberg & Edith Sommer

Produced by: Joe Willmore

Kevin Thompson had decided to respect Susan Stewart's wishes not to resume their relationship upon her return to Oakdale. She faced up to a drinking problem and the damage she was doing to Kevin. After spending several weeks at a health farm, she was taking Dr. David Stewart's place in the hospital research lab while he was at home with infectious mononeucleosis. Kevin saw Sandy Garrison as often as possible and asked her to marry him several times. Sandy wouldn’t until she was sure he had gotten Susan out of his system. Kevin became angry when she turned him down again and Sandy drove out to the Conway farm to talk to Valerie. Sandy loved Kevin and she was afraid he wouldn’t ask her again. On the way to his mountain cabin, a deer ran out of the dark, causing Kevin to run off the road. The police called Sandy who rushed to the hospital. Fortunately Kevin was only bruised and cut, but his car was totaled. Susan would like to see Kevin, but wouldn’t intrude on the tender scene she saw. At the cabin, in front of a warm fire, Sandy requested that Kevin ask her once more to marry him and she accepted his proposal.

Susan had become friends with an eighteen year old orphaned patient. The chief of surgery was very adamant that he would tell the boy of his fatal blood disease when he felt it was necessary. Susan thought Dr. Keith was wrong because Mark Lewis was wondering why he couldn’t have visitors when he had only had minor surgery. When Dr. Keith finally told Mark, and asked him to help fight the disease by eating well and being determined, the boy seemed to withdraw. The gruff doctor then ordered Susan to see Mark, when a few days ago he had told her to stay out of his room. Susan read Mark quite a lecture and Dr. Keith was amazed when Mark showed a sudden interest in reading uppn his disease. Dee Stewart, Susan's young ex-sister-in-law, was asked to visit Mark to provide him with some young companionship. Susan told Dee that Mark was seriously ill and after taking a few hours to adjust to the news, Dee again became a cheery visitor.

Kevin came to the hospital to break the news of his engagement to Susan himself. Susan had been working very long tiring days to keep the research on schedule and this news was the straw that broke the camel's back. Dr. Keith found her crying in Dr. Dan Stewart's office and reprimanded her for breaking her promise to see Mark that afternoon. He couldn’t eat or sleep because he was waiting to see Susan.

Annie Stewart and Beau Spencer were working hard while waiting for the time to pass before they were married. They had de-cided on a very simple life style because Annie would have to forego medical school uuntil he could make enough as a junior lawyer to support them. Jane Spencer, Beau's wealthy mother, thought she was making things easier by giving Annie expensive gifts. Beau was very confident his first day of the bar exam, but the second day he had grave doubts. When the telegram arrived informing him that he had failed, he wanted to break the news to Annie first so that she could reconsider their marriage. She wanted to go ahead with their plans and he could take the exam again in the spring. The Stewarts gave him the excuse of the strain they put him under by putting off the approval of their marriage, but Beau accepted full responsibility for his failure. Everyone assured him that many good lawyers failed the bar exam the first time. Jane asked Dick Martin if it was possible to buy off the people who graded the exams and then claimed she was only kidding.

Chris Hughes told Beau that he could keep his job as a law clerk while he restudied to take his exam. Beau learned that he could no longer live in his student apartment since he had graduated. His mother said this was typical of the way he handled things and offered what she considered a good solution. They could have her house and she would ask Annie so she wouldn’t feel obligated to say yes. Annie thanked her, but said the big house wouldn’t fit in with their life style. But, unable to find an apartment before the wedding, Beau and Annie had to accept her offer.

Joyce Coleman Hughes had been a trying house guest in the Hughes' home while their son Donald was in Switzerland on business. She was confined due to a difficult pregnancy, but her doctor thought she was coming along very well. She had constantly worried Don with her stories of being neglected and in very poor health, but Dr. Bob Hughes had tried to put his brother at ease. After another scene Joyce tried to leave the house late at night and banged into some furniture. Bob called an ambulance and rushed her to the hospital where she miscarried, but the doctors said this was inevitable. Donald flew home and was taken in by Joyce's story that the family caused too much stress until he talked to the doctor. He had a hard time forgiving Bob for telling him Joyce was fine.

Joyce enjoyed all the attention she got while in the hospital and didn’t want to return to the Hugheses'. Don started looking for a house, but took Joyce to his parents for the time being. Nancy realized that Joyce was playing her against Don and tried even harder to be agreeable. Joyce sounded Don out about returning to California, but he wanted to stay in the family firm. She told Nancy that Don had hinted about going to California, but didn’t want the family to know yet.

Natalie Hughes had been having several parties in her new apartment. Carol Stallings was concerned that Natalie was not taking care of herself and the baby. Natalie had told Carol repeatedly to leave her alone. - Natalie was pregnant with Jay Stallings' baby and was giving the Stallings custody in exchange for financial support in setting up a real estate office. Since Carol could have no children of her own, she wanted Natalie and the baby to have the best of care. - The biggest problem Natalie had at the time was that the larger firms in town were trying to squeeze her out.

Lisa Coleman had given up and told Grant that she loved her ex-husband, Bob Hughes. She tried to keep up appearances until her son, Tom, found out and then she asked Grant to move out. Grant remained silent as long as possible and then he told Bob he was jealous and said he wanted him to stay away from Lisa. Bob figured this was a good time to go away for a while. At odds, Lisa told Tom that she asked Grant to move out because she was in love with his father again and hoped they could get back together. She was surprised that Tom was not happy about the prospect. He asked if she had given any thought to Valerie Conway, the new love in Bob's life. Lisa felt this had nothing to do with Valerie.

Laurie Keaton told Mary Ellison that Dr. John Dixon had returned and was in the storage room. Mary was getting ready to call the police when John showed up at her door. Mary hesitated about calling after he left, but when her son asked if people didn’t have to be punished for wrong things, Mary knew that she had to call. - John kidnapped his own son, but Dan Stewart retrieved him. John accidently shot himself and accused Dan. The DA's office had been looking for John who had been in the Chicago area. - Tom Hughes arrived just after the police and explained that John had called him the night before and made plans to surrender to the assistant DA, Dick Martin, at ten o'clock. Mary told Kim Dixon Stewart that John was back and had pleaded guilty. John assured Dan that he had no intention of seeing Kim or Andy, but Dan made sure he understood what could happen if he bothered Kim.

A big storm hit Oakdale and Melinda Grey spent the evening with Mary. Jay stopped by to pick up a contract that Mary took home to type and walked out with Melinda. He lit a cigarette and tossed the match into the corridor ashtray.

John Dixon woke up to the smell of smoke and found the hall in front of Mary's apartment in flames. He broke down the door and sent them out the back. John returned to the building repeatedly to get everyone to safety. The only casualty of the fire was John, himself. Dr. Keith called Dan to perform the surgery because he had done this procedure several times. John agreed to let Dan operate. Tom got the hearing postponed since John was in critical condition. John asked Tom to have Kim see him and she felt she had to grant him this since Dan was not sure John would recover. He wanted Kim to persuade Mary to see him. John told her how sorry he was.

When Grant heard about the fire, he rushed to be sure Mary and Teddy were safe. - Grant did not know that Mary's adopted son was his child until his ex-wife, Joyce, tried to regain custody. - Grant asked Valerie if they could stay at the farm until the apartment was restored. Lisa asked Grant why he didn't bring them to her house and received the answer that he never thought of it.

Jay Stallings asked Melinda what she knew about the fire. They both suspected that his match might have set papers on fire and caused the blaze. Jay finally confessed his fear to Carol who suggested he consult Chris. The fire department ruled that even though Jay feared he might have started it, it was an accident.

Alexander Keith told Kim Stewart that she reminded him of someone he loved. When Mark Lewis saw her, he was surprised to see that Mrs. Stewart looked like his mother. Keith told Susan Stewart that Mark thought he loved her and, therefore, she had a responsibility to him. Dr. Keith had caused hard feelings everywhere in the hospital. He accused Dr. Dan Stewart of suggesting that people be subordinate to him. Kim was unwilling to intercede with Dan on Keith's behalf.

Grant Coleman agreed to give Lisa a divorce. She told Bob that she thought Grant might be interested in Mary Ellison. Lisa assumed that Bob was talking about her when he said he hoped the woman he loved had missed him and stormed out when she understood that he meant Valerie. 

Days Of Our Lives

Written by: Ann Marcus

Produced by: Betty Corday & H. Wesley Kenney

Samantha Evans, posing as her psychiatrist sister Marlena, after having had Marlena committed to Bayview Sanitarium as herself - the girls were twins -, was keeping Marlena under heavy sedation following Marlena's attempt to escape. Dr. Powell, the head of Bayview, questioned the continued use of stellazine, as its side effects included loss of identity and muscle co-ordination, along with psychotic symptoms. Sam suggested shock treatment, but Powell felt that would be too radical. He also reminded Sam that her sister would have to sign the consent form. Sam knew that. Powell also pointed out that a heavily tranquillized patient could be talked into almost anything. Sam invited Powell along while she asked Marlena to sign the form. Drugged as she was, Marlena refused ECT - electro-convulsive therapy, commonly called shock treatment -, Sam was furious when Powell reminded Marlena that since "she" signed "herself" in, she was free to sign herself out, but it took seven days to process the request. A call from Don Craig about what was happening, since Marlena called him to rescue her the night she escaped, interrupted the conversation. Sam's abrupt manner with him spurred him to drive out to Bayview, where she managed to sneak past him. Powell refused to let him see "Sam" because he'd only reinforce "Sam's" impression that she was Marlena.

Aware that one of the side effects of ECT was loss of memory, and finding her "role" as Marlena gratifying, Sam demanded Marlena sign the consent. When Marlena continued to refuse, Sam forged her signature. Sam was almost caught when Laura Horton, Marlena's boss and friend, demanded to see her, and informed her she was on her way to the gate house. Sam was "saved" when David and Trish appeared at her door, needing help. Sam left with them, leaving a note for Laura. Don went to see Laura, very confused about the entire situation. Laura admitted mystification, too. She showed Don "Marlena's" note. Don said the handwriting was not Marlena's, which further confused them.

Treatment had played havoc with Marlena's memory, leaving her unable to remember how she got to Bayview. - Sam drugged her and sent her in an ambulance. Marlena had previously made arrangements for Sam's voluntary commitment for drug rehabilitation. - Marlena asked to see Dr. Paul Whitman, her training analyst. Mrs. Abbott promised to call him. Meanwhile, Sam had received a call from her agent, who had a part for her. Chris Kostichek arrived while she was waiting for the agent to call with more infor-mation. When Artie called, Sam covered by saying she was making arrangements for a lecture tour. She had also made application to a hospital in New Orleans. When Laura heard of these plans, she was furious. Sam had, naturally, dumped Marlena's patient load on Laura and other staff members. Laura had tried to talk to "Marlena" repeatedly, to no avail. Greg Peters, chief of staff, had ordered Laura to fire Marlena unless she could get her back to work.

Having accepted the proposed part in Hollywood, Sam made immediate plans to leave Salem. She went to Marlena and told her she committed her to Bayview because she was having a nervous breakdown. She took her place to cover for her until she was well enough to return. - Sam took Marlena's place to have money and pills. - Sam also reminded Marlena she could sign herself out. Sam then agreed to an appointment with Laura, but was on her way to the airport at the agreed on time. Don was with Laura when Laura decided she had been stood up. They drove out to the gate house to confront "Marlena," but found her gone. Don found a pad with a flight number and time on it. He raced to the airport. When he finally figured out which airline, the announcements were for final boarding. Don forced his way on to the plane and found Sam! She gave him the story about Marlena's nervous breakdown. He didn’t buy it, but left her to race to Bayview. Don finally convinced Dr. Powell his story was true, that Marlena, not Sam, was there. When they got to her room, Marlena was gone, and was not on the grounds. – Having been granted some privileges and aware she might leave the hospital after signing papers, Marlena had put on her coat and left her room for the first time since being placed on the open ward. Aside from a general confusion, Marlena had also demanded that her door be left open at all times. –

After much soul-searching, Trish Clayton Banning agreed to let mother-in-law Julie Williams give a baby shower for her. - David Banning and Trish had only recently been married, following an episode in which Trish almost lost his baby. The baby was conceived the one night they spent together during a time when both were separated from the people they loved: David from Valerie Grant; Trish from Mike Horton. Mike had proposed to Trish, but she'd refused, aware he couldn't forget the baby was David's, not his. - Trish was delighted when her friend Toni from the Sherman Home had also been invited to the shower. Both girls were gratified when the shower was for them both. They had a lovely time, until Trish opened her last present, a musical teddybear from Mike. Trish admitted to Toni that she still loved Mike.

Aware Trish had been feeling cooped-up, David persuaded her to take a picnic to the lake. There, Trish started into labor. With "Marlena's" help, they got to the hospital. David and Trish worked as a team and delivered a son, Timothy, through natural childbirth. David was very proud, as was Trish. However, Trish was upset by an unexpected visit from Mike. She sent him away, telling him to stay away from her because for the first time, she had a family of her own. Trish's mother Jeri and David were disturbed when Trish seemed to demand that Timmy be her sole responsibility, refusing to let David help without a fight and jumping at Timmy's every cry.

Jean Barton, with Maggie Horton's help, began to attend consciousness-raising sessions at the David Martin Clinic Family Crisis Center. - Jean's husband Fred beat her. - After attending two sessions, Jean realized that it wasn't her fault that Fred beat her, that it was something in him. The counsellor pointed out that if she could raise her self-esteem, Fred might also be able to look at her differently. Fred found a check stub for $50 that had no explanation. He demanded to know how Jean spent the money. After pointing out that she saved it out of other household accounts, Jean said she spent it on a self-improvement course. Fred demanded she drop the course, saying it would only give her expensive ideas, and that she needed to improve her housekeeping - in a spotless apartment - and ironing. Jean went to the next session anyway, but was nearly found out by Fred. He'd been calling her all afternoon. - Among other things Jean revealed in the group were the facts that her father beat her mother, thus her passivity, and that she lost a baby after one beating. –

Neil Curtis was furious when his wife Phyl accompanied her tennis pro to a tournament out of town. Before leaving, Phyl intimated to Neil that she intended to play more than tennis. Meanwhile, Chris Kostichek, Bob Anderson's protege at the plant, received a check from Phyl for $1000. Phyl wrote that she wanted Chris to use the money to court her daughter Mary, promising more money as time went on. - Phyl almost killed herself when she found her husband and daughter — by Bob — were having an affair. Realizing there was a better way to punish the transgressors, Phyl had put another plan into operation. - Neil, meanwhile, hurt at Mary's constant rebuffs of his continued advances, was jealous of the sexy Chris. When Chris tried to call Phyl to refuse the money, Neil answered and warned Chris to stay away from his wife and step-daughter. Neil then tried to call Phyl and was beside himself when the tennis pro answered the phone in her room at the tournament. Neil went to Mary saying that since Phyl was indulging in extra-marital flings, it was a good reason to resume their affair. Mary refused, saying it might all be a ploy and Phyl might even have bugged the studio. Phyl returned and laid it on thick. When Phyl refused lovemaking, Neil got drunk and paid a call on his nurse, Betty Worth. Betty refused his advances, and was saved when her fiance returned from the store. Neil next went to see "Marlena," but didn’t make a pass. Betty quit. Neil started drinking. Phyl became romantic only when he was too drunk or hung-over to reciprocate. Phyl visited Mary at her office. While Mary's out, Phyl posed as Mary's secretary and called Chris, in Mary's name, demanding to see him immediately. Chris left a touchy job at the site to rush to Mary's office. He was angry when she denied calling him, reminding him she didn’t have a secretary. Chris' anger grew when he received word that one of his men had been hurt in his absence.

Mary, meanwhile, was very hurt when her father gave a party for some Pentagon brass and asked Linda Phillips to be his hostess, not her. Bob even let Chris invite and escort her, instead of inviting her himself. Bob explained he did so in order that she wouldn't accuse him of trying to throw Chris and her together.

Linda Phillips had been using Tommy Horton's proposal of marriage to try to coerce Bob Anderson into also proposing, as Bob was the man she wanted. Bob had asked Linda not to accept Tommy, but had stopped short of proposing himself. As a thank you for being his hostess, Bob gave Linda a diamond necklace. She loved it, but couldn’t accept it because of Tommy's proposal. Again, Bob stopped short of proposing. Linda had lunch with Tommy, selecting an elegant restaurant Bob frequented, hoping he would see them. Tommy pressed for an answer to his proposal, but Linda put him off, saying she was not ready yet. Tommy suspected her reticence had something to do with Bob.

Bill Horton received a call from a former patient who begged him to come to the hospital to discuss impending surgery. Bill tried to beg off, but the man's agitated condition forced Bill to agree to visit. The man had heard that Walter Griffin and Bill were feuding and that Griffin was wrong in Alice Horton's case. - Griffin had decided Alice needed a complete hysterectomy. Bill felt the evidence was inconclusive and urged a second opinion. After a D&C, all the tests showed negative for cancer, thus vindicating Bill and indicting Griffin as knife happy. - Bill assured the man that the surgery proposed for him appeared necessary, and he, himself, had indicated years ago that he might need this operation. As Bill quieted the patient, Griffin came in and accused Bill of interfering, refusing to listen to Bill's side of it. Some time later, Bill was the anesthesiologist on an emergency case with Griffin. Keeping his mouth shut in the operating room, Bill nonetheless told Dr. Kate Winograd, when she asked, that some of the surgery done was unnecessary, in his opinion. Griffin got the same answer when he consulted Bill, and ran to Greg. Bill's position became very precarious, Greg telling his wife Amanda that he might have to fire Bill if he continued to rub Griffin the wrong way.

Griffin, himself, was having problems at home with his 15-year-old daughter, Patti. Patti had been seeing a boy Griffin didn’t like, and when he arrived home after midnight and found the boy alone with Patti, necking, he threw the boy out and grounded Patti. Patti felt his rules - no dates on school nights, curfews - were unfair and unnecessary. She felt her father was trying to hamper her from making friends and resented having been uprooted from Chicago. Griffin asked Sister Marie Horton for the name of a good parochial school, feeling Patti needed more discipline and to meet a better group of kids. Patti refused to attend the school, saying she was just making friends at her present school. Griffin, unable to deal with the problem, invited Marie to dinner to talk with Patti.

Greg and Amanda were fighting. Greg had been working long hours and came home and did more work. Their social life was thus non-existent, and Amanda found his neglect painful.

The conersion of Doug's Place into Doug's Coffee House was successful only on the opening night, when the place was full of friends and family. Doug would like to close up, but since the hearing on his liquor license was months away and the outcome was uncertain, he didn’t want to have to fire his employees. Thus, Julie consulted with Mickey about using her inheritence from her father to buy the place. Mickey pointed out that she would have to pay the fair market value for the place and also pay large sums in taxes to the government for the transfer. She wasn’t worried about the money, saying Doug's peace of mind was more important. She asked only that after she got Doug to agree to selling her the place, Mickey avoided mentioning the taxes. After several dismal nights at the club, Doug agreed to let Julie buy it, even though he wouldn’t be allowed on the premises. Julie was confident that she and Robert would be able to run the place until Doug got his license and could take over again. While the transfer was taking place, Doug and Julie were going on a vacation, driving through New England to look at the leaves.

Marlena returned to her room, wondering why she didn't run away as before, but feeling she had "unfinished business" there. Don found her. Marlena, however, was reticent to trust him, or anyone. Powell apologized profusely and sincerely for the dreadful mistake that had been made. Laura admitted Marlena to University Hospital to allow her to recover from the heavy drug treatment and to rebuild her strength. Marlena was still confused about how she got to Bayview. Don planned to extradite Sam and prosecute her: impersonating a doctor, practicing medicine without a license, assault. Paul Whitman, contacted by Powell, promised to come to Salem and help Marlena. - Aside from being Marlena's training analyst, Paul was Marlena's lover before she came to Salem. –

Toni gave birth to a little girl who had to be contined in an incubator.

Jean Barton finally found the courage to tell Fred about her group sessions. When she refused to give them up, he beat her again, driving her to leave him. Marie assured her the shelter where she could live for a while would be kept secret from Fred. Marie told her there would be medical and legal help, job counselling, psychiatric counselling, etc., available to her at the shelter, Fred verbally took his anger out on Maggie, blaming her for destroying his marriage.

Tommy took Linda to dinner with Tom and Alice. The evening was strained. Tommy gave Linda an engagement ring, telling her she might keep it whether she accepted his proposal or not. Bob called Linda, saying he had something important to ask her. When he asked her to be his executive assistant, she was flabbergasted, then furious.

The Doctors

Written by: Douglas Marland

Produced by: Jeff Young

Steve Aldrich returned from San Francisco to find good  news waiting for him. Ann Larimer had signed the annullment papers. Included with them, however, was a quit-claim, which Steve was to sign. The document said that Steve relinquished all claim to present and future holdings he and Ann shared. Unaware Ann was pregnant, and he was signing away his child, Steve agreed. He then proposed to Carolee, who said yes.

After Eleanor Conrad had to leave Andre's because she was drunk, Luke Dancy went to see her, to try to help. Eleanor told Luke she felt he found her unattractive these days. He said he couldn’t pretend to love her when she was so out of control. He promised things would be as they were between them it she would give up the pills and alcohol. After Luke left, Eleanor was disconcerted by her appearance and her daughter Wendy's taunts about Luke's only wanting her money. Eleanor took another pill. She was terribly disorganized when Wendy dropped by to go to lunch. Wendy helped her pull herself together. At a meeting about the child-care center, for which she was in charge of finances, Eleanor was barely coherent, upsetting everyone.

At Doreen’s urging, Luke gave Eleanor back $50,000 of the money she gave him and broke off. Unable to live with her doubts about Luke, Eleanor went to see Doreen Aldrich, who had Luke on a string since lending him the money to buy the controlling interest in Andre's. Eleanor begged Doreen to let Luke go, to let her have him, as she loved him. Discornfitted by this display of emotion, Doreen denied she and Luke were having an affair, but Luke entered the suite with his own key. Eleanor stumbled out. She called Luke's father, Barney, asking him to come over. She asked if Doreen and Luke were having an affair. Barney denied it and reassured Eleanor of Luke's love. He then warned Luke Eleanor was in bad shape and asked Luke to give Eleanor more time. Luke refused.

Wendy later begged Eleanor to see Matt Powers for a check-up. Eleanor refused, denying Wendy's allegations that she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Eleanor looked for her pills and found Wendy had gotten rid of them. Without pills, Eleanor went to see Matt, ostensibly to set up an appointment for a check-up. On her way out, she asked Matt for sleeping pills to get her through to the check-up. Matt refused. Eleanor ran out. Concerned, Matt sent his son Mike to her apartment, to talk Eleanor into returning to the hospital. Home, Eleanor tore the apartment apart and found the pills in the wastebasket. Saying she was sorry, she took them with alcohol. Scared when the pills started to work, Eleanor tried for the phone, but passed out before she could summon help. Luke arrived at the apartment, spurred by his father's concern. Finding Eleanor unconscious and not breathing, Luke called the hospital and reported Eleanor was dead. Mike arrived alter Luke left the apartment. Eleanor was alive, but in bad shape.

Luke went to Doreen and told her Eleanor was dead. Doreen absolved him of blame, but Luke felt he was too hard on Eleanor. He blamed himself; and in his panic, packed his bags. Mike saved Eleanor's life. Wendy barged into Eleanor's room, and when Mike saw how upset Eleanor was at the sight of Wendy, he threw her out, telling her she might not see her mother until Eleanor was ready. Wendy raised the roof with Matt. Mike explained Wendy's deliterious effect on Eleanor and was hacked by Matt. Wendy promised court action. Both men stood firm. Eleanor told Mike she had nothing to live tor. He said she could live for him, so that all his hard work wasn’t wasted. He pointed out many ways she could be of service and urged her to remember that without the pain in life, we couldn’t recognize the joys. Eleanor took his advice to heart.

When Maggie Powers learned architect Kyle Wilson, the man with whom she had a one-night stand while Matt's and her marriage was foundering, wanted to see her, along with Matt, on his next visit to Madison, she tried to beg off.

Jason Aldrich confessed to his brother Steve that he didn’t understand Nola, the woman he had been dating seriously. Nola was ready to fly off to New York in search of a career, instead of staying in Madison, near him. Jason had tried to no avail to talk Nola out of going. Steve suggested that Nola might need more than confessions of love from Jason. Jason went to Doreen and told her he wanted a divorce. Doreen refused. Jason intended to file anyway. Jason proposed to Nola, who stated her intentions to go to New York anyway, saying Jason wasn't free to make such a proposal since he was still married to Doreen. Jason told her he had asked Doreen for a divorce. Doreen couldn’t believe he was serious, wanting to divorce her to marry a nobody like Nola. Doreen cast aspersions on Nola's intentions, suggesting that Nola was only interested in his money. When Jason remained adamant about the divorce, Doreen promised a nasty court fight, naming Nola as co-respondent. When Nola told her family of Jason's proposal, both Luke and Sara urged her to accept. Her mother said to do what was in her heart. Nola still planned to go to New York until Jason had the divorce. Jason then told Nola that her going to New York would put an end to their marriage plans, but he intended to divorce Doreen, no matter what.

Doreen went to Nola's apartment, where Nola and Sara were discussing whether Nola should accept the proposal or go to New York. Unaware Sara was there, Doreen gave Nola a check for $50,000 to leave Jason alone. Nola took the check with the intention of showing Jason the lengths to which Doreen would go to keep him. Doreen then flaunted the acceptance of the check in front of Mona Croft, Jason's mother, Virginia, and Steve, who sought Jason out to tell him what Doreen said, hoping to persuade Jason to hear Nola's side of the story before jumping to conclusions. Nola arrived at the office with a gift and a "yes" answer and heard Steve and Jason arguing. Nola entered Jason's inner office to a flood of abuse about being a money-grubbing person. Jason told her she was foolish for accepting Doreen's check when she could've had three times that amount in a divorce settlement. Refusing to listen to him any more, Nola stormed out and started packing for New York. Sara intervened, explaining to Jason the reason Nola took the check. Jason went to Nola's apartment and pounded on the door until she let him in. He apologized profusely, but Nola was too angry to listen at first. She tore up Doreen's check. Finally, their mutual love pierced the curtain of misunderstanding, and Nola accepted Jason's marriage proposal.

When Virginia learned about Eleanor Conrad, she was devastated, especially when she learned Luke had disappeared. Virginia blamed herself, saying she always held values and expected her children to hold them too, without trying to understand them. She admitted to judging them because they couldn't or wouldn't live up to her standards, instead of letting her love hold sway. She promised to stop judging and start loving them more.

Tom Carroll was finding it next to impossible to get close to Ricky Minero. – Ricky's parents were killed in an auto accident. MJ, Tom's bride of only a short time, promised her sister Betsy that she and Tom would take care of Ricky. For some reason, apparently having to do with a Vietnamese child Tom might have known while overseas, Tom wanted nothing to do with children, having given up a teaching job to work in a hank, and having lied to MJ about his father's having died of Huntington's disease, making her promise they'd never have children. - MJ took the first opportunity after the funeral to consult Jason about adopting Ricky. Jason urged caution. MJ wanted the boy to feel secure after his total loss. Jason pointed out that all Ricky had left of his parents was his name. MJ agreed to give it more time. In her concern for Ricky's emotional stability, MJ let Ricky displace Tom in their bed. Tom subsequently overreacted when the child of a bank customer accidentally dropped ice cream on his desk.

Tom’s rudeness to a prospective customer at the bank led to his being fired. He told MJ it was to make room for a family member of the bank president. Tom found it difficult to babysit with Ricky and demanded that MJ find someone else to pick him up at school and take care of him. MJ felt that was unneces-sary. Tom's bad dream about striking out at the Vietnamese child ended with the child in a hospital bed with a patch over one eye. MJ was puzzled by Tom's resistance to Ricky until Carolee visited and explained that Tom might feel neglected, that Ricky had become an obstacle to their marital adjustment. MJ told Tom she would try to be more understanding of him. That night, as they started to make love, Ricky called to MJ, who rushed to him. Tom was furious, throwing a pillow across the room. When MJ came home and saw a bruise on Ricky, the kid told her that Tom became very angry and pushed him.

Barney told Virginia about Luke's simultaneous involvement with Eleanor and Doreen. Virginia was astounded. She went to see Eleanor, revealing Luke's disappearance. Eleanor had come to understand that her feelings for Luke were deeper than his for her. She was concerned that Luke might think her dead. Eleanor assured Virginia that Luke wasn't to blame for her suicide attempt, that the person she had to become reconciled with is herself. She explained that Luke tried to be gentle in breaking their relationship, even attempting to return her money. Virginia was relieved.

Sara and Mike Powers were becoming closer and closer these days. Meanwhile, Mike’s little half-sister, Greta, was having trouble comunicating with Matt and Maggie. She felt she was being treated like a child, while her parents feel that as a child, she needed guidance and some restrictions.

The toll of Carolee and Steve’s unusual marital difficulties was taking its effect on little Erich. He was afraid that his mother would leave him again if he was a bad boy. Carolee tried to convince Erich that her leaving had nothing to do with him but somehow he was unable to believe that. He still maintained that his misbehavior was what caused his mother to leave him and he prayed all his heart that she would never go away again.

Mona remarked to Sara that Nola didn’t have a wedding band yet. Luke called from New York, but hung up the minute Sara mentioned Eleanor’s name. Luke still believed Eleanor was dead and that it was his fault. Virginia was almost eating herself alive with worry. Eleanor blamed herself, saying she tried to buy Luke’s love. Weny wanted her mother put away for a good long time. Sara decided that she had to go to New York in search of her brother.

Tom was annoyed with Ricky for having told MJ that he was pushed. At first, he tried to be friendly with Ricky, in an effort to convince him that everything was really all right and that he was not pushed. However, little Ricky stood, his ground and Tom became more and more angry. Ricky finally shouted that he hated Tom and ran into the room, locking the door behing him. Tom broke the door down and began to brutally beat the little child. By the time MJ returned, Tom had convinced Ricky not to tell MJ what really happened, promising never to hit the little boy again. Ricky maintained his silence.

Jason badgered Doreen into telling him the truth about Luke’s sudden departure. Doreen admitted that Luke was the one who found Eleanor and made the anonymous call to the hospital. Doreen confirmed the fact that Luke believed Eleanor was dead. Jason and Doreen then had a vicious fight.

The Edge Of Night

Written by: Henry Slesar

Produced by: Erwin Nicholson

Deborah, daughter of Monticello's famous politician Tony Saxon, was performing her amateur job as an undercover cop with great success. So far, she had led her boyfriend, officer Steve Guthrie, right to the man many legal officials suspect was the murderer of Beau Richardson. Monticello's highly re-spected attorney, Mike Karr, had been on trial for the murder of Beau. Assistant D.A. Logan Swift discussed his beliefs with Mike's defense attorney, Draper Scott. "Swifty" asserted Mike committed the murder as a crime of passion. - Beau had conned Mike's wife Nancy into smuggling legal data from Mike regarding his indictment on Tony Saxon. Beau enjoyed leading Mike to believe Nancy's involvement with him was of a romantic nature. –

Nancy bravely took the stand in her husband's defense. She clarified the reasons for her separation from Mike. In order to deceive Beau, she had to deceive Mike also. By leaving him, she could not get access to the information Beau wanted. She did what she thought she had to do. She found out about the hoax Beau devised from Mike. Beau had told Nancy her future adopted son Tim was kidnapped and would be tortured if she did not cooperate. She relayed to the court the cruelest thing Beau did was to make Mike think she lied to him. She last saw him on April 1st. Mike went there later to test the truth in Nancy's story. Beau was dead. In closing, Nancy's statement "as long as I've known Mike, he's always believed in the law, he'd never make a deal with the devil" was in complete contrast to Swift's cross-examination, that Mike's motive was "rage, anger, jealousy and a desire to get revenge!"

Meanwhile, the Monticello police force were putting pieces together. They questioned the possibility that Col. Tom Blood, could be connected with Tony Saxon. Their query came from the fact both Tony and Col. Blood were involved in dealings in international affairs. After Steve questioned Tony about knowing Col. Blood, which Tony immediately denied, he met the Col. face to face at the Riverhead Bar. He asked him point blank, was he Ray Harper? Trapped by Steve's ingenious observation of Col. Blood's car illegally parked in a loading zone, Blood had to be taken to headquarters for lack of proper I.D., a driver's license. Col. Blood admitted he was indeed Ray Harper, the man who had Timmy's custody. He also bore an amazing resemblance to Mike. So much so that, when Inez Johnson was brought in to headquarters, to identify the man she testified she saw leaving Beau's office, she identified from a rear pose, not Mike but Ray Harper. Inez' confusion in a front view gave Mike an ounce of hope. It was up to the police to prove Harper was in Monticello on Beau's fatal night of April 1st. Chief Chandler requested Deborah get this information from Raney Cooper. Raney had been dating Deborah, slowly leaking out his association with Harper.

Mike’s testimony: the whole story— he knocked Beau down after Beau flung insulted at Mike about Nancy. Realizing Beau mentioned San Francisco - where Tim was in Harper's custody - gave Mike his answer, Nancy had been deceived because Mike hadn't mentioned San Francisco to Beau. He returned to requestion Beau. The door was ajar. The club was dark. He thought he was alone. His only thought was to confront Beau about discrepancies in his story. Beau was dead. Three shots; shoulder, chest, over the heart. He took his pulse. None. He noticed no apparent struggle. The weapon was on the floor. He called the police. He did not kill Beau Richardson." Swifty cross-examined: You hate someone, angered by his insults, given a great provocation, isn't violence a natural response?”

Mike had suddenly become disillusioned with the way the trial was going. Nancy found him sitting in the dark in deep thought, and was worried when on his way out to see Draper at his apartment, Mike commented he was going to face reality. Draper firmly forbade Mike to cop a plea, not then, when he knew Mike was innocent.

Astonished  by Mike’s actions, Bill Marceau tried to change his mind. He exposed the underground work going on with Deborah. He pleaded that Mike give him just one more week, but to no avail. Mike would not waver. Bill left, warning Mike he was letting the real killer get away.

Tony Saxon had been subpoenaed to testify at the trial. He was ruffled for a short time only, as Geraldine Whitney reported Mike's plea bargain to him and suddenly the world was a shining star to Tony. He even acted friendly to Steve, normally a constant irritant to Tony. Steve's cover had just been blown, however, as a waitress revealed to Raney's associate Otto, Steve was "officer" Guthrie. Unfortunately, for Deborah, Raney got his verification from Tony about Deborah and Steve being a two-some.

While Mike tried to cope with his fears about his future, he had to face the effects it had had on his adult daughter Laurie. The trauma of Mike's possible sentence had thrust Laurie into a childhood existence where her life was protected and her mind wasn’t capable of apprehending. Laurie's infant son was being taken care of by her sister-in-law Tracy and her husband Danny Micelli. Johnny, Laurie's husband, had left her and Monticello. The burden of Laurie's illness was then on the shoulders of Mike and Nancy. Laurie often woke up screaming from nightmares and had to be comforted as a child would be. She grasped for Mike's attention and the protection it offered. He discussed psychiatric help when Laurie talked of being sick. She wouldn’t be locked up, she feared that more than death.

During an afternoon of "child play" with Laurie, Tracy listened to her talk of the trial. When Tracy reported this to Nancy, she was filled with new hope Laurie might be coming out of her mental block. Tracy believed when the trial was over, so would Laurie's mental disturbance be over.

Thanks to Deborah’s supersleuthing the police were hard on Harper's trail and confronted him. He admitted Mike didn't kill Beau Richardson — because an attractive young woman did!

Just moments after her father's plea of voluntary manslaughter, recorded in court, Laurie had another nightmare— of the shots she poured into Beau's body.

Nicole Drake was in her sixth month of a very high risk pregnancy and had had severe pains lately. Due to recent stories at the Claremont Convalescent Home about a patient dying because of intentional neglect on the part of Dr. Miles Cavanaugh's wife, RN Denise Cavanaugh, Nicole panicked when she experienced the pain during Denise's shift. Denise reacted quickly and when the pain subsided, Nicole was grateful Denise was her nurse.

Nicole’s obstetrician confered with Dr. Cavanaugh. They deduced Nicole was having premature labor. Together they relayed their findings to Nicole, honestly answering her fear, the labor might be an indication something was wrong with the pregnancy. Nicole began to instruct Dr. Voohries, if it came down to a choice of saving her life or her baby's, her son had to live. Miles interjected strongly there would be no decision between Nicole and her baby's life! Denise had stood by and had seen how devoted Miles was to Nicole's case. She figured the way he was scurrying around Nicole, he was in love with her. Miles was enraged, retorting Denise returned to nursing as a phony excuse to shield him. Later, Denise apologized. She asserted her possessiveness was because she was in love and married to a wonderful man. If she lost him, she'd die.

Nicole was rushed to OR and prepped for delivery. She cried "Dear God, don't take my son from me too," as measures were being taken to stop the contractions. - Nicole's husband Adam was killed while trying to track down the real killer of Beau Richardson. - Miles called Nancy Karr, Nicole's closest friend, knowing she'd want to be with Nicole. He informed her they were planning to administer alcohol intravenously to depress and hopefully stop the contractions. Nicole's baby would not live if born then. The alcohol had worked, contractions had stopped and Nicole was in a drunken stupor after receiving the straight alcohol. Denise no sooner completed a conversation with her father about her desire to get Nicole out of her life, not really caring if she lost the baby or not, when she viewed through the OR window, Nicole reaching up and kissing Miles. She was giddy, drunk, and offering him a kiss of gratitude for being "a very wonderful man."

The morning after, while Nicole was nursing a hangover, she was surprised at Denise's report about her amorous behavior with Miles the night before. Miles, of course, could say no wrong about Nicole; he considered her a lady. Later Denise sarcastically belittled nurse Carol Barclay by repeating Miles' comments, "in the intimacy of their bed," that Carol was laughable and desperate for a man. Carol could take no more and slapped the mouth that had insulted her. She quickly apologized, which Denise quickly accepted, but, to herself, promised she would forgive her in a hundred years. - Carol once tried to seduce Miles, but he flatly rejected her. When Nicole checked in to the Claremont, Carol wrote a letter to Denise, knowing Denise would hurry home from a vacation to split up any growing bond between doctor and patient. –

Miles’ sister, April, had refused the open heart surgery that would cure the heart condition which was taxing her life. She had fallen in love with Draper and refused to risk her life in surgery, choosing to hang onto false hopes of a miracle drug that would cure her. Neither Miles nor Nicole's persuasion would convince April to approve the operation. She wouldn’t tell Draper the truth, he was under the impression the medication was doing the job.

Nadine Scott had returned to Monticello from England to participate in her daughter Raven's wedding to Kevin Jamison. Kevin was wealthy Geraldine Whitney's chosen heir. Geraldine had collaborated with her social companion Tony Saxon and together they had launched Kevin's political career. Kevin, quite satisfied as crime reporter for the Monticello News, reluctantly accepted the appointment of him as a new Crime Commission member. Raven, impressed with the aspirations of being a politician's wife, latched onto Kevin's proposal for marriage. Nadine knew very well her daughter was of a fickle nature, yet described Raven as a harmless flirt to Kevin. He was doubting Raven's fidelity and the wedding march hadn't even begun to play yet. - Raven was having an affair with her stepfather and Nadine knew it. In the end, he chose to be with Nadine, only after Raven rejected him on his wedding day to Nadine, and Kevin suspected a relationship there, but couldn’t get any answers from Nadine. - Raven was enjoying the best of both worlds, as she continued to be the lover of Logan Swift and finacee of Kevin. While Nadine warned Raven her flightiness might hurt her, Geraldine was advising Kevin to be firm with Raven, like a child, she craved discipline.

General Hospital

Written by: Irving & Tex Elman / Richard & Suzanne Holland

Produced by: Tom Donovan

Heather’s benevolent landlady steered her to a – porno - photo studio, telling her the young man who ran it was a friend of hers and could let her work out the cost of the portfolio she would need to present to be considered for work as a model. Professing shock at Heather's tale on her return, Mrs. Hadley insisted that she couldn't be so heartless as to press Heather for her room and board or permit her to settle for less than the career she had faith that Heather would eventually win. She checked out her feeling that Heather had not much money behind her by using an elderly friend who claimed to be an investment councellor and offered to advise the young widow - Heather's story - on how to protect her settlement - the imaginary husband's insurance -. Then sure of her ground, Mrs. Hadley met with her friend from the studio and told him not to give up on Heather too soon, she would come around. The plan was to give Heather credit and then some more credit before putting pressure on her. When she claimed it always worked, the young man agreed, saying he had seen her do it before.

Heather, still looking, did get a legitimate offer of a hostess job with a cruise line but couldn’t leave the baby for the tours. She called Audrey at General Hospital in trying to contact Diana, but when she heard that Martha has been killed in the hurricane, she decided that Diana was troubled enough.

Mrs. Hadley began to pressure Heather for her money, saying she, too, had expenses. Heather, having had no luck finding a job, asked her mother for $500. Coincidentally, Jeff had been talking to Steve and Lt. Sage – the detective who was dating RN Jessie Brwer - about hiring a private detective to find Heather in New York. Steve had come up with $500, which would pay the detective for 5 days. - Unbeknownst to Jeff, Steve was his natural father, the result of an affair between Steve and his mother years ago. Steve had to leave for Korea before Helene's divorce from Lars Webber was final. When Steve was reported missing/dead, Helene resumed her marriage with Lars. Thus, Steve would be helping to find his grandchild. - Mrs. Grant arrived with Heather's request. Jeff gave her the money, saying that even if he found her, there'd be no way to force Heather to return with his son. This way, he knew she had some money to care for the child.

A man from a cruise ship made Heather a definite offer, which she'd like to accept. But, as Mrs. Hadley so "kindly" pointed out, there'd be nobody to care for Stephen for the time she was gone. Boarding nurseries were out — too costly. Heather next found a temporary waitress job, which paid her only enough to pay Mrs. Hadley for babysitting for one day. What looked like a break came when Heather was chosen for a crowd scene for a movie shooting in N.Y. The assistant director took an interest in Heather, getting her a slightly bigger part the next day. He then invited her to Hollywood, telling her he was sure she could make it in movies. Heather figured out expenses for the move —a minimum of $3000. Mrs. Hadley brought in her photographer friend, who promised Heather could make big money posing for him. Heather turned him down flat, saying she'd be ashamed for herself and her son to pose nude. Heather had a dinner date with the assistant director, but had to cancel because of a bad cold. In her misery, Heather confessed her true background to Mrs. Hadley, who ordersed her from the house, saying she couldn’t stand liars.

Audrey Hardy took David Hamilton to task for all his malingering, pointing out that Diana, his harried nurse, had just lost her only child, the only child she would ever have, but was not crying about it. - David's family was killed in the accident that injured him. - David appeared to straighten up, letting the curtains be opened, getting into a wheel-chair. But one night Diana caught him with a whole bottle of sleeping pills. As she and David were struggling over them, Mark Dante arrived. He took the pills away. Mark then told David he could have ruined Diana's career because she was responsible for him. Mark continued to tell David the surgery was successful and that the only reason he couldn’t walk was that he didn’t want to, that if he wanted to die, to do it somewhere else. Rick Webber, hearing of the incident, paid his old friend a visit. Feeling that all David needed was someone to care about him, Rick invited David to recuperate at the Webber house upon his release. Lesley was angry at the invitation, reminding Rick they were about to be married and would be on their honeymoon during the time David was there. Finally, Les capitulated, and even goes so far as to second Rick's invitation, although she still had misgivings.

Peter Taylor was concerned about Diana's emotional condition since the loss of Martha. He was relieved when one night Diana told him that she had come to grips with her grief and assured Peter that they could have a full and happy life with just the two of them. Peter arranged to get time off, as did Diana. She wanted to go to New York, at first saying it had been a long time since she had seen a show. But the real reason, she later confessed, was to look for Heather and Stephen Lars. Peter was uneasy, and continued so, especially when Diana made remarks about eating at the hospital so she could be away from memories of Martha.

Jeff Webber continued to be baffled about his patient, Lisa. Her amnesia was hampering his investigation of her ailment because he couldn’t get a complete medical history. He asked about a pendant she wore with the Gemini sign. Without thinking, Lisa said it was for love, but couldn’t remember any more. When new x-rays showed a shadow on the adrenal gland, Steve's memory was jogged and he showed Jeff a paper on Breechman's disease, a terminal illness, Steve located Dr. Breechman, and Jeff paid him a visit. The only hoped Breechman hold for Lisa was her youth, but she had to be under constant medical supervision. Until he could learn more, all Jeff told Lisa was that her condition was serious. Following a conversation in which Jeff told Lisa that finding Heather was the most important thing in his life at the time, Lisa disappeared from the hospital. Lt. Sage traced her to a bus to Montreal, which made nine stops on the way. Jeff alerted the Montreal hospitals, then received the Gemini pendant in the mail, postmarked Utica.

- Gina and Adam were packed for their plan to get into a car and drive over the weekend, getting married on the way, when Mark told Gina that his father-in-law, Judge Lowell, the man who practically raised her, had suffered a heart attack in Boston. When Adam learned that she intended to go, he asked if it was an excuse to postpone their wedding plans but Gina insisted that they couldn’t have much of a honeymoon if she was worried sick. Adam replied angrily that they would both have extra time to do some extra thinking. Convinced that he had to push to learn if Gina loved him, Adam finally told Gina that he had been asked to go to Bogota for the opening of a new O.B. Clinic and he believed that Gina wished he'd just go away and get out of her life. He told Gina the trip was for a few weeks but if he went to Bogota alone — that was it! - Gina told Adam she thought it was best if she went to Boston.

After Mr. Kennicott dropped his lawsuit, Adam wrote to Gina, stating he hoped they could start again where they left off, promising not to push her. Gary poked fun at the "reverse Dear John letter," then asked that he and Gina become friends again. She agreed. Later, she was astounded when he confessed he loves her.

- Monica had been assigned by Rick in his capacity as Chief of Cardiac Surgery to work with Alan Quartermaine, blue blooded administrator of a famous trust fund which Steve was hoping would present General Hospital with a grant for a new cardiac wing if Quartermaine could be made to see the need. - Monica quickly learned that Alan will find the justification for the grant, if he did, only through facts and figures and could not be reached by appealing to his emotions.

Mark Dante warned Monica she wouldn’t win any points with Quartermaine by flirting or "coming on," as the man was all business. Monica returned to work, continuing her flirtatiousness: Quartermaine kissed her and made a proposition which insulted Monica. After rebuffing his rough and tumble advances, Monica realized she was jealous Alan was dating RN Dorrie Flemming.

Laura and Scott’s relationship was veering away from the platonic. He was beginning to see her in a more romantic light. She no longer looked like such a kid to him. Scotty expressed his change of heart by kissing Laura long, hard and passionately. Laura responded in kind. It looked like a new romance is beginning to blossom in Port Charles. Scotty’s father-in-law, Lee Baldwin, finally nixed the district attorney job and invited Scotty and Laura on a weekend trip to Washington. Lesley was upset about her daughter’s involvement with Scotty and David Hamilton’s presence in her house. She decided to postpone her wedding to Rick.

Laura cajoled Monica into giving her a prescription for birth control pills – just in case. She couldn’t ask Lesley – her mother still thought of her as a little girl. Monica didn’t want to get involved in such a sneaky deed – the wounds between her and Lesley were hardly healed – but she had no other choice. Laura told her if Monica didn’t do as she asked, she would make it with Scotty without the benefit of protection. She would just have to take her chances. Gail advised Scotty to keep it slow with Laura but they consumated their love. Rick reassured Lesley and they set a new wedding date.

Mark Dante decided to divorce Mary Ellen when he received some bad news. While escaping from the state mental institution in a stolen car, Mellie ran the automobile into a brick wall and was killed instantly. Mark had no time to grieve as he had a new patient – wealthy businessman Lamont Corbin. Mark gasped in surprise when he saw Lamont’s wife. It was his childhoof friend, Katie O’Reilly. She did all right for a scrapper from Boston’s poverty strewn North End. Katie told Mark she wanted to keep their relationship strictly professional.

At the nurse station, Jeff heard “Do you know where I can find Dr. Jeff Webber?”. He turned around, his eyes open wide with shock. The woman was Lisa ! Or was it? She said not. She was Lisa’s twin sister: Lana Holbrook. She was her to see her sister and was told Dr. Webber was her physician. Jeff said that he was Dr. Webber but seeing Lisa was not possible. He sister skipped out of the hospital a week ago – and they didn’t know where she was. Jeff then told Lana the sad news. Learning her sister was terminally ill caused Lana to nearly faint – but she quickly recovered. Jeff noticed Lana was wearing a Gemini pendant. Lana said she and her sister both had one. Lana quickly pointed out that while she and Lisa might be identical in appearance, they were in no way alike in personality. Lisa was quiet – a shrinking violet – and very sweet; traits which far from won Lana’s stramp of approval. The disdain was very evident in Lana’s voice as she told Jeff it was no wonder she and Lana never got along. While meeting with Jeff and Lt. Sage, Lana suffered a strange tingling sensation in her hand and then fainted dead away in Jeff’s arms. Jeff brought her to General Hospital. He ran the necessary tests and diagnosed Lana as also suffering from Breechman’s disease. The problem got more perplexing by the day. Breechman’s disease wasn’t known to be genetic. Jeff worried that Lisa might be getting worse.

Heather told Mrs. Hadley she would have to let the Taylors have Steven Lars for the $10.000 they promised her. Mrs. Hadley told Heather she knew just the lawyer who could help her and called her friend, Mr. Wallace.

In addition to his concern for Lana and Lisa, Jeff was also worried about his son. He learned from Mrs. Grant that Heather was planning to go to Hollywood and he hit the roof – Heather was not going to run around the country with his son. He was going to track her down and fight for custody of the boy. Heather realized she could no longer dally in her decision. Mr. Wallace said an entirely legal adoption would take months. Seeing that Heather was still hesitant, Mr. Wallace – very anxious to get his grubby hands on part of her money – did something to cement her decision. He told Heather he had taken the first step and sent Diana and Peter a telegram.

Mark told Katie the outlook for her husband wasn’t very good. The operation was very risky and there was a very good possibility that Lamont would die on the operating table. Mark wanted Lamont to know the truth about his condition, but Katie disagreed. She said such news would cause her husband to retreat into a shell. He would no longer be interested in his work – and that’s what was keeping him alive.

Guiding Light

Written by: Bridget & Jerome Dobson

Produced by: Allen Potter

Evie Stapleton was getting married. She and her fiance Ben McFarren were planning to marry Thanksgiving, the day Eve's parents were married. Evie's happiness had been clouded by recurring blurred vision. It was getting worse since she fell and suffered a concussion months ago. Dr. Ed Bauer performed a CU examination testing for a brain tumor. After hours of anxiety, Ed reported a negative result, no tumor. Although relieved, they couldn’t rest assured yet, there was still a problem and more tests were required. One day Evie tried to pour a glass of milk, her hand began to shake uncontrollably and she lost her vision momentarily. She was scared but concealed her feelings well from Ben and her mother and sister, Rita. Ed had informed a specialist in the field, Dr. Lathrop. He had studied Evie's records sent to him by Ed, they planned to meet in Springfield soon, so Dr. Lathrop could examine Evie himself. They hadn't confirmed it, but both Ed and Dr. Lathrop feared the diagnosis of Evie's problem was serious.

The wedding plans were beginning. Evie had asked Rita to be her maid of honor, and Ben had asked his younger brother Jerry to be his best man. To go along with Evie's traditional plans, Ben gave her a "traditional" diamond engagement ring. He shared a close moment with Eve, looking into her bright big brown eyes, a part of Eve Ben loved so much. They looked forward to sharing every day of the rest of their lives together.

The women’s auxiliary of Cedars Hospital was holdings its First Annual Benefit Ball and there was an air of excitement at the hospital as the gala event approached. Cedars chief-of-staff, Dr. Ed Bauer had invited his ex-wife Holly to accompany him. Holly was on cloud nine choosing her gown for her date with Ed. Her mother, Barbara Thorpe assured Holly this was Ed's public statement of how he felt about her. Holly was not as confident about Ed's reasons, she thought he was dating her because of her daughter Christina. - While married to Ed, Holly and Roger Thorpe had an affair. Christina was Roger's child, and because of it, Ed divorced Holly although he chose to raise Christina as his own child. Since the divorce, Ed's love for Christina was the link that has brought him closer to Holly. Roger was putting on pressure to be Christina's father legally, but Ed wouldn’t allow it. He was adamant, if Christina was to be raised a Bauer, Roger had to have nothing to do with her. –

Holly received a letter from Roger in which he insisted he still wanted to he a part of Christina's life. Desperate not to alienate Ed, Holly made a plea to Roger's father, Adam. She needed Adam, to reason with Roger, explaining the collision course he and Ed were on over Christina. Adam was appalled that Roger and Ed had actually physically fought over this matter, but he couldn’t agree with Holly, knowing the need Roger had for his daughter.

Since Ed was romantically involved with Rita Stapleton recently, a new doctor on Cedars staff, Peter Chapman, cleared it with Ed before asking Rita to the Ball. Ed didn’t hesitate with his approval, but then lingered in thought about Rita. In the hospital corridors, Rita eyed Ed in conversation with Holly, and Ed returned her glances when she was talking to Dr. Chapman. - Rita was acquitted from a murder charge recently only when Roger Thorpe testified he was with her in a motel at the time the murder was committed. Already hurt by Roger and Holly, Ed could not bear this pain. He broke off with Rita. - At the ball, Rita and Ed ended up at the punchbowl together. The conversation was strained, filled with smalltalk. During the evening, Rita couldn’t keep her eyes off Ed, and he seemed to be viewing her also, which Holly silently observed. Rita didn’t know it yet, but her involvement with the Grangers was not finished. The daughter-in-law of the man whose death Rita was tried for causing was in Springfield and was taking steps to fulfill her obsession about getting revenge on Rita. Rita inherited a large portion of the Granger estate. She had anonomously donated the entire inheritance to Cedars Pediatrics ward. Georgene Granger had settled in Springfield and had applied for a job at Cedars as Georgene Belmont. She was planning to slowly seep into Rita's life, beginning with an appearance at the Ball. She was absolutely smug about Rita's shocked reaction at the sight of her.

There was a mystery about the new girl in town, Hillary Kincaid, and her stepfather, William Moray, who paid a short visit to Springfield opposed to Hillary's decision to attend Cedars nursing school. In a phone conversation with his wife he said that no one would recognize him, it's been ten years, and a lot of memories; he hadn't seen Bert, Papa, Ed or Mike. Hillary had found newspaper clippings her stepfather collected of Rita's trial. While at Hillary's apartment Rita and Evie came by, as Hillary had befriended Evie. William was quite startled to hear Ed was then chief-of-staff. He was very ill at ease, worrying Hillary about his noticeable depression.

After her father departed from Springfield, Hillary's stomach ache became progressively worse. In desperation, she called Eve, who had Rita see her. Rita had Hillary go to Cedars' emergency where Dr. Sara McIntyre was called in to examine and diagnose her. They performed an emergency appendectomy. Complications occured due to a ruptured appendix and Rita notified Mr. Moray that Hillary had peritonitis. He was on the next plane back to Springfield.

Jackie Marler was quite preoccupied with the Spalding family and their son Phillip, who were staying in Springfield. Her father, Dr. Emmett Scott, was concerned as to why Jackie was so overzealously interested in this high society family. - Discovering her husband Justin was unfaithful, Jackie led him to believe she aborted her pregnancy and divorced Justin to punish him. Only Jackie knew she went to Germany instead and gave up her son for adoption. –

Mike Bauer had asked Jackie to be his date for the ball. For once she didn’t appear irritated when at the dance, they saw Justin and his date, Dr. Sara McIntyre.

Home from the ball, Jackie and Mike enjoyed the romantic view from her terrace. Mike complimented Jackie, admiring her spirit —she was independent and strong. Jackie didn’t share his confidence in her. Mike stated she didn’t appreciate herself as she should; maybe he could be there to help. Unknown to Jackie, she had a rival in Mike's secretary Ann Jeffers. Ann was pleased Mike couldn’t accept a date with Jackie because he was having dinner with her instead.

Rita was unnerved by Georgene's presence, suspicious of her motives. She left the dance abruptly with no explanation to anyone. Georgene was just beginning to haunt Rita, accepting a position in the record department at Cedars: Mike put in a call to Georgene's lawyer in Texas, inquiring, for his client, why Georgene was in Springfield.

Holly was disappointed by the end of a perfect evening when the babysitter reported Roger had called and wanted to talk to Christina. If Ed had any intentions of showing affection for Holly, the news of that phone call dampened them.

Sara was dating Justin frequently, having overcome her mourning for her recently deceased husband Joe. Her adopted son TJ couldn’t accept Justin as the new man in his mother's life. Justin had tried to be a buddy to TJ but to no avail.

Love Of Life

Written by: Gabrielle Upton

Produced by: Darryl Hickman

Mildred Russell placed a call to London and informed her lawyer that Arlene didn't want the money; rather she felt that Arlene had had a crush on Ian. Her lawyer told her that there was a codacil to Ian's will, leaving Beaver Ridge to Arlene.

Cal Latimer told Rick that she had thought it over and he should accept her mother's offer to help buy Ian Russell's share of Beaver Ridge from Mildred Russell. Rick said he could never work with Meg, so she suggested he accept the money from her trust fund. He refused this offer also. Her last suggestion was that they sell the mill house because even though she loved it, he would soon be able to buy them another house that they would love just as much.

Rick arrived from his appointment with Mrs. Russell and found Meg already there. Rick made his offer, but she told him Beaver Ridge was not part of the estate mentioned in the will because it had been left to someone else and she was not free to say to whom until the estate was probated. Rick told Cal the news and they agreed to make the same offer to whomever the new partner was.

Lt. Hollenbeck wanted to question Arlene Lovett about her fingerprints on Rick Latimer's missing gun, found in the fountain of Russell's unfinished penthouse. Ray Slater had told her of this possibility and she had taken the phone off the hook. Dr. Tom Crawford found Arlene in very bad shape and insisted that she go to his apartment. He finally got her to sleep and fell into a deep slumber on the sofa. Arlene was awakened by a hallucination of Ian Russell biding her to follow. She slipped into her coat and, unable to waken Tom, followed the vision to her apartment. The closet, filled with Ian's suits, was open and she saw Ian emerge. Arlene passed out.

In New York, Carrie Johnson read about the death of her daughter's lover and tried to call Arlene. But Tom had taken Arlene to the hospital after finding her in shock. He had Dr. Lockridge, a psychiatrist, examine her and they agreed she needed rest and treatment. Tom blamed himself for not seeing that she wanted him to rescue her from the life she was living with Russell long ago. He felt it was his own pride that got in the way.

When Carrie arrived, Ray Slater said he knew Arlene loved her and only sent her away for her own good. He could say no more and wanted her to accept his word for this. - Carrie saw Russell meet Frankie Sills, whom he killed later that night. Afraid that Carrie would link him to the murder, Russell ordered Slater to arrange an accident for Carrie to prove his loyalty. Slater told Arlene and together they arranged to slip Carrie out of town. –

Arlene was afraid to believe that her mother was really there because she had been told that she couldn’t have seen Russell because he was dead. Finding that she hadn't been fooled, she told her mother about Ian trying to have her killed. She talked about how angry she was that lan had made her say such terrible things to get her mother out of town. She explained how easy it was to take the gun out of Rick's desk. She waited for lan to return and shot him. Carrie explained that this was ridiculous since Ian wasn't shot; he fell down the elevator shaft. - While Arlene waited for lan that night, she was so upset that she THOUGHT he came through the door and THOUGHT she shot him. - Arlene agreed and talked about taking a taxi ride. She mumbled about pointing the gun and then all her thoughts were jumbled. Carrie thought this was all part of Arlene's confusion and was sure Arlene could never shoot a gun. The truth of the missing gun was a shock to Carrie.

Even though Arlene was not his patient - he was a cardiac specialist -, Tom had prevented Lt. Hollenbeck from questioning Arlene. Hollenbeck began to speculate on Tom's protectiveness and the fact that Tom was asking to see Russell when the police were trying to locate him. Lt. Hollenbeck finally saw Arlene, but she refused to answer his questions, becoming very hysterical in the process. She said no one could MAKE her say anything. Dr. Lockridge said that Arlene's hysteria might be due to guilt, not her extreme mental condition. When Ray Slater heard that Arlene had been released, he told Tom that they had to protect her, implying that she might be guilty.

Mayor Bruce Sterling had promised his wife that he would take a vacation the following year. Bruce had been seeing Dr. Joe Cusack without his wife's knowledge so as not to worry her. He noticed that he tired very easily and couldn’t wait for the day to end. Joe called to remind Bruce that he was due for a checkup and he promised to come in after he attended a conference in New York City. Bruce began to wonder if he should make it a point to see Joe before going to New York. He told Van that when he returned, he was going to start campaigning for his next term. She explained that she would have been surprised to hear that he wasn't going to run again.

Rick Latimer had remembered his first anniversary, but let Cal think it had slipped his mind completely. She had asked him to pick her up downtown after she finished. Rick explained to their border, Michael Blake, that he had planned a surprise party at the house and would like Michael to pick Cal up and take her for coffee to detain her. Michael tried to beg off, but Rick was persistent. Cal was feeling so low that she would rather have a drink than coffee. Michael ordered champagne to celebrate, which reminded Cal that she and Rick drank a lot of champagne on their honeymoon. When Cal and Michael were a half hour late, Cal's mother began to make wisecracks about Cal and Michael being together. - Meg Hart was trying to use Michael to break up her daughter's marriage. Meg and Rick were lovers before he married Cal and she would like him back. - Cal was tipsy when she got home and very surprised to see all her family there.

Mia Marriott had continued to make suggestions that she felt would improve Ben Harper's manuscript. He finally wrote in another woman because Mia said the readers couldn’t be sure the hero had given up on other women unless there was one to tempt him. He made her a young, giving girl and Mia was furious that the character didn’t resemble herself.

Dr. Andrew Marriott arrived at his estranged wife's to find Ben there. He was further confused when Lynn Henderson said Ben had been seeing a woman that he called "difficult." Lynn was still in love with Ben and Van explained that he had to be careful not to hurt her. He not only considered her much too young, he was still in love with Betsy.

Ben was thinking of showing his sister, Cal, his manuscript when he saw a letter she received from Betsy, his ex-wife, who had taken his daughter to England to be with her parents. Upset that Betsy was seeing an American, he went to Mia for help with his writing. Ben explained that he missed his daughter and would like to go to England. Feeling rejected, Mia told Andrew that she should return to New York because nobody in Rosehill would miss her. The next time Ben called, she told him that he was a "stupid, promiscuous shopper" and hung up because it had been reported that he was out with someone else. Mia's best friend, Wendy Hayes, said Mia's life had begun to revolve around her typewriter and her writer friend.

Left alone with little Charles, Charles Lamont phoned the Sterlings to ask for help when he was unable to quiet the crying baby. Eddie Aleata accompanied Bruce and soothed the colicky child. Charles was so happy that he forgot for a moment that he and Eddie were having a custody battle over the baby. When he recovered, he threw Eddie out of the house. Aleata told his lawyer, Dory Patton, that he almost picked up the child and ran away to Europe. She was glad that he restrained himself, since they had been given a court date for their hearing. Dory's assistant, Wendy Hayes, suggested that her boss might find Mr. Aleata very attractive, but was told that she lost the only man she could ever love.

Tom Crawford told Joe Cusack that he planned to ask Arlene to marry him while having dinner with her. Joe said this could be bad for Tom and the hospital if Arlene was implicated in Russell's death. Arlene broke down when he asked her to be his wife as soon as possible. She asked for time. She explained to her mother and Slater that she couldn’t marry Tom as long as she could cast a shadow on him.

Lt. Hollenbeck’s superior was pushing for a fast arrest that would stick to further his political career. Hollenbeck was sure that Arlene was guilty and had a plan to make her confess of her own accord.

Bruce Sterling decided to take his doctor's advice and have his check up before he left town. Joe was glad to hear that the mayor wasn’t going to put this off, but things changed when Bruce was forced to take an earlier flight and had too much city business to see to first. Lynn told Van that she wanted to quit school and work full-time. Van suggested that Lynn wait until Bruce retumed from New York so that they could discuss it.

One Life To Live

Written by: Gordon Russell

Produced by: Joseph Stuart

At the restaurant where Jenny had agreed to meet with Will Vernon, he told her that his son Brad's love for her was only a need for mothering, to win her as a prize, even to get back at him. When Jenny asked why Will was telling her all this tonight, he replied he had a sense of urgency. Brad seemed to be taking so much for granted and had referred to Jenny as his fiancee and was planning to give her a ring belonging to Naomi. Jenny insisted that Will was probably mistaken as Brad knew how guilty Jenny felt over Naomi's death and would never be so insensitive as to give her such a ring. At Jenny's apartment Will told her he could give her happiness and that they were in love. Jenny told him not to say those words to her ever again. After Will left, Jenny told Dr. Jim Craig that Will said all the wrong things; that she felt she had to run from both Brad and Will because she was in the middle and each was saying how messed up the other was.

When Samantha saw her father and Jenny together, she rushed out and asked Marco to take her home. Marco couldn’t imagine what was so upsetting for Sam to see Will and Jenny sharing a cup of espresso in a public restaurant and told her she had quite an imagination. At Sam's house he told her she was hung up on her father and the thought of Daddy with another woman was getting to her. Sam told him to go home and Marco blew up, telling her to do him a favor and the next time she needed someone, didn’t call on him because she counted on him a lot but wouldn’t even treat him as a person.

Sam called Brad and asked to see him, telling him he was right about Will and Jenny; that they didn't see her but she saw enough to realize it was no chit-chat over coffee. Sam said her father had better be able to explain, insisting he doesn’t lie and it was the only hope she had. - Brad called Jenny and she told him she just had a cup of coffee after the concert and came home. When Jenny told Jim that it was kind of deceitful, putting it that way, Jim insisted that Jenny just didn't want to add fuel to the fire between Brad and Will. –

Will got home and told Samantha when she came in that he wondered where she was. When she said she wondered the same about him, he said he was with a friend. Sam asked if that was what he called her and told him to admit he was with Jenny. Will said he was, for a hit, and Sam told him it was good that he didn't lie. She asked if he was in love with jenny and he told her that when she was older, she would realize that there were some things people had no control over. Samantha insisted he answer and he said yes, and he would marry Jenny the following day if she would have him. Sam told him all this time he had insisted he loved Brad and wanted to make up their quarrel, all the while he was after Jenny. She said she didn’t know him and didn’t want to and was sorry he was her father.

Sam rushed to Marco's motel only to realize he had a woman there - Dorian Lord -. She went to Tony's Place and Tony talked her into going home.

The following day, Jenny came to visit Sam who told her she had a nerve in coming. She said she knew from the way Jenny looked at her father that she was in love with him and had been all along. Jenny said she asked for a transfer when Will told her he loved her but Sam insisted that Jenny knew that would make him want her more and called her a tease. She insisted that her father had no right telling Jenny he loved her; he could have kept it to himself. Sam reminded Jenny that her parents always told her "you have to control your own emotions.” She added that the trouble was Will didn’t practice what he preached.

Jenny told Will what Sam said to her and said she was just getting over her guilt about Naomi and was then the cause of another estrangement in the Vernon family. Jenny was shocked to hear Will say that at least they were in this crisis together. She asked because Sam hated the both of them ... that brought them together? Then she told him not to talk to her or touch her. Will told her as she left that he was trapped in a loveless, disasterous marriage and the same thing could happen to her if she got in any deeper with Brad.

Sadie Gray asked Will if he would consider giving her old job as housekeeper back to her. Will said that Brad did not live at home and Sam's plans were so indefinite but Sadie interrupted and told him she knew enough to see that there were problems and she would like to see what she could do about making the Vernon house into a home again. When Will agreed gladly, he soon learned that Carla did not approve.

Carla told her mother that when she was a child growing up, Sadie was never there for her. She was always making life comfortable and loving for other people's children and was too tired at the end of a long day to give much of herself to her daughter. Sadie told her that she had to realize that she had to work to raise Carla alone and she did it all for her. She asked if Carla had forgiven her and Carla told her mother that she understood it intellectually, from an adult point of view, but the lonely little girl in her still might not, emotionally.

When Marco asked her to dinner, Sam told him to ask the woman in the motel. He told her he was sorry about the fact that he wasn't there for her when she needed him. Sam and Marco went to Tony's Place and Will walked in. Marco asked him to sit and took a walk. Will asked Sam to come home with him. She told Will she would work out how she felt about Marco for herself. When Will said it was easy to be self-destructive, she advised him to save his analysis for people who didn’t know him, adding that all his psychological garbage hadn't helped him or his children to be happy. In one last try, Will told Sam if she could look him in the eye and say she honestly loved Marco, he would get up and leave. He said he would expect her home later that night and told her to do anything she wanted as long as she was sure, then he went.

Marco came back, after seeing Will leave, with congratulations for Sam that she had apparently grown up. When he dramatically offered her "the key to my motel room and the key to my heart" she told him to keep it, saying she didn’t want to hide in his bathroom when some other woman came knocking at his door. Tony hired Sam, decided to move on with her life.

Lana got pretty smashed and "staked her claim" to Brad in front of Jenny. After Jenny went, Brad told Lana to get the hell out. Lana couldn't believe Brad meant it and told him he had no right to start up with her again. When she insisted he tell her if he had been deliberately lying to her, he said he loved Jenny and always had. She screamed at him that he was a monster, mouthing the words he felt necessary to get rid of her and feeling nothing.

For her part, Jenny was convinced that the jealousy she felt was proof that she loved Brad and told Anna that it was not as though it came as a big surprise to her that Brad was capable of lying. When she saw Brad the next time, she was wearing a new dress and a sexy hair-do.

Dorian had been impressed by Miss Edwina Lewis, late of Princeton, a young woman seeking a job at the Banner – Miss Lewis was also a former flame of Richard Abbott -. She recommended that Pat Kendall consider hiring Edwina as the assistant she needed. Pat interviewed the young woman but told Dorian she had decided not to hire her for the position because of a feeling she couldn’t explain and reminded Dorian that she assured her the decision was entirely up to her.

Edwina decided to pursue her association with Dorian by volunteering at Llanview Hospital when she learned that Dorian was a power on the Board. Peter Janssen invited Edwina to Tony's Place and sat back as Brad and Edwina mutually turn on the charm, discussing Brad's days on the tennis circuit. The three left together when Edwina accepted Brad's offer of returning Peter's hospitality with a visit to a disco, though Peter had a full day at the hospital ahead in the morning. After they left, Lana, who had been commenting to her co-workers about how Brad was coming on to Edwina when he was supposed to be engaged to Jenny, got dizzy and fell. At Cathy's urging, Lana went to the Free Clinic for an examination. When Jenny arrived to take over from Cathy, Lana left a note for Cathy and later, at Cathy's home, told her that she had learned she was pregnant with Brad's child.

Marco dropped by on Karen Wolek and when Gus McDonald – plumber - came by, Marco picked up on Karen's panic stricken attempt to get rid of him and realized, after Gus took off, that Karen had been sleeping with him while her husband Larry was away. – Bored by the housewife style, Karen had spiced up her life by sleeping around -. He laughingly told Karen the poor slob probably thought he – Marco - was her husband and left, telling Karen he could see how much married life had changed her. Karen was on the phone, screaming at Gus not to ever come ringing her doorbell again or she would have him thrown in jail and he had better take it very, very seriously, when Larry walked in. She told him she lost her temper with Lana.

Richard Abbott had gotten Becky a job on the Banner, even to helping her get a social security number. They had been picknicking in the park on their lunch hour and had both been chewed out by Dorian for cutting up - Richard, not Becky - on company time. Richard was delighted when he learned that Becky had heard from the manager of a Country-Western Club that she would be given a chance to audition live and, as it was payday, Mrs. Hopkins invited him to be her guest for dinner there that night. When he stared at Becky, arrayed in a red dress and a platinum wig as she sang "I'm so Lonesome I could Cry," Mrs. Hopkins had to warn him to be careful. Richard didn’t approve the sexy look and he told Becky. Becky’s temper erupted in ferocious flames and she told Richard whe he could do with his comments. She was determined she would never be in a relationship with Richard.

Dorian knew Tony would like nothing better than for Paul Kendall to leave town, so she made sure Paul would be around for a long time by offering Paul a job at The Banner. It was a three year contract for the job of manager of the Lord Press. Dorian smiled to herself as she heard Paul tell her he would accept her offer. Thanks to Dorian, Edwina began working as Paul’s assistant. Paul was immediately impressed with the young woman. Dorian gave Paul a pretty meaty assignment for his first task : to come up with a new idea for a magazine. She was assigning Pat, Edwina and Richard to help him with this project. Paul called a meeting and Richard went into a shock when he entered the office and saw Edwina sitting in the chair right next to Pat’s. Edwina coolly rose from her seat and sweetly told all gathered that she and Richard knew each other at Princeton. In fact, at one time, they were both up for the same journalistic prize, which Richard ultimately won. Edwina’s voice hinted that she wasn’t exactly happy that her “old friend” scored this win.

Pat became more and more confused and torn. After spending a night with Tony, she knew her loyalties lay with him. When Paul offered Pat an anniversary gift, she couldn’t deny she still felt something very strong for him.

Brad was the happiest man alive as Jenny had agreed to marry him. The following day, Brad got a visit from Lana who told him she was pregnant. Brad told Lana he would take her to New York and she could have an abortion. Lana exploded and told Brad she was keeping the baby and she didn’t care that by doing so she would be destroying his “perfect little world.” She was not going to hide the fact he was the father. Lana left the health club half-hating Cathy for persuading her to tell Brad.

Ryan’s Hope

Written by: Claire Labine & Paul Avila Mayer

Produced by: Claire Labine, Paul Avila Mayer & Robert Costello

Rae Woodard threatened to have her husband removed from Riverside Hospital if Seneca did not permit Roger Coleridge to go forward with surgery, insisting that Woodard's entire life was based on taking risks. In effect Seneca was forced to choose between permitting a dangerous operation or stand by and watch an equally dangerous transfer which entailed the risk of further infection to Woodard. Seneca ordered the surgery scheduled and Jillian prepared a form stating that Mrs. Woodard was going forward against medical advice. - William Price Woodard was 61 years of age and suffered a serious coronary some years before. –

After surgery was performed, Rae learned that the procedure was successfully completed but Woodard went into cardiac arrest and, though he was revived, has suffered some brain damage which would probably be permanent. At first Rae was extremely agitated, saying Bill would rather be dead; that she would rather have him dead, and she believed he would beg to die. She had confided to Frank that it could be said she used Bill as a ladder, coming up as she did through the typing pool to become his confidential secretary and, after the death of his first wife, the second Mrs. Woodard. She also said that though Bill wanted to be a Senator, she craved it. After a time she was resigned to the fact that her husband could live out the rest of his life, given proper care, but his political life was over. She told her husband herself and then scheduled a news conference, granting a private interview to Jack Fenelli, in appreciation of Jack's having held back, at Frank's request, from seeking a story before. With Jack she enlarged on her prepared statement to the press saying that both publishing and politics were then beyond her husband's strength. His business interests would be looked after by a staff of emminent journalists and trusted friends but the latest acquisition would revert to Mrs. Ginette to be run by her family interests. - It was concern for this last merger to proceed which began Rae's campaign to keep the press and Mrs. Ginette from finding out the extent of her husband's and her own injuries. –

Rae thanked Roger Coleridge for a fine piece of surgery and agreed to dine with him at Lem's after she acknowledged that she, herself, was in danger of slipping into depression.

Dr. Pagano, the psychiatrist who had seen Delia at Pat's request, told him that he would advise taking Delia's self destructive impulses seriously and though it was no substitute for the course of treatment which Delia was resisting, Pat's reassurance and support as a stop-gap measure might keep her from deteriorating further. He remarked that Delia's symptoms were almost textbook examples. - Roger Coleridge had advised Dee to maintain when she saw the Rorshack cards that she perceived only ink blots, which the doctor would take to be a "blocking" on her part. –

Delia put in another spooky appearance at Riverside and Bucky offered to cover for Pat so he could leave early as he had only a half-hour of duty and his work had been taken care of. When Bucky left the floor, Faith walked in and signed a routine acknowledgement of some normal, expected lab tests related to one of Pat's patients. As her pen was poised over the paper, she thought to herself that if Pat himself didn’t sign, it would be like his advertising that he left early. With Roger riding Pat after a similar episode, she decided to tell the nurse that she would take care of it for Dr. Ryan and forged Pat's signature, believing that would keep him out of trouble for a while, and left the floor.

Roger, who had just come from surgery on Bill Woodard, inquired of Bucky where Pat was and blew up. When he checked, he found the forged signature and accused Bucky. Bucky's denials only infuriated him further so he made up a report calling for a formal investigation by the Board and insisted that Seneca see that it was hand-carried to Marshall Westheimer's office. Eventually Faith told her brother that she signed the form and Roger tried, unsuccessfully, to break into Westheimer's locked office to retrieve his complaint.

As a result of Roger's complaint and without a formal hearing, the board of Riverside Hospital ordered a letter of reprimand entered into both Faith's and Pat's files, making the second for Pat and virtually putting an end to Pat's hope to further his career in medicine and possibly even retain it. While Faith and Pat were waiting to hear from the board they talked for a while in the doctors' lounge and Pat tried to joke, saying he was preparing himself for a life of genteel poverty; perhaps Delia would take in laundry and he would write poetry. He laughingly remarked that Dee thought he would make a terrific veterinarian adding, "meanwhile, at home, my wife is acting a little strange." As Faith added "Next week, East Lynne," Delia, who had been standing in the doorway, rushed in and accused them of laughing at her behind her back.

Delia continued the scene at Ryan's before Maeve, Johnny and Bob, asking if Pat wanted Angel Nieves to get sick so he could share him with Faith and saying that she saw Pat and Faith kissing. When it became clear that she was referring to some time before, she began singing snatches of "As Time Goes By" ... a kiss was still a kiss ... interspersed with claims that people who were little died and saying she felt so small. Faith advised Pat and Bob to take Delia across the street and get her admitted and Dee begged to be taken home. When she realized that Dr. Pagano had arranged a room for her, she accused Pat of lying to her and putting her in a cage. Pat talked her into accepting a sedative and she asked if it would make her quiet and happy —like a princess. Pat murmered "that's right" and Delia looked at him and asks, "in a cage?"

The following day, when Pat came to see her, she told him that she was not sick, only lonesome and jealous. She insisted that her miscarriage was over and done with and did not matter, but Pat said he believed it did. Roger dropped by to say he told her so and she told him that she was afraid of being drugged. He replied that was her fault; she got herself in and would have to get herself out. Dee begged him to stay with her because he was the only person she could talk to — she had to lie to everyone else. Roger warned her that the more she tried to get out right away, the more people would be convinced of her breakdown and told her to sit it out. When she insisted that she wanted to go home to Paddy right away, Roger told her he pitied Pat when she did.

Mary had reluctantly turned down Tom Desmond's invitation to accompany him to Williamsburg, Virginia for a weekend but saw Jack as she was waiting to cover the Woodard press conference and things change. After only a few moments, Jack remarked that Mary had handed over her kid to hired help to raise, and, outraged, Mary asked if he believed mothers should stay home with their children as opposed to fathers who abandonned them. - Maeve Ryan, Mary's mother and Miriam the hired help had staged a scene for Jack's benefit to give Jack the impression that Miriam was not fit to have care of Ryan, in the hope that Jack would try to talk to Mary about it and she would learn that he had been seeing the baby. Instead Jack appealed to Sr. Mary Joel who told him that it was not her place to speak to Mary, that she was sure Jack had to be mistaken but, in any case, he should talk to her himself. – Mary refused to talk to Jack any further, saying she was going away for the weekend ... with a friend. Jack caught Mary and Tom exchanging glances and said he saw.

When Tom told Mary that she could take back what she said to Jack if she chose, Mary told him it had been on her mind and she would like to go — just as friends. She told him to make reservations while she saw if Maeve would care for Ryan.

Sister Mary Joel, out of concern for Ryan, went to see Maeve and leared of the game she and the nurse were playing and became a co-conspirator. She left just as Mary came in. Maeve consented to care for Ryan but tried to warn Mary, saying she trusted her daughter's intentions but Mary did things too quickly. That night, very late, Maeve got a call from Jack. When he learned that Mary had gone to Williamsburg with Tom, he tried to get Maeve to give him the phone number she had, threatening to have the police track her down. - Jack was plastered in a subway phone booth. - At that point Johnny took the phone in exasperation at Maeve's allowing Jack to go on so long. Just the sound of his voice was enough to make Jack hang up. After he did, he admitted to himself he knew it was none of his business.

After a day and into part of the night at Williamsburg, Mary seemed to be looking for circumstances to make her decision about Tom for her. Tom told her that he loved her but she was not the kind of a person who made love to a friend. He believed that she had decided she didn’t want to love Jack any more but she was not really ready. He told her, as he left to go to his own room, that it was easier for him to walk out at the time than to find out later that Mary had made a mistake in loving him too soon. Mary and Tom lay in separate rooms, remembering what each had said to the other in the last few hours and Mary got up, put on her robe and knocked at Tom's door. But, after telling Tom she wanted to love him, Mary found she couldn’t do it.

Both Pat and Faith had agreed to letting their reprimands be used as an issue in Clem's call for a strike vote and, with Frank Ryan and Bucky, they appeared in Westheimer's office as Clem informed Marshall that he had been given authority to strike. If the membership of the House Association was not given a positive response to their demands of a shorter work week, para-professional help, and the revision of the present disciplinary system, within twenty-hour hours they would walk.

Back from her weekend trip, Mary Ryan confided to Maeve that it was a mistake. She told her mother that she was the one who wanted to make love to Tom and couldn't because of her feelings for Jack. When Tom came by to return a scarf Mary left in the car, he assured Maeve that nothing happened between himself and Mary and told her that Mary seemed bound to Jack as if the marriage would never end. At Tom's insistence that Jack treated Mary very badly, Maeve said that she knew that Jack loved her daughter and wanted her back. Tom replied that if it was true that there was still hope for Mary and Jack, he was glad for Mary's sake. Maeve said, in exasperation, that she was thinking of locking the two of them in a room together. When Tom repeated Maeve's remark to Faith, she recalled an old storeroom in Ryan's and when Tom asked, said she thought it was soundproof, Tom and Faith actually made a date to look the room over later in the day.

 Search For Tomorrow

Written by: Robert J. Shaw

Produced by: Mary-Ellis Bunim

Even though the custody fight over Eric was finished and they won, Kathy Phillips was very tense. David Sutton thought that she might be upset by his presence at the law office after the one night they spent together. He offered to leave the firm without telling John Wyatt the reason. Kathy assured him that she was not bothered. The strain of not knowing whether the baby she was carrying was David's or her husband Scott's was causing her blood pressure to rise. The doctor was concerned and offered to listen to her problem. He cautioned her that she had to relax and take care of herself. Scott could see that she was depressed and went on a shopping spree for the baby, hoping to cheer her up. Kathy tried to keep her rising blood pressure from Scott and when he voiced his concern, because this was his baby also, Kathy's mind wandered and she saw David standing in front of her, claiming the baby was his. Scott calmed her and told John that he was worried about Kathy. John suggested that she turn her upcoming case over to David because the case would probably go into appeals. Kathy refused to believe that John was thinking of her. A lapse of memory caused complications at the trial and John took the case away from Kathy.

The doctor said her blood pressure was still rising and this could be dangerous to her and the baby if she was not able to control it. She admitted she couldn’t sleep and would like some sleeping pills. He wouldn’t prescribe medication at this stage in her pregnancy. He asked her to see psychologist Carolyn Hanley for professional help in handling her fears. She refused because the only thing that could relieve her fear was someone telling her this was Scott's baby. He suggested she think about it. Nurse Stephanie Collins commented on the frequency of Kathy's visits and promised not to say anything to Scott. The doctor asked Stephanie if she was a friend of Mrs. Phillips and suggested she try to get Kathy to talk because it could affect her health. Kathy was very evasive, saying that one mistake could ruin your life.

John Wyatt had agreed to be the lawyer for both Janet Collins and Stephanie Collins, who were the major stockholders in the Collins corporation. After he was asked to be the lawyer for the firm, he asked them to retain others to represent their interests. Stephanie was glad to hear that John was willing to see her socially. She had made every effort to help him with his daughter Suzi as an excuse to see him.

Stu Bergman was concerned that his son Tom was being taken in by Cindy French. Warned that Tom might resent interference, Stu took the risk of telling him that Cindy was not young and innocent. Tom reacted angrily. Cindy had told Tom that Dr. Gary Walton said he was going to help her and then wanted to have an affair. When she refused to sleep with him at his mother's house, she claimed he threw her out of the house. Gary warned Tom that he was taken in by Cindy who was several years older and had had more experience. Refusing to believe that Cindy would lie to him, Tom could only think Gary was trying to save himself.

Cindy told her fellow nurses' aide that she didn’t plan on being stuck in a one room apartment and working all her life because she had her eye on someone. She was sure that someday Tom would inherit the Hartford Inn and she planned on being a part of his life. Cindy put Tom in the position of having to take her to the Inn for dinner because she complained that his family didn’t like her. She managed to keep him from spending time at her apartment, telling herself that she was not "cheap" as Gary termed her, but "very expensive."

Tom continued to improve since the surgery Dr. Greg Hartford performed following the boiler explosion. He could start his college classes if he agreed to be careful. Tom was not seeing any of the girls he went to school with, in fact he had turned down several opportunities.

The romance between Jo Vincente and Dr. Greg Hartford had progressed to the point of a marriage in the near future when he received a cable from his first wife. Diane's one sentence message was "Your daughter is in trouble again." She knew this would make Greg anxious. He left for Switzerland after he was unable to reach Diane to find out the reason for the cable. Meredeth would soon be eighteen and Diane would no longer have sole custody of her.

Danny Collins had been having nightmares since his father's death and refused to let his mother out of his sight, for fear he would never see her again. Carolyn told Janet that she did the right thing by telling Danny the truth because children could imagine terrible things. Janet said he was so naive before, and then he knew there were bad people in the world. Carolyn suggested that Janet leave Danny for a few minutes and show him that she would come back when she promised. She could gradually work the time up until she could go out for the evening.

Dr. Gary Walton, reporter Bruce Carson and lawyer David Sutton were sure that Dr. Allen Ramsey was involved in the kidnapping and murder of Dr. Wade Collins, but did not have enough evidence for the police to pursue it. They decided that the only way they could prove their theory was to make Ramsey and his accomplice, nurse Fay Chandler, give themselves away. Janet Collins had agreed to encourage Allen’s friendship only to prove that they were wrong. Gary's suggestion that Janet might need help managing all the money left her by Wade was very tempting to Allen. Gary made sure that Fay caught Allen in all his lies about seeing Janet.

Janet had begun to depend on Allen and asked him to help her with a fund raising project she had been asked to take on. When Gary didn’t object, she thought he had changed his mind about Allen. Amy Carson told Fay that Janet and Alan had been sweethearts long ago and it was nice that they were seeing each other as they both lost their spouses. Allen still refused to leave town even if the police had stopped the investigation because he claimed people would be suspicious. He discovered that Fay had bought a gun and had no fear of using it since she had already killed two men.

Knowing Fay was listening, Gary told Stephanie that he overheard Allen and his mother talking about motel reservations and was almost sure that they were going to elope. The plan worked. Fay rushed to the lab to confront Allen. David was hiding in the storeroom, hoping he would hear something that would help them find some concrete evidence. Allen was confused when Fay said she knew he and Janet were going away. She asked him to go away with her, taking the money that was still in the apartment. Allen felt this was the time to bring up the new plan. The $250,000 would not last forever, but if he married Janet, he could manage her money and Fay could have everything she wanted. Fay said she waited for two years while Doris was alive and would not wait around as his mistress while he married Janet. She threatened that he would beg her to marry him.

When they took this information to the police, a search warrant for Fay's apartment was issued. The money was found in Allen’s golf bag. The signal was heard that someone was coming. Allen entered, calling Fay. He saw the golf bag out and rushed over to see if the money was gone. Allen broke down easily, convinced that Fay had turned him in. He confessed, but denids shooting Wade. He told them that Fay shot both men with the gun she took from her ex-husband.

Meanwhile Fay had gone from the hospital to see Janet. She kept referring to Janet's leaving which confused Janet. Fay talked about how much she loved Allen and that they were planning to marry and leave town. Janet took time to put Danny back to bed when he woke up from a nightmare. During her absence Fay secretly drugged Janet's coffee. When Janet became drowsy, Fay confessed everything. She had Janet write a suicide note and told her not to fight it because the poison would act quickly. Gary called to warn his mother to lock the house and admit no one. Fay held a gun on her while Janet told Gary he had the wrong number.

They rushed to the Collins home where Janet told them she had been poisoned. Amy analyzed the liquid and identified the potentially fatal drug. Gary blamed himself for being sure that his mother wasn't in danger. Everyone was relieved when Janet began to respond. In a few days she could go home. Allen and Fay had pleaded guilty so Janet wouldn’t have to go through a trial.

When Greg Hartford arrived in Zurich, he and Diane were told by the director at Meredith's school that they would no longer be able to keep Meredith there. She was fine then, but had attempted suicide. The sister felt Meredith should explain. She had been lonely and become involved with one of her male instructors. He had talked about their love and the future, but when he tired of her, he told her that she wasn't the first school girl with whom he'd had an affair. Diane was furious that she had been dragged away from her own pleasures for this. Greg asked and received custody, since Diane didn’t want to be bothered, Meredith was worried about living in something other than her school environment.

Kathy accidentally found out out that Scott was going to see Dr. Brown. She intercepted Scott and berated him for going behind her back. Dr. Brown assured her that he would not have discussed her secret and insisted that she take it easy. She said she couldn’t quit working because she would have too much time to think. She told Scott how sorry she was and that things would be better.

The Young And The Restless

Written by: William J. Bell

Produced by: John Conboy

Lance Prentiss was not overjoyed by his wife and mother's desire to find his long-lost brother Lucas. In fact, he assumed Lucas was dead. Lorie thought Vanessa was feeling kinder towards her, but found Vanessa had opened the letter from her publisher urging Lorie to promote her book. Lorie told her she had no desire to hurt her sister Leslie by letting her learn the book was a novel about their lives.

The local newspaper carried the story of the terrible fire in Hong Kong where a sailor called Luke was seriously injured trying to save people. Vanessa broke the news that she had reconsidered the decision to have plastic surgery to remove the scars suffered in a fire years ago. Lance told her that she was making a mistake. She said she would only have surgery if Lucas returned to ease his guilt.

Lorie remembered that Luke – the sailor in the newspaper - had a tatoo on his arm when she studied the photo of the sailor. She thought he resembled an old picture of Lucas. She asked her father, the newspaper publisher, to obtain the original photo so that it could be studied closely. She didn’t want to say anything to Lance and Vanessa until she was sure. When Vanessa overheard Lorie tell her father she had to see the man, Vanessa thought she was being unfaithful to Lance.

Since his wife’s death, Stuart Brooks had thrown himself into his work at the newspaper. Lance told Stuart that he couldn’t go on this way and wanted to take him off for a men only weekend of tennis in Florida. He tried to beg off, but Lance insisted. Stuart was beginning to relax when they were invited to play doubles with two women who had been stranded by working husbands. Stuart pleaded exhaustion, but after remembering that Jennifer wanted him to go on with his life, he agreed to a game.

Stuart was thankful for the time Liz Foster spent doing odd chores and fixing meals. He hated to be alone in the house. He was also enjoying doing things for her. He was so surprised when his first attempt at plumbing was a success that he suggested he try his hand at painting her kitchen.

Lorie told her sisters that it was time their father started seeing someone. No one could take their mother's place, but he could enjoy being with someone he already knew. She suggested that they make it possible for him to see Fran Whitiker during the holidays. Chris said their mother asked that they not object if he became involved with someone, but she never said to play matchmaker. Leslie thought Lorie was right. Chris broached the subject to her father and was told he couldn’t bear being with someone so like Jennifer.

Leslie Brooks Eliot was using her maiden name professionally and had removed her wedding ring. She still felt that Brad had been very unfair by leaving her with no explanation and filing for divorce after she had told him before that he shouldn't make her decisions for her. She had been very glad of Brock Reynolds' attentions while she was recovering from the death of her mother and the feeling that she was unattractive to men.

Brad Eliot was still in Chicago following surgery for the removal of a brain tumor which was pressing on his optic nerves causing blindness. Doctor Lionel had given him hope, but had refused to remove the bandages until all the swelling had gone down. Because there was a chance that he might not survive the surgery, he had not told Leslie where he was or why. He hoped that his sight would be restored and he could return to Leslie. Nurse Cynthia Harris was the only person who knew where Brad was and hoped that her constant attention would endear her to him. She was glad to see Leslie was dating Brock.

Leslie’s divorce was almost final when Brock returned her wedding ring. He told her that he knew she had had many emotional upsets recently and didn’t want to take advantage of her, but he did love her. She felt he returned the ring to test her.

Ron Becker had planned for many weeks to take his daughter Karen from her school. He promised that Chris Foster, whom Karen then calls "mommy," was going to meet them. As they waited in the bus station Karen became ill. A concerned couple told Ron they knew a doctor in the neighborhood and offered to take them there. When Snapper Foster opened the door, an amazed Ron took off. Snapper learned from the couple what happened. Fortunately Karen only had a bad case of flu. Chris was relieved to have Karen back, but was furious that the police could not help while she was missing because Ron was her father. Brock said they could serve Ron with a subpoena for contempt of court because the Fosters had custody of Karen. He explained that it could take years to settle this and Ron could take Karen at any time.

Ron had his mother call the Fosters, pretending to be a teacher, to find out how Karen was. This was the first time Marian Reeves learned she had a granddaughter. Ron told her that his wife was in a mental institution and the Fosters had custody of his daughter. She decided to see the Fosters and ask them to let Ron have his daughter. Chris assumed Mrs. Reeves was a social worker when she said she had come to see her about Karen on Ron's behalf. She said that there was no way she would let Karen go back to Ron after what he had done. She told her that Ron raped her sister but was after her instead. Marian turned white and when Chris found out who she was, she agreed to explain everything that had happened since Chris met the Beckers. Mrs. Reeves felt responsible since she stood by while Ron's stepfather beat him because she was afraid he would leave her. She went back to Ron and apologized. He had hated her for years and wanted to continue hating her, but ended up crying in her arms. Marian tried to get through to Nancy Becker at the institution, but Nancy remained catatonic.

Receiving his subpoena, Ron called his lawyer. Mr. Johnson saw that Ron was in contempt of court for taking Karen and told him that he didn’t think Ron had a chance of getting Karen back then. Marian returned to find Ron on the floor next to an empty medicine bottle. Knowing only Doctor Foster, Marian called him to save her son. Snapper rushed to the address and only discovered who his patient was when he knelt on the floor beside the unconscious man. Snapper told Mrs. Reeves to call the hospital because he refused to help that piece of trash. She finally reached him when she asked him to do it for Karen's sake. Swearing, Snapper used those things available to help Ron the best he could. When he went home, Karen was awake and asking for her father. Snapper explained to Chris that it was this that made him help Ron, but Chris couldn’t feel the same.

Ron finally woke and his mother explained that it was her ignorance that made her act the way she did, and she professed her love for him. She and Ron prayed together.

Jill Foster had returned from her vacation with a photo she took of Derek's son in Los Angeles. Derek Thurston showed his pleasure and Jill told her mother she thought he was falling in love with her. Kay Chancellor stepped up her campaign to tie Derek Thurston to her through his dream. She asked Derek to come by every day to keep her up to date on the restoring of the mansion they were turning into an elegant beauty saloon. She was paying extra to have the men work overtime to get it done.

Jill had confronted Mrs. Chancellor, but couldn’t tell Derek because Kay had threatened to withdraw her financial support, blaming Jill. Circumstances arose so that Jill told her mother that Mrs. Chancellor's new man was Derek. Liz stormed over to accuse Mrs. Chancellor of using her to get information about Jill and Derek's relationship.

Derek told Kay that Jill was responsible for putting him in touch with her and he knew that they held the past against each other, but would like them to forgive and forget since Jill would be a big part of the new salon. Kay agreed to try, but told herself that Jill would never work in the salon. She felt that all the doubts she had about Derek were gone if he was willing to talk openly about Jill.

Derek felt things would be better if they could all talk things out. He invited both women to dinner and asked Jill to meet him there. Both women were startled, but made the best of it. Jill told her mother about the evening and said Derek had done this for her. He was trying to soften Mrs. Chancellor to make things easier when the salon opened. Jill was still hoping that Derek would speak of marriage.

Chris Foster had been having nightmares about Ron Becker breaking into the apartment to take Karen again. Snapper became furious at what Ron had done to his wife's mental condition and vowed to take care of the problem. Snapper told Ron that he wanted him out of town that day and would see that he left because Chris was a nervous wreck. Ron explained that it wasn’t necessary because he had made a decision on his own to ask the Fosters to adopt Karen for her own good. They had taken care of her and his own love for Karen was twisted.

Lorie told Lance that she had to make a trip alone to settle something and would explain it later. Lance was understanding and offered the company jet. Vanessa could only wonder what Laurie was up to and asked her private investigator how to make a book into a bestseller.

Kay Chancellor offered to set Joann Curtynski up with a weight-reduction salon where the beauty salon could send customers since Joanne's own weight loss could be an inspiration. Kay had promised Liz Foster that she would never mention her love to Derek Thurston, but when she told him of her offer to Joann, Derek asked why she was willing to invest so much money. He asked her directly if she was in love with him.

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1 hour ago, kalbir said:

@FrenchFan Thanks again, and as always, much appreciated.

The Lance/Lucas/Leslie/Lorie quad is coming up and from what I've read, what a tangled web that was. 

Leslie was recast in 1977 but what month?

I think it was credited on a script that January 13, 1977 was Victoria M. First day and Janice Lynde departed January 7, 1977.  

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There must have been a lot of backstage turmoil at GH at this point with headwriters changing in  a matter of weeks.

Guess it was the returning Hollands who introduced Lamont and Katie Corbin and dropped Adam Streeter.

Marland pretty much continued the stories.

Although David Hamilton might have had a different story projection?

It seems Marland's only major move initially was introducing Bobbie.

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The Bobbie question came up recently in a thread, actually; we were all wondering if the Hollands(?) created her or Marland. Jackie has always maintained it was Marland I believe, but the dates are suspect. I can certainly believe he was writing there before he was credited though.

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1 hour ago, Vee said:

The Bobbie question came up recently in a thread, actually; we were all wondering if the Hollands(?) created her or Marland. Jackie has always maintained it was Marland I believe, but the dates are suspect. I can certainly believe he was writing there before he was credited though.

From what I see, she is right. Marland joined in January 1978 at the time the show was expanded to an hour. Bobbie started appearing at the same time (Jacklyn left OLTL in November 1977 when Lana was killed off). Maybe she was introduced just before Marland but he was ghostwriting the last leg of the Hollands' short run.

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My understanding is that Marland had already been hired before Monty. She approved of his story plans but not of the production of the first 4 1 hr shows and ABC agreed to retape them.

Gloria must have been a force to be reckoned with. It would be interesting to watch those first 60 min shows and see if there was a real noticeable difference in the feel of those shows.

Monty was the first to start taping out of sequence - did she do this immediately? I guess so which is why she wanted to redo those eps using her technique. She said something about using old tape editing machines she located at ABC.

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