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Look into the past - 1975


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I'd forgotten that Brock Reynolds on Y&R pulled his, "Surprise!  I'm an attorney" trick in 1977.   I was thinking it was more like 1979, when he suddenly became law partners with Greg Foster.  But there it is, in black & white.  


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I feel like 1976 was sort of the last year of the Brooks family on Y&R. In 1977 Peggy would be gone, Jen would be gone, Lorie was now a Prentiss, Leslie would be married to Lucas within a year and Chris was mostly isolated to the Becker's and occasionally the Foster's. Lorie and Leslie were really more Prentiss family members by 1978 and often seemed to be isolated away from Peggy and Chris. 

All four Brooks sisters were on canvas again briefly in 1979, but Pat Everly's Peggy seems to have had nothing to do and I get the feeling she barely appeared. Chris is mostly off screen through 1980 and in 1981 while all four are back on canvas they are still separated. It feels like the four sisters were barely in a room together past 1977. Maybe just once in 1979 when they confronted Stu about Jill. I am not even sure Leslie and Lorie were even at Stu's wedding to Liz. I assume they were, but pictures only show Jill and Peggy, and we know Chris was there as she went into labour. 

ETA: Of course Leslie would not have been there, she was still at Jonas' with amnesia


On 8/19/2021 at 5:49 AM, Broderick said:

I'd forgotten that Brock Reynolds on Y&R pulled his, "Surprise!  I'm an attorney" trick in 1977.   I was thinking it was more like 1979, when he suddenly became law partners with Greg Foster.  But there it is, in black & white.  


Same. I also found the whole Brock being a lawyer thing odd, Bell never really uses Brock as a lawyer. I think maybe just once or twice at most. 

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JULY 1977

All My Children

Written by: Agnes Nixon
Produced by: Bud Kloss

David Thornton returned to his cabin in time to save Christina Karras from attempted suicide by drowning. He convinced Christina of the truth of the facts he had learned from his latest trip to San Francisco - that Anton Karras, Christina's father, did indeed die of a heart attack as she had been told but didn't believe: and that the wound she inflicted during a quarrel immediately preceeding her father's death was so superficial as to be entirely negligible -, prompting Chris to retrieve and turn over to David the suicide note she had written, telling him he had saved her life. David assures Christina that the apparitions of her father were gone for good, exhorcized along with her guilt, but urged her to continue in therapy with Dr. Polk to be certain there was no recurrence of the episodes of somnambulism. - While David was away, Christina attended a performance of the ballet with Jeff Martin, Dan Kennioutt and Brooke English, and rushed out as she experienced another episode. The following day, not having heard from David who started home after he could not reach her by phone, she gave in to despair. – 

Christina accepted David’s proposal that she move in with him and stay at his cabin rather than return to her apartment. When she told Jeff, he remarked that she probably really felt in David's debt and urged her not to rush into a living arrangement she might not be ready for. When Christina told David that she had changed her mind and was not coming to live with him, he asked if she would feel better if they were to "make it legal." Christina told David that she loved him but she should be looking out for her own interests. 

David angrily confonted Dr. Jeff Martin with the statement that Christina was a grown woman and it was Jeff who was taking advantage of Christina's lack of emotional security. He asked how much of Jeff's attitude had to do with David and Ruth. When Jeff asked what Ruth has to do with it, David answered that it was none of his business and left, telling Jeff the next time he stuck his nose where it didn’t belong, he'd better be ready for the consequences. Jeff finally learned from Tara about David's part in the near break-up of Ruth and Joe Martin's marriage which had occurred while Jeff was out of town. 

Christina, in speaking with Paul Martin, gave the impression that she knew who the woman in Pine Valley was whose part in David's unsuccessful romance caused him to pull up stakes after his reinstatement as a surgeon and go back to San Francisco for a time. She said questioningly that she supposed it was completely over with them and Paul assured her that it certainly was for Ruth. Christina thought to herself, "so that's who my competition is. Ruth Martin." Chris told David that she tricked Paul Martin into telling her and said she might be jealous, though David assured her that it was all over between them on his part, too. 

Benny Sago invited Dr. Chuck Tyler for a night on the town in Center City. Chuck made it clear that his preoccupation with worry about Donna Beck aside, in any event, he had no interest in the kind of relaxation Benny had in mind. Benny was resentful of what he saw as Chuck's holier-than-thou attitude but finally accepted Chuck's word and took off on his own. Estelle was hiding in an attempt to avoid a patrolling policeman and emerged to spot Benny decked out enough to "light up the neighborhood" and quickly hustled him to get off the street. At Estelle's pad, Benny bragged about his position in Pine Valley and when she learned that he knew Doc Tyler, she told him that Donna was working at "Harbor Lights," the dive they were standing in front of when she picked him up. She told Benny that Donna was waiting tables but that Billy Clyde was after Donna, determined to see her back on the stroll. 

Benny walked in to see Donna tending bar and they talked, pretending that they didn’t know one another. Donna still insisted that she didn’t want Chuck to know where she was though it was getting harder to hold Billy off. - Billy's efforts had taken a personal turn, propositioning Donna to spend a week-end with him at a hotel on Long Island, complete with wardrobe for all occasions. - Donna maintained unconvincingly that she could handle Billy Clyde and work long enough to save some money and split. After Benny left, Donna sand a song with the piano player at Billy's request and accepted a drink which he had doctored. 

In Pine Valley, Christina told Chuck that she stole the money from the superette which Donna had been accused of taking. Chuck assured her that he took care that the money was returned to Donna's boss immediately and that no charges were being pressed but he had not been able to reach Donna to tell her. As Benny came back from his trip to Center City, Estelle phoned Chuck to tell him that Donna was halucinating and begged him to come to the Harbor Lights. - She had been able to keep Billy Clyde away from Donna by threatening him with a broken bottle but was unable to handle Donna for very much longer. – 

Donna awoke in Pine Valley hospital to learn that she had been given a Goof Ball and was allergic to whatever drug had been used. Benny told her about his and Chuck's wild ride back to Center City which included a stalled car at a railroad crossing as they tried to make time on back roads only to be trapped into waiting helplessly as a long freight passed. He assured her that Chuck was "gone" on her and Chuck himself told Donna that he loved her. After Phoebe Tyler got into Donna's room to berate her for ruining her grandson's life, Donna told Chuck that Phoebe would never give him a moment's peace. Chuck's answer to that was to ask Donna to marry him. 

Dr. Charles Tyler, Chuck's grandfather, maintained Donna was right to have misgivings about marrying Chuck. For his own part, Dr. Tyler was amazed to hear that Phoebe was countersuing him in his effort to secure what should have been an automatic divorce action since he and Phoebe had been separated for a year. He had warned Mona Kane that Phoebe intended to claim adultry and might manage to trump up some charges. Mona replied that Phoebe could do her worst, she would not be intimidated. - When Mark Dalton sprained his ankle at a cook-out at Mona's house, he stayed the night using a pair of pajamas supplied by Charles which were a gift from Phoebe and carried his monogram, Benny entered Mona's unlocked house and barely missed being discovered by hiding in a closet after Mona and Mark returned from a doctor's visit the following day. Phoebe learned too late that the presence of her husband's pajamas, per se, was not sufficient evidence, but she considered this only a temporary setback and had provided Benny with an expensive camera and tape recorder and continued to insist on his help in of a private detective. – 

Mrs. Craig Teller, née Maureen Dal-ton, had arrived in Pine Valley and upon learning that her son was staying temporarily with Mona, had insisted that Mark move back to his own apartment, even offering to stay awhile to look after her son herself. Mark was puzzled at his mother's attention after so many years of neglect and corrected her when she implied that she had been there for him before when he needed her. When Mark was up and around, he went to see Erica in one more effort to clear up the air of mystery that surrounded her attitude toward him, and Erica, going back on her promise to Nick, told him he was the illegitimate son of her father, Eric Kane. 

Mark asked Mona to show him the copy of his birth certificate which Erica had told him Mona had, insisting he could always go down to Center City to check for himself. After leaving Mona, Mark walked in on a party his mother was giving in New York. Maureen insisted that her husband Craig had to never know of Mark's illegitimacy because he would drop her in a minute. Mark said he would never tell her husband but as for their relationship as mother and son — it was all over. 

Nick was repelled when he learned what Erica had done and told her he had lost whatever respect he had for her and that their affair was over. He went on to say he was glad that they had the sense to keep it a secret. 

Tara Brent had been confined to bed after a fall when she tripped over a skate little Philip had left lying around. Rather than send the boy to Phoebe's house, Tara and Phil arranged for him to stay for some time with the Martins. Little Philip would prefer to stay at the Tyler residence but seemed to be getting along, with Tad to play with. In an angry outburst, Philip blamed Tara's fall on little Phil's carelessness and when Philip realized that the boy had heard, he was determined to try to correct the rift before little Philip brooded on it. Phil talked Tara into asking that little Philip return for dinner and to spend the night at home but the boy again misbehaved, jumping up and down on the bed Tara was resting in and upsetting a supper tray. After Philip administered a well-deserved spanking and sent the boy to his room, Chuck arrived asking to see him, then insisting that Phil and Tara had handled things badly. Tara put an end to the quarrelling by giving Chuck a firm no, saying that the following day was soon enough. After Phil and Tara were asleep, little Philip slipped out of the house leaving the door ajar. The boy wandered around by himself and was thrown out of a pinball emporium after trying to retrieve a dime from the phone booths to call his grandmother. 

When Tara woke during the night, she discovered the boy had left and Chuck and Phil combed the neighborhood after Phil had notified the police. Because Tara had to be certain the boy was not at the Tyler house, Phoebe learned of his disappearance, and while she was making a series of phone calls berating Tara and Phil, a man who had picked up little Philip and realized from the address the boy was looking for that he had the great-grandson of a very wealthy, prominent family in his car, tried to call. When he finally got through he made his ransom demands: $100,000 cash — within one hour he would call back then to give them the place. 

Little Philip had been picked up and held for ransom by Floyd Clinton, a former gardener of the Tyler family who had been summarily dismissed by Phoebe five years before. By the time Phoebe recalled why the voice was familiar to her, Chuck had already made the drop and Little Phil had been rescued by a man in the next motel room whose attention the boy managed to attract by banging on a pipe in the bathroom. The child had passed out by the time the man - Tom Cudahy — a former professional football star who intended to open a restaurant in Pine Valley - got the manager to open up the room. As the manager went to phone the police, Cudahy revived little Philip and when Floyd returned to see the chair he had wedged under the knob of the bathroom door gone, Cudahy stepped out from behind the front door and knocked him out. Little Philip asked to be taken home to the Tylers' to see his "dad." 

In her anxiety and distress, Tara had withdrawn from Philip, blaming him for causing the boy to run away. But when she and Phil heard that he was safe at the Tylers', they rushed over and Tara, who had had to fight Phoebe's objections to her seeing the boy right away, was shocked to hear her son say that he didn’t want to go home with her and that Chuck had promised him that he didn’t have to.

Brooke English and Dan Kennicott had been planning to spend a weekend together. Brooke had lied to Phoebe telling her she planned to visit her parents before they took off on a trip to Europe but when Dan was unable to attend a party given by Brooke's friends because he had promised to take Devon Shepherd – Ellen’s daughter - around the campus, Brooke rushed off and made the visit good. She telephoned the Martin house and obtained a number where she can locate Dan. When she learned it was the Tucker house – Harlan Tucker, Ellen’s father and Devon’s grandfather had been Kate Martin’s neighbour for years. Ellen came back recently to Pine Valley after separating from her husband and Paul Martin agreed to help with the divorce proceedings. - and Devon answered, she apologized to Dan and asked if they could take up where they left off. Dan told her about little Phil but when he called back with the news that the boy was safe, she talked him into arranging to meet her for their trip to Long Island. 

Nancy Grant had decided to move back to Pine Valley as she had been offered an excellent position there - the same one which had been closed to her months before, causing her to take the job in Chicago -. Frank had assured Caroline Murray that Nancy's return would make no difference to their plans but he was annoyed with Jeff when he learned Jeff had arranged for Nancy to share his former apartment with Christina Karras.

Nigel Fransworth had turned up at the Lincoln Tyler house to see Myrtle Lum to return the money he had run out with and beg Myrtle's forgiveness. She told him she had learned that life was too precious to hold grudges. Nigel, unaware of Kitty's condition, toasted Myrtle, Linc and Kitty, wishing them a long and happy life together they so richly deserved. 

Mark Dalton went to see Erica, asking if they could be friends, but Erica told him she didn’t want to see him because every time she did, she saw her father. Mark said he had even more reason to resent Eric Kane but he didn’t intend to let it ruin his life or dictate his friendships. Erica asked Mark to get another job and move away, saying Pine Valley was her home and she was there first. Mark laughed at the suggestion, remarking that he didn’t intend to make his parentage public knowledge and was certain that despite her implied threats, Erica would not do so either because she had said that she found the truth humiliating.

Another World

Written by: Harding Lemay
Produced by: Paul Rauch

Rachel Cory had accidentally found out her husband Mac was sterile, the answer to why they hadn't conceived after months of trying. Mac had secretly seen fertility expert Dr. Fred Morley, feeling great humiliation because of his incapability. Confiding in her mother Ada, Rachel received her enthusiastic encouragement to adopt an infant. She had gone to an adoption agency and planned to surprise Mac with the information she had collected. Unfortunately, Mac's possessive daughter Iris had intruded on Rachel's plans and in a disguise of congratulations, she beat Rachel to the finish line. Mac received the news unfavorably, lashing out at Rachel's attempt to hide her plans from him, but not others. Rachel had asked attorney, Brian Bancroft to recommend an agent, which was why he was with the Corys when Rachel was to tell Mac. Brian ushered Iris from the destruction she caused and reprimanded her. He had guessed that she attained the information by listening in on his call to Rachel and he was furious. Either Iris apologized or their courtship was over. Iris promised, then requested that in future games they played with people, they not include Mac and Rachel. 

Back at The Corys'. Mac had coolled down and explained his rejection of adoption to Rachel because it was a constant reminder of his failure as a man. He also touched on Rachel's past - her teenage son Jamie was illegitimate -, reminding her it would all be exposed by the adoption processing. Rachel coldly retorted the agent would be more sympathetic than Mac and stormed out.
Unable to penetrate Mac's barrier, Rachel broke down in tears. Mac was compassionate to her emotions and agreed to see a marriage counselor if it meant so much to Rachel. They planned to meet with him but Mac learned that he was a psychiatrist recommended by Dr. Dave Gilchrist. Mac's humiliation again isolated him from a solution to his problems and he refused to talk to the doctor. As a last straw, Rachel gave Mac no choice but to admit his sterility to her. - Mac did not know Rachel overheard his intimate conversation with his secretary, Pat Randolph. She tried in vain to draw out Mac's admission, but preferring to protect her by concealing it, he hurt Rachel more. - Rachel found Mac packing, he couldn’t stay with her when she betrayed their innermost confidences to other people. Rachel questioned why his openness with Pat was forgiveable, hers to her mother and doctors was not. Enraged, Rachel objected – she was the one who was leaving ! She said she was a fool to think she could be even a little part of his grand life. Instantly frustrated, Mac threw his suitcase across the room. He soon had second thoughts, and prepared to apologize but it was too late. Rachel's car had left the driveway. Already regretting her actions, it took little prodding from her friend Clarice to convince Rachel Mac's pride wouldn't be a problem if she didn't let it and Rachel had to make the first move. Mac had been nagged into accepting dinner at Iris'. Their gardner, Sven Peterson eavesdropped on the Cory arguments and saw a potential split between the Corys as a step closer to his desired lifestyle. Sven claimed to be the Corys' housekeeper Helga's cousin. With Mac free, he would be available for Regine, Helga's daughter. Rachel returned to the house but found it dark and empty. Sven misinformed Rachel that Mac had moved in with Iris, when actually Mac had gotten drunk and felt great remorse. Rachel and Mac met a few days later at home, but repeated the same arguments. Rachel was determined to make the marriage work, but Mac couldn’t overcome his humiliation and choosed to sleep in a guest room. He rejected her complete understanding causing Rachel to act on emotional impulse and walk out again. Sven had been lurking in the hallways for feedback to Iris. He had agreed to report back to Iris all the Cory activities and would prevent Rachel or her family from seeing Mac whenever possible. This was in exchange for a healthy dollar which flowed freely from Iris' purse. 

Dr. Morley suggested to Rachel she and Mac speak openly at a clinic with people with similar problems. Rachel couldn't control laughing at the irony — Mac being open. She returned to the house, returned all the gifts he had lavished on her over the years and sadly told him the little nobody he married to show off was going to try and live her own life without him. Maybe someday they would meet again on equal terms. Mac sad atone, humbled by his tears. Rachel was taking steps to build a life for herself and Jamie apart from Mac. At the same time, Iris and Sven were taking over the Cory accounts. Iris thought Mac should be socializing with her since Rachel was gone, but Mac prefered to hibernate in his home alone. Rachel pondered to Dave she once received great satisfaction from her sculpting, she hoped it would occur again. Perhaps then she would be in a position to make a free choice about Mac.

Rachel had taken her own apartment near the college and moved in with Quentin Ames' help. Sven wasted no time in collecting a generous fee from Iris for enlightening her about Rachel's progress. Quentin did hint at a possible relationship with Rachel. She firmly replied that though she and Mac were living apart, there would never be anyone else in her life. Iris couldn't resist the temptation to plant the idea in Mac's mind that Rachel left him to pursue an affair with Quentin. Mac tested the truth in Iris' accusation by probing into Quentin's friendship with Rachel. Reassured, Mac had Quentin advance Rachel funds under the pretense of a sculpture commission from a New York dealer. She caught on however, and ripped up the check. Quentin made her another offer, which seemed to be on the level to Rachel. She had accepted a teaching position for three weeks in France. Rachel went to inform Mac but was disillusioned to see he was in Pat's company at the house. 

The trip caused Rachel to cancel her assignments for Vera. Vera ordered Rachel to get her priorities straight or there would be trouble. She then informed Mac of Rachel's impending departure. Mac asked Rachel if she would be returning, she asked when she did, should she return to him. Mac blew the reconciliation again, stating only if Rachel didn’t want him out of pity. She left, not knowing how to handle him any more. 

Iris’ newest household employee Rocky Olsen, who formerly worked for the Corys but was maneuvered out by Sven and Helga, had been caught in a trap he set for Sven. - Sven's rapacious conduct led Rocky to witness several incidents of extortion with the Cory accounts. Rocky thought if he pretended to do the same, Sven would confide his own misdoings. Sven did, but first he recorded Rocky's self-exposure. He erased his own guilty admissions, and took the tape to Iris. She fell for it despite Rocky's denials and fired him. - Iris' housekeeper, Louise and the Cory chauffeur Brooks promised Rocky they would help him since he was railroaded by Sven. Rocky stayed out of sight but close by. Meanwhile Jamie and Dennis - Iris' son - were catching on to Sven's deceptions. They let Rocky stay in Jamie's game room, with Louise's cooperation, and they planned to gather the evidence and present it to Mac.

Regine asked her mother for the details of her father's death. Helga nervously evaded her. She woke from a nightmare in which she saw her dead husband arise. He was shot by Sven camouflaged as a hunting accident. Sven vehemently forbade Regine from dating Cliff Tanner, and threatened Cliff if he continued to see her. Cliff was not easily scared off. Seeing Sven take pleasure in cleaning his shotgun scared Helga, she demanded "no more guns!” 

When Iris wasn’t stirring up trouble for Mac and Rachel, she was frantically endeavoring to keep her houseguest, Countess Elena de Poulignac out of Brian's reach. – Elena visited her friend Iris in Bay City after a break-up. - Elena amused herself with Vera Finley's chosen gigolo, Jeff Stone. Iris gave Elena a rundown of who was who in Bay City, describing Vera as "a little nobody who made an advantageous marriage for herself just as Rachel did." Brian came to dinner, tagging Iris as callous when she commented how "daddy" would be better off without Rachel. Elena wouldn't fall into Iris' trap, refusing to be pushed into Mac's company by Iris. The evening was fruitless for Iris as she watched Brian kissing Elena only minutes after Iris left them alone. Iris was brooding all day, so Elena called Brian over to straighten her out. He liked bringing out the devil in Iris, and claimed she enjoyed being the center of attention anyway. Iris continued to pout until Brian chalked his interlud: with Elena up as evening the score for Iris' interference on Rachel's adoption planned. Brian became peeved at Iris again, this time it was because he had to play second fiddle when she rushed off to comfort "daddy." He was playin games again, using Iris' jealousy of Elena to lure her from Mac. 

Elena offered Jeff a New York law practice, her reason being that she didn’t like men being victimized by women, but not really clarifying his query that she would be doing the same. He agreed to take it, and when Vera interrupted a cozy meeting between Jeff and Elena to instruct him he was to escort her to dinner, Jeff cheerfully announced he was off the hook. Vera released him but curtly warned Elena he would drop her also, when something better came along. Elena wasn't deterred in the least. 

Ray and Alice Gordon's business relationship was not running as smoothly as their new marriage. Since Willis Frame was the man who saved Frame Enterprises from complete bankruptcy, Ray continued to object loudly to Willis authority and influence over Alice. - Alice and Ray almost lost a large money-making contract, the Ogden Sports Arena. With Willis' reputation in the construction field, and his persuasion with Ogden building officials, the project was returned to Frame Enterprises but only with Willis' supervision. Alice was grateful, Ray saw this as a power play by Willis. – 

Ray dissuaded Alice from going to the office daily, where he continued to pick grievances with Willis. After numerous verbal battles, and one that came to blows, Ray changed his tactics. He suggested Alice change the name of the company that Alice's deceased husband Steven Frame founded and built, to Gordon Enterprises. This would eliminate Willis from any connection to the company, as Willis was Steve's brother. Alice agreed, if it would keep peace in the company. Willis was surprised by Alice's decision and warned her it would be a big mistake. The decision to reincorporate was bothering Alice's conscience because she was alienating Steve's family. His niece Molly, who babysat for Alice's adopted daughter Sally, quit because of it. Alice's reluctance caused arguments between her and Ray. 

Since Willis and Angie Perrini had rekindled their romance, Angie supported Willis in the predicaments he got himself into. This time she was right behind him when he swallowed his pride and made amends with Ray once and for all. He agreed it was Alice's company to do with what she wanted and with his promise to not interfere, he and Ray shook hands to finalize the agreement. 

Later that night, Alice had a dream where Steven returned to her with Willis' appearance. When he kissed her, she knew it was really Steven and caleds out “Willis I'm so happy." Ray woke her up. Alice was disturbed as she contemplated to herself the meaning of her dream. 

Ray prefered spending his time planning the remodeling of his office to cooperating with Willis on a potential project for "Gordon Enterprises" to build a highrise hotel in Ogden. Misusing his authority, Ray turned away George Salter and the contract that came with his visit. Ray was later haunted by Willis' concluding statement to the disaster Ray made of the meeting, "you just blew a multi-million dollar project for the company. I'm not bringing you any more business." Alice had just found out Sally had infectious hepatitis, so she would be out of the office for up to six weeks, leaving Ray to run it himself. 

Liz Matthews had meddled again, this time causing destruction between architect Gwen Parrish and Dr. Dave Gilchrist. Liz babbled on about Dave's romantic history with Iris, then Pat, causing Gwen concern about his sincerity with her. She feared Pat still cared for Dave and his refusal to discuss Pat forced Gwen to break off with him. To disprove Liz' gossip, Dave wanted Pat to reassure Gwen. 

John Randolph was the innocent dupe of a scheme perpetrated by his wife and her lover, architect Evan Webster. Together Evan and Olive had maneuvered John into financing their lovenest in the country with the impression he was paying expenses for the new house he and Olive had hired Evan to design, Olive was passing time as John's wife until the house was built and in her name. When that day arrived, her plans were to drop John out of her life like a hot potato and live in luxury off of the assets she had drained from John. 

John’s son Mike had seen Olive for the unscrupulous female she was. Although his father refused to let Mike criticize Olive, Mike was still watching out for John's best interests. He had his wife Molly reinstate her friendship with Olive in order to confirm his suspicions that Olive was unscrupulous and siphoning off John's resources. Molly and Mike stole the blueprints to the house, and Mike had Willis check them. Willis was appalled at the shoddy job, claiming this construction was a "rip-off." Molly returned the prints unaware of Olive's spying eye. This confirmed Olive feared it was Mike who took them. 

To protect herself and Evan, Olive had Evan escort John's receptionist, Joan, to the house for cocktails. Olive was doing a marvellous lob of pulling the wool over John's eyes, being rude to Evan in John's presence, but they were a passionate pair when alone at their cabin retreat. Mike and his mother Pat wanted to expose Olive to John but were curbed by Jim Matthews. He had the foresight that John would never forgive them for proving they were right about his wife. 

Evan delighted in teasing Olive. He triggered her jealousy by escorting Joan to Tall Boys where he knew Olive and John were dining and dancing to celebrate the beginning of construction of their new home. The house was all Olive's then with her signature sealing it in her name. Mike had snooped into John's accounts at the office and discovered that Olive was bleeding John dry. Joan couldn’t deny it to him. She just witnessed John writing a check from the business account to cover Olive's new wardrobe, allowing the business debts to go unpaid. Desperate for money, John had lowered himself to soliciting his past clients for more business. His first prospect was Iris. Olive reveled in the thoughts of moving into the same social circle as iris. 

Olive’s first sign of guilt was beginning to show. Escaping to the cabin with Evan, she mentioned how she sometimes felt sorry for John, he was so vulnerable and easy going. Evan snapped her out of it with passionate distraction. She cut it close this time, using an Ogden Design Center appointment as her excuse to John to cover her time with Evan. John arrived home early and called the Center, but no Olive. She saved her skin when John swallowed her story of an auto breakdown on the highway. Russ attempted to help John by asking for legal assistance in his divorce from Sharlene. Mike overheard John refusing a legal fee from Russ and intruded, asserting that Olive's house was going to wipe John out, he had seen the plans because he stole them.

As The World Turns

Written by: Robert Soderberg & Edith Sommer
Produced by: Joe Willmore

Kevin Thompson visited Dr. Susan Stewart in prison. She responded bitterly after Kevin informed her he knew where she was, yet did not help with her release right away. Susan would only see Jim Strausfield. Kevin passed on Susan's request to Jim. He agreed to see her in prison but couldn’t understand why it was he Susan had chosen to speak with - Susan had become an alcoholic and it was Jim who decided against rehiring Susan. Kevin had gone out of his way to help Susan with her addiction to alcohol. - Susan blamed Jim for her excessive drinking, the result of her being fired. Kim Stewart offered her friendship by taking personal necessities to Susan, but Susan was rude and callous despite the thoughtfulness of Kim's gesture. Susan served her sentence and was released after ten days of imprisonment. Since no one but Kevin was available to pick her up, Susan had no choice but to accept his ride home. At her apartment, she ignored Kevin's help, remaining cold to him. Kevin was fed up with her attitude and furiously relinquished any future concern for her. That suited Susan fine. Returning to apologize, Kevin thought it unusual that Susan was entertaining Jim after strongly voicing to Kevin her desire to be alone. He felt helpless about Susan and asked his friend Mary Ellison, whose late father was an alcoholic, to accompany him to an AL-ANON meeting. Susan returned to Kevin, admitting she couldn’t make it without him, he instantly forgave her. He told her he loved her and knew she hasn't had a drink since she had been out of prison. She pleaded with him not to attend AL-ANON. Believing she had beaten the alcoholism, Kevin canceled with Mary. Kevin instructed attorney Chris Hughes, if necessary, to buy in his behalf the building Susan was living in to prevent her eviction. 

Susan discovered she had run out of money and had no way to pay her mounting bills. Kevin paid her electric bill so she could get service again. Susan asked Grant if she could get a loan, the prospects looked dim with no collateral and no job. Mary explained Susan's irritable and erratic personality to Kevin as a reaction from doing without alcohol. 

Jim refused Susan a job so she went to Personnel and asked for any job she could get. They also turned her down. She adamantly refused any financial help from Kevin so Kevin approached Grant about anonymously financing a loan for Susan. Grant wouldn’t deceive a client.
Attorney Grant Colman notified his client, Dan Stewart, his trial date was set for July 8. - Dan was being tried for the attempted murder of Dr. John Dixon. John kidnapped his infant son Andy from a public place and led his ex-wife Kim, married to Dan, to believe someone other than himself stole the child. Dan attempted to take Andy from John's possession once they figured out he was the abductor. After a struggle with Dan, John proclaimed Dan shot him with the intention to kill him. –

John’s attorney, Dick Martin, warned John to be prepared for a tough prosecution from Grant. To clarify his relationship with Pat Holland, John told Dick that Mary Ellison read more into their relationship than there was. His feelings didn’t correspond with hers. He then told Mary that they were only friends and Pat was the only woman in his life, the woman he planned to marry. Mary understood but was in a quandry as to why John thought it necessary to explain it to her. 

RN, Marian Connelly made one last minute attempt to dissuade Pat from marrying John. She and many others doubted John's sincerity, seeing the marriage as protection for John because Pat witnessed John's encounter with Dan and would not testify against her hu-band. John persisted in his attempts to see Andy. He badgered Betsy who realized he shouldn't be allowed to see Andy. She was frightened by John. He was stopped by Valerie Conway and her threat to call the police. 

In a pre-trial meeting with Dan and Kim, Grant explained his strategy — to emphasize John's lies. He reminded them Dick would bring out Kim's evasion on letting John see Andy, and this would devalue Grant's testimony from Kim — temporarily. Grant’s last words to Dan were a boost to his morale, "You're walking into that courtroom an innocent man, and you're going to walk out an innocent man." 

Dick Martin’s opening statement to the jury set the atmosphere of the trial. Dr. Dixon was shot. Pat Holland Dixon saw it. No possible defense could repute it. Dan Stewart was guilty of assault in first degree. Grant opened by stating if the prosecution was as simple as Mr. Martin proclaimed, his client wouldn't be here. He asked the jury "to listen to the facts and make up their own minds. Dan Stewart is a good husband, not a man of violence. His sole mission was to go to the house and bring the baby home. He did not take a gun, he does not own one. He had no time for premeditation. John Dixon used his own injury to further implement his blind drive to take his son from his own mother." 

The trial continued and after Pat and Kim's testimonies, it was favoring John's side. Grant tried to break Pat down but failed, she remained in support of John. John was so confident with the case he propositioned Dan. He offered to say the gun was fired accidentally in exchange for sole custody of Andy. Dan violently objected, appalled by John's smug gall. More damage was being done to Dan as Dick sprung on the court the fact that Dan illegally abducted his own daughter by taking her to England. He then made sure Kim had no chance to clarify why. 

John was nervously sweating out the minutes before Dan's testimony. He angrily voiced his regrets for lying, wishing he'd never done any of this. Pat understood this to mean his marriage to her to be included in his regrets. On the stand, Dan was asked by Grant if he had ever been propositioned by John. Over Dick's frequent objections, Grant was allowed to continue, proving that John Dixon would go to any lengths to get custody of his son. 

Dick cross-examined Dan, then recalled John to the stand. John went into a rampage shouting at Dan he was a liar, denying his proposition to him, when suddenly Pat jumped up and blurted out the truth — the gun had accidentally discharged and John shot himself. She was scared by John's horrified stare and ran out of the courtroom. In the stairwell, she turned when John barged through the door and she fell down the stairs. in Pat's final moments, she told Marian to give her apologies to Dan and Kim for lying. She asked John why he married her. John's words "because I loved you” were the last ones Pat heard before she died. John escaped to the Stewart home for one last chance to see and hold Andrew. He asked Kim to tell Andy when he grew up, his father always loved him. Kim was confident she had nothing more to fear from John. John then bade his final farewell to Mary, leaving her crying.

Lisa Colman was irresolute about her marriage to Grant. She continued to find reasons to talk to her ex-husband Dr. Bob Hughes. In her sleep she called out Bob's name. Grant didn't mention this to her, yet it remained a constant irritation to him. In an instance when Grant was giving Lisa an imaginary cross-examination, because she wanted to be a witness in Dan's trial, Grant lashed out at Lisa asking if she ever told lies. Lisa mentioned Grant's temper to Bob. 

Lisa was in a whirlwind of excitement after her son Tom called to notify her he would be in Oakdale that night and he was bringing Chuck, his half-brother, with him. Bob received news shortly thereafter of an automobile accident involving Tom and Chuck. Lisa broke down crying in Bob's arms as he told her Tom was in critical condition, Chuck was killed. Lisa accepted Valerie's respect for her courage. Friends and relatives were sharing Lisa's grieving for Chuck while the doctors were fighting to save Tom's life. He had a concussion and a fractured leg. Bob had an instinctive feeling Tom was suffering from internal bleeding, although both Drs. David Stewart and Foley concurred the bleeding came from bone fragments in the leg. Tom was prepped for surgery. Lisa bravely told him "Chuck is in good hands," as she helplessly watched her son wheeled to surgery. 

Bob couldn’t shake the feeling Tom was still in serious danger. His disagreement with Dr. Foley had proved accurate. Tom's condition deteriorated and Bob ordered an immediate arteriogram be taken. Tom was again prepped for surgery, and Bob called Dan in to perform an emergency spleenectomy. Lisa had been waiting impatiently for the outcome. Grant's company was little consolation to her. Not until Bob came in with the news the operation was successful did she rest assured in the comfort of Bob's arms. Grant tried to eliminate Tom's guilt for Chuck's death by relaying the highway patrolman's report; if Tom hadn't swerved off the road, several more lives would have been lost. Valerie noticed Tom had been crying and pretended to be asleep when she entered the room. Bob observed Tom was entering a deep depression, and both he and Lisa were going to need help to get them through this crucial time. Valerie was a good sounding board for Lisa, who poured out her guilt for not giving Chuck more of her time and attention. Seeing how Lisa was suffering, Grant asked Tom to face the truth with him so he could overcome his guilt, thereby alleviating Lisa's worry over him. Tom realized it wasn't his fault after going over the accident step by step with Grant. He told Lisa he felt no guilt then and she didn’t have to either, they had to pray for strength and go on living. He told her it was Grant who helped him but he knew Grant did it for Lisa. She rushed to thank Grant, saying she would love him forever for doing this. Then she immediately called Bob to share her good feelings with him while Grant stood by listening. 

Joyce Hughes was enjoying the comforts of her mother-in-law's home and the special care Nancy gave her during her fragile pregnancy. At Nancy's traditional July 4th party, Joyce greeted the guests from the living room couch. She flaunted her daily letters from Don, who was in Switzerland on business, to Lisa, reminding Lisa her husband was too busy to give her such attention. She then proceeded to surprise Jay Stallings with her knowledge that he was the father of Natalie Hughes' baby. Jay discussed this with his wife Carol and they agreed Joyce's silence on the matter had to be enforced. 

Carol and Jay presented their plans of adopting Natalie's and Jay's unborn child to attorney Chris Hughes. Natalie had agreed to let them do this, but the Stallingses would feel secure if a proper legal document confirmed it. Chris cautioned Carol and Jay that they were dealing in baby selling, which was illegal, unless Jay agreed to have his name as the natural father on the birth certificate. Also, Natalie might grow to love the unborn child and decide to keep it herself. Natalie was using Jay's promise to finance her to the hilt, she had started her own real estate office and chose an expensive apartment, all with Jay's money. When she heard Joyce was spreading the word about her pregnancy, she demanded she would be the one to choose who was to know about her baby. When Natalie returned to visit Joyce, Nancy had to tell her Joyce refused to see her. Defensive, Natalie gave Nancy the whole story behind Joyce's hoax to trick Don into marriage. Joyce sensed by Nancy's attitude that Natalie had told her something. Nancy wouldn’t answer Joyce's questions. Panicked, Joyce phoned Don in Switzerland and begges him to call his mother and assured her Natalie was spreading lies. 

Natalie had asked Jay’s employee, Judy, to work as a bookkeeper in her new office. She refused, pleasing Sandy Garrison, who didn’t approve of Natalie's bold independence. Ralph Mitchell had referred a few business deals to Natalie and she had offered him a job selling real estate for her new firm. He agreed to go back to school for his license and accepted the offer. 

Jay received Natalie’s exhorbitant bills for setting up her new office. When he accused her of financing the Oval Room at the White House, she called him cheap. He was not going to pay for her expensive furnishings so she told him the deal was off. Carol was disappointed and outwardly upset by Jay's tactlessness with Natalie. He tried to put a stop to her extravangances and the chance of losing his baby by insisting Chris legalize the terms of their agreement. Natalie was just as untrusting of Jay, and warned Carol she should be also. Chris had added a paragraph that Natalie should go out of town to have the baby, emphasizing the importance that no one knew this baby was Natalie and Jay's. Natalie wasn’t going to rush into her decision, she was busy setting up her very luxurious offices and showing them off. Carol enforced Chris' advice by getting Joyce's promise of silence. Don's quick trip to Oakdale was a surprise to all. His purpose was to set Natalie straight about Joyce and himself. Although she proclaimed he was tricked into marriage, and it was the truth, Don defended Joyce. He didn’t care then, he loved Joyce and would protect her. 

Natalie wanted more money if she was going to go away to have the baby, she wanted to make it worth her while. Jay protested but gave in only so they could settle the argument. Carol was upset when Sandy confided how Natalie came in to offer her a job. She refused but observed how Natalie was in good spirits with an air of having money to throw around. 

Beau Spencer and Annie Stewart were dining out to celebrate his prospective job as a law clerk for Lowell, Barnes, Lowell and Hughes law firm. While there an old girlfriend of Beau's, Lois Tanner, dropped by their table. Annie was not impressed by Lois' obvious admiration for Beau. She interrogated him about their relationship, Beau admitting they did have an affair. Annie was confused about Beau and expressed her doubts to her sister Dee. Dee advised Annie to let him go, he was not good enough for her. Annie regretted talking to Dee, learning that Dee once cared for Beau very much. She confided to her mother her fear if she kept Beau at a distance she might lose him to Lois. Her mother advised she should follow her own convictions. She could have an affair with Beau and still lose him. Finding Lois at Beau's apartment, Annie assumed the worst and ran off. Beau found out Annie had come over and Lois didn't tell him. He went after Annie, and proposed to her on the spot. Beau landed the job as law clerk and with this security he again proposed to Annie. Annie accepted. Her parents were hoping they wouldn’t have to take the engagement seriously. Dee, however, already showed skepticism in Beau's seriousness. Beau assured Annie they could afford to get married, so she was convinced the wedding could be soon. David wanted to talk to Beau about his ability to support Annie. Beau mentioned his trust was available to him upon marriage. David's reluctance to accept the marriage was overriden by Beau and Annie's eager anticipation of her parents' congratulations. 

Days Of Our Lives

Written by: Ann Marcus
Produced by: Betty Corday & H. Wesley Kenney

Julie Williams, knowing what it was like to bear a child out of wedlock, urged son David Banning to marry Trish Clayton, who was carrying his child. David had asked Trish, but she had rejected him. Besides, David wanted to marry ex-fiance, Valerie Grant. Julie told David that Val would never marry him because Trish was carrying his baby. Mickey Horton was upset because he couldn’t convince his "son” Mike that it was "relatively unimportant” who the father of Trish's baby was. Mickey tried to explain that, as in their case, it was the man who raised and loved the child who became its father. On the other hand, Mickey was afraid of forcing Mike into what could be a bad marriage, even though Trish and Mike loved each other. 

Aware Toni, a friend at the Sherman Home for unwed mothers, was in danger from someone named Kenny, who wanted to know where the man who got Toni pregnant was, Trish asked Brooke's permission to bring Toni to Salem and hide her out at the apartment they shared. Brooke agreed. Trish's mother, Jeri, warned Trish was asking for trouble. Shortly after Toni arrived, they received a phone call from Kenny. Danny Grant, Val's brother, arrived to talk to Trish. His eyebrows raised at Toni's condition, causing her to instantly dislike Danny. Later Trish explained Toni's plight to Danny, who asked for and got his parents' permission to bring Toni home. Toni, however, rejected the offer, saying she wouldn't take charity from someone who so obviously disapproved of her. Danny pointed out it was really just a case of people helping people. Toni still refused. Kenny's boss got their address and paid a visit. 

Val, meanwhile, visited the family over the Fourth and let Danny know she still loved David. Danny urged David to keep trying with her. David went to visit her. They had fun on the Howard University campus. At the end of the day, Val told him she still loved him, but didn’t want any talk of marriage until after Trish's baby was born. David was ecstatic to find he still had a chance. Mike and Trish confessed that all they wanted was each other, but their happiness was dimmed when Mike again made it obvious that he couldn’t forget he was not her baby's father. 

Bill Horton’s arm hadn't healed quite right since his brother Mickey shot him during the throes of a nervous breakdown. Since Bill could no longer do surgery, he had decided to switch to another specialty, anesthesiology. He found it easy to handle OR procedure, but the rest of the study was hard. He had begun his residency at University Hospital. He was having a little trouble adjusting to the fact that a woman, who was 15 years younger than he, was his teacher, but he hoped to be through in 18 months. Bill took the other residents' calling him "Papa Doc" with good grace, but he found himself at odds with Walter Griffin, the new head of surgery, when he questioned the necessity of two surgeries. Griffin complained to new chief of staff, Greg Peters, that Bill's nitpicking was lowering morale. Greg was only too willing to take Griffin's side, since Bill was so hostile towards him because he was given the chief's job instead of Bill's father, Tom. 

Bill went to see Dr. Neil Curtis after observing Griffin remove an ovary on a woman who didn't need it. Neil recommended surgery based on controversial tests done by Griffin. He continued that the surgery was needed because the woman wouldn't believe there was nothing wrong with her. Bill was aghast, calling it unethical. Neil warned Bill to stay out of Griffin's way, because Griffin was out to get him. 

Don Craig and Marlena Evans were becoming closer. Don finally felt able to open up about his late wife and child. Marlena decided to move to a house in the country to get more room because her sister Samantha was coming for a visit. Marlena and Sam were identical twins. Don proposed, but Marlena asked to wait until there were no doubts before they settled on such a heavy committment. Samantha arrived, rebounding from an affair with a married producer. Sam was an actress. She had come to see Marlena, she said, to get away from the Hollywood rat-race. Sam appeared to be dependent on drugs. Don mistook Sam for Marlena on his first visit after her arrival. He found Sam charming. But he was uneasy necking with Marlena with Sam in the house. When he left, Sam called him a "lightweight," saying he was not Marlena's type. Sam asked for sleeping pills. Marlena didn’t believe in them and had none. When Marlena asked if Sam had consistent trouble sleeping, Sam lashed out, demanding Marlena not act like a doctor with her. 

Marlena arranged to meet Sam for lunch and introduce her to Laura Horton. Alone in Marlena's office, Sam stole Marlena's prescription pad. When she was mistaken for Marlena by a nurse, Sam mused, "Salem might be fun after all." Neil discovered Sam while she was sunbathing beside the lake. He was intrigued and invited her to have dinner with Phyl and him some night. Marlena called to say she would be late. Sam then passed the message to Don, who cancelled their date. Marlena wasn’t as late as she thought and was upset her plans were then cancelled. She found the bottle of pills Sam had brought with her and admonished her sister about their dangers. Sam assured Marlena she was not dependent on them, and again demanded Marlena stop acting like a shrink. - Growing up as identical twins was fun for them. They used their appearance to fool boyfriends and teachers. Marlena once took finals for Sam, who went on a jaunt to Las Vegas with friends. Sam had hinted to Don that she was "easier" in high school than Marlena. Sam started med school, too, but left after a semester, with her teachers' blessings.-

Mickey and Maggie’s upstairs neighbors, Jean and Fred Barton, were having marital difficulties. Fred, a CPA, had just started his own business, but when things didn’t go well, he took his frustrations out on Jean by beating her up. Jean told Maggie it was all her fault because she did or said the wrong things. Jean needed Maggie as a confidante, but she was also afraid of what would happen if Fred found out Maggie knew. Maggie suggested they seek counseling. Jean was panicky, saying Fred would never agree. She begged Maggie to never suggest it to Fred. Needing some guidance in this area, Maggie talked to Marlena about the situation. Marlena suggested Maggie call the police. Maggie couldn't because she promised Jean she wouldn't do anything. Maggie told her that the thought of therapy angered Fred. Marlena wondered about the effects of the beatings on the Bartons' son, Billy. Maggie was surprised one morning when Fred dropped by. She continued her housework as they talked. Maggie was uptight. Fred's visit was a ploy to pump Maggie about what Jean might have told her about the beatings. Maggie covered. 

Rebecca and Robert LeClair were in the midst of a divorce so that Rebecca could marry her lover, Johnny Collins. Rebecca had returned to Salem with their son Dougie to get out of Johnny's hair so he could concentrate on finding a job in San Francisco. When he called, telling Rebecca he couldn't function without her, Rebecca left the baby with Robert and went to Johnny. Johnny got a job as head of an ad agency's art department, but the job would take them to Japan, Rebecca was devastated, fearful Robert wouldn’t let her take Dougie out of the country because she guaranteed liberal visitation rights in the divorce settlement. She called Don with the news of Johnny's great job, but when she was evasive about where it was, Don put a private investigator on it. When he learned Johnny's job was in Japan, he got a restraining order for Robert. Robert was astounded. He couldn’t believe Rebecca would take the baby out of the country. When Rebecca arrived to fetch Dougie, Robert asked her where Johnny's job was. She was evasive, lending credence to Don's story. Don was afraid Rebecca would kidnap the baby. Finally, Rebecca leveled with Robert, who refused to let the baby out of the country. Rebecca was stunned. Robert had always been reasonable before. She couldn't understand why he couldn’t see that Dougie belonged with her because she was his mother. When Robert remained adamant about the restraining order, Rebecca moved out to Julie's old apartment and hired her own lawyer to fight for full custody of Dougie. Don wanted to subpoena Johnny, feeling that it he could get Johnny on the stand, he could prove Johnny didn’t want the burden of a baby, thus making Robert the logical one to have Dougie. Since Johnny was in San Francisco, a subpoena would be tricky. Rebecca was surprised when Johnny arrived to help her. But she was also afraid his presence would jeopardize her case. 

Alice Horton’s vague symptoms persisted, despite tests by Mel Bailey that showed she was fine. Mel finally suggested Alice consult with Griffin. She refused, saying neither Tom nor Bill respected him. Mel said a consultation wasn't a committment. Alice wanted to think it over. Tom Horton suffered a stroke, some months ago. Marie Horton, a nun, obtained a leave of absence and had been nursing Tom. In addition, she had taken over all the household chores, leaving Alice with nothing to do. Tom's speech was improving daily, and he could then walk, with the help of a cane. Without thinking one night, Tom and Bill agreed he couldn't have made such great progress without Marie, a statement which hurt Alice deeply. Laura noticed. Laura and Alice talked, and Alice displayed ebbing self-confidence. Laura ascertained that Alice's main problem was not enough to do, noting her very active life before Marie's arrival. Alice prefered to think her problem was physical, rather than psychological. 

Mary Anderson was still torn as to whether to reveal to her father Bob that Brooke Hamilton was the industrial spy in his company. - Mary caught Brooke photographing secret plans one night. Brooke warned Mary that if she told Bob, she - Brooke - would tell Bob about Mary's affair with step-father Neil Curtis. - On the Fourth, Mary called Bob and asked him to come over. She told him about Brooke. He was astounded, then refused to believe it, pointing out Brooke's success in the company, her creativity and drive. Mary said she saw her taking pictures. Bob recalled an earlier time when he almost caught Brooke doing the same thing. Bob asked Mary why she didn't tell him immediately, but before she could confess her affair, he stormed out to confront Brooke. 

Brooke told Bob that Mary made up the story to blackmail her because she knew Mary and Neil were having an affair. Brooke played up how kind he had been to her, insisting she wouldn't do anything to hurt him. Bob became very shaky. But he left immediately. The following morning, Bob put a tail on Brooke and authorized security chief Miller to bug her phone and search her office. Brooke detected the tail on her way home, and was upset to find Joe, her contact, in the apartment. She warned him, but he had already been observed. Bob ordered Joe picked up. Brooke packed. 

Trish called, needing a place to stay that night. Brooke gave in. Meanwhile, Bob had confronted Mary about her affair with Neil. He told Mary he was really hurt, that he had lost all respect for her. He pointed out that he could always rebuild his business, but she was obviously lost to him. Mary was devastated by his judgment and subsequent coldness. 

When Mary was late returning home, Neil was worried. Phyllis, his wife, Mary's mother, was puzzled by his concern and badgered him to reveal the basis of his concern. Neil kept quiet. Phyl was also upset because Neil hadn't been much of a lover lately. Trish arrived at Brooke's and Brooke left to visit Adele's grave to tell her mother that she had ruined Bob and had to leave, While Brooke was gone, Bob arrived at the apartment. Trish left when Brooke returned. Brooke tried to bluff her way out of the situation until Bob told her Joe was in custody. He asked why she did it, saying he'd have given her anything. Brooke replied, "Everything except what I really wanted — your name!" Bob said he didn't acknowledge her as his daughter because of a death-bed promise to Adele. Brooke denied that, saying he didn't acknowledge her because it would have embarrassed Mary, his legitimate daughter. Bob asked Brooke to stay, promising not to prosecute. She refused. He threatened to have her stopped. She threatened to spread the scandal about Neil and Mary all over town. Brooke left as Trish arrived. Mary found Bob was with Brooke and arrived at the apartment just after Brooke had left. Finding Bob refused to have Brooke stopped, Mary took things into her own hands and called the police. 

Brooke picked up a hitchhiker, who was headed for L.A. Brooke offered to take her all the way. When she heard the police sirens, she attempted to outrun them, and was successful until the hitchhiker panicked and grabbed the wheel. The car went off the road and burst into flames. While Bob was trying to call off the police. he got news of the crash. One body was found in the car, burned beyond recognition. Bob identified Brooke's belongings, which were thrown clear. Bob blamed Mary.
Phyllis had been putting things together after finding a book of matches in Mary's studio with the name of a resort in Riverton. Phyl realized Neil had been having an affair and confirmed Dr. and Mrs. Neil Curtis were at the resort the weekend Neil was supposed to be at a medical convention in Chicago. Phyl reached the conclusion that Neil and Brooke were having an affair and Mary was keeping an eye on them! 

The day of Brooke's funeral, Mary finally managed to see Bob, who told her he blamed her for Brooke's death. He thought Mary acted vindictively because Brooke told him about her affair. The funeral was very hard on Trish and Bob. Bob went alone to the cemetery. He bade a touching farewell to his daughter, partially observed by Mary. However, Mary missed the part about Brooke's being Bob's daughter, too. 

Mary was sickened when Neil's reaction to Brooke's death was that their secret was safe then. She told Neil she didn‘t want to have anything to do with him ever again. Mary resolved to become more like Brooke to please Bob. She took Brooke's place as head of PR. Finally, Bob melted towards Mary when Mary told him she didn’t know what she'd do if she lost his love. Bob admitted that Brooke hurt herself. 

Kenny’s boss pushed Toni and Trish around. He wouldn’t believe Toni didn’t know anything. He knocked Toni down. Trish went to help, but he threw her across the room against the door. Trish heard a faint knocking and unlocked the door. It was Danny. The man pulled a gun. As he was ready to leave with Toni, Trish started to faint, distracting the man long enough for Toni to get the gun and give it to Danny. They called the police. When Trish continued in pain, they took her to the hospital. It was touch and go as to whether she would lose her baby. Danny called around to find Mike and reached David who went to Trish, telling the nurse he was the baby's father. He had a steadying influence on Trish. They both recalled what it was like to grow up without knowing a father. David promised their baby would know his father. 

Meanwhile, Mike found out about Trish from Bill. He told Laura and Bill it might be a good thing if Trish did lose the baby — a way out for everyone. - Trish wanted her baby very much. - He knew that was unforgivable, and went to see Trish. Learning David was with her, he went drinking. Later, he burst into Trish's room and had to be bodily removed by Greg Peters. Mike shouted insults at him about taking Tom's job. Greg had him forcibly removed from the hospital. 

Bill was permanently assigned to the graveyard shift by Greg in order to keep him out of Dr. Griffin's hair. After Griffin's "new and radical" tests, Griffin told Alice she appeared to have a pre-cancerous condition of the uterine lining and he recommended an immediate complete hysterectomy. After all, he engagingly added, she didn’t need to carry around all that "excess baggage." When Alice, shocked and frightened, asked why her long-time doctor Mel Bailey didn't find evidence of this after two sets of tests, Griffin blandly replied that sometimes doctors, especially those who weren't up to date on newest techniques and testing, often took a hazy optimistic view of the problems of patients who were also personal friends. Alice was distraught and told Laura what had happened but didn’t want to tell the men in her family for fear of being a burden.

The Doctors

Written by: Douglas Marland
Produced by: Jeff Young

Luke Dancy had discovered that Andre’s Restaurant was in financial trouble. He learned he could buy a controlling interest in the restaurant for $150,000. Luke took his investment idea to Eleanor Conrad, the wealthy widow with whom he was sharing an apartment. Eleanor liked Luke's ideas for the restaurant and asked her lawyer, Harold Kingston, to arrange her affairs so she could have the money. Harold was not sold on the idea, aware the restaurant business could be very tricky, unless managed very well. Harold didn’t feel Luke had enough experience to handle things, so he went slowly with Eleanor's request. The other backers were nervous when Luke ket putting them off, so they asked him to sign papers promising the money by a certain date. 

Doreen Aldrich listened as Luke groused about his backer after one of their frequent nights together. Doreen asked for more information. Luke filled her in, telling her of his plans to make the restaurant over. Doreen asked, 'Even the entertainment?" When Luke answered affirmatively, Doreen hinted she could have the money for him the following day. - Doreen's husband, Jason, had been "keeping company" with Luke's sister Nola, the entertainer at Andre's. Jason and Doreen had been on different wavelengths almost from the start of their marriage. However, it had been more convenient to remain married, especially for Doreen, whose father thought the Aldriches had a perfect marriage. - Doreen asked Jason to arrange for the funds to be transferred from her Texas bank, but he refused, so she arranged it herself. Luke told her he had to give his "backer" another chance. 

At the apartment, Luke told Eleanor the reason he was away all night was that he reconciled with his father, something Eleanor had wanted for some time. Luke again pressed her for the money, and she promised to get it without Harold's help. While Luke was showering, Barney arrived. 

Barney covered for Luke with Eleanor, then made Luke promise to visit the apartment. They put on a good show for Virginia. Barney mae it clear that his good deed with Eleanor entitled him to a piece of the action at Andre's. Doreen got the money to back Luke. But before she let him have the check, she insisted he sign a paper giving her 51 percent controlling interest. Luke hired Jason as his lawyer. Jason found it very interesting that first Doreen asked him to make sure she could cover a check for $83,000, then Luke paid for his interest in Andre's with a check for just that amount. Luke then moved out on Eleanor claiming he would be having business meetings every night. 

Mike Powers and Matt and Maggie had planned a big dinner party at Andre's to welcome his wife Toni home from California. Sara Dancy was baby sitting for Michael Paul. As Mike was ready to leave for the airport - Matt and Maggie were waiting at Andre's -, there was a special bulletin. Toni's plane had crashed into Lake Michigan. Mike called the airline and confirmed the bulletin. Unable to wait at home for news, he headed for the airport, asking Sara to call Matt and Maggie. They all met at the airport, where they discovered Toni was not listed among the survivors. After the Coast Guard gave up the search, the Powers' held a memorial service for Toni. Mike found it hard to get his bearings for awhile, but finally returned to his job as a night watchman, while he considered returning to medicine.
Nola Dancy, on vacation in France, was very uncomfortable with Jason's friends, Bill and Linda Elliott. Nola felt as though she was on exhibit, and found Linda's tales, of the many girls like her Jason's brought to stay with them, very upsetting. She told Jason, who said if it got too bad, they would rent a villa of their own. After a particularly difficult party for Nola, she asked Linda about a woman Jason spent much time talking to. It was an old flame. Jason disappeared the following day, and Linda called around to locate him for Nola, making a point of telling Nola the woman was also out. By the time Jason returned, long after they were due at a party, Nola's jealousy was out of control. As she started to walk out, saying she wouldn’t be made the fool, Jason presented her with a beautiful sapphire ring, one he had made for her that day. They received a call telling them about Toni and arranged to return immediately to Madison. 

Nola embarked on a plan to make Jason jealous. She pretended to date other men, telling Jason she would continue to see others because she was a free agent, just as he was. Jason didn’t like that. Nola said she needed something to fall back on if he tired of her. 

Carolee Aldrich, Steve’s ex-wife, had been having nightmares about the woman named Mrs. Lomax, who abandoned her in a Long Island hospital, doomed, thought Mrs. Lomax, to a chronicly catatonic state. Carolee was confused about whether she was dreaming or actually remembering a real incident. However, upon waking, the details of the dream slipped away. All Carolee was left with was a vague feeling that she knew Mrs. Lomax. - At age 18, Ann Latimer and Steve Aldrich were married for one week-end. Ann's father found them and had the marriage annulled. Steve eventually married Carolee, but Ann had never been able to find happiness with another man because she had always loved Steve. When the Aldrich marriage became rocky, Ann stepped in to comfort Steve, and when Carolee went to New York on a job interview, Ann and Steve became lovers. Carolee returned one night and found them together, neatly arranged by Anne. Carolee left in shock. She was further traumatized by a mugging, and ended up catatonic in a New York hospital. Steve and Ann had been searching for her for months, to different ends, and Ann found her first. Ann blackmailed papers from Paul Summers that allowed her to identify Carolee as Mary Ellen Smithfield. She also stole I. D. from the mother of two of her young patients, Mrs. Lomax. Posing as Carolee`s sister, Ann had Carolee transferred to a private hospital, where Steve couldn't find her. When Dr. Brandt began to make progress with her, Ann abandoned her. Steve finally gave up and married Ann to have a mother for his children. They were married the day Brandt took Carolee to Hope, the day her catatonia lapsed for awhile. She was then well. -

Feeling the net drawing closer around her, deliberately pregnant Ann told mother-in-law Mona Croft that she wanted to move away with Steve. Mona discouraged that idea by explaining that Steve's roots were in Madison and she also wouldn't be separated from her forthcoming grandchild. Ann further ingratiated herself with Mona by choosing the names Mona or Stephen Croft. Anne learned Jason was returning for Toni's services and intended to contact Dr. Brandt. She asked Steve to take her away. He wouldn’t hear of it, citing her "problem pregnancy," another ploy of Ann's to divert Steve and Mona. 

Mona and Doreen planned a kick-off cocktail party to launch the fund drive for the child-care center Doreen's building in her late daughter's memory. Jason suggested Brandt arrive that day. He would arrange to have MJ Match and Ann at the party, to jog Brandt's memory. When Brandt arrived, he and Carolee had a session about the dream of Mrs. Lomax. Carolee recognized the voice in her dream —Ann's. She broke it to Steve. Jason found it confirmed his suspicions. They went on to the party, where Brandt recognized Ann. She tried to deny it, but Jason tricked her into admitting the Lomax children were her patients. Jason and Steve went to the office and confirmed that fact in appointment books. When they returned, Ann was ready to leave. Steve asked why. Ann told him she had always loved him. Mona overheard the confession. When Steve left, she confronted Ann, saying she would never forgive Ann for using her and her love for her. Mona added, "Steve's lucky, really, for he never loved you as I did." Ann went to her old apartment, followed by a private investigator hired by Jason. She prepared to leave town. Carolee, meanwhile, told Steve she has no intention of pressing any charges. Steve wanted an immediate annullment.
Ann left town before Jason could get her name on the annullment papers. Steve wanted to set the police on her but Jason discouraged him, pointing out the resultant sensational publicity. Matt was asking the state medical board to rescind Ann's license to practice. Mona apologized touchingly to Carolee, who accepted with good grace. Carolee told Steve they could both use the time to rebuild their trust in each other. 

MJ Match was dating Tom Carroll steadily. He worked in a bank. Tom was a teacher before going to Vietnam. He returned to find his wife in love with another man. After a bitter divorce, he was finally getting out in the world again. MJ asked that they take it slowly. 

The Edge Of Night

Written by: Henry Slesar
Produced by: Erwin Nicholson

- Beau Richardson had been murdered. Attorney Adam Drake was fatally shot before he could expose who killed Beau. And Mike Karr had been indicted for Beau's murder and was then, with Adam's death, without a defense lawyer.- Police Officer Steve Guthrie had just listened to his girlfriend Deborah Saxon tell him she was raped by the man who was her father's assistant, Beau Richardson. That fact started the wheels turning so Steve deduced a motive for Deborah and/or her adoring father in Beau’s murder — a proper punishment for his crime. 

Monticello’s chief of police, Bill Marceau was temporarily suspended from his position because he refused to retract his state-ments to the press in which he stated Mike's innocence. His free time would be spent underground in an attempt to follow up on Adam's findings — Beau's and, as he sincerely believed, Adam's killer, being one and the same. He proclaimed to Mike, “Adam had a theory, I have a conviction." 

Mike had approached former assistant DA, Draper Scott on the subject of defending him. Draper lost his job because he believed in Mike's innocence and couldn't prosecute him. Draper at first refused, lacking self-confidence, but with the enthusiastic persuasion of his new friend April Cavanaugh - they were introduced by Adam's widow, Nicole Drake -, he took on the job heartily. 

Deborah was insulted that Steve could even consider her father a murder suspect. She broke off with him, this time, she assured her father, it was permanent. Consoling Deborah, Tony revealed how he wanted to tear Beau's skin off and have him beg for his life. He wanted to see him alive so he could see him die again. He vowed he did not kill Beau only because he couldn't. He thanked God Mike Karr did it for him. Steve informed Deborah he was no longer on the Beau Richardson case and received her affections and admitted love once again. This time, with the rape out in the open, she wasn’t terrorized by Steve's embrace. He continued, he was off the Richardson case because he was then on the Drake case. Deborah was put off momentarily, then gave Steve her brainstorm idea – she was going to help him solve the mystery. Tony forbade her to get near the case, emphasizing it as a "parental order." 

Steve and Draper were together searching the files from Adam's office, but in vain. Not until Steve needed a match and remembered seeing a pack laying amongst the papers did he stumble upon what might be the first clue. He had found the word "PACKY" written on the inside flap of the matches. Steve asked questions around the Riverhead Bar where the matches came from, but got no cooperation since he was a familiar face due to his past work on the vice squad. Deborah, however, was more successful. Decked out as a prostitute, she gained information about an Eddy Packard, his address and phone number. While Steve was on a wild goose chase tracking down an old man named Ed Packard, Deborah had found Packy Dietrich, and he was ready to talk to her. 

Nicole no sooner absorbed the tragic news about her husband Adam Drake when she was on Mike and Nancy's doorstep in desperation. She had been at the Clairmont Nursing Home because of her delicate pregnancy, but without Adam, she needed her friends. Her doctor, Miles Cavanaugh was greatly relieved to receive Mike's message that Nicole was safe after her unexpected departure. Mike noted that Nicole was not grieving on the outside, but suffering on the inside. She remained a hermit at the Karr residence and refused to return to the Clairmont. it took a touching conversation between Nicole and Tim Faraday to bring Nicole to a rational concern for her unborn child. Tim tearfully expressed to Nicole how mad he was at Adam for dying. Nicole asked Nancy how little Timmy could comprehend what had happened, when she herself couldn’t. Tim's honesty and courage mixed together in a way that brought Nicole to a state of weeping outwardly. She called Miles to report she was returning to the hospital. As Nancy mentioned, this baby would mean so much to Nicole, she had to do all she could to have it.
Miles’s possessive and jealous wife Denise didn’t accept the news of Nicole's return quite as happily as Miles or April. She'd rather see Miles preoccupied with the politics of hospital administration, than the care of attractive, and then available, Nicole Drake. Miles spent a rare evening at home, and Denise used the occasion to harp on her jealousy. When Miles rebuked her distasteful subject matter, Denise claimed he had given her reasons in the past for her mistrust. 

Nicole had checked into the Clairmont and was ready to be a good patient because she was a VIP - Very Important Pregnancy -. Denise rushed in to welcome her and couldn’t resist reminding Nicole this was a place for "rich widows." Nancy commented to Miles that he should watch Nicole, her grief for Adam had turned into something else, and she was worried about her. 

Johnny Dallas was concerned about his wife Laurie. Since the beginning of her father Mike Karr's problems, she had become obsessed with fear for his survival. Johnny was forced to neglect his restaurant in order to care for his year old son because Laurie had carelessly ignored him. She weaved in and out of a childhood personality causing Johnny great alarm. He asked Mike for help with Laurie, then tried to contact his sister Tracy to babysit. Another surprise about the women in his life, Johnny discovered the lady who answered Tracy's phone was a well-known "madam" in town. Laurie tried to give her son away. She offered him to Tracy and her estranged husband Danny Micelli. Laurie thought JD would be the baby they need to reconcile, and she wouldn't be burdened by him any longer; she believed giving up JD was the solution to all her problems. Nancy and Mike agreed Laurie was in desperate need of professional help. 

Danny missed Tracy and was feeling guilty about cutting off her allowance. He got her phone number from Laurie and went to the address Mrs. Yost gave him over the telephone. Danny was disgusted to see by the surroundings that Tracy was living in a house of prostitution, he assumes she was back to the profession she had before they were married. When Tracy arrived, she told Danny that she was only living there because without money, she had no where else to go. He threw her around, stuffed money in her face and left, enraged. Tracy took her new "friend" Inez Johnson's advice and went after Danny. He flashed a tawyer's business card in her face, announcing he was getting a divorce, Despite Tracy's pleas that he hold off on the divorce, Danny wouldn’t listen. Her denial about returning to prostitution again fell on deaf ears. Tracy then turned up at Bill Marceau's secret office where he was working on the Richardson/Drake case. Witnessed by Mike, Tracy cried to Bill she couldn’t continue working for him, Danny wanted a divorce. - Inez claimed to be an eye witness to Mike killing Beau. Bill's theory was she was hired to lie, and he wanted Tracy to befriend Inez hoping she could draw out the truth from her.- Bill asked for twenty-four hours before Tracy quit, he would even explain things to Danny if he had to. 

Raven Alexander was up to her favorite pasttime, playing roulette with the men in her life. When she had Kevin Jamison right where she wanted him, she teased him by trying to hide her dates with the new assistant DA, Logan Swift. Kevin did not see the humor in Raven's escapade. Since Logan was a law buddy of Draper's, and Draper once proposed to the tickle Miss Alexander, Draper too would have to watch her next move. Raven no sooner had Kevin in her arms forgiving her for her lies and confessing his love for her when she was on the phone accepting a dinner date with Logan. 

Draper had been pleasantly diverted from the likes of Raven by April. She had moved to Monticello and, with Draper's help, found an apartment with a view of Draper's apartment. 

Tony Saxon had diverted his attention from Deborah long enough to attend a society party. There he met wealthy Geraldine Whitney. He was intrigued by her stimulating conversation which prompted him to invite her on a dinner date. Tony and Geraldine, then on a first name basis, agreed it would improve Kevin’s career if he were to be Mike Karr’s replacement as chairman of the Monticello Crime Commission. It was step one towards Geraldine’s dream to see Kevin active in politics.

General Hospital

Written by: Eileen & Robert Mason Pollock / Irving & Tex Elman
Produced by: Tom Donovan

Terri Arnett finally went for her final check-up with Dr. Mark Dante. Following reports from friends that Terri and his wife Mary Ellen – Mellie - seemed to be afraid of each other, Mark made a point of asking Terri about it. Terri passed it off as overconcern on their part. Mellie, meanwhile, had had a duplicate emerald ring made. - Mellie had a long history of emotional instability. While she was Lake Cliff sanitarium, Mark and Terri fell in love. Mellie became aware of it and enlisted the aid of the sanitarium driver, Lenny, to fix the brakes on Terri's car so she'd have an accident on her way home from a visit. When Mellie learned Mark was returning to town with Terri, she had Lenny repair the brakes, and bided her time. Finally, she could bear it no longer. She went to Terri's office at her supper club and told her to be at her apartment at 5:30 or she'd sue for alienation of her husband's affections. Terri gave in, but tried to reach Mark, who was tied up in surgery. Terri kept the appointment, and Lenny fixed the brakes of her car. Mellie drove Terri from the apartment with threats of killing Mark before letting Terri have him. Terri crashed and had to have brain surgery. The whole sequence of events had only recently come back to her. However, earlier, she remembered enough to take Mellie's threats seriously, and Terri broke up with Mark by telling him she didn't love him. Lenny's payment for his work was the $10,000 emerald ring Mellie had inherited from her mother. She told Mark she lost it. The insurance company wasn't willing to pay, though, until they were sure the ring was gone. - Mellie burst in as Terri was leaving Mark's office. She then accused Mark of still being interested in Terri. He reassured her. She then showed him the ring, saying she found it when the cleaners came to pick up their bedroom rug. Mark was suspicious, so that night, he checked for an inscription. It wasn't in the ring. A jeweler confirmed the emerald was also fake. Mark met with McCloskey, the insurance company representative, and found they had located the ring in a pawn shop in L.A., and the ticket was signed by Lenny Hawkins. - Mark became suspicious of Lenny when he got excessive car repair bills and made Mellie fire him as her personal chauffeur. When he first learned Terri said her brakes failed the day of the accident, a fact her brother Jeff denied because he'd just had the brakes checked the day before, Mark checked with the garage, and found Jeff was right. - Mellie learned from Mark that Lenny would be arrested when the ring and pawn ticket arrived. She went to warn him, and found herself fending off a pass. She scratched Lenny. Then Mellie went to Boston to hide with her father. Mark warned Ben she was coming and asked him to watch her.
Mark confronted Lenny, who responded that if he went to jail, so would Mellie. Lenny then told Mark the whole ugly story. Mark wasn't sure of Lenny's veracity, so he checked the story out with Rick Webber, Terri's other brother, was iwass privy to Terri's secret: she broke off with Mark because she felt sure Mellie would kill him if she didn't. Mark realized he was still in love with Terri and swore Lenny and Mellie would pay for their crime. He planned to go to Boston to confront Mellie, but an urgent case kept him tied up. Lenny called and warned Mellie. 
Mellie attempted to arrange an escape to Paris. Lee got the DA to hold off putting out any “wants" on Mellie, saying her husband would bring her back. While Mellie was packing, Mark arrived and explained the mess to her father. Ben said if it was true, Mellie would have to pay. He warned Mark that Mellie's emotional state was unstable. Mellie finally admitted everything to Mark and Ben, saying she had a right to get rid of her husband's mistress. 

Heather Grant and Jeff Webber's baby had to be taken by C-section when Heather went into convulsions induced by her toxemia of pregnancy. The baby was alive, but soon went into respiratory arrest. Dr. Gina Dante saved it by administering artificial respiration. The boy baby was then taken to premie intensive care. His vital signs stabilized temporarily, then he was in serious danger when the ductus in the heart didn’t close, causing the heart to pump blood into the lungs, causing further breathing difficulties. Gina, Rick, and pediatric surgeon Keith Raymond consulted about surgery. All agreed to wait, hoping the ductus would close by itself, because the baby was in such a weakened condition just with the effort of breathing. The baby next went into heart failure, which Gina arrested with injections of digitalis. Soon the baby, then named Stephen Lars by Jeff and Heather, showed signs of toxicity from the digitalis. Rick, who had disqualified himself from surgery on his brother's baby, consulted with Steve Hardy, ironically, the baby's grandfather. - Helene Webber had left her husband Lars. She and Steve were in love when Steve went to Korea. When Steve was reported missing, Helene returned to Lars, but gave birth to Jeff, Steve's son. Only Steve and Terri knew the truth, and were keeping the secret, so as not to damage Jeff's image of his parents. - To Rick, Steve hinted at a special relationship with Jeff, then suggested they set a time limit: if the ductus didn’t close by the following morning, they would have to operate. 

At first, Stephen’s condition was kept from Heather, but when visits to him were constantly postponed, Jeff and Gina levelled with her. At first she blamed herself for fighting so hard to continue to carry the baby, feeling she waited too long to give permission for surgery. Gina and Jeff reassured her. Jeff and Monica were then divorced, and Jeff was planning to marry Heather. Terri stopped by to welcome her to the family. She invited Jeff and Heather to stay at the Webber house. As Terri described it, Heather played dumb. But her lie caught up with her when Terri later suggested Heather could redecorate the bedroom Jeff and Monica shared. Heather responded that that room become the nursery and she and Jeff take a room down the hall. Others passed off the lie as embarrassment, pointing out Jeff and Heather conceived a baby somewhere. Terri hoped Jeff wasn't in for more misery. Meanwhile, Larry Joe, Heather's ex-husband, began brooding about his hand in exposing that Monica and Rick were having an affair to an unsuspecting Jeff by luring Jeff to the apartment at Heather's instigation and with her promise they'd get back together. 

Rick and Lesley Faulkner were engaged again. They planned to be married after Steve Hardy and Audrey Hobart were married. While Monica Webber was in the Caribbean getting a divorce from Jeff, with Jeff's blessing, Monica's career at General Hospital was in jeopardy. Steve planned to fire Monica. However, Lesley intervened on her behalf, pointing out what an excellent physician Monica was. Steve agreed to keep her on, provided Rick kept Monica on his cardiac surgery service. Rick agreed, reminding Monica that from then on their relationship would be strictly professional. 

Tom Baldwin had told Audrey Hobart that he would hold off signing their divorce papers unless she agreed to let their son Tommy move with him to Salt Lake City. When Tommy made it clear to Audrey that he was very unhappy at the prospect of being so far away from Steve and her, Audrey dug in her heels to fight for Tommy's sole custody. Tom refused Peter Taylor's offer to act as a disinterested party in plumbing Tommy's real feelings. The constant fighting drove Tommy to run away. The morning he was found, after spending the night in the park, Audrey admonished him, then assured him of her love. Tom overheard the latter, and accused Audrey of coddling her son, of not teaching him to face his problems, instead of running away from them. He promised to deal harshly with Tommy. 

Adam Streeter went to Mexico City for a medical convention. While he was gone, Dr. Gary Lansing, the young man who left Gina for a rich woman who promised to buy him a practice, arrived to be a partner with Keith Raymond. He tried desperately to regain Gina's attention, but Gina told him she was through with him for good. 

Diana Taylor used Jessie Brewer to find out Mike Mallon was still at the Children's Center. Learning Mrs. Endecott, their case-worker before Mike was taken away from them, was looking for another job, Diana asked Lee Baldwin to place Mrs. Endecott with another agency, hoping Mrs. Endecott would then be able to explain why Mike was taken from them. - Pat Lambert, an old enemy of Diana's, returned to town briefly. Learning of the impending adoption of Mike, Pat anonymously told the directors of the center of Diana's involvement in the Phil Brewer murder case. The center felt Diana was unfit to be Mike's mother. – 

Mike Mallon was brought to the hospital with a broken arm. Without thinking, when Diana saw him, she took him to his favorite hamburger place. Leslie and Jessie were frantic. They finally reached Peter, who found them and got Mike back to the hospital before the social worker realized anything was wrong. 

Heather and Jeff’s baby survived the operation on his heart. Jeff thanked Monica for her assistance. She hoped it would help repay some of the damage she had done. Meanwhile, Larry Joe almost fainted when Laura told him Heather and Jeff had a baby. He took flowers to her in the hospital, then apparently suffered a heart attack in the corridor outside her room. 

When Tom accused a sick Tommy of faking, Audrey couldn’t believe it. Tom's insensitivity spurred her to ask Lee to start divorce proceedings again. This time she wanted to file on grounds of desertion. Lee told Tom he was on Audrey's side.

Guiding Light

Written by: Bridget & Jerome Dobson
Produced by: Allen Potter

Dr. Emmet Scott had begun assisting Dr. Justin Marler in surgery. He was enjoying his comeback to medicine since his heart attack which brought him with his daughter Jackie to Springfield to be under Justin's care. 

He was detected a woeful mood in Jackie and persisted until she could hold back no longer. She unburdened about her past with Justin and the reason they divorced. For three years she and Justin were extremely happy. Then came the fateful night when she decided to surprise Justin who was in New York at a medical convention. She had wonderful news to give him. She opened his hotel door and saw Justin in the room with another woman. Jackie never forgave Justin for what he did to her. Emmett was intensely attentive but insisted Jackie reveal to him what her news was. She hesitated, but Emmett heatedly persevered. He was struck by excrutiating pain in his chest, and ordered a frantic Jackie to get Justin just before he fell to the floor unconscious. Jackie performed CPR and Justin was on his way within seconds after Jackie's call. Jackie saved her father's life but a triple by-pass had to be performed if he was to survive. Emmett was like a father to Justin. He was feeling incompetent until his colleague - and former fiancee - Dr. Sara McIntyre built Justin's confidence by her ultimate faith in Justin as a surgeon. Justin was relieved to report to Jackie the operation was a success. They were still cautiously optimistic but all signs looked positive. 

Jackie conceded to Justin that after a tragedy one saw things differently. She had been selfish and egotistical and had too much pride to be honest with him. She still cared and wanted to start all over because the divorce was a mistake. She was sorry for what she did to Justin, and they could still have the baby they always wanted. Instead of Justin's forgiveness, she received his rejection. He alleged they had changed, their lives were moving in different directions and it was the marriage that was a mistake. Alone with her memories, Jackie came to the realization that Justin married her for her father's connections in medicine. She declared that she gave him her soul and he was only fond of her. “Justin the man never really existed except to help Justin the doctor." He used her and for that she would never forgive him. She loathed people who took everything and returned nothing. Sara sensed Justin's quiet mood lately. He replied to her inquisition about it that he wished he had a son like T.J. - Sara's adopted son -, and regretted not having done things differently with his life. Justin snapped back to Jackie that he fathered a child and she went out and terminated the pregnancy. She had no right to do what she did. Jackie retorted it was her love child and only an ego trip to Justin. They parted with bitter resentment. Jackie vowed to herself no one would ever know the truth.
Evie Stapleton was growing very fond of Ben McFarren. She wanted very much for her mother to share her feelings for him. Viola Stapleton bought one of Ben's paintings to tell Evie she accepted him. Ben was sincere when he told Evie he cared for her, but remembering his relationship with Hope Bauer made him sombre. Evie sensed something is wrong. Evie confided to her sister Rita she was falling in love with Ben. She and Ben discussed premarital sex, Evie asserting she would "save herself" for marriage. Ben agreed, giving her full understanding for her convictions. He assured her he had no wicked designs on her. 

Ben had sent a card to Hope for her birthday, enclosing a message that if she wished, he'd finish her portrait and give it to her. Hope went to Ben's apartment to talk to him about it, but seeing Evie there, apologized for coming. Evie thought she should be the one to leave Ben and Hope together. Ben asked Evie to stay. Hope refused the portrait, then sadly left. - Hope and Ben were engaged to be married but Ben would not be honest with her about a crime his brother committed and Ben was accused of. In order to protect his brother, Ben would not confide the truth to Hope. Hope broke the engagement unable to enter into marriage with this deception between them. - To satisfy Evie's doubts, Ben admitted he once cared deeply for Hope but it didn't work. How could you find love if you didn't take the risk? Hope was confused because she knew she shouldn't still be in love with Ben, but she was. She hoped if she returned to the University in Santa Barbara her current emotional upheaval would subside. With a trip to Paris as part of the curriculum, Hope had decided it would be the best thing to do at this time. She told her father she would say goodbye to Ben before she left. Ben regretted Hope's decision to leave, but gave her no choice but to pursue her plans. She lingered, as if waiting for the words that would make her stay. Ben kissed her goodbye. Evie entered the room with a gift she had planned to surprise Ben with. She assumed the kiss was a sign of their love restored, hers for Ben lost, and ran outside unseen. She slipped on the slick terrace and fell, being knocked unconscious when she hit her head. Ben found her moments later and she was rushed to Cedars with a possible broken ankle and head trauma. Rita called Ed to examine Evie. He was at first optimistic about her condition, reassuring Viola. In the emergency room later, however, he spoke to Rita about his concern due to Evie's prolonged unconsciousness. Ben realized why she was upset before the fall and was anxious to talk to her. 

Holly Bauer was in the crucial twelve hours of her viral pneumonia. Sara had a strong intuition there would be a noticeable change. Barbara Thorpe, Holly's mother, was called back to the hospital in case the change is for the worse. As Holly floated between being lucid and delirious, Dr. Ed Bauer was keeping a constant vigil at Holly's bedside. She mumbled her apologies for hurting Ed in the past. All she wanted was his happiness. She asked Ed to take care of Christina. - Christina was Holly and Roger Thorpe's daughter, conceived while Holly was married to Ed. Ed loved Christina as his own, though her illigitimate birth was the cause of Ed's divorce from Holly. – Holly was walking a tightrope with her life, both Ed and Sara were frightened. Ed talked to Holly, hoping she would grasp onto his words to fight as she had never fought before !
The infinite hours of waiting had induced Barbara to reflect how she had dwelled on things in the past and it then all seemed insignificant. Her marriage to Adam had been damaged because Barbara allowed her blaming Roger - Adam's son - to take priority over forgiveness and acceptance of his mistakes. This time when Roger appeared at the hospital to check on Holly's condition, Barbara refrained from her usual verbal hostilities to him. 

Sara was beaming as she reported to Barbara Holly was over the crisis and on the road to a speedy recovery. Holly was like a new person when she awoke, feeling so much stronger. Ed was the first person she saw. Because of Ed's devotion to Holly through her illness, his mother Bert wondered if there was a chance for Ed and Holly again. Ed firmly asserted he wanted no emotional entanglements at this time in his life. 

Barbara was grateful to Adam for being with her through Holly's illness, she realized then how much she needed him. They mutually agreed, however, their lives were moving in different directions. Barbara mentioned a divorce. Adam agreed. 

On Christina’s second birthday, Roger delivered an heirloom broach for her and while there, relayed to Holly that Rita Stapleton - whom Ed proposed to after his divorce from Holly - knew he was Christina's father. - Ed could not forgive Rita the lies she told to prevent him learning of her romantic involvement with Roger before either of them came to Springfield. He withdrew his proposal because of this. - Holly was torn because she felt she should tell Ed the risk Rita took to prevent hurting him, but feared it would dampen the new closeness they shared. 

Barbara accidentally found Adam enjoying Rita's company in the hospital coffee room. She was unnerved by this. Adam saw her and asked about the divorce proceedings she was so determined to start. Her reply was she was not determined, just resigned to it. 

A mysterious woman was lurking in Rita's life. Someone from Sweetwater, Texas called her at the hospital. She hung up before talking to Rita. Days later, a young girl showed up at Rita's station asking for advice about Cedars' nursing program. Rita cut the conversation short as Evie's arrival in the emergency room was just reported to her. 

Bert Bauer reminisced to Ed about the memories she cherished for her late husband who died ten years ago. Steve Jackson visited Bert later and sprung on her a request that she accompany him during his medical tour in Europe. 

Love Of Life

Written by: Gabrielle Upton
Produced by: Darryl Hickman

"The best laid plans" of Rick Latimer and Arlene Lovett had gone awry. Arlene, recently assured of Dr. Tom Crawford's continued interest in her, packed her bags and was almost ready to leave when Ian Russell, the man who paid all her bills, arrived. Arlene told him she was leaving him to be with Tom, no matter what he did to her. Arlene was terribly frightened that Ian would harm her, but lan assured her he wouldn’t lay a hand on her, but she wouldn’t leave. Arlene pointed out the futility of continuing their arrangement when she obviously loved Tom and had a chance for a future. Ian told her that no one ever walked out on him. To keep her in the place he had chosen for her, Ian suggested that a surgeon like Tom needed all his fingers in working order. lan made it clear that Tom could have an accident if she left. Arlene couldn't risk it and unpacked her clothes. 

Despite Joe Cusack’s warning that Arlene would never leave Ian, Tom sent Arlene flowers and a note saying he was waiting. Arlene discarded the flowers and burnt the note. She told Ray Slater all that happened and he told her to hang tight, that he and Rick were working on something. 

Rick arranged to go to New York to find Frankie Sills, purported to have done 12 years in prison for Ian. Rick had to sneak away because his wife Cal had been begging for a trip there, and Rick had chosen to keep her uninformed about his troubles with Ian. To keep her off-guard, he asked her to go to dinner that night. 

When Rick arrived at the address in New York, he found Sills wasn't home, but Nita was. She tried to discourage Rick's sticking around, but he resisted all attempts to get rid of him. In an unguarded moment, Nita sneaked a gun out of a drawer and into the basket of laundry she was ironing. When Rick realized he wouldn’t make it home to keep his dinner date with Cal, he called home. Hank answered the phone and took the message to Cal, who was with Michael, having taken him dinner. Cal had been explaining her delight at Rick's finally taking some time for her. When Hank reported the call was collect from New York, Cal was devastated. She was further upset when her mother Meg Hart arrived, asking if Rick was back yet. Cal was deeply hurt that her mother should know things she herself did not. When Meg refused to offer any explanations, Cal threatened to call Ian, but something in Meg's voice stopped her. 

Sills returned to the apartment. He and Rick struggled, and Nita pulled out the gun. Rick managed to get it from her and held Sills and Nita at bay. He showed them a picture of Ian and said he was willing to pay for information about him. Obviously lying, Sills denied knowing Ian, but when Rick left, after writing his name and number on the picture, Sills told Nita that he knew Ian and Ian owed him.
After Rick returned, Cal let him know how upset she was. Meg offered to stick around and comfort him, but he refused. Ray got the bad news and told Arlene his plan fell through. Arlene started drinking. Tom dropped by Beaver Ridge to ask Arlene why he hadn't heard from her. As they were talking, Ian arrived, and to protect Tom, Arlene made it clear that it was over between them for good. Meg told Arlene some days later that her mother, Carrie Johnson, felt abandoned. Arlene went to see Carrie, begging her to get to know Ian better. Carrie knew of Tom's interest in Arlene and professed lack of understanding of Arlene's choosing Ian over Tom. Arlene begged Carrie to give Ian a chance. Carrie replied she would have lunch with Ian if Arlene could look her in the eye and tell her Ian was a "decent and honorable man." Arlene ran out, and really hit the bottle. Ray went to Carrie and told her what her rejection was doing to Arlene. Carrie remained adamant, until Ray reminded her that Arlene was with Ian to repay him for covering Carrie's hospital expenses.
Cal continued to be cold to Rick. Michael suggested she take an architecture course at the college during the summer. Cal liked the idea. When Cal came down with the same flu as Michael had, and Meg arrived to find him keeping her company, she started to make nasty insinuations. Cal told her to cool it. Meanwhile, Sills looked up Rosehill on a map, and despite Nita's pleas to stay out of things, drove there. He arrived just after Rick had left to meet Meg to discuss a plan she said she had to get Ian. Actually, Meg had no plan. She just wanted Rick alone, hoping to win him from Cal. 

Mia Marriott was devastated when husband Andrew asks her for a divorce. Andrew was very logical about it: things hadn't been going well in bed for almost a year; she deserved someone younger, more vital to love. Mia responded that she loves him! Andrew replied that loving someone was not the same as being in love with him. Mia confided to friend Wendy that she felt her past was repeating itself. - Mia met Andrew while recovering from a suicide attempt when her former lover, a married man, rejected her for his wife. - Despite her pleading and attempts to use her feminine wiles, Andrew went ahead arranging everything, including a generous settlement. 

In an attempt to try to find his goal in life, Ben Harper began to write, feeling inadequate as he did so, but persisting. Mia found some discarded pages. 

Tom asked Wendy for a date, which was a flop. 

Bruce Sterling was relieved to find that he did not have heart trouble. However, Joe asked him to come back to have the blood tests redone, as the lab obviously made errors. Bruce rescheduled the blood tests, then cancellled the appointment, musing that labs didn't usually make such mistakes.

Eddie Aleata told Van his worst enemy was time in his fight to win custody of his son. 

Meg called Carrie to gloat that she had finally lured Rick to her house. Meg told Carrie that one couldn’t go on loving someone without something in return. However, instead of going to Meg's, Rick went home to Cal. They made up. Furious at having been kept waiting, Meg called Rick at home. She demanded he meet her the following night. Cal was upset, saying it was clear the part of his business that involved her mother was the same as before, and it was clear Meg was after him. Rick reminded her he came home to her and that he loved her. This cleared the air for Cal. But the following night Rick went to see Meg. Cal received a call from the club for him. Later Rick told Cal he came straight home. 

Sills waited for Rick at the bar. Finally, as he was ready to leave, he ran into Ian, whom he called Artie Higgins. Ian pretended not to know him, but Sills called him "Russell." Later, they arranged to meet at Arlene's apartment the following night. Ian took Arlene to the key club that night, to keep her out of the way. Meanwhile, Carrie had decided that Ray was right and went to the club to talk to Arlene. When she couldn’t find her there, Carrie went to her apartment to wait for her. Ian arrived and Carrie told him she was afraid Arlene might kill herself or go crazy in her velvet trap. She suggested he let Arlene go to avoid any nasty publicity. She left Ian pondering the possibilities of a deranged Arlene as Sills arrived. 

Joe took Wendy out. After a bad beginning, she decided she liked him. Tom told Joe he wondered how Arlene could stand it, sleeping with Russell every night. Joe conjectured she was either on booze or put herself into a psychic split, separating her mind from her body. 

One Life To Live

Written by: Gordon Russell
Produced by: Joseph Stuart

The Cat-Brian scan had revealed that a small area in Joe Riiey's brain had suffered some damage, possibly due to an infarction, or it might indicate an incipient tumor. Joe was told to return for a further scan in three months as the tumor, if that was what it was, would have grown sufficiently to be detected. The doctor's parting advice to Joe was to try to lead as normal a life as possible in the next three months - anxiety was no cure. Once again Joe couldn’t bring himself to tell Viki, though lie, himself, maintained to Dorian that it was an indication of a lack of trust and he couldn’t afford the strain it would place on the relationship while he waited out his time to return to the hospital. Dorian pretended to go along with whatever he thought was best but reminded him that the fear of the unknown which he was suffering was – avoidable - for Viki.
Peter Janssen had dined with Viki in Joe's absence and Viki invited him to dinner when Joe returned, unable to resist a little matchmaking. Peter told her he already knew a perfect lady for him —Viki. Peter's dinner companion turned out to be an Army Sergeant, relentlessly hale, hearty and opinionated. In the meanwhile, Dorian had taken Marco Dane up on his offer – “I take care of your car, your garden; why not you?" - but told him there would not be a repeat performance, insisting that he get it straight that he was not important to her life. 

At Llanfair one evening, Peter and Viki saw Joe sway and Dorian distracted Viki with an invitation to see the changes she had made in the gardens. Peter took Joe's word that he was only overworked and went on with his conversation. Dorian told Joe in a moment alone that she had observed him drawing out Peter and sizing him up. She said it was obvious to her that Joe was worrying to the extent of hand-picking his successor. Joe conceded that he believed when he returned to the hospital that it was very likely he would be told he had had it. 

Naomi Vernon had lost her life in an attempt to shock Will into returning home, an attempt which backfired tragically. Her last days were spent alternating between bitterly denouncing Will, saying that she and his children would be better without him, and begging Samantha to ask Will to come back, pretending to herself that Will couldn’t mean to leave permanently though he had taken up residence in a hotel. But after Will called to blame her pressuring for Sam's having walked out of his office to seek out Marco - telling her father she got his message: "look out for Number One and to hell with everyone else"-. Naomi told Brad she would not be discarded for her husband's vanity. 

Naomi’s desperate try at a solution was to set up a situation whereby Brad would find her in time to save her life after a massive overdose of barbiturates - as he had when he was a child ten years before when his father was having an affair with another office nurse -. Brad was with Lana and did not make it home at the promised time and when he tried to phone, the line was busy as Naomi, realizing that something had gone wrong, tried to get help but was too far gone to call for it. Brad arrived to find Naomi dead, the phone on the floor and a medical hook nearby. Ed Hall was called in and read Naomi's letter telling Will she knows he wished that Brad had never found her in time ten years ago so that he wouldn't have had to wait so long for his freedom and that he was free of her then.
The shock waves of Naomi Vernon's death were felt all over Llanview. Jenny Siegel was on her way back from a retreat house where she had gone to try to sort out her feelings and was unaware of what had happened. At first, out of his own need, Brad told Jim that he was going to drive up to tell Jenny what had happened, but when he thought it over, he went drinking and ended up at Lana's apartment, sleeping on her couch. He wouldn’t return home as Will had then moved back in at Sam’s request and was seeing to the funeral arrangements. 

Karen Wolek’s callous attitude shocked and alienated first Lana and then Larry, each, in turn, telling her that unless something affected her personally, she didn’t give a damn. When Jenny came in to learn about Naomi’s death from Dr. Jim Craig, Karen was present and, learning that Will and Brad, father and son, were both in love with Jenny, she blurted out that all this time she thought Jenny was leading a boring life. 

Peter Janssen had told Dorian that she judged people on the basis of her own behavior when Dorian gossiped about Will carrying on a "flagrant affair" with Jenny. When Jim told Dorian that he had refused to accept Will's proffered resignation, she told him that two members of the Hospital Board had called to complain about Will's behavior and would have to be dealt with. Jim told her he was too busy and would worry about that at the time of the next board meeting.
Tony Lord and Will Vernon had convinced Pat Kendall that she had been letting her young son Brian get the upper hand with her own anxieties about not telling Brian that Tony was his real father. Before Tony left for the Carribean, Pat insisted that the boy go to an amusement park with herself and Tony, an outing that she had allowed Brian to beg off from before. Tony gave Pat an engagement ring which she accepted and she ùade it clear to Brian that she intended to marry Tony soon after he returned. When Brian asked her if she would still marry Tony if Paul Kendall were alive, she told him she couldn’t answer such a question. 

Pat left Brian with a sitter when Tony called from the Carribbean to tell her he would meet her at a restaurant immediately after his plane landed. Pat waited in vain and came home to find Larry there to tell her that Tony was seriously injured when he was hit by another car pulling out of the airport parking lot. After Tony was operated on for a ruptured spleen and Pat learned that the staff had been unable to stabilize his condition, Larry gave her a bunch of violets that were with Tony's belongings when he was brought in. When Viki came to be with her, Pat told her that Tony might not live through the day and if he died, she would never tell Brian that Tony was his father. 

In a Washington D.C. Bureau office, Agent Ray Benedict sent for an undercover man who was about to be discharged from the hospital after a long recovery from severe burns … Paul Kendall. He told Paul that they had no choice but to allow the report of Paul's death to go uncorrected because his "cover" was blown a long time ago and even then there might be people in the underground revolutionary organization he had penetrated who doubted that Paul was really killed. He told Paul that he was being honorably retired with the thanks of his superiors at the agency and recommended Paul visit a psychiatrist familiar with the probems he would then face.

Paul learned that Pat and his son Brian were living in Llanview and that the last three men who might suspect the truth had been safely put away in prison. He asked the Agency Psychiatrist if he had any suggestions as to how he should let his wife and son know he was alive. He then said he wouldn't know about the human side of what he was going through, remarking bitterly that his advice would probably be to let Pat read about it in the papers, just the way she found out about his "death."
Brad got drunk on the eve of his mother's funeral. At Tony Lord's place, he noticed Paul Kendall's interest when there was talk of Pat and Tony and lurched over to Paul's table, accusing him of bothering "his girl" as Paul was learning of Pat's engagement and Tony's accident from Lana. Lana did not allow Brad to stay at her place because she was frightened by his anger and he turned up the following morning in his bed at the Vernon house, unable to remember having come home. Samantha begged her brother to stay but he refused. 

Dorian was increasingly critical of Brad's behavior as it was not in keeping with her image of someone who had a business to run. She told Will, after Naomi's funeral, that she would try very hard to see that he remained on the hospital staff. After she left, Will asked Sam what she thought of Dorian's performance, adding that he already knew she had been attacking him to Jim Craig. Instead of going to the Vernon house after the services, Brad went to see Jenny. When he told her he didn’t know what he would do if she kept pushing him away, Jenny told him angrily not to threaten her; that she couldn’t be responsible for what he did. 

Paul finally decided he had go to see Pat and walked into her office as Pat was checking by phone on Tony's condition. Trembling with shock, Pat was unable to understand how Paul could have gone along with the agency's orders to keep her believing he was dead and allowing her to tell Brian that he had lost his father. Paul learned that Tony Lord was the man Pat knew as Tony Harris and that Brian had not been told that Tony was his father because Brian didn’t trust Tony. Pat tried to convince Paul that Tony had changed from the footloose, irresponsible man who walked out on her. As they were arguing, a young eager-beaver reporter came in and introduced himself to Paul. He was Richard Abbott, late Victor Lord’s nephew and recently arrived in Llanview to work at the Banner.

The following day, Richard told Pat he realized who Paul was. He insisted that it was a very important news story 'which he offers to take a crack at writing if it is too painful for Pat, herself. Pat asked him to suppress the story ‘til she knew the right thing to do about her son. As he turned away, she asked: "Richard, are you going to print the story?" His reply was, "I have more respect for you than that." Paul came in to ask if she had told Brian, and when she begged for another day or two, he told her he was going to see Brian that day. 

But Pat was summoned to the hospital where Tony's condition had worsened as pneumonia had set in further indangering his life. Pat realized this when she was immediately ushered into his room as her previous pleas to just sit with Tony had been refused. As Pat sad holding Tony's hand, and willing him to live by tearfully reaffirming her love and her need for him in the future they planned together, Paul, who had moved unnoticed to the doorway, overheard her affirmations and prayers.

Ryan’s Hope

Written by: Claire Labine & Paul Avila Mayer
Produced by: Claire Labine, Paul Avila Mayer & Robert Costello

As Roger Coleridge was performing an emergency operation, scheduled by Pat Ryan on Alicia Nieves' twelve year-old brother for a subdural hemotoma, it became clear that there was no bleeding, no evidence at all of hemotoma but indications of brain infection. He ordered Pat to close immediately and Pat tried to beg off. Roger insisted that Pat himself close. After the boy was returned to his room, it was clear that Pat had erred in a number of ways in his treatment of Angel Nieves. The child's illness was still undiagnosed and the surgical procedure, besides being traumatic, could have introduced further infection. Roger told Pat he understood that the schedule he had been living with was a killer and it was evident that he was exhausted with his own personal problems. He called for an immediate blood work-up and ordered Pat to speak to Alicia. She told him that the boy had had dizzy spells and had been complaining of an earache. Pat realized that the boy's headache and stiff neck indicated Meningitis. 

When Delia arrived at the hospital to take Pat home, he turned her away angrily and Roger explained Pat's remark that he made a very serious error in treating Alicia's brother. As Bob Reod and Alicia were puzzling over the fact that Angel's skull injury was apparently not the cause of the boy's condition, Delia commiserated saying she felt awful because it was Paddy who "made the mistake." Alicia learned of the new diagnosis, of the danger the delay in beginning treatment for Meningitis entailed and that the boy was dehydrated from a dangerously high fever. She asked Clem to take Pat off the case and told Pat after Bucky took over that nothing mattered but that her brother was dying due to Pat's impatience or exhaustion. 

Jack Finelli’s answer to Jumbo's outraged bellow that bringing a broad to his own kid's Christening was a crummy way to behave was "I'll get better at it — practice makes perfect." When he ran into Martha McKee at Riverside Hospital as they were both covering an incident of picketing by the hospital orderlies, Jack asked her to lunch at Lem's, telling her his wife and he were separated and soon to be divorced. Martha asked how she could be sure Jack was not lying and wondered why Tom Desmond seemed to hate him. Faith Coleridge appeared, and hearing what she had to say to Jack, Martha realized that Mary wanted to stay married, something Jack failed to mention. She told him to go home, call his editor, do his column, get his divorce. However she later turned up at Jack's apartment, telling him she went through the same thing with a man she was in love with, breaking up when the man remarked that they were so close they were like one person. She told Jack she got free and he would, too. 

Jack and Martha were kissing as Delia knocked at his door, pleading with him to open up as it was an emergency. Jack replied that Delia's whole life was an emergency and Dee noticed the lipstick on his face and then saw Martha McKee. Delia blurted out “Her? She ruined my husband's race for Congress." - Delia was formerly married to Councilman Frank Ryan when Martha McKee exposed his affair with Jillian Coleridge and his wife's attempted suicide after Frank professed to believing a politician should be "up front" with his constituents in the wake of Watergate. Delia was then married to Frank's brother, Pat Ryan. - Dee hurriedly went on to say that as far as she was concerned, she didn't see Martha and told Jack about Pat's situation, asking him to write a column that might be a help to Pat if the hospital should try to lay all the blame on him. Jack sent Dee off, refusing to do anything without talking to Pat. 

The following morning, Mary went to Jack's apartment, telling him that Delia mentioned that he was looking poorly. She recognized Jack's anger and panic as a cover up just as Martha stepped out of Jack's bathroom. In a flash Mary recalled the last time she saw Martha at Jack's place before their marriage and the vibrations she felt then, but didn't question deeply, since at least then Martha was not wearing her hair in a towel or sporting Jack's bathrobe as she was then. She asked only if Martha spent the night there. Martha admitted it but insisted she and Jack were not "involved." Mary rejoined that Jack was not in love with anybody but Jack and told her she probably wouldn’t have another sweet night of passion until the next time the moon was full, conceding it probably was not planned, because if she – Martha - came to offer Jack affection, he wouldn't let her in the door, no less his bed. Mary slammed out and Martha told Jack she wouldn’t see him again 'til he had worked this through. Mary banged on the door again and Martha returned to the bathroom to leave them alone. 

Mary told Jack that this was it. She would have Frank contact Anne Burney, Jack's lawyer, and go along with the divorce and annullment. With the exception of saying, for her part, that she believed Jack never loved her, she would let him go through with the fraud he was basing his request for an annullment on. She told him he would never have to see his daughter again and that she was grateful Ryan and she wouldn’t be around to see the mess he mae of his life. 

After a night during which Angel Nieves was administered the last rites of the church by Fr. McShane when Alicia was unable to contact her own pastor, Alicia slept, exhausted. Pat was waiting hollow-eyed outside Angel's room talking with Faith Coleridge, when Bucky came out grinning to tell them that the boy had survived the crisis. Bucky and Faith talked Pat into celebrating with a cruise on Bucky's houseboat and after Pat tried to call Delia and got no answer, he went along. 

Pat fell asleep and after a time Bucky reached Dee to tell her that Angel was better and Pat was asleep at his place. When Dee learned he was talking about his boat and the "fellow resident" there with them was Faith, she insisted Bucky bring Pat right home. Bucky hung up, telling her he would call her again when she calmed down. Dee rushed to Roger to ask him to drive her out to the Marina. When he refused, she said she would take a taxi and then had to borrow twenty dollars for the fare. Roger laughed at her and called out "Bon Voyage" as she stormed out. 

Delia was waiting on the dock when Bucky got back in and as Delia, infuriated by Faith's attitude, said at least she didn’t have to resort to kidnapping somebody else's husband, Bucky pushed her into the water with an ice chest he was holding. 

After Delia was helped up to the dock, Bucky gave her a blanket and offered to drive her home. When she refused, telling Pat that Bucky pushed her, Pat said he didn't see what happened and Bucky told her that the taxis were very busy and she might have to wait an hour. When she had no choice but to go along or risk pneumonia, Bucky grinned and, as they prepared to leave, called out "Oh Dee, watch your step." At home Pat told Delia she had no right to talk to Faith as she did on the way home and that it was over and she should forget about it. Delia burst into tears saying she made a fool of herself in front of Bucky and Faith. This Pat could relate to and he comforted her.

When she first heard from Faith of Pat's situation, Jillian went immediately to Frank, telling him that his brother would need legal ad-vice and as she was representing the hospital, all she could do was to inform Frank so that he would learn of it right away as Pat was in no condition to think of protecting himself. Frank thanked her cooly and when Jill wondered at his impersonal attitude toward her, he told her she had the baby and Seneca and couldn’t have him as well. When he went to see Seneca, Frank remarked, unfairly, that he had been wondering if Seneca wasn't tempted to get back at him through his brother.

When Jillian saw Johnny Ryan in the park while she was with the baby, she apparently sought Johnny's approval of the way she had arranged for herself, Seneca and the baby to be a "unit" without being a family. Johnny told her that it seemed to be a wonderful alternative for her but he didn’t think it was any kind of a solution for Edmund at all. He says Edmund had a mother and a father and he didn’t understand how anyone would deliberately choose Jillian's kind of arrangernent. 

Jill Coleridge was present when Frank asked Seneca about any side effects Angel Nieves might suffer and what kind of disciplinary action Pat would have to face. When Seneca told him it was too soon to know on both counts, Frank maintained that the hospital administration should have to answer — not Pat. Jillian told Frank that allowing Jack Fenelli to quote him on such complex issues was, at best, careless and casual and, at worst, a personal vendetta. She asked him not to make any more comments about Riverside Hospital. Frank challenged her to tell him that she was not being intensely hostile to him. Frank was told that he could very well paralyze the hospital by pressuring it publicly. 

Alicia visited her brother at Riverside, and when she observed that he spilled a milkshake she brought, because he was unable to grasp the container, she demanded that Roger Coleridge tell her what was wrong with the boy. Roger told her that there had been some impairment to the left side of Angel's brain resulting in paralysis to the boy's right side. Alicia turned to Pat saying she trusted him and made Angel trust him and then he was crippled. She told Pat he was wrong to undertake the boy's treatment knowing he was neither awake nor alert enough to treat anybody. She said she could never afford to pay the bills which a long stay in the hospital and special treatment would mean and she was going to have to find some way to get the money. 

Alicia asked Bob Reid for the name of a good lawyer and after speaking with Frank as to who was the best in the field, Bob recommended Dave Feldman, the new district leader of Frank's party. After hearing the facts, Dave accepted the case, telling Alicia that it would probably be settled before a malpractice panel. 

Search For Tomorrow

Written by: Robert J. Shaw
Produced by: Mary-Ellis Bunim

Wade Collins had given Liza Kaslo a pep talk, hoping he could draw her out of her seclusion. Since the plane crash that left her beautiful face permanently scarred, she couldn’t accept her future without her modelling career. He left her a book to read : “The Life of Helen Keller" with the anticipation that Helen Keller's fortitude would enlighten Liza. After her grandfather read a passage to her, she continued to read alone and Wade's therapy took effect. Liza agreed to date her husband Steve again, and thanked Wade for making her realize her problems were very small. Her friends, and especially Steve, were pleased at Liza's apparent adjustment. Bruce and Amy Carson accompanied Steve and Liza on a night on the town, but the celebration ended abruptly. A school acquaintance of Liza's was impressed by Liza's prestigious career. To explain why she had quit modelling, Liza showed her scars. Her friend was so shocked, she poured out her pity. Liza ran out to escape the humiliation. Wade was very worried about Liza as she was more with-drawn than before. He feared the more she turned her back on life, the less she would feel she had to live for. Unable to reach Liza, he asked psychologist Carolyn Hanley to treat Liza. Carolyn agreed but was not very hopeful because of Liza's negative attitude. Finally Liza responded to Carolyn's therapy, telling her mother, Janet Collins, Carolyn inspired her to think of what she could do for others, not what they should do for her. 

Since Cindy French lied to Carolyn Hanley about her pregnancy, and Gary Walton being the father, Carolyn had broken her engagement to Gary. He was baffled and persisted in learning why Carolyn's feelings changed so suddenly. Because she wouldn’t break a professional confidence, Carolyn wouldn’t give Gary the real reason. She evaded his questions, telling him only that they weren't meant for each other. Cindy was pleased to see Gary so hurt by Carolyn's rejection. She dreamed that Carolyn did tell Gary and he assured her Cindy's pregnancy was an impossibility. Waking up scared, Cindy had to get Carolyn's promise again that she wouldn't tell Gary. Carolyn asked Cindy what she planned to do when it became obvious that she was carrying a child. The thought of "looking" pregnant hadn't occurred to Cindy. Taking advantage of Gary's vulnerable state, Cindy managed to persuade him to take her to dinner. The date obviously meant more to Cindy, because Gary confronted Carolyn one more time before her departure for Chicago. She tried to end his persistence by crying out "I just don't love you enough." Wasting not one minute with Carolyn out of her way, Cindy dropped in on Gary and distracted him from his disillusionment over Carolyn with small talk, then invited herself to make dinner for Gary in his apartment.
Loving Jo Vincente as much as he did, John Wyatt couldn’t stand by and saw the anguish Dr. Greg Hartford was causing Jo. He confronted Greg, asserting how unfair Greg was in allowing Jo to be hurt. John noted Greg said he didn’t love Jo, yet his actions denied that. He demanded Greg leave Jo alone and give her a chance to love someone who cared, set her free. John stated Greg was standing in his way. - Greg was in love with Jo but because he feared he could ruin Jo's life as he did his wife's and daughter's, he wouldn’t allow himself to become emotionally involved. – 

John had reached an understanding with Stephanie Pace and they agreed to be friends in the future, although Stephanie's feelings for John were still stronger than his for her. Greg, realizing he had to release Jo from any emotional ties, surprised Stephanie by asking her to have dinner with him at the Inn. Stephanie agreed though she guessed the intention of their date. At the Inn, John observed the hurt in Jo's eyes when she served Greg and Stephanie. Later he consoled Jo, who was totally confused by Greg. He called Greg a fool for letting Jo get away, the most desirable woman any man would want. He was not disappointed. Stu talked to Jo, affirming Greg acted just as he had expected and hurt Jo intentionally. John thanked Greg for what he did to Jo, although it hurt her, she then realized there was no future between them. He told Greg that when Jo and he went to lunch, Jo had a new sparkle in her eyes, as if a burden were lifted. Jo was not satisfied with Greg's conduct and asked her friend Bob Rogers if he understood why Greg humiliated her so. Bob betrayed Greg's confidence for the sake of Jo's welfare. He explained about Greg's wife who was a nurse injured in Vietnam. When she died on his operating table, he swore to never perform surgery again. He was afraid to love Jo. Bob confirmed that Greg's love for Jo was still very much in existence. Since Jo had told Greg she knew the truth and the air was cleared between them, she had doubts about her love for him. Greg hoped to resolve those doubts and began by telling her he loved her. 

Scott and Kathy Phillips had returned from France with a new perspective on their lives. Eric Heywood, Scott's ward, welcomed them home warmly. He was soon disappointed when his father Ralph called, notifying Eric he was on his way to South America, and not coming to see Eric as Eric had anticipated. Scott was determined he would go ahead with his adoption plans for Eric, claiming desertion by Ralph. Eric's unusual behavior merited a visit from Wade. Wade convinced Eric to have a physical examination because he had complained of being tired lately. Dr. Gary Walton examined Eric and ordered more extensive tests. Dr. Bob Rogers reported the prognosis to Scott and Kathy. Eric had a disease which had infected both kidneys. The condition was curable with treatment, but still very serious. The virus that initiated the disease had to be arrested, if not, dialysis would be necessary, and there was a risk of death. He warned them Eric would have a hard fight ahead of him and he would need their support. Eric's nephrosis was not good, his temperature was erratic which was drawing concern from all the doctors involved on his case. 

David Sutton had passed his bar exam and welcomed to the law firm heartily by John Wyatt. Kathy's welcome was more subdued. David's case was assigned to him — settlement of the Ramsey will. 

Doris Ramsey was preparing to leave the hospital after her heart attack. She called in John Wyatt to revise and finalize the terms of her will before her husband Dr. Allen Ramsey picked her up. - While outside her hospital room, Allen and his mistress Fay Chandler had discussed their future. Hearing this, Doris changed the terms of her will leaving all her estate and wealth to charity, and one thin dime to Allen. - Confronting Allen and Fay, Doris ranted over whether Allen loved her or her money. She became agitated, accusing “the slut won't stay without my money. No money, and no divorce." She had another attack and, despite Allen's fast rescussitation, it was fatal. Before Doris was even laid to rest, Fay was harping on Allen to get "his" money. In a meeting with John, Allen found it difficult to keep up the impression as a berieved widower when John dropped the axe that he had inherited 10 cents. With Doris' careful planning there was no way Allen could contest the will, he was flat broke. 

Fay was resolved to be a rich woman. She had dreamed up a plan that she convinced Allen would work. She related her scheme to kidnap Dr. Wade Collins and hold him for ransom, positive his wife Janet would not hesitate to pay their fee for Wade's freedom. Allen was reluctant to use his friend this way, but the taste of sweet wealth tantalized him more, and he agreed to do it. Allen's hopes for prosperity vanished with Wade's disclosure he would be away on business, then he and Janet would be on vacation for a month. Pressured by his enormous debts which were then overdue, Allen and Fay planned the abduction immediately. That night, they lured Wade from home on the pretense a suicide victim needed him. They nabbed him outside his front door and he passed out from the chloroform covering his face. Allen disguised his voice and called Janet. He warned her if she called the police he would kill Wade, she had to cooperate if she wanted to get her husband back. Liza sensed something was wrong and under the pressure of her insistence and fear for Wade's life, Janet hysterically blurted out the threat. Liza had Bruce check on whether any suicide attempts were reported. His reply was negative. That and Liza's call to the police station asking for a Sergeant Whittaker - the name identified to Janet by the abductor -, turning up no such person, confirmed their worst fears, Wade was kidnapped, this wasn’t a hoax. Allen made Wade, who was bound and blindfolded in a deserted cabin, record a tape to Janet. He then called her, played the tape, threatened to kill Wade if she told anyone of this, and demanded $350,000 in a shopping bag by the following day. She was to wait for a call for further instruction. Janet planned to use her jewelry and bonds as collateral to get a loan from the bank. She pleaded with Liza to help her cooperate with this man to ensure Wade's safety. 

The dreaded call came. Janet was directed to drive to a phone booth and wait for further instructions. She left with the money, pleading with Liza not to risk Wade's life by calling the police. The door closed behind Janet and Liza reached for the phone. 

The Young And The Restless

Written by: William J. Bell
Produced by: John Conboy

Lorie Brooks Prentiss believed she had her mother-in-law Vanessa cornered. Only she and Vanessa knew that Vanessa's accidental shooting of her son Lance was intended to be for Lorie. Unable to live without her son's love, Vanessa begged Lorie to take the blame and promised to leave, never interfering in their lives again. She instructed Vanessa to tell Lance she had been considering this move since he and Lorie married. Lorie's luck ran out, however, Lance adamantly refused to let his mother go. He accused Lorie of wanting to get rid of Vanessa. He credited Laurie as the person who held the key, it would be her encouragement that would convince Vanessa to stay. He believed she had to remain, his peace of mind would not rest if he let her go. - Vanessa had had facial scars for many years as the result of a fire. She lived her life behind a veil dependent upon Lance's devotion to her. His marriage to Lorie had been a resented intrusion on her monopoly of Lance. - The trio then faced each other with Lance demanding his mother not go, and Lorie was forced to agree. Vanessa acquiesced. Alone with Lorie later, she relayed that Laurie was in an impossible position and wondered if perhaps she could have been sincere. But Lorie had a plan, this time Lance would have no basis for his arguments. Vanessa had to be reborn. Lorie would give her back her life; she would teach her to be social, beginning with an introduction to Lorie's family. She would give her back her self-confidence by hiring the best plastic surgeon in the world. Lorie is preparing Vanessa for an independent life without Lance. She had given Lance a gift that meant more to him than anything — his mother's first outing. In a conversation with Jennifer Brooks, Jennifer taught Vanessa that it was not what was on your face that mattered, it was what was in your heart. Vanessa gave Lance her approval to take Lorie to Paris, his gift to her for what she had done for his mother. Lorie was ecstatic, and mused it was strange how circumstances could turn into blessings in disguise. 

In Paris reveling in the wining, dining and serenades, Lorie pondered how being married to Lance was like living a fantasy. She asked if he regretted her past life in Paris when she galavanted with college friends. Lance replied that the sum total of her past was what made her the woman she was today, he wouldn't change that. 

When Lorie’s former boyfriend dropped by the table, excited that she was back in Paris and in his life again, Lance sat quietly, watching Lorie's attempts to fend him off. They both laughed later, even with Lance's admission to a twinge of jealousy. Lorie reassured him he was her lover, husband and best friend. 

Chris Foster was shocked to receive a petition serving her to appear at a court hearing ordered by Ron and Nancy Becker. Her husband Dr. Snapper Foster found it unbelievable that Nancy could be recovered from her catatonic state. They approached Brock Reynolds for legal advice. He discussed Nancy's remarkable recovery with Ron's lawyer, Fred Johnson. Fred was so confident about Nancy's condition, he took Brock to Ron's new apartment - financed by Ron's mother - to prove his client's well-being. Forewarned, Ron forced Nancy to swallow more pills, hoping they would take effect before the attorneys arrived. - Ron wanted custody of his daughter Karen, then under Chris and Snapper's guardianship. He discovered that overdosing Nancy could make her lucid temporarily. This enabled him to fool authorities and gained him the right to demand his daughter's custody. He was a known rapist and this fact was what caused Nancy's catatonia. - After a slight delay, Nancy emerged from the bathroom. She recognized Brock and conversed intelligently. Brock was amazed yet still skeptical. He subpoenaed Nancy's health records, noting she was released against her doctor's recommendations. A phone call to Snapper from Jill Foster was the needed missing piece to the puzzle. She alerted Snapper that Ron called her to fix Nancy's hair and Nancy was still catatonic. While Ron was revelling in previctory confidence, Snapper and Brock had their suspicions confirmed by Dr. Hanley's nurse. Ron was overdosing Nancy and because of that, he was in need of more pills. Snapper mentioned possible side effects which Ron had not noticed were beginning to occur. Nancy was experiencing abrupt body spasms. 

At the hearing, Brock broke down Ron's confidence by stalling for an hour recess until Snapper could be present. He asked Chris to keep her eye on Nancy, hoping the medication would wear off and Ron's deception would fall apart before the eyes of the judge. And so it did —Ron's attempt to pump Nancy with more pills during the recess failed. Brock knocked the pills out of Ron's hand and they were crushed under Chris' and Brock's feet. Nancy couldn’t respond, she was catatonic, talking sporadically. The judge charged Ron with criminal misconduct. He also presented the Fosters with the care and custody of Karen for an indefinite period. Chris ran over and held Nancy tightly in her arms.

Sixteen, single and pregnant, Jody Conway was desperate. She talked to the baby's father Tom Bennett in hopes he would give her a solution. She pleaded for his help but with her pregnancy too advanced for an abortion, he had no answers. With perfect timing, a stranger in the restaurant where Jody worked overheard her plea for help. He offered to give her that help himself. He gave her a lawyer's business card, a lawyer who would ensure her baby had a good home with all her medical expenses paid as well. Jody considered contacting him but had to face Chris Foster's discouragement. Chris intimated these were con men who sold babies in the black market and it was illegal. In the meantime, Tom had contacted Jody's mother and convinced her Jody needs her. Mrs. Conway appeared at the restaurant and was shocked by Jody's obvious pregnancy. Her first thought was what people would say. She was so ashamed of Jody. Jody tearfully asked her mother to return home in silence. Despite Brock's urgings to help her daughter, relating Jody was not a problem child but a sensitive girl, the victim of today's society, Mrs. Conway offered Jody money instead of compassion or forgiveness. 

When Jody’s father heard what his daughter had done, he was furious. He wouldn’t allow Jody to come home and he wouldn’t allow Tom to get away with "what he did to his daughter." He angrily ordered his wife to fetch Tom, then, just short of physically assaulting Tom, he demanded Tom marry Jody. Jody knew Tom's offer for marriage was only fulfilling her parents' commands; she let Tom off the hook by bitterly refusing to marry him. 

Leslie Eliot confided to her father the reason why she and Brad are separated. She compassionately understood that Brad needed the freedom to clear his head over the loss of their baby. She wanted no one to intercede in Brad's decision, She would prove her great love for him by giving him this solitude. Leslie turned to her music for therapy. Brad realized she needed her music and gave himself no credit as to how much his appreciation of it meant to her. Maestro Fautsch was compulsively urging Leslie to plunge into her music — let the genius artist emerge. She began, but her playing was mechanical. The Maestro then ignited her anger to the point where Leslie sat down and played Chopin with her heart and soul. Leslie visited Brad and informed him she had returned to her music, planning concert tours again, but as always, it was Brad for whom she played. Brad sadly mused to himself that Leslie was emerging again, without him. 

The Maestro saw the damage Brad was doing to Leslie as an artist as well as a human being and begged him to return to her before she built a wall around herself, losing all human feelings and emotions. Leslie cried helplessly to the Maestro, asking if Brad loved her, why wasn't he with her where he belonged? If he didn’t love her, why wouldn’t he tell her and get it over once and for all? The Maestro's reply, “why ask ME?”, sent Leslie to Brad for her answers. She asserted to Brad their problem was their overprotection of each other. He wanted to be her psychiatrist, not her husband. She wouldn’t let him ruin her life, she was going on tour and would live for Leslie and her music. She wouldn’t be at home waiting for him, it and when he decided to return. Brad offered no rebuttal. Brad pondered to himself he was a good psychiatrist because his psychology worked on Leslie, she was involved in her music once again. 

Kay Chancellor had her hairdresser Derek Thurston style her hair in her home. She resisted his compliments, preferring to dwell on her matronly age. All he had to say did not go unheard, however, when he returned to find Kay decked in riding gear, fulfilling his suggestion. Derek mentioned plastic surgery, then Kay analyzed her face closely. She wanted so desperately to have ten years of youth back. He was impressed by her maturity and stimulating conversation, a far cry from the shallow sex goddesses he dated, and often. 

Jill Foster was in love with Derek, her boss, and had been honest to her mother Liz Foster about him. She couldn’t accept David Mallory's marriage proposal just to please her mother because he would be a good husband and father to her son, Phillip. - Phillip was the son of the fate Phillip Chancellor, conceived when he was married to Kay. -

Kay continued to daydream about Derek, reliving his comments that she could be as hard as nails or as soft as silk. She doubted his sincerity, but said to herself, did it matter? Liz had noticed the change in Kay since she returned to work for her, and Kay confirmed her guess, it was because of her interest in a younger man. Just then Jill phoned to notify her mother she would be home late. Liz suspected Jill was going out with Derek, which was not music to Kay's ears. Derek and Jill were in the country discussing how unfair Jill would be to herself if she married David, not loving him. The conversation ceased and the love-making began for Jill and Derek. Jill knew there was truth in Derek's comments, that the chemistry and magic they just shared she would live without if she married David. That night she returned her engagement ring to David explaining she thought she'd grow to love him but knew then she never would. David sensed something happened that night to change her mind. 

Derek had returned to Kay and bluntly informed her he knew he had changed her life, and she knew it. Kay admitted she was suspicious but it was not without reason. Derek discerned that Kay was a beautiful lady who wouldn’t let him kill the dragon - self-doubts -. She was still defensive until she was alone and admitted to herself she was in love with Derek Thurston. Disillusioned by Jill's suspected involvement with Derek, Kay was giving up on him. Not knowing it was Derek they were discussing, Kay was given a pep talk by Liz, rebuilding her self-confidence. Both Kay and Jill simultaneously acknowledged to themselves Derek was worth fighting for. 

Jennifer Brooks drew up her will, knowing "the inevitable may happen soon.” Brock commended her courage and acceptance as a beautiful thing to see. She believed she could accept her fate because she had lived life to the fullest and had no reasons to fear death.

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2 hours ago, amybrickwallace said:

That was very much a time of transition for TD. I think the time of the synopsis was when Doug Marland became head writer. I think it was under him that the MJ/Tom relationship was created.

Marland had been HW for a while already when the MJ/Tom dynamics started. But I agree, I think lots of soaps were closing some big stories at the time : John/Dan/Kim on ATWT, Steve/Carolee/Ann on DOC, Terri/Mark/Mellie on GH and creating some new big spots for the future : Derek/Jill/Kay on YR for example.

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5 minutes ago, FrenchFan said:

Marland had been HW for a while already when the MJ/Tom dynamics started. 

It always gets lost in the shuffle that James Rebhorn was the actor who originated Tom. He was there for a couple of episodes before Jonathan Frakes was cast in June 1977.

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Posted (edited)

I still can't get into Brad and his attitude. I'm glad Leslie isn't putting up with it. I wonder if Bell was slowly planning Tom Hallick's exit, and if Tom had given him plenty of notice or not. Might be why Cynthia is moved from Snapper to Brad.

Poor Lorie, she finally thinks she has ridden herself of Mother Prentiss, only to have Lance be her downfall. In My Sister's Shadow is firmly re-established but now somewhat forgotten until Bell needs it later on. Great move there. 

Jill/Derek/Kay is on the move. I didn't realise Jill and Derek had sex so early on. Kay's lonliness, desperation and need were so beautifully set up the past few months with Joann. It is actually better that the Derek story got dropped the previous year as I feel Jill and Kay benefited from the past few months. Bill's death and her short term relationship with David helped motivate Jill to go for a man that was more than just a provider and Kay's all consuming interest in Joann laid out some major character work for her that would play into her situation with Derek. 

Jody and that story doesn't register much with me. I'm sure if I was watching at the time it might have held some interest though.

Chris and the Becker's. Really loving the sadisitic dark turns in this story. Ron's sole motivation is to get Karen back, Nancy is but a tool to that end. Pumping her full of drugs to get what he wants. She is not a human to him, just a thing. I do wonder if Ron's only reason to get Karen back is to kill Chris' dreams and hurt her and win. Rapists are often motivated by power and control over their victims. Ron was thwarted a couple times when he wanted to rape Chris, so his tactics are zeroed in on taking away Karen from her.

To read SOD you would think Brock was barely around, with SOD and Bryna, he is all over the place. Just never with his own story. A true supporting character it seems. Did Bell spring the "Hey I'm a lawyer" bit because Greg was no longer on canvas and he wanted someone established to go into court with Chris and the Becker's. If Greg was on canvas, would Bell have used him and not had Brock become a lawyer?


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Posted (edited)

Regarding All My Children:

 I didn’t know Christina’s visions of her dead father continued - after she learned the truth.

I also didn’t know she attempted to drown herself in order to kill herself.

One source - erroneously- had her shallowing a bunch of pills, not attempting to drown herself. (Perhaps she downed some pills beforehand??)

AMC - somewhat - repeated this story with Ceara, having crazy hallucinations of her dead father taunting her for months, who had raped her as a child, with her attempting suicide by jumping from a bridge into the river (she was saved before she could jump by Jeremy and Erica).


Erica demanding Mark to leave Pine Valley, because she had been there longer, made me laugh.

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Jill/David Mallory was retold years later when Andy was engaged to Jill but she wanted John Abbott.

But it fitted in with who Jill was and what was happening at the time.

The Jody story was one of Bill Bell's summer teen stories that featured a lot of preachy dialogue and wasted time on characters we didn't care about.


The Elman's changes began to appear. Mary Ellen was exposed,Gary Lansing arrived.,Tom Baldwin left.There will be more comings and goings in the next few months.


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I never knew that Margaret DePriest had co-written How to Survive a Marriage.    I do know that she ahd Rick Edelstein had worked together on The Doctors as writers,    They had also worked together on The Edge of Night when he was producer and she was initially an actress (Abby Cameron) and later one of the writers.

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2 hours ago, danfling said:

I never knew that Margaret DePriest had co-written How to Survive a Marriage.    I do know that she ahd Rick Edelstein had worked together on The Doctors as writers,    They had also worked together on The Edge of Night when he was producer and she was initially an actress (Abby Cameron) and later one of the writers.

She played a social worker on The Doctors in 1968. Rick Edelstein was directing on the show and was named co-head writer later on that year.

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5 hours ago, will81 said:


Jody and that story doesn't register much with me. I'm sure if I was watching at the time it might have held some interest though.


Naw, it wouldn't have held any interest.  Not unless you enjoyed lines such as Mr. Conway's favorite, "That Bennett scum is gonna marry our Jody, damn it!"  lol.  It was terrible.   The whole thing played out again three years later when Dorothy & Wayne Stevens stood around saying, "That Williams scum is gonna marry our April, damn it!" after they discovered Paul was the father of Heather.  

5 hours ago, will81 said:

Did Bell spring the "Hey I'm a lawyer" bit because Greg was no longer on canvas and he wanted someone established to go into court with Chris and the Becker's. If Greg was on canvas, would Bell have used him and not had Brock become a lawyer?


You'd think so, based on the timing.  In June of 1977 Brock tells Chris, "Surprise!  I'm a lawyer!"  Now, in July, he's in court with her.   But I believe that's only part of it.  Bell could've easily had Chris call Greg off-screen and get a recommendation for an attorney.  John Conboy could've cast a charismatic young dayplayer in the role, and the audience would've said, "Oh, this is the guy Greg recommended; he must be okay," and it would've worked out fine.  

But I believe Bell specifically wanted to "deepen" the role Beau Kayzer played a little bit.  Brock was a unique character on daytime.  He was a spiritual character, and his spirituality was the characteristic that most heavily defined him.   He quoted scripture often, but not in a preachy manner -- he made it applicable to life and to the circumstances that other characters were experiencing.  (I've often imagined that Bill Bell, a Catholic, had likely been inspired to create Brock by some young priest in the Chicago Archdiocese who was helping people deal with problems in a more unorthodox, less preachy manner.)  Unfortunately, Brock's spirituality made him difficult to present as a young leading man in romantic situations.   He had platonic friendships with Jill and with all four of the Brooks sisters.  But he wasn't seen as a "sexual" character, which was difficult on a show that dealt primarily with love and sex.  Brock had to be placed in a central location (the Allegro) where he could interact with virtually everyone and offer his wise spiritual advice to the characters who needed it.   Making Brock into an attorney created a new layer where Brock could "outsmart" a "wicked" character like Ron Becker in 1977 or Rose DeVille in 1979 or Victor Newman in 1980, and the audience could view Brock as not only spiritually wise, but also as street smart.   This aspect WORKED, because it made Brock into a heroic character, although he never really was a romantic leading man by any stretch of the imagination.         

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