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Look into the past - 1975


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That was a weird point for TD. 1977 was a very uneven year. There were the lackluster, anticlimactic exits of Elizabeth Hubbard, Julia Duffy and Geraldine Court. There was the weird story of Tom Carroll, which always seemed to be rewritten on the fly (and Tom had been recast by now with Jonathan Frakes, after Jim Rebhorn had originated the part and played it for a few episodes). Dr. Jesse Rawlings was a promising character who went nowhere, despite being played by the wonderful Petronia Paley. This was Douglas Marland's first soap gig as headwriter, and fortunately for him he had nowhere to go but up. He did - but only after he left TD.

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1 hour ago, amybrickwallace said:

That was a weird point for TD. 1977 was a very uneven year. There were the lackluster, anticlimactic exits of Elizabeth Hubbard, Julia Duffy and Geraldine Court. There was the weird story of Tom Carroll, which always seemed to be rewritten on the fly (and Tom had been recast by now with Jonathan Frakes, after Jim Rebhorn had originated the part and played it for a few episodes). Dr. Jesse Rawlings was a promising character who went nowhere, despite being played by the wonderful Petronia Paley. This was Douglas Marland's first soap gig as headwriter, and fortunately for him he had nowhere to go but up. He did - but only after he left TD.

I believe the period shortly after the Pollacks left was a pivotal time for the show, one that the show wasn't able to fully rise up to the occasion for, and thus the start of the overall the downward spiral for it. ABC was busily gaining steam with expanding their shows and the penning several epic stories, or building on them. TD was so inconsistent storywise and with their characters, that it hurt viewer investment, and I can sort of see why someone might tune in to OLTL or RH at the time, which had storylines building or hitting their climaxes. 

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5 hours ago, MichaelGL said:

I believe the period shortly after the Pollacks left was a pivotal time for the show, one that the show wasn't able to fully rise up to the occasion for, and thus the start of the overall the downward spiral for it. ABC was busily gaining steam with expanding their shows and the penning several epic stories, or building on them. TD was so inconsistent storywise and with their characters, that it hurt viewer investment, and I can sort of see why someone might tune in to OLTL or RH at the time, which had storylines building or hitting their climaxes. 

The good thing about 1977 is that Jim Pritchett and Lydia Bruce finally got meaty material to work with - though the Dr. Paul Summers story ended with a whimper. At least the subsequent writers took the pieces of that plot and applied it to how it affected the Powers family going forward. 

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All My Children

Written by: Agnes Nixon

Produced by: Bud Kloss

On a visit to San Francisco, Christina Karras learned that her former fiancé had run into his ex-wife, Edna Thornton at a free clining and he told her that Edna was working on Geary Street in a diner. Chris called David and told him that she followed his suggestion that she look up Hadley because she was certain that she had no lingering romantic feelings for him. She told David that she would return to Pine Valley as soon as she looked up another friend whose address she had just gotten that day. When Christina saw Edna, she learned that the man Edna left David to marry was then dead. Christina told Edna that David was working at Pine Valley Hospital and as she left, Edna walked over a little girl who asked whom the lady she spoke to was. Edna told the child it was “Santa Claus” and said they were going to find her daddy.

When Christina got back to Pine Valley, she accepted David’s proposal of marriage. David gave Christina an engagement ring and told her that he had been invited to a symposium in Japan. He suggested that she go with him and they make it a honeymoon trip. Christina said that she wanted to resume her practice as a pediatrician and would like to be well re-established before they were married, but more than that she wanted an old fashioned wedding. David was very understanding and they planned the wedding for Thanksgiving.

After David had left for Japan, Edna showed up at the hospital and Christina refused to tell her where David lived but learned sometime after that Jeff Martin had given Edna directions to David's cabin. Christina hurried out to the cabin to find Edna unpacking. When Chris said that she had no right to be there in David's absence, Edna claimed she was still married to David.

Myrtle Lum had left town with Nigel Fargate who was winding up his tour and his career in show business with a promise to Linc that he and Myrtle would be married. Linc gave the couple his blessing and made arrangements for Ellen Shephard to take over the Boutique.

Ellen had admitted to Mark Dalton that she was in love with him but because of the difference in their ages - Ellen was twelve years Mark's senior - and the resentment shown to her by her daughter Devon, insisted that they had to be circumspect privately and publicly. - Devon had told her mother of a letter from her father claiming that Ellen's lack of understanding drove him to his affair with a younger woman and his abandonment of Devon. After seeing her mother and Mark's affectionate kiss, Devon cancelled her arrangement to take piano lessons from Mark. - Mark was unable to tell Ellen that his sympathetic understanding of Devon's attitude was due to the parallel between Devon's and his own half-sister Erica's need for a scapegoat for their feelings of rejection. –

Mark tried once more to get Erica to accept him as part of her family but Erica was moved to rage and then tore when Mark visited her at work. The Goalpost's owner, Tom Cudahy, walked in to find Mark comforting Erica and refused to credit Mark's and Erica's insistence that there was nothing between them. Erica learned from Mona Kane that Mark's wealthy step-father did not know of Mark's illegitimacy and threatened to see that he learned of it, no matter what the consequences, if Mark did not promise to keep his distance.

Nick David was annoyed when he viewed a television program Erica had arranged for the opening day at The Goalpost during the course of which she not too subtly put down The Chateau. However, he was furious when he learned that his best bartender, Bruno, had been pirated away by Erica.

Donna Beck and Chuck Tyler had been married and Chuck arranged for Brooke English to take little Philip over to their apartment to be there when they returned. Chuck learned that Tara had had a miscarriage and had not sent for Philip, feeling that his return would only make him miss out on a police training program and would not help. When Tara sent for Chuck, not knowing that he and Donna were already married, she begged him to promise to give little Philip back when she was well. She had a relapse and Chuck was told that she had Septicaemia.

Phil was finally sent for and as Nick drove him back to Pine Valley, Phil learned that Tara lost the baby and that Chuck and Donna are married. When Phil got to the hospital, he realized that Tara was delirious and had been talking with Chuck as if she and Chuck were still married and Philip had been killed in Vietnam. During a shouting match in Dr. Tyler's office, Nick had to step in and separate Phil and Chuck. Phil went to Donna's apartment to look in on little Philip. - That day was the first scheduled day of school and when Donna learned about it from Dan Kennicott, she tried to take the boy to enroll but he refused to go. After telling Donna she would not allow the boy to have his own way, Chuck spoke to him but Donna overheard the boy say he wished Donna was gone and his mother was there with them. - Phil suspected that little Philip had been giving Donna a hard time but she denied it. Phil told her that Tara was hallucinating, believing she was married to Chuck and the boy was still nursery school age. He wrote himself up to threatening a custody suit.

When Chuck returned to Pine Valley Hospital, it was to see Tara suffer a sharp pain in her chest, the first signal of a pulmonary embolism. Phil had been told that Tara had weathered the crisis when her fever broke and no one was able to locate him when it appeared that Tara is dying.

Jeff Martin was with a very distraught Chuck when Tara spoke, insisting that her late mother was in the room with her and had come to comfort her and take her with her. Meanwhile Philip had come very close to telling Donna, at her apartment, that little Philip was his illegitimate son but remembered his promise, though he expressed surprise that Chuck had not told Donna about his threat to go to court to seek custody of the boy. He told Donna that he had nothing against her or her marriage but he meant to go through with his threat, naming Donna as unfit to raise the boy if that was the only way. After Phil left, Chuck phoned Donna, looking for him, and told her that Tara was dying.

The medication which had been administered to disolve the blood clot finally began to work and Donna watched Chuck come alive the following morning as he realized that Tara would live. Tara woke to see Chuck and thanked him for being with her, saying she could never let Phil go to court because she couldn't bring herself to subject little Philip to that. She asked Chuck to try to persuade little Philip to come back to live with her, saying it would be what the boy wanted if Chuck could make him understand. Chuck said she was right all along, that she should never have been denied her own son and that he would bring the boy back.

Benny Sago was visiting with Donna when she got a call from the school nurse who told her that little Philip was complaining of a stomach ache but she was convinced that he was merely trying to get out of school. Once Donna spoke with the boy, however, she gave him her word that she would pick him up. After she hung up, Benny told her that the kid was trying to pull a fast one as he had been allowed to do at Phoebe Tyler's and the best thing she could do was to call the school back and tell the nurse she would not be there. When she called, the nurse told her that little Philip was having an asthma attack and she left to get him.

When Chuck came home, the boy was watching television and Chuck told Donna that the asthma was psychosomatic in origin. He also told her of his decision to return custody to Tara and Phil. Donna was upset, claiming that it was her fault for being a lousy mother and then Chuck was taking the boy away from her. Chuck finally convinced Donna that he married her because he loved her and they would plan to have a child of their own.

David Thornton’s plane set down early from his return trip and Christina was out of her office when he called, so she had no opportunity to warn him of Edna's presence in his cabin. When Edna told him that the Mexican divorce she obtained was not worth the paper it was written on and he might as well relax and enjoy it, he told her to save it; that if that was true he would get a divorce that was legal. Just then little Dottie came in and Edna introduced her as his daughter. David refused to believe Edna and ordered her out of the cabin, but she persuaded him that they couldn’t leave so late at night and told him that the little girl was very ill. David said she did not appear sick to him but they could stay the night. He left to see Chris and together they went to Linc Tyler for his advice.

Later that evening, David returned to the cabin to seek out a copy of the divorce decree which was sent to him while he was in Vietnam, and found that Edna had changed the lock on the door, claiming she had no extra key because it was too expensive. - Edna had been charging her food in the nearby store, claiming to be the doctor's wife. - She said it would be a cold day in Hell when she left as she had finally got what she was after. When Linc read over the document David brought back, he told him that it was not legal and that for the present he was still married to Edna.

Mark and Ellen had quarrelled over Ellen's decision not to see him anymore. - Ellen at first tried to reason with her daughter Devon and refused to give in to what Mark characterized as blackmail – Devon's threat to move back to St. Louis with her father - but when Paul Martin brought the news that Ellen's divorce was final and Devon’s father, Adrian, intended to remarry immediately, Devon was convinced that she had been betrayed by Ellen's having kept from her that her father had intended to obtain a quickie divorce. - Mark said that he, himself, could have demanded plenty from his mother and that Devon was acting exactly like Erica Kane, a reference that completely escaped Ellen. However when he insisted he would talk to Devon himself, Ellen told him if he tried, she would never forgive him. When Paul entered to take Ellen to dinner and left for a moment to see to his car, Mark told Ellen angrily that she could go where she damn' well pleased and he hoped she would be as miserable as she deserved to be. The following day, Devon apologized to Paul Martin for her rudeness to him and said she was sure her father didn’t know what he was doing right at the moment. Happy that Ellen had told her that she would not he seeing Mark, Devon insisted that she was sure her father would come back then. When Ellen pointed out the illogic of what she was saying, she dropoped it saying that Mark was just too young for her mother. Ellen told Devon she was probably right about that and she guessed that they wouldn't have made a very permanent two-some.

While Caroline Murray had been out of town caring for her mother who had a stroke, Frank had become very fond of a little patient, Roberta Jones, whose social caseworker turned out to be Nancy. Caroline was sensitive to their association in the child's case but Frank assured her it was just a coincidence. That evening Jeff brought Nancy to dinner at The Goalpost and Erica pretended to be very upset that the only table she had was one adjoining Frank and Caroline's. Nancy inquired about the state of Caroline's mother's health, saying her illness must have been sudden because Caroline didn't mention it the night she came to visit Nancy.

When Frank went to Caroline's apartment after dinner, he insisted on knowing what Nancy's crack was all about and learned that Caroline had asked Nancy if she was still in love with Frank. Caroline said she tried to tell Frank she had visited Nancy but was unable to reach him at the time. - Caroline did not know that Frank returned to Nancy's apartment on that very evening and made love to his estranged wife. –

When Tara called Donna and Chuck's apartment and asked to speak to her son, Donna lied to her, saying the boy had just left for school. Chuck heard the end of this conversation and learning the details, told Donna she had no business doing that. He had little Philip call Tara, saying it was a misunderstanding, but the boy made matters even worse by happily telling his mother that Donna had informed him he could live with her and Chuck if he wanted to. So Chuck hurried right over to the hospital to explain to Tara that he hadn't even had a chance to talk to the boy yet.  

After Chuck left, Donna called Estelle and begged her to meet with her. Estelle learned that Donna was determined to get pregnant immediately to try to save her marriage. Estelle tried to talk Donna into giving her marriage a chance on its own, but, to herself, Estelle wondered how she was ever going to be able to tell Donna "the truth."

Linc went to the cabin and offered Edna on David's behalf, three years of alimony payments if she would consent to an immediate divorce, pointing out that no judge would find in her favor when she deserted her husband while he was in Vietnam; that she could lose everything. Edna reminded him of her little girl and maintained she could prove the child was David's, citing the fact that her daughter was an epileptic and elilepsy ran in David's family.

Another World

Written by: Harding Lemay

Produced by: Paul Rauch

Burt McGowan returned unexpectedly from his project in Ogden. He looked for Clarice Hobson, the woman he loved, to no avail. As he waited in the office, hoping she was at work, Willis Frame and Angie Perrini arrived, and Willis let it slip that Clarice gave an engagement party, in Burt's absence, to announce their forthcoming marriage. Burt was puzzled but happy. When he confirmed their engagement with Clarice, Burt asked that they be married soon. Clarice asked for time to prepare. Burt pointed out that they had all the necessary papers, and a few nights later he appeared at her door with a minister. Clarice finally refused to be married without all her friends around, so Burt relented. They were married shortly thereafter in Ada McGowan's living room. They honeymooned in the apartment. As he was little Cory's father, Burt asked Clarice to return the trust fund Mac Cory set up for the boy. Clarice was reluctant, saying the money was for Cory's education, but Burt insisted he would take care of his own family. Burt talked to Mac, who agreed to take back the fund.

Molly Randolph was bored in her marriage to Mike Randolph, telling her uncle Willis Frame that she was beginning to think the whole thing was a mistake. She was tired of living in others' houses and scrimping so that Mike could pay his own way through college.

Corinne, to Russ Matthews' surprise, was not ecstatic when his divorce from Sharlene became final. She'd been a loving companion while the divorce was in process, but then she was backing away. Corinne told Russ that she was not ready for marriage. To try to convince her otherwise, Russ took her away for a weekend with Molly and Mike that turned out to be a bust for all four. Corinne discussed the weekend with ex-lover Brian Bancroft. Reminding Corinne he'd divorced his wife to marry her, to no avail, Brian observed that Corinne avoided commitment to anything. Corinne began to avoid Russ, and finally quit her job, planning to leave town.

Corinne encouraged Gwen to get close to Russ, aware Gwen's feelings already ran that way.

Olive Gordon Randolph put husband John off about taking a day to visit the new house they were building, hoping she would finally hear from her lover, Evan Webster. Iris Carrington called, demanding to see John immediately. Olive begged to go along, to visit Countess Elena de Poulignac. Iris wanted John to retrieve Rachel Cory's copy of the agreement she signed renouncing all claims to estranged husband Mac Cory's estate. John was so astounded by this latest dirty work Iris had asked him to do that he told Olive he was going to drop Iris as a client. Olive panicked at the thought, aware Iris was one of John's biggest clients and his dropping her could interfere with Olive's plans — the house. John assured her their finances would improve if Greg Barnard – his secretary Joan’s brother - bought a partnership in the firm. Olive then suggested John give Iris to Greg. Appeased, John agreed. Greg did buy the partnership. When Greg tried to retrieve the copy of the agreement from Rachel and learned Iris led her to believe it was Mac's idea, Greg refused to have anything more to do with Iris.

Rachel, then aware that Mac was not the instigator, took the agreement to him, forcing her way past Sven Petersen, the unscrupulous caretaker of Mac's estate. Mac was furious with Iris. He and Rachel tried to talk again about a reconciliation. Rachel told Mac she couldn’t come back until he dealt with his insecurities about his sterility and his lack of trust of her. Sven interrupted to announce dinner. Rachel refused to join Mac, but agreed to wait, but the memories were too painful and she left. Needing to talk to someone, Mac went to Pat Randolph's apartment. Pat tried to show Mac that Rachel loved him, but that his jealousy got in the way. They were interrupted by Pat's aunt, Liz Matthews, whose inclinations always led her to the wrong conclusions.

Mac confronted John, who admitted he drew up the agreement for the money. They were interrupted by Iris. Mac told her of his knowledge of the agreement and demanded she stay away from Rachel and him. Later, Mac received great news from Dr. Fred Morley. Mac was no longer sterile. Mac felt everything would be all right with Rachel.

Evan Webster demanded that Olive start divorce proceedings soon or he would walk out of her life. Olive tried to stall, but Evan was adamant. Olive asked what she could use for grounds. Evan and Olive began a plot in which they would make it look like John and Joan were having an affair. They stumbled onto the story about John's affair with Barbara Weaver, which was instrumental in the demise of his marriage to Pat. They were happy to have precedence on their side. Olive began to make scenes about John's spending so much time alone with Joan at the office. One morning she told John he called out "my darling Joan" in his sleep. Since they had to sully John's reputation in order to convince a judge, Evan and Olive visited an old confederate of Evan's, private investigator Kelly. Kelly was agreeable to hiring a girl to set John up, saying he did it all the time. When they revealed they had the girl, innocent Joan, Kelly backed out, saying "It's hard enough to set up one innocent person, let alone two." Olive and Evan were undaunted.

Evan and Olive set John up with Joan. Olive sent John over to warn Joan about Evan, then called Evan, who went over and "caught" them together, making ugly insinuations about them, especially emphasizing John's previous involvement with Bar-bara Weaver. Evan followed John home and continued the accusations to Olive, almost blowing it. Olive covered. Olive was visited by Molly, who was unhappy with Mike. Olive suggested Molly make Mike's life miserable until she got what she wanted. Molly asked if that was how Olive got her new house. Olive said she had a happy marriage. Molly confided she saw Olive kissing someone while John was away. Olive told Molly to keep that to herself or she would tell Mike it was Molly who told her about Barbara Weaver.

Smugly sure their latest tryst was successfully secret as usual, Evan and Olive's balloon was burst when Molly, at the lake for a diversion, spotted Olive and followed her to the cabin. Olive tried to lie her way out of the obvious but Molly found Evan in the bedroom.

Rachel had learned the pernicious gossip about Quentin Ames and herself, but refused to shut him out of her life, as he had been very helpful in promoting and selling her sculpture. When she learned he had been fired, that Elena planned another gallery, in competition with Very Finley's museum, Rachel withdrew her promise to provide sculpture, gratis, to the museum. In fact, Rachel couldn’t afford to give her sculpture away. Rachel agreed to do pieces to be exhibited and sold in Elena and Quentin's gallery. Vera tried to persuade Iris to help get Rachel's sculpture for the museum, but Iris refused. And when she learned Mac had withdrawn as a trustee of the museum, Iris followed suit. In fact she went so far as to verbally endorse Elena's gallery featuring Rachel's work. After all, that would keep Rachel and Quentin in contact, lending credence to her lies about their having an affair, and once Rachel was self-supporting, Mac wouldn’t feel as obligated to her.

Quentin found a store-front to rent, and when Gwen Parrish, then a friend of Rachel's, learned of their plans, she donated her architectural services. Rachel's inclination was to let Evan do it, since he wa's refurbishing the apartment to give her additional work space, but Gwen was so earnest, Rachel gave in. Evan was there one day when Gwen was showing Rachel some sketches and butted in. Although aware of a coolness bordering on hatred between the two architects, Rachel was persuaded to also let Evan be part of the gallery. Gwen refused to reveal the reason she hated Evan - he plagiarized a design for a sports arena, which Gwen discovered but was unable to prove - and agreed to work with him, although she castigated his first designs.

Iris proposed to Brian. He was flattered, but he was not sure they were suited for marriage. Iris pleaded that she never loved another man. Devilishly, Brian asked if that included Mac. When Iris said she naturally loved her father, Brian observed that there would never be any room for any other man as long as she was attached to Mac. Iris promised to change. Brian suggested that the first step be to tell Mac she was wrong about Rachel and Quentin. Iris said she did it. Brian decided to check with Mac, causing Iris much consternation.

Mac showed Brian the agreement Iris had Rachel sign. Brian told Iris it was a mistake to do it. Iris agreed. Brian told her there was only one way she could prove she was ready to split with Mac — sign a similar agreement renouncing all claims to Mac's estate. Iris refused, saying she was entitled to it. Brian observed such an agreement would be a symbol of her splitting from Mac, and without the agreement, there would be no marriage.

Liz started spreading gossip about Pat and Mac. Jim Matthews went to see his daughter Pat, who assured him Liz was imagining things again. When Liz arrived, Pat demanded Liz stay out of her life. At Mac's instigation, Pat went to see Rachel, telling her Mac still loved her very much. Rachel observed that Mac couldn’t fight his jealousy because he wouldn’t deal with his insecurities about her. Rachel then made it clear that she didn’t quite trust Pat in this situation: "After all, it wouldn't be the first time two lonely people have gotten involved." Pat left. She later told Mac it was impossible for them to work at his home or in the office after hours. Mac was incredulous that anyone could mistake working for other things.

To scare Rachel into a reconciliation, Mac persuaded John to draw up papers for a legal separation, making it clear it was only a scare tactic. Rachel was approached by Greg, since John found it too painful to handle himself. Rachel refused to give any response until she talked with Mac. She stormed into Mac's office to demand he explain what was going on. Mac admitted it was only a ploy to get her to come back to him. He then told her he was no longer sterile, so she could come back and they could have their baby. Rachel tried to show Mac that life couldn't be the way it was with them because she then had her own identity and couldn't live in his shadow. Rachel left, saying a legal separation might be a good idea that would give them both time to think. She asked Brian to draw it up. He refused, saying they both meant too much to him. Mac arrived. They argued over his being so close to Pat. Mac grabbed and kissed Rachel, who responded. They were on the brink of a reconciliation, but Mac used possessive terms that drove Rachel away again. Mac started drinking, cutting himself off further from his work and Rachel.

Liz’s job as a switchboard operator was almost over, since the woman she replaced – Thelma - was due to return. She badgered Pat about asking Mac for another job at the complex, but when Pat didn’t move soon enough to suit her, Liz asked Mac herself.

Mac promised her a job but was non-commital on specifics. Ultimately, Liz, once enamoured of Mac, decided that she might have a chance as Mac and Rachel were separated, an idea planted by Iris. Therefore, she asked Mac to make her Pat's assistant. Pat adamantly refused, leading Liz to make remarks about Pat's keeping Mac all to herself. Pat reported the situation to her father, who accused Liz of wanting the job to get Mac. Liz denied it, and Pat pointed out that Liz knew how it felt to be the object of malicious gossip, a point which Liz didn’t get.

Rachel asked Greg to draw up papers for a legal separation from Mac. Greg didn’t like the idea, saying legal separation more often than not led to divorce. Rachel was haunted by this idea, but told Ada, her mother, that there was no marriage unless both partners were equal, no matter how much they loved each other, and Mac had always treated her as an immature little girl. Iris went to John's office to ask him to draw up the agreement in which she would renounce any claims to Mac's estate. After accidentally seeing Greg's notes on Rachel's legal separation action, Iris bounced out without seeing John.

Mac destroyed the legal separation papers Rachel gave him. She told Greg and Brian she wanted the separation because it was the only way she could get a divorce in that state, and she wanted that option, if she needed it, instead of living in her present limbo.

Sven continued to drug Mac. Brooks became concerned and went to Rachel. She promised to look into it. Meanwhile, Sven persuaded Iris to retire her chauffeur, Carl, and hire Brooks. Unfortunately, the night Rachel went to check on Mac, Pat Randolph was there to check out the situation, having been alerted by Liz. Pat agreed to keep Mac company in the evenings, confirming that he didn’t want anything more – sex - from her. Relieved, Pat hugged Mac. Rachel saw them through the terrace windows.

Sven used bodily harm to Helga and the threat of it to keep Regina in line. Dennis and Jamie arranged to have Rocky accept a post at the Baldwinses', but when they called to check on him, they found Rocky never showed up. The boys were unaware that Sven overheard them talking about Rocky's going to the Baldwinses'. Mac's drinking put him in Sven's clutches. He slipped Mac a "mickey" one night. Regina put herself out on a limb by suggesting to Iris that Mac would do better to stay with her until his marital situation was resolved. Iris liked the idea, but Sven talked her out of it.

Sven allowed Mac to think the lawyer Sven's announcing was Greg. Not aware it was actually Brian, Mac refused to see anyone. Sven let Regina continue reading poetry to Mac, pleased by Mac's amusement with it.

Based on what she saw through the window, Rachel was then adamant about filing for the legal separation but was considering an out of state divorce as this state had a three-year separation requirement law.

Vera Finley’s museum was to be built around a sculpture garden to display Rachel's works. As Rachel had withdrawn her work and Mac and Iris had withdrawn their financial support, Vera saw no reason to go on with the museum. And when no lawyer she contacted would sue Rachel for breach of contract for her, Vera stopped construction of the museum, putting Gordon Enterprises, formerly Frame Enterprises, in a precarious position. Willis Frame, variously accused of trying to take over the company his brother built and of trying to win his sister-in-law Alice in the bargain, wanted desperately to save the company. He and Gwen began to talk about contacting people to build up a backlog of business, when Alice and Ray returned from their honeymoon. Checking in at the company, Alice found Ray failed to act on prospective building contracts before they left. A visit from Vera hinting she might drop the museum was the last straw. Alice told Ray she was going to do her best to get Willis back with the firm. Ray opposed her, to no avail. Willis honestly pointed out missed opportunities, then agreed to come to the firm, provided his staff would move from the Cory Complex with him. Alice admitted to Willis that her marriage might have been a big mistake.

Vera cancelled the museum, telling Ray to take up the matter of expenses incurred with her lawyer. Willis got permission from Mac to leave to run Alice's company. He met with his staff: Molly, Gwen, Chris Tanner. They refused to go with him as long as Ray had anything to do with the company. Thus, Willis had to tell Alice that he couldn’t help her. Ray, drinking too much these days, was delighted. However, the following day, he overheard Alice telling Pat, her sister, that she'd leave Ray, except he needed Sally, her adopted daughter, and her so much. Quietly, Ray went upstairs and packed. Alice found him and told him he didn’t have to leave. Disappointed at not hearing “I love you," or other words of endearment, Ray continued to pack. He promised to prove he could handle the business, to regain her trust. Alice admitted that would be a start towards rebuilding their marriage. She suggested he move into Steve's old apartment above the office. He agreed.

Alice refused to spend the night with Ray. Sally guessed something was wrong, so Alice told her they had separated. She asked that Sally not pressure either of them at present. Vera paid them off. revealing she had sold the site and incomplete building to a department store chain. Willis and Gwen had decided to continue to look for projects for Gordon Enterprises on their own, deciding to let Gwen present them to Ray. Ray's confidence continued to wane. He seemed unable to avoid cutting references about Alice's running the business better than he. Willis had a daydream in which Alice was his wife and they ran the firm together.

Iris had John draw up papers in which she relinquished all claims to Mac's estate, provided Brian married her. When Brian learned of the proviso, he ordered John to take it out, demanding to see all future drafts of the papers.

As The World Turns

Written by: Robert Soderberg & Edith Sommer

Produced by: Joe Willmore

Valerie Conway had decided to tell Dr. Bob Hughes that his ex-wife, Lisa Colman, was out to trap him. While Bob's mother Nancy was at her sister's, Lisa spent most of her time at the Hugheses' looking after Chris and Bob, claiming men never cooked well for themselves. She became moody when Bob joined his mother to consult with his aunt's doctor. Everyone thought that Lisa's dependence on Bob was due to the stress of the death of her youngest son, Chuck, and the serious injuries to their common son Tom. Lisa's mother, Alma, had cautioned her about falling in love with Bob while she was married to Grant. Tom was well enough to be discharged from the hospital and was recovering at the Colmans'. Bob considered Valerie's suggestion and decided to have a talk with Lisa. She turned things around before he could start, saying she didn't want to hurt his feelings by rejecting his concern. She confessed that she and Grant were having problems. Lisa suggested that she invite some of Tom's friends to dinner and he asked her to have his father and Valerie over for the evening. Bob was having dinner at Valerie's when she called with the invitation. Bob cited this as proof that Lisa and Grant's problems had nothing to do with him. The evening was a success, but when Grant commented that Lisa had better watch the way she looked when she talked to Bob if she didn’t want people to know, she asked him to leave their home. Lisa's biggest fear was that Tom would find out so Grant promised not to say anything to Tom if she would have a serious talk with him.

Joyce Hughes was still staying at the Hugheses' because of the danger of miscarrying her baby while her husband Don was in Switzerland on business. She continued to worry Don by reporting that she felt unwell even though her doctor said she was doing fine. While Nancy was away, a neighbor was caring for Joyce and many people had come by to see her, but Joyce told Don that she was alone all the time. Don called Grant to take his place, but Grant suggested that he check on Joyce and report back. Don returned home anyway. He visieds Joyce's doctor and learned that in three weeks she would be able to get out and take care of herself. Don suggested that he go back to Switzerland and when he returned in a few weeks, they would look for a house. Joyce was pleased, but as soon as Don left, she began acting the martyr again.

Alma visited Nancy to tell her that Lisa was pushing Grant away and she feared they would separate soon, but didn't say Bob was the reason. Nancy suggested that Lisa had always listened to Bob, but Alma vetoed his talking to her. Joyce realized there was a visitor in the house and resented Nancy asking her not to join them because a friend had come for a private talk. Joyce called to complain to Don but he had a meeting and put her off. When he phoned the following morning, she refused his call. She came downstairs, announcing she wouldn’t stay another day in this house. Nancy told Joyce that she could never forgive herself if Joyce left and promised to spend more time with her. Joyce relented and Bob took her to her room. Nancy realized that Joyce needed as much attention as a little child. Joyce surmised from Nancy's conversation with Lisa that the Colmans were having trouble. She listened to a call from Grant and arrived downstairs conveniently during Grant's visit.

Valerie was informed that the tax returns she filed with Nick Conway were being investigated for fraud. She admitted to Grant that she signed the papers without question. She asked old friends Kevin Thompson and Ralph Mitchell to help her locate Nick as he had the papers. Through contacts, they learned he was in Europe. Grant told her that if he didn’t return, she could be held responsible for all the damage; a fine as well as a sentence.

Dr. David Stewart had shouldered the responsibility of the research lab since Dr. Susan Stewart's dismissal. Ellen insisted that he take a vacation, but he returned exhausted. He told Bob Hughes that he suspected infectious mononeucleosis. Lab tests proved his hunch correct and he was given instructions to remain in bed several weeks without worrying about the lab.

Beau Spencer had told his wealthy mother that he no longer wanted an allowance. He had told Annie that if she still agreed to marry him, she would have to put off going to medical school and continue working until he passed his bar exam. She agreed that they could make it. Jane Spencer asked Annie to help her with Beau. He was afraid that his mother would want to run their lives and she only wanted to remain in Oakdale because she had nowhere else to go. She hadn't told Beau that her husband left her because he already hated his father. Beau relented a little when he heard this.

David asked Beau to visit him and after listening to Beau's new plans, he gave them his blessing. Ellen and Jane had decided to let Beau and Annie make their own wedding plans. Beau would not give in when Jane offered to buy an engagement ring. Jane was surprised that Annie supported his vow of poverty. They wanted a small church wedding in October so that David could attend.

Natalie Hughes had agreed to let it be known that the baby she was carrying was Jay Stallings' and he and Carol would be adopting it. Jay had an overseas contract and had to leave town. Carol was so worried about Natalie and the baby that Natalie felt she couldn’t live a life of her own. She asked Chris Hughes to make sure Carol understood that this baby didn’t belong to her until it was born.

Natalie had hired Ralph Mitchell to work in her real estate firm, but didn’t like his association with Mary Ellison, Jay's secretary. She put Mary down personally and to Ralph. Mary was in the room when Natalie informed her doctor that she wouldn’t be returning. Mary told Carol who asked Bob to talk to Natalie. Natalie agreed to see another doctor and told him she had Wilson's Disease, a heritary illness in which copper was not expelled from the body. When Jay returned and learned about this, he suggested that this was another of Natalie's tricks.

Dr. Dan and Kim Stewart were looking for a larger house, but she felt everything was too expensive. Jim Strasfield asked Dan to be the new Surgery Chief, but he prefered to remain a practicing surgeon. Jim didn’t care for the man to be brought in, though he had a good record.

Kim was shocked when Melinda Gray showed her a locket and said that Jennifer Ryan Hughes was her mother. She visited Rev. Booth and learned that he knew about the girl. Kim wasn’t sure how to tell Bob, but Jennifer had told him before their marriage that she had left her husband and intended to keep her baby until she learned of her husband's terminal illness and returned to nurse him. Melinda confessed that she had been depressed because the older man she loved had jilted her. Kim and Dan wanted her to be a part of the family, but Melinda didn’t want people to know who she was. They agreed that she had to find an apartment and would help her if she wanted to go to school. Kim said this was not pity; she was helping because she was Jennifer's daughter.

Kevin Thompson had been seeing Sandy Garrison occasionally since Susan Stewart left town. They heard that Susan had been at a health farm and was in much better physical shape and sober as well. Sandy wondered what would happen when Susan returned. The first person Susan wanted to see was her daughter who was at her grandparents'. David came home with the news that he was confined to bed and Susan asked him to support her when she asked to take over the lab while he was ill. Dr. Jim Strasfield was unsure, but agreed to put it before the Board. Jim decided to support her and the Board approved. She dug in with a vengeance, trying to clear the way for a new series of skin graft tests. She visited Mark Lewis instead of the patient on her list by mistake and was told by Dr. Alexander Keith to stay away from his patients. The following day, he ordered head nurse Miriam Connelly to get him the best nurses even if she broke up another doctor's team because as the new Surgery Chief, he would only take the best. Susan visited Mark Lewis at his request even though Keith told her he could have no visitors, but explained that he couldn’t be a donor without his doctor's consent. She was upset when Dan told her he learned the boy had a rare disease of the blood forming tissues and Dr. Keith didn't explain this to her.

Grant learned from Tom that it was Lisa's idea to have Bob and Tom to dinner and not Tom's as Lisa had claimed. Grant arrived as Bob and Tom were leaving to confront Lisa. The following day, Lisa warned Bob that Grant had this ridiculous idea that there was reason to be jealous of Bob and he was going to claim many untruths. Bob was surprised when Grant told him to stay out of this.

Nancy was cancelling her plans to be with Joyce. Don called to say that he would be an extra week in Switzerland. When he called later, Nancy couldn’t find Joyce. After she looked at apartments, Joyce stopped by the bookstore and Sandy took her home. Although it was unjust, Nancy realized that Joyce felt left out if she wasn't told everything.

Dr. Keith had staff resigning and those remaining at each other's throats. Susan was determined to be a friend to Mark Lewis over Keith's objections. She learned that Mark's parents were dead and he had no visitors.

Late at night, Joyce packed a suitcase and planned on leaving the Hughes home. She bumped into furniture, hurting herself. Bob ordered an ambulance to take her to Memorial Hospital.

Days Of Our Lives

Written by: Ann Marcus

Produced by: Betty Corday & H. Wesley Kenney

Samantha Evans, twin sister of Dr. Marlena Evans, under the stress of trying to become a star in Hollywood, had succumbed to drugs. Sam was in Salem to try to rest, and she thought Marlena would be a ready source of the pills she was addicted to. Marlena, however, was not a believer in pills for every ache, physical or mental, and so Sam had resorted to forging Marlena's name on prescription forms and stealing drugs from Marlena's drug cabinet at the hospital. Marlena had faced the truth about her sister and was urging Sam to seek detoxification at Bayview Sanitarium. Meanwhile, Sam's presence was wreaking havoc with Marlena and Don Craig's relationship. Before Sam's arrival, they had been close to marriage, but Don felt Marlena was then too concerned about her sister, that Marlena should turn Sam's treatment over to someone else, like Laura Horton. Aware the jig was up, and knowing Don resented her presence, Sam asked him for the money to return to Hollywood, stating it was in their mutual interest. Don agreed, providing Sam got Marlena's approval to leave. That night the sisters quarreled over the necessity of Sam's treatment and Sam told Marlena that Don would give her the money. Realizing she might have made a mistake, Sam then denied it, saying she was just trying to hurt Marlena. To trick Marlena into complacency, Sam agreed to go to Bayview.

Marlena was suspicious, aware Don would like Sam out of their hair and went to his office to check on Sam's story. Don arrived and mistook Marlena for Sam and told her he would write a check. Marlena identified herself and they had a horrendous argument, the crux of which was that Don didn’t trust her professional capabilities. Don called Sam when Marlena left, driving her into hysterics. Sam was then trapped into going to Bayview and agreed with Marlena that it was best. But the following day, while Marlena was dressing, Sam drugged Marlena's tea. Before she could decide what to do about getting out of Salem, she took two phone calls for Marlena, from Laura and Dr. Powell. When Sam managed to fool them both, making them think she was Marlena, Sam decided it might be nice to lead Marlena's life, to enjoy the prestige and the love afforded her sister. She was also intrigued by the acting possibilities. Sam committed Marlena to Bayview, as Samantha Evans. Sam advised Dr. Powell that her sister was in bad shape — manic depressive and schizophrenic — and suggested she be kept in isolation and drugged, until "Samantha" was more rational. Thus, Marlena woke up as a patient in Bayview Sanitarium! Losing her normal cool and collected attitude towards situations, Marlena panicked, thus labelling herself as a difficult patient. She forgot patients in isolation are denied all contact with the outside, except through their doctors. She futilely tried to reach Laura or Don. Marlena became so agitated when Sam arrived, posing as her, that she became violent and had to be drugged. Attempts at reasoning with her nurse or Dr. Powell proved futile.

Meanwhile, Samantha managed to push off Marlena's patient load on Laura and the rest of the staff by pretending to be upset about her sister. She refused to see Don, who became angry enough one night to pay her a visit, unannounced. Luckily for Samantha, Chris Kosichek had car trouble and was with her when Don arrived, thus encouraging Don to think she had dropped him. Samantha tried to keep Marlena in isolation and told Dr. Powell that she was thinking of petitioning to have “Sam" committed permanently. Powell, after talking to Laura, had decided he would fight any such petition and further felt "Sam" should be moved off the locked ward so that she could begin detoxification treatment, that keeping her drugged as they had been was detrimental. Samantha had to agree. Marlena, meanwhile, had smuggled a letter out to Don, who was very confused because of the intimate details Marlena used to convince him she was for real. Don took the letter to Laura, who explained that often in the case of identical twins, where one – Marlena - was obviously healthy and the other – Sam - was obviously ill, there might be a situation called "symbiosis," in which the sick one might feed off the healthy one; that as Sam got better, Marlena might lose. The most terrifying thing Laura revealed was that there could also be cross-over, that both twins might live precariously close to the edge of insanity. The first night on the open ward, Marlena escaped.

After rigging her bedclothes to look like a human form, Marlena used her know-ledge of Bayview to escape. Realizing she was not strong enough to get all the way to Salem on her own, she hitchhiked, accepting a ride from a man called Steve Johnson. Johnson, reneging on his promise to take Marlena to Salem, drove the opposite way and frightened Marlena with his insinuations that he was going to show her a good time. Finally, Marlena convinced him that she wouldn’t cooperate, and he let her out. She made her way to Pop's Cafe, which was open all night, and called Don. After the scene he witnessed between Sam and Chris - Don thought Sam was Marlena - at Marlena's house, Don wasn't anxious to talk to her, but the panic in her voice quieted him. She told her where she was, and he prepared to leave immediately to pick her up.

Meanwhile, the nurses discovered Marlena was gone. Powell ordered a search, to no avail. When notified that her sister was missing, Sam figured out Don was the first person she'd call. She caught Don as he was about to leave. The conversation confused Don, so he began to wonder who he might really be talking to. He refused to reveal Marlena's whereabouts to Sam, saying he would take the responsibility. Powell notified the police. Pop became worried about Marlena's hanging around and asked the sheriff to stop by. Marlena was hauled away to Bayview just before Don arrived. Sam had Marlena put in restraints, restricts visitors, especially Laura and Don, and suggested Electric Shock Therapy. Powell argued that necessity, and Laura disagreed, too.

Maggie Horton continued to be disturbed by the physical brutality of her neighbor Fred Barton towards his wife, Jean. Maggie confided her fears for Jean's well-being to Marlena – before Samantha impersonated her twin sister -, who suggested the family get professional help. Maggie knew Fred probably wouldn't accept such help, and also told Marlena that she thought might be financial difficulties. Marlena told Maggie about the new Family Crisis Center Laura had established at the David Martin Clinic. Maggie dropped by the clinic and picked up some brochures. Jean dropped down one afternoon and Maggie again urged her to get Fred to a counselor. She then gave Jean the brochures. Fred arrived, looking for Jean and, of course, saw the brochures. Maggie tried to cover by telling him she was just boasting about the new clinic her sister-in-law opened, but Fred didn’t buy it. He stormed out, Jean following fearful.

Janice Horton reported to Mickey and Maggie that Billy Barton was getting into fights at school. The other children were beginning to avoid him. Billy arrived to play, but the session ended when Billy struck Janice, according to her. Billy claimed it was an accident. Fred came down to apologize and promised to "thrash" his son. Mickey argued the necessity of that, saying there was already too much violence in the world. Fred appeared to not understand, so Mickey told Fred he and Maggie knew Fred beat Jean because they could hear him. Fred left, very angry.

Fred took his aggravations with Mickey out on Jean and Billy again with physical assault. Jean cried to herself she couldn’t and wouldn’t take this anymore.

Michael Horton had decided to stick around Salem and wait for Trish and David Banning's marriage to break up. - Mike and Trish were very much in love, until Trish discovered she was pregnant with David's baby, the result of one night they spent together when Mike and Trish were having problems about not being able to make love. Mike tried to overcome his feelings about the baby, but Trish knew he could never accept the child as his, so she refused his marriage proposals. - Mike had quit his job as a mechanic at Eddie's Garage, but asked Eddie to take him hack. Eddie refused, saying that even though Mike was the best mechanic he had, he was too unstable. Mike took that in hand and went to Bob Anderson for a job. Bob, who knew the circumstances, agreed to hire Mike. Mike asked to work in maintenance, or any job that would keep him away from David, who' was a rising young executive at the plant. Meanwhile, David and Trish were making a good try at their marriage.

David was sent to Washington, D.C. on business and looked up his old fiancee, Valerie Grant, who was studying medicine at Howard University. David told her of his marriage, about which Val already knew from her brother Danny. She then revealed that on the weekend David and Trish were married, she'd gone to Salem to reconcile with David. – They had broken up when Val found out through Brooke Hamilton, that Trish was carrying David's baby. - David was upset, but he then felt committed to Trish and his baby.

Tommy Horton proposed to Linda Phillips. Linda told Tommy that she was not sure she loved him and asked him to give her time. Tommy took consolation in the fact that at least Linda didn't actually refuse him. Linda, however, had a bigger fish on the hook, Bob Anderson. Bob was definitely shocked when Linda told him that Tommy had proposed and she was seriously considering the proposal as she was tired of being lonely and would like some security for herself and her daughter Melissa. Besides, Tommy had a certain amount of prestige in the community. Bob urged Linda not to accept Tommy's proposal, although he was not able to offer her as much at present. Linda played both men against each other brilliantly.

Tom Horton, recovering from a stroke, but still very sensitive to the vibes around him, knew something was on his beloved Alice's mind. Using old friend Mel Bailey as a foil, Tom learned that Alice was scheduled to undergo a radical hysterectomy at the hands of controversial Dr. Walter Griffin. Alice assured Tom there was nothing to worry about, but Tom asked Griffin for the courtesy of examining Alice's tiles for himself. Some of the tests were ambiguous, so Tom asked his son Bill, once a practicing surgeon, then a resident in anesthesiology, to look over the file. Bill, recently returned from a visit to an English surgeon he had hoped would restore full use of his right hand, injured when his brother Mickey shot him in the throes of a nervous breakdown, barged into Griffin's office while Griffin was away and looked at Alice's file. Bill felt there was no need for surgery. But he suggested they get a second opinion. When Griffin found out what Bill did, he released Alice as his patient, saying he wouldn’t be second-guessed. The second surgeon, Dr. Carlin, suggested a D&C first. The results showed that Alice was fine, that there was no need for surgery. Tom, however, castigated himself for not being able to determine the situation from the files, forgetting he had been away from the practice of medicine for some months and that Alice was too close for him to be objective.

Bill and Griffin were in the midst of a feud. Bill felt Griffin was knife-happy, that he performed many needless surgeries. Griffin was threatened by Bill's presence in the OR, so he had had chief-of-staff Greg Peters assign Bill to the graveyard shift in anesthesiology, putting strain on Bill and Laura's marriage. At dinner one night, Griffin informed Greg that he had suggestions for changes and hoped to bring colleagues from Chicago to fill out the staff. Greg told Griffin that he was saving a place on the surgical staff for Bill. Griffin told Greg he would not accept Bill as part of his staff! Bill resented Laura's references to his age in regard to learning a new phase of medicine. Dr. Kate Winograd, Bill's chief, assuaged Greg's fears about Bill's being a trouble-maker by telling him that the interns and residents were learning from Bill, too.

After Bill and Laura argued over her request, that he "play politics" by attending the hospital art show, he was saved by a call from Kate to report to work early. At the show, Laura agreed with Dr. Griffin's comment that Bill would be better off in an administration position.

Phyllis Curtis, still rebounding from the knowledge that her husband, Neil, was having an affair with her daughter, Mary Anderson - by Bob Anderson -, almost committed suicide one night in her car. However, she came to her senses in time, and decided that Neil and Mary weren’t worth it. She decided to make them pay instead. She sent Neil a note on Mary's stationery inviting him to lunch, signing Mary's name, of course, then sat in the shadows and watched Neil consume his lunch in obvious perturbation. Next, she sent Mary a music box, anonymously, which Mary immediately assumed was from Neil. Mary and Neil had angry arguments over the incidents. Meanwhile, Phyl had refused all physical contact with Neil, driving him to practically beg Betty Worth, his office nurse, then Amanda Peters, for attention and ..., to no avail. Mary also continued to reject his advances. Phyl talked about taking a five-month cruise — alone.

Phyl led Neil to believe she was having an affair with her tennis instructor, while she rejected Neil's advances. He was bewildered when she suggested they try a totally open marriage.

Mary found herself at odds with Chris Kosichek, Bob's new engineer find. Chris was, as Bob said, "a little rough around the edges." Chris asked Mary to go to dinner with him at the VFW and enter a polka contest. Mary found the very idea ridiculous and refused. She then accepted a date for dinner, until she found it was to be hot dogs on the 50-yard line at a high school football game. When Bob again asked her if she was seeing Neil, Mary, to convince him she was not, invited Chris to dinner, then made it clear she only did it to help him with a forthcoming speech. Chris walked out, telling her she had appalling manners for someone who was supposed to be so sophisticated. When Bob told him he had great plans for him and approved of his friendship with Mary, who needed to get out more, Chris took Mary to dinner at Doug's Place, promising he could help her. At the studio later, Chris reminded Mary of an evening when Phyl barged in and hinted broadly that Mary needed a man, then repeated his conversation with Bob. Chris volunteered to be her coach. Mary was very insulted. Chris told her she knew how to reach him.

Doug Williams was angry when he was asked to come to City Hall to clear up some discrepancies in his liquor license. It seemed that when his second wife, Addie, bought Doug's Place for him, along with the liquor license, she put the license in her name because she knew that Doug had been unfairly convicted of a felony some years back and might be denied a license. When Addie died, Mickey Horton wasn't around to handle the details, and his partner Jim Phillips overlooked transferring the license to Doug's name. Therefore, Doug had been operating with an illegal license, which had to be rescinded soon. Doug was asked to fill out a new application, and he neglected to report his conviction or that his real name was Brent Douglas. Therefore, his application was denied, the information having been discovered through his fingerprints. Doug went to Mickey, who agreed to appeal the case, but they couldn’t get on the calendar for six months. Doug's license would be lifted almost immediately. Doug asked what he had to do, since he felt he would definitely lose the business unless he could serve liquor. One solution was for Julie to use her father's inheritance to buy the club, but Doug would not be allowed on the premises, since he was a known convicted felon. Doug rejected the idea.

Doug and Julie put up a brave front for each other, but both wondered if they would be able to survive turning Doug's Place into a coffee house.

Larry Atwood, who had approached Doug earlier with a plan to put gambling – illegal - in the back rooms of Doug's Place, was the culprit behind Doug's difficulties. Atwood needed an established business to front the gambling so the city fathers would not be suspicious. He planned to lure them and their wives into gambling, then with IOU's and good pictures of them, blackmail them into letting him operate. Atwood assured his colleague Frank that he would have control of Doug's Place in a few months.

Sister Marie Horton was offered a station in Salem as director of the Good Samaritan Center, a teenage counseling center, to mitigate the idealism and practicality of the other two directors. Marie liked the idea, but hoped her pride wouldn’t get in the way.

The Doctors

Written by: Douglas Marland

Produced by: Jeff Young

In Brazil, Jason Aldrich had served Ann Larimer Aldrich with annullment papers which she had promised to sign. However, after Jason left with Steve, Ann stalled, saying she wanted another lawyer to look over the papers before she signed them. - Ann had told Jason and Steve that she lost the baby she was carrying, but she was still pregnant. Ann and Steve's marriage collapsed after Steve found out that Ann had arranged the committment under a false name of Steve's ex-wife, Carolee, then in a catatonic state, then convinced Steve to marry her. Carolee's return revived Steve's love for her, and he had demanded the annullment, despite Ann's carrying his child. - Mona Croft, Steve and Jason's mother, was the most hurt when the truth about Ann was learned. Then, in order to regain her place in Steve's heart, Mona askes Jason what to do. Jason suggested she make a real effort with Carolee, as it was obvious Steve and she would remarry. Mona invited Carolee to dinner and apologized for her past injustices.

Carolee found herself on the verge of having no place to live. The house she had planned to rent had been sold and her roommate and cousin MJ Match was about to be married, and Carolee promised to move out. Mona and Steve suggested she move in with them, as the house was quite large. Carolee had reservations: she'd be so close to Steve it would be hard to resist becoming lovers; the situation might confuse their children. When Steve was scheduled to go to a medical conference in San Francisco, Carolee agreed to move in on a temporary basis, to see if it could work.

Eleanor Conrad had asked Jason Aldrich to become her attorney, saying her present attorney, Harold Kingston, refused to cooperate with her. Eleanor told Jason about her problems with Wendy and wanted Jason to write a new will in which Wendy wouldn’t be the sole heir. She wanted to leave a trust fund for Wendy and leave the balance to Luke Dancy. Jason urged her to wait a while and think it all out more clearly. Eleanor agreed.

Luke arrived at Doreen Aldrich's suite. Doreen was very cold, telling Luke the last she saw he was in hot pursuit of Eleanor and that he has 24 hours to account for. - Luke was very ambitious. He saw an opportunity to buy controlling interest in Andre's, a local supper club. He courted Eleanor, hoping she would back him, and indeed, she wanted to, but Kingston held things up because of Luke's lack of experience in managing such a club. Meanwhile, Luke had also become involved with Doreen, who collected handsome young lovers. Realizing the club would tie Luke to her, Doreen gave Luke the money, retaining 51% majority interest and control. Doreen guarded her "investments" jealously. - Luke told Doreen he'd have done the same for any friend. Doreen retorted that she wouldn’t be used and the 'arrangement could be terminated. While Doreen ranted, Luke called her bluff by kissing her. After lovemaking, Doreen asked if Luke meant he'd do anything for her? He, of course, answered affirmatively. They were interrupted by a call from Andre's reporting business was down. Doreen suggested that business would pick up if the entertainment – Nola - were better. Doreen told Luke that he could prove he cared for her by giving Nola, his sister and her husband's present love interest, two weeks' notice.

Luke followed orders. Nola told Luke she was sure that Doreen was his backer at Andre's and tried to point out this was Doreen's way of getting rid of her. Luke tried to deny it, and Nola told him he was nothing more than "a glorified errand boy." Nolte quit immediately, refusing the extra week's pay Luke offered. When Jason learned Nola had been fired, he, too, was suspicious and confronted Doreen, who admitted she backed Luke at Andre's.

Nola asked Jason why she was such a threat to Doreen and why Doreen fought so hard to maintain a marriage that was obviously in name only. Jason said it was convenient that way because Doreen could do as she pleased. Nola asked why he didn’t divorce Doreen. Jason replied that “'til now it's just seemed like too much trouble.”

Doreen, to keep her pet leashed, put him in touch with an agent in New York, who scheduled a hot new star into Andre's. Luke was ecstatic at pulling it off, unaware that it was Do-reen who was pulling the strings. But Luke was still worried about Nola. To console him, Doreen "promised" to try to get her a job in the lounge at the Madison Arms. Nola, meanwhile, told Jason she might have to leave town to get a job. Jason told her she needn't worry about money. Nola, however, wouldn’t be a kept woman. When Jason confided his fear of Nola's leaving to Mona, she thought their being apart might be good. Jason then admitted he couldn’t stand the idea of being away from Nola, and had to decide what to do about it.

Because Doreen had demanded so much of his time, Luke had assuaged Eleanor by claiming to be very busy with his backers and to be spending his nights on his office couch. Eleanor angered him by reminding him she gave him $75,000 so he wouldn't be at the mercy of his backers. He stomped out, leaving Eleanor alone again. Meanwhile, Luke's mother, Virginia Dancy, was becoming uneasy about Luke's sudden success. She frankly told Luke that she hoped he wouldn’t make the mistake of letting some woman use money to get a hold on him, because success wouldn’t mean anything if he "sells his soul."

Nola received a fabulous offer from an agent in New York named Earl Rogers. Rogers promises to get her a coach, choreographer, arranger, etc., and build her a brand new act that would open in New York. Jason was suspicious. How did she know Rogers was on the up and up? Jason put through some discreet inquiries and found Rogers was indeed legitimate. Nola was very excited at the prospects of a great new career, a dream she'd had in childhood but had put aside. Jason admitted he didn’t want her away from him. Nola pointed out that he'd have no compunctions about leaving her alone to take a case out of town. Nola's sister Sara asked what had happened to Nola's plans to marry Jason. Nola felt she had to take this chance on her career, as it might never come again. Jason wondered if Nola's talent was big enough to capture a New York audience. Still wondering where this offer came from, out of the blue, Jason called Rogers and tricked him into admitting that Doreen was behind it, promising to pay all expenses. Jason confronted Luke and Doreen on a big night at Andre's. Jason gave Luke all the facts. Doreen twisted it to appear sh wa's doing Nola a big favor. Luke was very confused.

Eleanor was finding the long nights without Luke a burden. Wendy sent Ted Kingston to Eleanor to suggest that the involvement with Luke was proof that Eleanor needed psychological help. Eleanor told Ted that Wendy was using him to punish her because Wendy was jealous of Luke. Ted reported to Wendy that Eleanor appeared unstable, and that if Eleanor went back to the hospital, it would be simple to replace her as trustee of Wendy's trust fund from her late father. Wendy wanted it done. After Luke rejected her again, Eleanor was in bad shape and became drunk. In that state, she went to see Wendy, saying they needed to talk face to face. She demanded Wendy stop torturing her with her ugly insinulations about Luke. Eleanor, tearfully, admitted she had her own doubts to deal with and didn’t need help from her own daughter. Wendy melted a bit, putting her mother to bed. The following morning, Wendy started tracking Luke down, finally going to Doreen's suite. Wendy forced her way in, then spoke her mind to the open bedroom door: either break with Eleanor immediately or she would make trouble. Doreen demanded Luke break all ties with Eleanor. The night of the big opening at Andre's, Eleanor became drunk at the bar. Jason took her home.

Tom Carroll, MJ Match's fiance, had told MJ his parents were dead, which was why he enjoyed her large family so much. On the eve of their wedding, Tom received a call from his mother! She and his father, who was supposed to have died of Huntingdon's Disease, were worried. Tom told his mother never to contact him again. Tom and MJ had asked Virginia Dancy to stand in for both their mothers. MJ was nervous, but took heart when Carolee told her Tom and she had love to begin with and marriage was an adventure of discovery. Tom and MJ were married. They planned to follow MJ’s sister Betsy and her husband Dick and son Ricky to their farm in Vermont to honeymoon. Just as MJ and Tom were ready to leave to meet the Mineros, they received a call from the highway patrol. The result of the accident was that Betsy and Dick died, and MJ and Tom were instant parents of young Ricky.

Despite Tom’s pleas that he and MJ let someone else take care of Ricky for a while, until they were more settled, MJ insisted on making Ricky part of their family immediately upon his release from the hospital. While MJ was telling Ricky the awful news that both of his parents were dead, Tom had flashes in which Ricky resembled a Vietnamese child.

Jason tried again to persuade Nola to stay in Madison. Nola told him she didn’t need his criticism, reminding him that he had nothing better to offer her. Nola reconciled with Virginia, who hoped Nola would find happiness in New York. Jason confided to Steve that he was very confused. Steve suggested that Nola wanted some kind of commitment from him. Jason went to Nola's apartment, while Steve told Carolee that Jason's first marriage had been such a disaster that he thought Jason was afraid of a real commitment.

Dr. Jesse Rawlings finally got through to Dr. Mike Powers by telling him she thought it was a crime that he was wasting his education when there were many people who were denied what he had just because of lesser backgrounds. Mike began observing on the field unit, but refused to practice his profession. When Betsy and Dick had been brought into the hospital, the ER was overcrowded and Mike had to make his first medical decision. He was then committed.

Jason, unable to convince Nola to remain in Madison, proposed marriage to her. Her answer was she would go ahead to New York and begin working while Jason asked Doreen for a divorce.

Greta Powers accused Matt and Maggie of having time for everyone but her.

The Edge Of Night

Written by: Henry Slesar

Produced by: Erwin Nicholson

Anthony Saxon and Geraldine Whitney had a dinner date. Geraldine told Anthony that her "son" Kevin Jamison was reluctant to consider the proposed post to the Monticello Crime Commission, as Kevin found his job as a reporter gratifying. - Kevin was Geraldine's adopted son and she had transferred to him the same ambitions she had for her own late sons. Tony wanted Kevin on the Commission because of his inexperience. Saxon felt that he could control Kevin, if not directly, then through Geraldine. - Geraldine, however, felt that she could use Raven Alexander to convince Kevin to accept the post. When Kevin came in, Geraldine persuaded him to listen to Anthony, who made a great pitch about Kevin's contribution, needing younger blood in government, etc. Kevin tried to forestall it by pointing out that it was all pure conjecture. Anthony announced that Kevin's name had already been submitted.

Kevin had proposed to Raven Alexander and was upset to learn she had a date. Logan Swift told Raven he didn’t think she should marry Kevin because she was not in love with him. Raven admitted she didn't want to marry anyone, that she enjoyed her independence. Geraldine told Kevin he sold himself short, that Raven loved him and would be a great help in his future. Kevin wondered if Raven was interested in him or his future. When the prospects of being an important politician's wife occurred to Raven, she decided to accept Kevin's proposal. Anthony also urged Kevin to give in to Geraldine's ambitions for him. Kevin had been content to take one day at a time since his wife Phoebe's death. Anthony assured him that one day a future would be important. Kevin then decided to marry Raven and give her the crime commission job as a dowry. Logan was devastated when Raven told him she was getting married, adding that Logan waited too long.

As Geraldine’s housekeeper Trudy was congratulating Kevin on his forthcoming marriage to Raven, Kevin brought up "Mr. Scott," meaning Draper, to whom Raven was previously engaged. Trudy accidentally misunderstood and raised the spectre of Raven's involvement with Ansel Scott, Draper's father, Raven's stepfather. Kevin gently probed Geraldine about the situation and found that Raven introduced her mother to Ansel. Kevin was postponing assuming his duties on the Crime Commission until after the Mike Karr murder trial. Anthony admitted to his daughter Deborah that he was becoming romantically attached to Geraldine.

When Steve Guthrie arrived at the New Moon and found Deborah Saxon, his date, left earlier with another man, he was frantic. However, Steve would be more upset to know she was with Raney at his apartment. Deborah became more and more uncomfortable as Raney hinted she was in for a "good time." Using his extensive record collection and wine stock as examples, Raney told Debbie he had connections — later revealing he was involved with crime on the docks. Trying for more intormation, in her capacity as an undercover for Steve, Debbie used a newspaper article about Inez Johnson's lie detector test to bring up the late Adam Drake. Raney confirmed that he knew Adam. But he clamed up as he was ready to move in on Debbie. They were interrupted by Packy, who arrived with a message: Col. Blood was on his way over. They got rid of Debbie. Some days later, Debbie confirmed there was a real Tom Blood with another of Raney's cronies, Otto. At a party where she was to meet him, Debbie told Otto she was to be Blood's date, but Blood then canceled.

As Mike Karr’s trial for the murder of Beau Richardson was due to begin, Calvin, Steve and Deborah had a council of war to decide on tactics to have Raney and Packy lead them to Adam and Beau's murderer. When Calvin made a remark about Tony's knowing such men, Deborah stomped out and accepted a date with Raney without telling Steve. Raney, meanwhile, had learned that Deborah was Anthony Saxon's daughter. He gloated to Packy about dating the great Saxon's daughter. - When Raney confronted her about her real identity, Deborah covered by saying she was just looking for kicks, that she was tired of dating college types all the time. She further hinted that her father would have fits if he knew about Raney. - Otto and a girl joined Raney and Debbie. He brought up seeing her out with someone else, a blue-eyed blond. Deborah said she hads to play it daddy's way sometimes. Raney got rid of Otto and company and told Deborah about his childhood, one of beatings and some poverty. He ran away from home after knocking out his father. Deborah caught a glimpse of Col. Blood when Raney pointed him out in a phone booth. Raney kept Deborah on the string with constant promises of meeting Blood.

Draper Scott had been seeing a lot of April Cavanaugh, sister of Nicole Drake's doctor. April and Nicole became friends at Claremont, where Nicole would be confined until the birth of her baby. April had a heart condition, mitral stenosis, caused by rheumatic fever. A pacemaker was suggested some years ago so that she could lead a normal life; however, April had refused. Since she found herself falling in love with Draper, and since she had met the vivacious and beautiful Raven, Draper's former fiancee, April wanted the operation, feeling she'd be more attractive if she were more vital. Dr. Ralph Burnham checked April over, then had to call Miles, her brother, with the bad news. It was too late for the pacemaker. She had to undergo open heart surgery and valve replacement. In conference with Miles and Ralph, April began to consider the operation, especially since the survival rate was high. However, they had to tell April that the reserves in her heart muscle necessary to restart it after surgery might not be great enough. April decided against surgery, saying the most important thing to her then was to live.

Nicole was confused when Carol, her primary care nurse, was replaced by Denise Cavanaugh, Miles' wife. Nicole told Miles that Denise's attentiveness made her uneasy. Miles filled Nicole in about the background of his marriage: Denise supported him through medical school and they also depended on her father for money when things got really tight. Denise's father owned Claremont. Later, Denise told Carol that she intended to stay on Nicole's case. Carol let it drop to Miles, who ordered that Carol would stay on the case. Denise then told Nicole that Carol was sulking because she was reassigned and asked Nicole to put in a good word with Miles, so that she could prove to her husband that she was still a good nurse and could be a useful member of society. Denise then blackmailed Carol with the letter Carol wrote to her saying Miles was becoming interested in Nicole. Denise was assigned permanently as Nicole's nurse. Nicole asked Denise why all the fuss. Denise said it probably had something to do with Katherine Dane, but left it up in the air.

Miles read Denise out when he caught her about to take Nicole's temperature with an unsterile thermometer, adding that she should also remove her rings. He suggested Denise needed a refresher course in nursing. Denise again mentioned Katherine Dane's name. Denise told Nicole that Katherine was rich and beautiful, that she was at Claremont to recover from a severe respiratory disease. According to Denise, Katherine went after Miles, and the two of them had an argument the night Katherine died. Denise was called away, and Carol finished the story. There was an argument that ended with Katherine asking to see Miles because she felt ill. According to Carol, Katherine had a severe coughing spell and rang for a nurse, who happened to be Denise. Denise ignored the ring. Katherine died.

In Johnny’s absence, Danny Micelli was taking over the New Moon Cafe. After turnng their son JV over to Danny and his wife Tracy, Johnny's wife Laurie had moved home with her parents, Mike and Nancy Karr. Laurie was relieved that Johnny was gone because there was too much to do as a wife and mother. Tracy arrived for the key to their apartment, to get things for JV. Laurie told Tracey she was being ungrateful at trying to return the gift – JV - when she and Danny couldn’t have kids. Tracy was genuinely happy to be taking care of JV and reassured Nancy that JV had a home with Danny and her as long as necessary. Laurie occasionally regressed to her teenage years, wearing her old clothes, arguing with Mike about her lengths. Mike told Nancy to cheer up, they had been through worse situations. Nancy admitted the situations had been worse, but they hadn't affected as many people.

Mike was relieved to learn his trial was to start, telling Draper that the best medicine for Laurie would be his acquittal. Chief Marceau dropped over to visit the Karrs and talked with Timmy, their ward, about his kidnapping and sojourn in San Francisco with his Aunt Josephine Harper. Eventually, Timmy described Ray Harper, Josephine's husband and known international criminal, as looking like Mike! Marceau took the lead to Luke Chandler. They knew Harper had a connection with Richardson, the dead man, or the "kidnapping" could never have occurred, but they had to prove it and also find Harper. - Beau used the phony kidnapping of Timmy to force Nancy to spy on Mike's activities for the crime commission and its probe into Tony Saxon. - They sent Steve to question Saxon about any connection between Beau and Harper. Saxon denied any knowledge of a connection, saying he left the whole thing up to Beau. Deborah ordered Steve from the house.

Mike’s trial began. Logan and Draper made brilliant opening statements. Witnesses like Luke and Danny found it difficult to testify for the prosecutions. But the prosecution's case wasn't nearly as air-tight as everyone thought, due to Draper's expertise. The most potent evidence the prosecution had was Inez Johnson, the eyewitness, who unequivocally identified Mike as the man she saw emerge from Beau's office and toss the gun back into the room the night Beau was murdered. - Earlier, Inez revealed to Tracy that Mrs. Yost revealed the results of her lie detector test to the press. –

Calvin and Steve arrested Packy when they found him with a shipment of sweaters that still had the shipping labels on them. Luke pressured Packy to tell him about Adam Drake. All Packy would say was that Adam was nosing around the docks, looking for an international crook. Packy called Raney to bail him out, interrupting what Raney thought would be an intimate evening with Debbie. Earlier, Raney had managed to meet Tony, accomplishing one of his goals in dating Debbie.

Steve was protecting Deborah by staking out Raney's apartment. Deborah opened the door to admit Raney but found instead Col. Tom Blood on the threshold.

Nicole was having pain. Miles continued the story of Katherine Dane. He told Nicole that the call signal malfunctioned at the nurse's station the night Katherine died. An electrician confirmed this fact the following day.

Bill Marceau was expertly questioned by Draper to reveal that the police had a lead to a colleague of Beau Richardson's, who looked like Mike.

General Hospital

Written by: Irving & Tex Elman

Produced by: Tom Donovan

The long awaited wedding of Steve and Audrey was held in the hospital chapel and made more poignant when Diana Taylor made the effort to attend. A radiant Dr. Peter Taylor, rejoicing in his wife's apparent effort to put behind her the unhappiness at losing all hope for adopting little Mike Mallon, was saddened to hear Diana wish she was the woman Peter deserved. She told Peter it was a mistake to come back to Port Charles from her mother's house, that she did it to please him because she had hurt him. After the wedding she despondently returned to Barton's Falls. When her mother urged her not to withdraw from the world, telling her to go home - "I love you but I don't want you here" -, Diana said helplessly that she tried to reach inside herself for strength but all there was, was hopelessness. Diana had to rouse herself to answer her small daughter Martha's questions about Mike, telling her that he was going to live with someone very nice - a cousin -; that the judge decided it would be better for Mike to live with his relatives.

When Peter called Diana to check on her during a rainstorm, he told her that the hospital had been put on alert for a hurricane that was brewing. Diana made plans to return to nursing duty at General Hospital in the emergency. After her arrival, Peter called the police department in Barton's Falls to learn that after checking, they found Diana's mother's house deserted and a window shattered. He was told that Mrs. Maynard had probably taken Martha to a shelter set up in the village, but he was aware that the site was miles along the road.

Jeff Webber had had to accept what Lee Baldwin told him —that he had no legal rights regarding his illegitimate son, Stephen Lars. Jeff made one more effort to appeal to Heather not to take the infant with her to New York - Heather had accepted $500 from Jeff as "getaway money." -, but she left anyway.

Heather went to New York posing as a young widow and her "benevolent" landlady Mrs. Hadley realizing the girl had little money steered her to a (porno) photo studio assuring her friend from the studio the plan would work again — give the girl credit and she was trapped.

Dr. Rick Webber appealed to Mark Dante for help when he learned that a very close friend and former roommate, then a professional golfer, had been brought in to General Hospital when the foundations of his house were washed away, causing the building to collapse before his eyes. He was returning from a tour and did not know if his wife and two children were inside. When an emergency generator failed, Mark operated by headlights in the hospital garage. David Hamilton's life was saved, but he was paralyzed from the waist down and Rick learned from Lt. Sage that he had to tell David his wife and children were dead.

Scott Baldwin had returned to Port Charles, telling his father Lee that Dr. Gail Adamson had been leaning on him to come and "give your decadant lifestyle a whirl." He had agreed to work with her in her drug rehabilitation program. Scotty and Dr. Lesley Faulkner's 16-year-old daughter, Laura, attended a rock concert and were forced to seek shelter in a shed during the hurricane. A phone call relieved Lee and Leslie's anxieties. Laura was uncomfortable with her own behavior but more so with Scotty's understand and it was she who was reluctant to leave when it was finally safe, realizing what a risk she had taken because of her fright.

When Laura was home safe, she had no patience with her mother's half-joking inquiries as to whether Scott tried anything and became increasingly sensitive to any reference to her youth.

At the height of the hurricane emergency activity in the hospital, a young woman was brought in comotose with a depressed skull fracture, broken ribs, and a rup-ured spleen. In Dr. Gary Lansing's opinion the odds were against the survival of the woman, who was pregnant, but he believed they might save the child. Dr. Adam Streeter determined that they should try to save the mother first and he operated with Gina assisting. All seemed to be going well as he left Gina to finish when he was called away to another emergency. Gina took over but after a few minutes the woman's blood pressure dropped, she began hemmorhaging and Gina lost the mother and baby.

When it was evident that another young patient had drugged herself into a miscarriage and that she got the stuff at the hospital, a nurse reported that the girl said she had gotten amphetamines from Harvey Payson, a hospital orderly. He insisted it was a frame-up and when the young woman refused to agree to testify against the man, he laughed at Adam's threats not only to have him fired but file charges against him, saying it looked like their case wouldn't stand up and "that's all folks".

One good thing to come with Hurricane Ava was nurse Doris – Dorrie - Fleming who walked into General Hospital to volunteer her services when Port Charles' weather spectacular interrupted her vacation from her native England. After the storm had spent itself, Mark Dante offered Dorrie a position on the staff and she accepted it, deciding to stay on in the States for a while. It was Dorrie who spotted the similarity in the story a young storm victim known only as Lisa, who claimed to have amnesia, told to a very gullible Dr. Jeff Webber, of the brooding widower who was in love with Lisa and his insane wife and the fire ... to the Bronte classic “Jane Eyre”. Lisa twinkled at Jeff that he did urge her to tell him all she remembered ... and she remembered that.

Again, it was Dorrie who called out a young nurse to the corridor and pointed out that she should never have taken it for granted that because a patient was paralyzed from the waist down, he needn't be watched with the same vigilance as any other. - The patient was David Hamilton whose paralysis had no organic basis, as Mark's surgery was a complete success. But, as Dorrie pointed out: “why take the trouble to walk when you've nothing to live for?” - She told the girl that David had taken a bottle of pills from her cart and insisted that he turn them over to her. - Dorrie did not know that David had been secreting and hoarding his sedatives. –

When Mr. Stuart Kennicott, the husband of the expectant mother who died, arrived some days later to ask about her death, he accepted Adam and Gina's explanations and sympathy until he was stopped by Payson who told them that the baby could have been saved and because of what he knew, he had been given his notice, but that doctors shouldn't be allowed to get away with that sort of thing. On the day Gina convinced Adam that she was serious in her proposal that they get married immediately - Adam was worried that Gina was rushing into marriage to block out her feelings for Gary Lansing -, Gary, Gina and Adam were summoned to a hearing in the District Attorney's office to determine if they should be prosecuted for criminal negligence in the Kennicott case.

Dr. Mark Dante’s wife, Mary Ellen – Mellie -, had been committed to the State Mental Facility until such time as she could be determined to be able to stand trial. She was for a time in a catatonic state and though she had emerged from it, she couldn’t accept her surroundings. Mark was told that any visits from him would be counter-productive as her psychosis was rooted in her relationship with him. When Mark asked how many months it may might before he would be able to be in contact with Mellie, he was told it might be more like years. When Terri Arnett learned about Mellie's condition, she told Steve she had to go somewhere so that she and Mark didn’t have to face each other anymore. She confided to Steve that the offer to join a vocal group recording in Los Angeles was not really much but she needed to be with a group. Later, when the offer fell through, she told only Lesley but insisted that Mark and her brothers Rick and Jeff not know that.

Shortly after Steve and Audrey returned from their honeymoon, cut short by reports of the hurricane, they had to attend the funeral of Diana and Peter's daughter, Martha, killed in a car crash in which Diana's mother, Mrs. Maynard was injured. Together, Diana and Peter told Mrs. Maynard in her hospital room that everything that could have been done by the doctors had been done, and tried to comfort her, but Audrey and Steve told Mark that Diana seemed to be still in shock.

District Attorney Murdoch found that there was no basis for a criminal action against Adam and Gina but Kennicott advised them that he would see them again — next time with his attorneys. His lawyer informed Lee Baldwin that he was bringing suit for malpractice.

Gina and Adam were about to leave on their elopement when they learned Judge Lowell, who practically raised her, had had a heart attack in Boston. Adam forced a confrontation feeling Gina's insistence on going to Boston was an excuse to postpone their marriage and since he felt she might want him out of her life, he might accept an offer to open a clinic in Bogota, and that would end it all.

Learning his father might run for district attorney, Scotty feared his own arrest - no conviction for grass - might hurt his chances and decided to take off. Gail warned Scotty and Lee that they keep hurting each other to keep from hurting each other.

Mellie’s psychiatrist warned Mark that Mellie was having a lucid period and that Mark had to be careful not to do anything that could lead her to believe their marriage was viable as it would be feeding her dementia. He recommended Mark see Mellie once to let her know the marriage was over.

Mark told Steve about Dr. Field's recommendation but added he couldn’t accept it on the basis of one man's opinion. He would seek advice from Peter.

Monica was assigned to work with a foundation representative, Alan Quartermaine, to research the needs of the hospital for a new cardiac wing. She was quite taken with Alan and Alan was unconfortable aware of her feelings! When she even went so far as to intimate to him that she certainly wouldn’t mind spending her evenings working with him, he told her she wouldn’t have to worry about working evenings, as his fiancée kept him very busy nights ! A bemused Alan later confided to Mark that he was not really engaged; but he often found it necessary to invent a fiancée to ward off the unwanted attentions of amorous females!

Guiding Light

Written by: Bridget & Jerome Dobson

Produced by: Allen Potter

Bert Bauer was so excited as she prepared to leave for her vacation in London that her son, Dr. Ed Bauer, found her running around in circles when he arrived to take her to lunch before delivering her to the airport. His departing gift to her was a book on English Tudor history to aid her in her museum travels with Dr. Steve Jackson.

Holly Bauer couldn’t sleep for thinking of the fight between Roger Thorpe and Ed Bauer. She let Roger in because she felt sorry for him since Peggy had left him. Ed was furious when he walked in and found Roger holding little Christina. She could only blame herself because she knew that Ed didn't want Roger there.

Holly told Roger that Ed didn’t want him visiting Christina again and she agreed. Ed thought of Christina as his own daughter. Roger blamed Ed for telling Peggy about him. He declared that he was going to see his daughter whenever he wanted to and no one could stop him. Holly pleaded that she didn’t want him to be a part of their lives anymore.

Roger met Rita Stapleton at the hospital and asked her to tell Ed that she knew Roger was Christina's father. Rita wouldn’t so Roger said he would. Rita pleaded that it wasn’t good for her, he was only looking out for himself. Roger waited for hours in Ed's office determined to see him. Finally he threw at Ed that he told someone else that he was Christina's father a long time ago. He challenged that Rita didn't say she was with Roger to save herself at the trial because Ed wouldn't be able to handle it. That proved itself to be true because he dropped Rita when he found out. Rita was the one he told. As this was no longer a secret between the three of them, Ed couldn’t stop him from seeing his daughter. Ed confronted Rita with the fact that she had known for some time and never let him know.

Dr. Justin Marler told Dr. Sara McIntyre that he enjoyed the dinner and the pleasant conversation. Sara enjoyed herself and promised that if her feelings changed, she wouldn’t fight them. Justin came for breakfast one morning and knowing that Sara was making pancakes, brought real maple syrup for TJ. He suggested that TJ go fishing with him sometime, but TJ explained that the last time he went fishing was with his father and he just couldn’t bring himself to go with anyone else. Justin said he understood. TJ asked his mother if she saw a lot of Dr. Marler while he was at camp. She explained that she had been seeing him but they had known each other since school. She agreed with TJ that no one could ever take Joe's place in their lives.

Dr. Emmett Scott told Justin that rather than return to his clinic in Chicago, he wanted to stay at Cedars. Justin said he would submit his ex-father-in-law's name, but Emmett told him that Ed Bauer already had.

Mike Bauer was to have a business lunch with Dr. Scott to discuss some legal affairs. When Emmett was detained at the hospital, his daughter, Jackie Marler showed up in his place, saying that her father hoped to be there soon. Adam Thorpe and Ed told Emmett that he had been officially accepted on the Cedars staff. The Board was thrilled to get someone as qualified as he at Cedars.

Evie Stapleton’s friend, Hilary Kincaid, told her that she had decided to stay in Springfield to go to school. She called her mother in Canada and was surprised to learn that her mother didn’t want her to stay there. Her mother and step-father had told her to make up her own mind where she wanted to go to college. She continued to make plans for the fall. She would be volunteering at the boutique. Hilary asked Evie if she or Rita had ever been to Canada. Evie hadn't and didn’t think Rita had either.

Rita had continued to receive news-paper clippings and strange phone calls about the trial. She had tried to forget everything connected with the trial and the Grangers. She was very upset when a mail-a-gram arrived from Raymond Schaffer telling her that she was needed in Texas to settle some property that Cyrus Granger left her. She took this to Mike Bauer, telling him that she didn’t want to go. She also told him about the clippings and calls. Mike felt that some crank had probably sent them and there was no reason for her to worry. After calling Schaffer, he told Rita that she really had to go and he would accompany her. She had a bad feeling about Schaffer and couldn’t bring herself to trust him.

Ben McFarren unveiled the portrait of Jackie. Jackie and Emmett were both pleased with it. Jackie apologized for her behavior earlier. He asked if Evie could have an evening off to celebrate and Emmett suggested that he ask Evie rather than tell her. Evie said that he needn't feel obligated to take her when there were so many others he could ask. Ben said he wanted to take her to dinner. Rita offered her apartment and a bottle of wine for their evening. Ed came by to see Rita while she was waiting for Mike to pick her up. He said he had been thinking the situation over and had seen that she was willing to go to prison rather than hurt him. This made him feel very small. She tried to brush it off.

Ben and Evie drank the wine, ate cheese and talked. Ben told her how much she meant to him. He told Evie that he loved her and wanted to marry her so they could spend the rest of their lives together. Evie accepeds. She would like to be married on Thanksgiving because her parents were and they were very happy. Ben was willing to do anything that made her happy. He suggested that since they would only have a couple of days then that they go away over Christmas. Evie wanted to leave the day after so that they could spend Christmas with her family. When her mother heard that Ben loved her and they were getting married, all her objections disappeared.

Rita wanted to sell the property when the bid came in from the state rather than wait for a new appraisal. As the major owner she had the most influence. Mike said that the next bid could be lower. Georgene Granger was furious that Rita should have a share of the estate and even madder that she settled on the first offer because, as Malcolm Granger's widow, she was counting on more money. She told Raymond that Rita had been at the root of all the Granger's problems. She even took Malcolm from her. He corrected her, saying that she and Malcolm were having problems long before Rita became Cyrus' nurse.

Jackie Marler had made several excuses to visit Mike in his office. She had begun to think more and more about the baby that she gave up. She thought about its birth and the doctor telling her she had to never let it be known that her baby was substituted at the hospital because her son's new mother couldn't stand the shock of knowing that her baby was born dead and she was raising another woman's child. Jackie was embarrassed when she broke down in Mike's office after reliving this.

Evie had been having problems with blurry vision, but was not too worried because the doctors had told her there didn’t seem to be a problem. It was gradually getting worse. After she had her leg cast removed, Evie had a spell that lasted for several minutes. Dr. Feldman asked her to come in and took a blood sample. He called her at work and asked her to return for a spinal tap. He told her not to worry because this was routine. Rita asked Dr. Feldman what the problem was and was assured that it looked like a simple infection, but Dr. Bauer was being cautious by ruling out other possibilities.

Evie and her mother were making plans for her wedding dress when Dr. Ed Bauer called. Her spinal tap had come back and they needed to do some more tests and get as much of her prior medical history as possible. He told her not to worry.

As Rita was still having trouble with calls and clippings, Mike mentioned this to Raymond Schaffer who was concerned that Georgene might be behind it. Georgene said Rita deserved anything she got.

Hillary Kincaid’s step-father came to Springfield to talk to her about going to school elsewhere. While she was at class, he found a folder of newspaper clippings about Rita's trial.

Drs. Scott and Marler were found arguing about surgical facilities by Dr. Sara McIntyre, who suggested they discuss it with Adam Thorpe. Sara mentioned to Justin that she wisheed she could help straighten out whatever had caused the strain between him and Emmett.

Love Of Life

Written by: Gabrielle Upton

Produced by: Darryl Hickman

Mia Marriott had moved to an apartment of her own after Andrew decided they had to get a divorce because he was holding her back. After adjusting to living alone, Mia felt free and able to do as she pleased. She visited the community center where Ben Harper was in charge of sports activities for teenage boys while he was on probation for a parole violation, to do a photo story on the boys. Afterwards she offered to fix chili at her apartment for everyone. Mia told her friend Wendy Hayes that she was attracted to the boys' coach and was sure she would see him again. Mia told Ben that she would be glad to help him with his writing efforts because she was sure that it was good. Ben finally broke down and went to her apart-ment, but she was entertaining Andrew. When he didn’t return, she went to him again and offered to edit his book for a percentage when it sold. She admitted that she had never done it before, but was sure she was able.

Cal Latimer had decided that she needed some time to think things over. She left a note for Rick and went to stay at the lake with her Aunt Van and her grandmother. Hank had decided to stay home with his father because Johnny Prentiss, who was staying with Van, was moody lately. - Rick had taken Meg Hart, Cal's mother, into his confidence, but until recently had tried to protect Cal from unpleasantness. Meg was trying to win Rick back as he was her lover first. –

Rick had to report that his gun was missing from his desk at Beaver Ridge. Fortunately he saw the gun after Frankie Sills was shot and it was the wrong caliber anyway. Hank was beginning to worry about the police visiting his father so much, but Rick explained that he was trying to help them solve a case.

Arlene Lovett finally brought herself to visit Dr. Tom Crawford at the hospital just in case he had heard from her mother. Tom asked if she was afraid of Ian, but Arlene couldn't let him know why she was so concerned because Tom would only get hurt. - Carrie Johnson Lovett was leaving when Frankie Sills arrived for his appointment with Ian. Afraid that she might connect this with Sills' death, Ian ordered Ray Slater to arrange an "accident" for her to prove his loyalty. Ray told Arlene and they plotted to get Carrie out of town. When Ian detained Arlene, she had to say cruel things to get her mother to leave town. Arlene resented what she had to do and was worried because she had had no word from her mother. - Carrie had written to Betsy that she was staying with a friend in the lap of luxury. Actually she had a job doing alternations and spent her time thinking of Arlene.

Rick had told Lt. Hollenbeck that he was sure Ian Russell was responsible for Sills' death and should be questioned. Hollenbeck began to wonder why he hadn't seen Russell around. He questioned Henry Parker - AKA Stevens -, Russell's chauffeur, about where he might be. He took Russell back to Miss Lovett's to place an overseas call and they played gin rummy. Russell met with Slater and then showed up at Beaver Ridge. He said people had it in for Russell; Slater, Lovett and Latimer.

Arlene told Lt. Hollenbeck that he didn’t discuss business matters with her and she had no idea where he had gone or when he would return.

Lt. Hollenbeck suggested that it might be to Rick's benefit if Russell didn’t return to defend himself against his claim that Russell met with Sills and ordered him killed. Rick had to admit that he was not happy about the gambling casino Russell was building. He could do nothing because Russell owned fifty-one percent of Beaver Ridge and was supplying the money. Ray told Arlene that they had to stick together because the police would never take his word - small time hood - that Russell ordered Carrie killed. Everyone was questioned about Rick's gun. Ray told Rick that he knew where to get a gun without taking his. Rick admitted this, but said it could sure set him up.

Cal called home and her mother answered the phone. Meg told Rick there were no messages. She suggested that there was something between Michael, their boarder, and Cal. Rick wrote to her saying he and Hank would be up for the weekend since there was no phone at the cottage. Cal called to explain that she wanted him to wait another week to give her time. The construction foreman was trying to tell Rick that the supplies were being delivered for the penthouse and he needed Rick to sign for them. Rick pushed him off on Ray so that he could talk to Cal. While the foreman went for the blueprints, Ray looked down the unfinished elevator shaft and saw Russell lying on top of the elevator. He rushed over to Arlene's to tell her of his find and she denied knowing anything, but thought Ray was accusing her.

Arlene was in such an agitated state, Bambi gave her a bottle of tranquilizers. She became dependent on them and thought she was losing her mind. Tom was determined to help Arlene, but found himself questioned as to Russell's whereabouts when he went to the Inn to confront him. He suggested that he might be at Beaver Ridge.

Cal told Van that she thought she made a mistake and was playing right into her mother's hands by leaving Rick alone. She couldn’t wait until he arrived for the weekend. Hank was looking forward to their trip to the lake when Meg arrived with the news that she would be going along. Rick said to contact Bruce for a ride. Meg suggested Michael go along, but he disappointed Hank by saying he had too much studying to do.

The foreman’s lawyer had told him that the contract with Russell showed that he couldn’t be held for expenses, so the work on the penthouse continued. As Rick prepared to leave the Club, the foreman asked him to look at what they found. When they were shown Russell's body, the police were called and most of the evening was spent questioning everyone. The coroner said the body had been there three or four weeks.

Cal waited for Rick and Hank and finally heard at ten o'clock that her mother told Lynn she was coming with Rick. She was furious! When they arrived at midnight, Hank explained what held them up. Back in town Meg told Cal she wanted to help Rick and Cal could start by putting on a smile.

Johnny Prentiss was hurt when he heard his grandfather Charles Lamont was going to bring a baby into the house after he told Johnny that he was unable to care for him. Feeling betrayed, Johnny sulked and even refused to see his grandfather. Lynn Henderson escorted Johnny next door to be sure he made up. Charles was holding little Charlie when they arrived. He explained that this was Johnny's little brother and he would always be there to love. Johnny was awed at having a brother of his own.

One day, while Charles was at therapy, Edouard Aleata came to see the baby. He was appalled that "his son" was named Charlie. Charles told Mrs. Grimes – Eddie’s nurse – never to let Aleata into the house again. Edouard visited a lawyer, Dory Patton, to see about getting his son from Lamont. He was sure that the facts would bear out that Charles, who was paralyzed from the waist down, was unable to father a child and was only keeping Felicia's son out of revenge, because Edouard fell in love with his wife. Aleata could name the time and place of conception. The facts and his emotions made Mrs. Patton believe that Aleata had a case.

Ray Slater spent the night on Arlene's couch to make sure she rest after he broke the news that Ian was found. Tom decided he had to see Arlene because he was sure she needed help. Ray left them to talk. Arlene tried to tell Tom she didn’t need him so that he wouldn’t be questioned by the police. He took away her tranquilizers and ordered her some medication. Ray promised to stay with her. He told Tom that he was about to call because Tom was the one person Arlene needed. After Arlene told Lt. Hollenbeck that she and Ian took a cab to Beaver Ridge that morning and she took the bus home alone, he knew she was lying, but didn’t really think she could have killed Ian. He was killed in the struggle before he went down the elevator shaft.

Charles Lamont sought out Eddie and told him that his lawyer said he could refuse to submit to a blood test when he found that it was too late to keep the baby's medical records private.

Arlene finally told Ray that she had Rick's gun and it was under the water fountain in the penthouse. - Arlene had told the police that she had never been in the penthouse. - Ray knew that he had to retrieve the gun because it had Arlene's fingerprints on it, but he was stopped by a police guard. He made up a story about losing a credit card and was allowed to search for it. He finally saw it, but was interrupted by a detective before he could reach the gun. A search turned up Rick's gun.

Mildred Russell, Ian’s widow, arrived in Rosehill and told Arlene that Ian made no provision in his will for her. She was willing to pay her for a, signed affidavit so that she could not be blackmailed. Mildred apologized when Arlene refused the money, but would sign anything.

Meg suggested to Rick that she buy Ian's share of Beaver Ridge from Mildred, but due to Cal's objections he said he would sell out if she did. Meg called Cal an albatross around Rick's neck and told her that it was her desire for this house that Rick had to take Ian in as a partner. Cal didn’t want to hear anymore of the secrets that had been kept from her and ran to Michael's apartment over the garage.

Michael found Cal crying and let her talk out her problem. She could see that Rick needed her mother's help, but couldn’t bear the thought. She took Michael's advice to stay out of it.

One Life To Live

Written by: Gordon Russell

Produced by: Joseph Stuart

Data from the second CAT Scan done on Joe Riley indicated a brain tumor and Joe was scheduled for surgery at Llanview Hospital. Joe's overriding fear was that he would survive surgery in a vegetable state and he told Viki that if that was the case, he was relying on her to see that they "pull the plug" on him, telling her just as they were to leave for the hospital, that he would delay long enough to bring in lawyers and draft a living will if she couldn’t promise. She told him she would do whatever he wanted.

Throughout Joe’s surgery, she was fearful that she might be faced with keeping her word to her husband but Jim Craig told her after the long surgery that the tumor was encapsulated and benign. The following day Viki walked in to her husband's room to witness the symptoms which the nurse had some time before reported to Dr. Craig: Joe was having difficulty talking, his speech was thick, and he seemed to be reaching for words.

Dorian Lord had been told by Viki, prior to Viki and Joe's trip to New York for the CAT Scan, that if Dorian had not been a witness to Joe's first seizure, he probably would have called Jim Craig at Llanview and she – Viki - would have been with him, as she should have been all along. She told Dorian in an even, firm tone that their personal life had to always be their own and they would "call on you if we need you."

With no further excuse to see Joe, Dorian seemed to have accepted the futility of interfering in that marriage, only to begin taking an interest in that of Pat and Paul Kendall. She offered Paul a position with a publishing company owned by the Lord Enterprises which up to then specialized in technical manuals but which she planned to expand with him as managing editor. When Paul answered that he didn’t know if he would settle in Llanview, Dorian told him she would give him time to think the offer over and made a luncheon date to discuss it the following week, promis-ing to send a covering letter in the meanwhile, with the offer of a starting salary of $40,000 and stock options. Pat learned of the offer and warned him that Dorian Lord was a very manipulative person who might want to keep Paul around in order to embarass Tony and make life difficult for him. Paul's rejoinder was that was Tony's problem. - After Tony tried to convince Pat that they should be married right away, from his hospital room, Pat finally revealed that her husband had returned from an undercover assignment in which "the Agency," in its wisdom, had decreed that he be reported to have died in a shootout between police and the revolutionary group he had infiltrated two years before. Paul was, in fact, severely burned, and came to Llanview on his recovery. When Brian, Pat and Tony's natural son, discovered that the man he believed to be his father was alive as he had so often fantacized, the two resumed their relationship as Father and son. –

Pat had been resentful of Paul's refusal to give her a divorce - he claimed he was not convinced that she knew her own true feelings -, and accused Paul of manipulating Brian. But the boy's increasingly surly behavior toward her, his resentment of Tony, and finally his determination to leave home to live with Paul, led to her decision to give in to her son's urging to let Paul move into their house, in the hope that a lessening of pressure would provide a breathing space for her troubled son. Pat finally got Tony to accept the situation, reminding him that she had done as much for Tony when his ex-wife Cathy's precarious mental and emotional state had required it.

When Pat learned that Tony had been to see Paul despite his word not to do so, she started to phone him but was stopped when Paul asked if Tony was going to be a regular visitor. When Pat asked why not, Paul told her bitterly that Brian seemed to be the only one who didn't make plans after his reported death, saying that loyalty was a "rare commodity around here." Pat cried out that she had grieved for Paul and he retorted he appreciated that, but "what have you done for me, lately?"

When Pat saw Tony that day, she suggested that he pick up Brian after school but Tony declined, saying that Brian would see that as a set-up, and they couldn’t force him to resume the friendship he and Tony had. He added he was sure it would come back with time. Pat said she agreed, if they didn’t wait too long.

Samantha Vernon’s determination to spend the evening of her eighteenth birthday with both her brother Brad and her father seemed doomed to failure till she prevailed upon Jenny to get Brad to come to dinner with her and Will. After Brad kissed Jenny in front of Will and she moved away, he looked up to see that Sam had changed into a very revealing blouse - a gift from Lana - to go out and he couldn’t believe she intended to wear it, asking if she knew what their late mother would do if she saw Sam dressed like that. Brad apologized and they nervously began to light the cake, making party noises, when Brad screamed out "Where is my mother!" - Naomi Vernon had lost her life in a desperate effort to bring Will back to her after he had moved out of the house when Naomi learned that he was in love with Jenny Siegel, the girl she had hoped Brad would marry. - Brad left but came back once more.

Will was concerned when he learned that Sam planned to go out with Marco Dane before the evening was over and was relieved when she said she wouldn't. - Marco had plans to make love to Sam in his motel room, as she was "of age." - When Marco arrived, bringing a gift of a silver frame - with his picture in it - and promised of champagne and seclusion, Sam told him she didn’t mean to go and added, in the face of his anger, that she never made up her mind, so she didn't "change it."

The following day, she told her father that Marco was with her after the party but that she went to bed alone. Will said she did not have to tell him that but he was grateful. The following day he called Sam in to tell her that they had drifted apart further than he thought they could, as he had just had a letter saying that she had cancelled her enrollment at Baxter College. Sam told her father that Brad needed her at the Health Club, but he countered that Brad would never stand in the way of her education. When she asked her father if he was going to make her go, he replied she was eighteen and he wouldn’t insist. Sam told him she planned to enroll in a night program at Llanview State, work for Brad, and keep house for him – Will -. She later urged Jenny to keep seeing Brad.

Richard Abbott had tried vainly to track down a young would-be performer who had bolted - even to walking out on a badly needed job serving drinks in a local Country-Western club - when she learned that he was a reporter and he introduced Ed Hall as a police-lieutenant friend of his. He resorted to a phony ad in the paper for a young, female Country-Western singer and a fellow worker at the paper obtained her name - Rebecca Lee Hunt - and address. When he called on her, he learned that she was being cared for by her landlady Mrs. Ina Hopkins, who was about to evict her when she fainted. After Dr. Larry Wolek, called in by the good lady, told her that Becky was close to starvation, she allowed her to stay, fed her as well as Becky's pride would permit, and rejoiced with her when it seemed she had gotten a golden opportunity for a singing job. Mrs. Hoskins had to ask Richard to leave, but urged Becky to accept a gift package of food Richard sent the following day. When Richard was again ordered out by Becky, he told her he had gotten her a job on the Banner as a messenger. - Richard's own job on the Banner was more secure since Dorian Lord had learned that he was Viki's cousin and the nephew of her late husband Victor Lord. –

Joe Riley woke and though his speech was slow and he stammered, he knew Viki and implored her to tell him the truth, saying he thought the staff was lying. He asked her if he was going to die and asked her to forgive him. She reassured him but told Peter Janssen, outside the room, that she thought Joe had suffered some brain damage and she was so frightened. Jim endeavered to calm Viki, telling her that Joe was under heavy sedation and in shock and was only voicing the fears that were uppermost in his mind.

When Marco tried to hustle Sam into spending the evening, she gave as an excuse that she wouldn't know how to explain it to her father. When Marco suggested that she was old enough to simply say she planned to spend the night with a special friend, Sam asked if he, in turn, intended to say the same to Dorian.

Tony Lord was brought up short by Sam when she reminded him that he was speaking down to her about drinking and she told him that she was of age to drink if she wished. Tony apologized by saying he had been so wrapped up in his own troubles he missed the fact that a pretty little girl had turned into a very beautiful woman. As Marco came back in, he heard Tony say the next time Samantha came in the club he promised a bottle of champagne to celebrate. As Tony left, Dorian called to order Marco to pick her up. After Dorian had safely hung up, Marco told the dead line not to hassle him when he was at the club, working out. Sam's knowing smile as he left testified to the fact that she was not tooled. Marco told Dorian not to ever do that to him again and when Dorian did not take him very seriously, he added with some menace that she'd best not take any liberties where his dignity was concerned.

Will was summoned to Llanfair by Dorian who thanked him for all he had done for her and told him she was beginning to understand some of the reasons behind her compulsive behavior. She told him she would like to go back into analysis with him; that she was motivated and weary of unrequited love. She also added that she would like Will to speak to Brad, because she couldn’t bring herself to do it after what he had been throughn but as a business man, Brad was not turning out as she had expected. He was careless and inefficient and just didn’t “give a damn.”

When Sam heard what Dorian had said, she urged he her father to speak to Brad in the hope that Brad might realize that the fact that Will took the risk would show Brad that he cared tor him. Just then Lana called, looking for Brad, and thought Sam had just told Will that Brad was with Jenny, Sam lied to Lana to cover up. Will thought what Sam had said to him and left late to go to Brad.

Lana let Will in, dressed in her robe, and left Brad and Will alone. Will warned Brad that Dorian might let him go down the drain. He told Brad that he came to try to get back in touch and help Brad in any way that he could, if Brad would let him. Brad told his father after 23 years it was a little late to start then. Will said he was sorry and Brad answered if he had said that to his mother, she might be alive today. Will pointed out that he and Brad were a lot alike; they were both thoughtless and inconsiderate. He admitted that he was cruel to Naomi and insensntive of her needs. Brad shouted that he was not cruel to his mother but Will asked what about the way Brad was behaving toward Jenny ?

Will told Brad that he had heard through his attorney that Brad was trying to obtain a ring left to him by his mother as soon as possible and asked him if it was for Jenny. Brad said he thought of Jenny as his fiancee, adding that his being with Lana was irrelevant and if Will tried to tell Jenny and Sam, they would know what kind of a man Will himself was.

After Will left in despair, Lana came back into the room and Brad asked if she heard any of what was said. When she said she didn't, Brad asked her to get out for a while and when she hesitated, he told her to get her clothes and get out. After Lana went, he told himself that Will wouldn’t go to see Jenny that night but sooner or later he would use it.

Jim visited Cathy in her new home and was reminded that it was the second anniversary of the day Cathy's daughter Megan died. She told her father she had been offered a paying job at the Clinic where she had been a volunteer but had turned it down, though she had not been able to get any writing done. Jim suggested that Cathy take the job Larry Wolek offered and give herself time to fill up again before going back to her writing.

Jim went home to find that he had a house guest, Sadie Gray, who had come to make a surprise visit to Ed and Carla Hall - Sadie's daughter - only to learn from Anna that Ed and Carla were in North Carolina planning their own surprise call. - Carla had been worried about what she was afraid was a note of despondancy in Sadie's last letter. - He learned that Sadie had accepted Anna's invitation to stay over and had told Anna that she planned to come back to Llanview for good.

Jim learned that Sadie had met Sam and Jenny and learned of Naomi's death. - Sadie used to babysit Brad when Naomi was working. - Jim insisted that if Sadie would accept it, she could have back her old job as head housekeeper at Llanview Hospital, Saying the place hadn't been the same since she left. In Jenny's quarters Jim remarked that Sam seemed dependent on Will but it would be good for Will to have her around. Jenny gushed that Will would never give in to loneliness; that he was much too strong a man for that, leaving Jim to ask himself why Jenny wouldn’t acknowledge what had happened. He believed there was no question that Jenny had fallen in love with Will Vernon.

Cathy answered her door late to find Lana on her doorstep because Brad had thrown her out. Cathy told Lana she had to feel free to call or come any time she was unhappy. - Cathy was aware that Brad had been using Lana and seeing Jenny, lying to Lana all the time, but had not said anything except to warn Lana some time before that she should be aware that she had been drinking a lot when she was unhappy about Brad's treatment of her. - Finally, Lana's unhappiness and bewilderment get to Cathy and she told Lana that Brad was a bully who picked on people who couldn’t or wouldn’t fight back and the sooner Lana dumped him, the better.

In order to protect himself, Brad told Sam that her father would do everything he could to break him and Jenny up, saying he was certain Will was going to contact Jenny with lies about him and Lana. Brad went to Jenny and warned her of the same things. Jenny admitted that Will had already called her first thing in the morning to make an appointment to see her. Learning Jenny was going to attend a concert that evening, Sam asked Marco if he would escort her to the vicinity of the concert hall. She was relieved when Will told her he was having dinner with a group of directors but went through with her plans anyway. Upon walking into a cafe near the concert hall, Sam was shocked to see Jenny there with Will.

Ryan’s Hope

Written by: Claire Labine & Paul Avila Mayer

Produced by: Claire Labine, Paul Avila Mayer & Robert Costello

On the day that Mary and Jack's civil divorce papers came through, Jack encountered Mary and Tom Desmond after a meeting with Marshall Westheimer had been cancelled, and Jack made a number of nasty cracks about Mary, Girl Reporter, and her toy news station. Jack worked himself up to swinging at Tom who sidestepped and recovered with such speed it was apparent to both Mary and Jack that only Tom's own restraint had kept Jack from being demolished. Mary told her mother about it, recalling that Tom had said something once about having been a fighter. She also told Maeve that she came across a number of books with plates proclaiming the owner as Tom O'Neil. Tom's obscure explanation was that the books belonged to his best friend who had won the girl Tom loved and who died. Maeve told Mary she was thinking of writing to her sister in Ireland to try to get some information about Tom who professed to come from a district near Maeve's old village but whose answers to Maeve's attempts to pinpoint his origins only left her more doubtful and puzzled. Mary did not protest, admitting that she was very curious herself. - Tom had asked Mary to stay the night with him but realized that for the both of them it was too soon and promised Mary that it would always be up to her. –

Mary was shaken when she came upon Delia talking to Mary's baby daughter, Ryan, as if she were the child Delia and Pat lost. When Pat accepted Faith's suggestion that they stay after work to confer with a psychiatrist who specialized in Pediatrics about Angel Nieves' lack of response to Faith's efforts to get him to accept the physical therapy he had to begin, Delia staged a scene for Faith which convinced her that Dee was not faking her emotional problems. Faith told Pat to take Dee home, promising to postpone the conference 'til the following morning. - Delia had arranged a dinner party the night before to which she invited Bob and Alicia and frightened everyone with her bizzare behavior, leaving Maeve with the impression that she was grieving for the baby she had lost. When Delia overheard Mary telling Faith about her mother's report and concern for Dee, and Faith's remark that if Delia were faking and she wasn't caught at it they might just have to put her away, Dee staged a special performance for Faith. The following morning in order to keep Pat from seeing Faith as he had planned, Delia went on to the next step in her campaign, pretending a sudden lack of sensation in her leg causing her to lose her balance. –

When Roger Coleridge came upon a nurse asking Dr. Bucky Carter to sign a medical chart authorizing a change of medication for one of Pat's patients because Pat was late for duty, Roger read out both Bucky and Pat when Pat showed up, and warned Pat that he would make a formal report if his derelection happened again. Roger went to see Delia and warned her that if she ever again used her act to impinge on Pat's performance of the hospital, Roger would see that Pat was dismissed rather than risk his own position at Riverside.

Seneca and Jillian had quarrelled over Seneca's presumption in buying Edmund a Golden Retriever and presenting it to Jillian for herself and Mrs. George to care for. Seneca insisted that Jillian couldn’t have anyone even say 'hello' to her lately without turning it into a power struggle. Jillian ordered him to leave with the dog and to think twice the next time he tried to impose his will on herself and their son. Seneca left saying there wouldn't be a next time.

Jillian accepted a dinner invitation at Lem's with a Dr. Hoyle who had donated some land to Riverside Hospital. Afterwards, at Jillian's apartment, when he learned that Jillian was an unmarried mother with very strong ideas of independence, he tried to move in on her, refusing to take no for an answer and telling her that, after all, "an immaculate maiden, you're not." Jillian told him that gave him no rights whatsoever and threw him out.

The following day, Primary Day in the Riverside District, Jillian shared a deli lunch with a former co-worker in Frank's campaign and they went to his apartment to listen to election returns, but again she was propositioned and told that she had no sense of humor into the bargain. When she got back to her own apartment, Seneca was there playing gin rummy with Miriam. She told Seneca she had just spent three hours with a man who made him look enlightened and reasonable by comparison. Seneca presented her with a large stuffed dog.

On the evening of Primary Day, Frank read Jack Fenelli's column which was a tribute of admiration for Frank in lieu of the story on Pat. - Mary had appealed to Jack not to center his story of the house association's troubles with the hospital board on her brother Pat's treatment at their hands and Jack had agreed. - Frank was delighted with his landslide victory - though he was virtually unopposed - because it boded well for his future political plans. Later that evening, when Mary returned with Tom Desmond, she took a call from a woman who in a very preemptory manner asked to speak with Councilman Ryan. Frank rushed off to Riverside Hospital to answer the woman's request for help.

Frank’s caller turned out to be Rae Woodard, wife of William Woodard, a powerful owner-publisher and king-maker in Albany, who had himself begun to seek out political office. There had been a helicopter crash in Riverside Park in which Woodard had been injured and his pilot killed. When Frank arrived at Riverside, it was soon evident that Rae herself had been injured far more than was apparent - four broken ribs and a torn vertebra -. However, Mrs. Woodard refused treatment until she could be certain that a list of demands would be carried out. These included a room adjoining Woodard's - though he was a patient in Neurology - with phones installed, a news blackout on her husband's condition on the part of the hospital and Frank's compliance with her plans to downgrade reports of the accident.

Together, she and Frank succeed in directing on-the-scene reporters' attention to the family of the helicopter pilot, and after her appearance gave credence to her claim of having suffered nothing more than a few bruises, Mrs. Woodard agreed to rest if Frank could secure the room for her.

Frank called Jillian at five o'clock in the morning in an effort to locate Seneca, infuriating Jillian with his presumption. As he hung up, Seneca walked in. Frank related Rae's explanation of an important publishing merger hanging fire and the need to keep Mr. Woodard's condition - which seemed bad enough, even in a tentative diagnosis - from becoming public knowledge. Frank hinted that the Woodard influence would be powerful either for good or ill where Riverside Hospital was concerned. Seneca agreed to the unusual arrangement but contacted Jillian later that day to clarify the hospital's legal position.

When it became clear that Mrs. Woodard was pressing her husband for his signature and his participation in the decisions regarding his treatment, despite the fact that he was disoriented and had to have rest rather than the pain killers and drugs Mrs. Woodard was asking for in order to clear her mind, Seneca ordered her out of her husband's room. Mrs. Woodard accepted his insistence that she stay away from her husband "for the present" but made it clear she would not hesitate to remove him from Riverside.

After conferring with Seneca, Clem and Roger, Rae Woodard learned that the safest treatment was to let her husband's vascular skull fracture heal naturally, a process which would take many months, but that there was a chance of correcting his condition surgically which, because of a history of heart trouble and her husband's age was, in their opinion, contra-indicated. Mrs. Woodard decided upon surgery rather than risk the end of Mr. Woodard's political hopes, five years in the making. She asked Roger if he would be willing to perform the surgery elsewhere, if necessary, and Roger agreed but asked her to hold off while he tried to use his "influence" with Seneca.

Jack Fenelli had made it a practice to "run across" Miriam in the park on her outings with babies Ryan Fenelli and Edmund Coleridge. After learning that Ryan's favorite and practically lone toy was a stuffed rooster "Billy" - given together with a long family anecdote by Tom Desmond - Jack presented Ryan on his next visit with a small soft whale, naming it George. When Miriam related stories of Ryan's conquest to Maeve Ryan, Maeve told Miriam she just might know who the man was.

A crack by Jack Fenelli had caused Johnny Ryan to restore the punching bag he had put away to its place in the kitchen of Ryan's bar and at the sight of it, Tom took a few practice jabs. Soon Mary and her father were staring open-mouthed as Tom worked up to a powerful, never-failing rhythm. The following day, at Tom's apartment, as he looked for some background information he had on William Woodard, Mary glanced through Tom's im-pressive collection of books on boxing, dropping a clipping as she opened one book. She saw it was a picture of Tom, much younger, in a boxing pose and the name in the headline was Tom O'Brien. When Mary asked if that wasn't his real name, Tom replied that it was ... not anymore.

He asked Mary to sit down and told her he had done nothing she wouldn't understand or approve of if she knew the whole story but he couldn’t involve her by telling her. He asked her to promise she wouldn’t ever mention his real name or refer to the picture, saying if she most he would leave Riverside and disappear permanently. As she pressed him for more information, he told her she was asking him to endanger his life and possibly hers. Mary stared for a moment and then said, "Your name is Tom Desmond and that's all I'll ever tell anyone."

Delia’s latest spectacular was to walk into Riverside Hospital, wearing a hooded winter coat on a September day in New York and carrying a suitcase. She asked Bucky if Pat was free and when she was told he was not, insisted that she wouldn't think of disturbing him and couldn’t wait. She wrote out a note for Bucky to give to Pat. Bucky tried to get her to wait but she stepped into an elevator and disappeared. When Pat came out, Bucky gave him the message and related that Dee was acting very strangely. When Pat read out the note to the effect that Delia had gone to visit her mother, Bucky was relieved until Pat told him that Delia's mother was dead.

Roger Coleridge was not on the floor and Bucky persuaded Pat to call Bob Reid, Delia's brother, rather than set out to find her himself. Bob checked at Ryan's and hearing about Delia's recent behavior, finally on a hunch rushed out to the cemetary on Long Island where their mother was buried. Delia was there when he arrived - having put down her nail file after passing her waiting time on an impromptu manicure just in time - and he persuaded her to go home to her apartment with him to wait for Pat. The following day, Delia called Roger in a panic asking him to coach her, as Pat had been insistent that she had to see a psychiatrist.

Alicia told Bob that everyone had hidden problems that they never mentioned, keeping in mind her knowledge that Delia lied about the circumstances of her miscarriage. Alicia told Bob she believed he was very right to be concerned about Delia's emotional problems.

Jack contrived another meeting with his daughter in the park and afterward, when Miriam stopped in to see Maeve, Maeve told her that the man was Ryan's daddy.

Search For Tomorrow

Written by: Robert J. Shaw

Produced by: Mary-Ellis Bunim

Scott Phillips had been told by the judge that the court would not consider their petition to adopt Eric Heywood until they made every effort to contact Ralph Heywood for permission. This was an impossible task until Scott was given the idea to advertise in a horse ranch magazine, as this was Ralph's occupation. Ralph responded to the urgent plea for contact by calling Scott and then by coming to Henderson. When he heard that Scott and Kathy wanted to adopt Eric, and then that Eric wanted it also, because he needed to feel he was part of a family, Ralph refused to agree. - Scott had been his step-son's guardian since his mother's death. As he got older, Eric wanted to find out who his father was, but Scott had tried to protect him because Heywood had used Eric for blackmail. Eric learned who his father was, but not the details and asked to change his name and live with Ralph and his new wife. In hard times, Ralph had to sell the ranch, and Scott agreed to care for Eric while he looked fora job. After months of silence and search, Eric felt closer to the Phillipses. –

Ralph said they had brainwashed Eric and he would be only too happy to battle it out in court because no judge would ever take a son from his natural father. After seeing his lawyer, Ralph was determined to get Eric back. Betty Heywood thought the Phillipses probably felt they had a good chance since they were both lawyers. The court subpoenaed Ralph and this angered him even more. He thought this was to keep him from seeing Eric. They explained the subpoena was to keep him in town. He could see Eric if he called first and promised not to tire him. They had cautioned him last time that Eric had not completely recovered from his recent illness and had to rest.

Eric heard the argument and told Scott and Kathy that he still wanted them to adopt him. Scott explained that it might get rough. Kathy thought they should tell Eric that she was expecting a baby. He accepted this with no emotion. When Kathy asked him how he really felt, Eric suggested that they wouldn’t want to adopt him since they would have a baby of their own. Kathy explained that this would only be a brother or sister for him and it couldn’t replace the love they had for him. Eric was thrilled then.

Scott was depressed when the date for the hearing was set. Ralph’s lawyer, Martin Sullivan never seemed to lose a case and this bothered Scott. Kathy told him that she was confident. They wanted Eric enough that they would use any means to win. They would have to bring up Ralph's past, and it hurt Scott to think that Eric would be sitting in court and listening to this.

Dr. Greg Hartford finally told Jo Vincente about all his past, including his nurse wife who died on his operating table. - His wife received a shrapnel wound which was so painful that it altered her personality. Greg thought surgery too risky, but she begged him to perform it himself. Her death caused him to give up surgery and the desire for involvement with any woman. - After they discussed everything, Greg admitted that he did have deep feelings for Jo. He continued as a lecturer at the hospital because he couldn’t bring himself to do surgery.

John Wyatt asked his sister-in-law to dinner and Jo explained that she and Greg had settled things and would be seeing each other. Stephanie Collins was gun-shy now as she had been hurt several times. She would like to see John, but was afraid of rejection. Kathy Phillips encouraged Stephanie.

After returning from dinner, Jo and Greg discussed his daughter. Jo suggested that she would be eighteen soon and able to visit him without his ex-wife's permission. Tom Bergman stopped by to explain that he was working in the boiler room because the pool heater was acting up and he could only work on it at night. Hearing an explosion, Greg rushed to the boiler room and had to perform an emergency tracheotomy so that Tom could breathe. Tom was rushed to the hospital for immediate surgery, but his father, Stu, couldn’t be reached because he and Ellie had gone for a drive. John suggested they phone Janet Collins, Tom's sister. Dr. Bob Rogers explained that Greg was the only surgeon available and Greg didn’t hesitate. Janet knew that her father didn’t like Greg, but she gave permission. The surgery was a success and Tom was out of danger. Janet thanked Greg. When Stu reached the hospital he confessed to Greg that he wouldn't have given permission, but thanked him for saving Tom. - Stu still blamed Greg for not trying hard enough to save his sister from drowning. Stu thought he hesitated to keep from marrying a pregnant girl of whom his parents disapproved. –

While Tom was recovering, nurse's aide Cindy French made it a point to befriend him. She pointed out all the things they had in common. She told him that she was living in a cheap apartment since she had moved from the Collinses' because Dr. Gary Walton, who promised to protect her, got the wrong idea and wanted to be more than friends. - Actually that was her wish. - She spent so much time in Tom's room that her supervisor became very irritated.

Cindy had used Carolyn Hanley's professional ethics to run her out of Gary's life because she thought Carolyn would never repeat her story of her being pregnant by Gary. Carolyn told Gary just before she was going back to Chicago because she thought he would find out soon. Gary threw Cindy out of his mother's home and returned to ask Carolyn to stay in Henderson. Carolyn resumed her position as psychologist at the hospital, but insisted they get to know each other before marrying. Gary suggested she move into his apartment when she couldn’t find one of her own, but Carolyn was old-fashioned.

- Learning of her husband's infidelity, Doris Ramsey left her money to charity, thrusting Dr. Allen Ramsey into extreme debt. Allen and nurse Fay Chandler plotted to kidnap his friend, Dr. Wade Collins for a ransom of $350,000. Wade removed his ropes and, in fighting with Allen, was shot by Fay, as was an intruder. As coroner, Allen decided to make it look like kidnapper and victim shot each other when the bodies were found. –

Investigator David Sutton, reporter Bruce Carson and Gary Walton were positive Wade was kidnapped by someone who knew him. They turned up these facts: Allen mentioned a "jumper" as the reason for Wade’s going out that night but no one had been told about this; Allen owed a $100,000 to his stock broker and paid it right after the kidnapping; intern Amy Carson was on Allen's service and started the autopsies and found no powder burns on either man's hands, although Allen’s report showed there were. After Amy saw Allen and Fay embracing in the lab, Bruce asked questions of Fay's apartment manager. She said Fay was often visited by a man who answered Allen’s description. The apartment was very expensive and she was under the impression that this man might pay her rent. They saw Fay return to the apartment, followed a few minutes later by Allen, who used his own key on the lobby door and took the elevator to Fay's floor.

When the police said the evidence was all circumstantial and they could do nothing, they decided to make Fay jealous and cause a strain between them. Janet agreed to continue letting Allen visit, only to prove they were wrong. Fay needed little encouragement. Gary set up a dinner and asked Allen, who told Fay that it was with a colleague. Being curious Fay called the Collins home and found Allen was expected. Then Allen missed an early rendezvous out of town because of a visit with Janet.

Janet mentionned to Allen that she had to learn all about the Collins Corporation since she was the majority stock holder. Gary asked Allen to advise his mother if she should ask because he knew nothing about investments and Allen had done some investing himself.

Janet’s money had become very attractive to Allen. Fay wanted to leave town since the police had given up, but Allen said it was too risky. He told Janet she needed to get out so that her children would live their own lives. He broke the news to Fay that he had been asked to take Janet to the Club and couldn’t get out of it.

Liza Kaslo had learned to live with the scars around her eye and had been seeing Steve again. Janet suggested that since their second anniversary was close, Liza should go home to Steve. She appreciated the comfort Liza and Gary had been, but she wanted them to go on with their own lives. Steve was happy to have Liza back, but was concerned because his pay for the music reviews just barely covered their expenses. Liza explained that she was no longer self-conscious and would like to wait tables at Hartford House again so he could go back to writing music. A friend called with an offer to join the orchestra on a cruise ship, allowing Liza to accompany him at no cost. Liza suggested that Janet and Danny go along, too, but Janet refused and wished them well.

The first day in court was so hard that Kathy told John she wanted to call it off. John said that if she really felt that Ralph would be a bad father she had to fight. Scott had the same doubts and Kathy told him what John said. Ralph told the judge that he and Betty could make Eric a good home. The judge asked to speak to Eric alone. Eric said that Scott and Kathy loved him because they were always there and they chose him. They told him it was his decision and didn't brainwash him.

Kathy and Scott had been awarded custody of Eric and Ralph and Betty stopped by before returning to Texas to say goodbye and assured the Phillipses there were no hard feelings.

The Young And The Restless

Written by: William J. Bell

Produced by: John Conboy

Knowing that she had done the right thing didn't mean that Jody Conway, a six-teen year old unwed mother, didn’t hurt after deciding to give her baby daughter up for adoption. She told her parents of her decision and they asked her to come home. Jody said she couldn’t unless there was some kind of an understanding. After they all got their feelings into the open and shared the blame, Jody decided to return with them.

Candice, the young overweight girl whom Joann Curtynski met at the Allegro was having trouble convincing her mother that she really wanted to lose weight. Because Joann was thin, Candice's mother was offended when Joann told her that if she really loved Candice, she would help her rather than feeding her in times of distress and depression. Joann assured her that she did understand and showed her the picture of herself that was taken before her weight loss of over fifty pounds. Candice said she really wanted to lose the weight before she returned to school.

Kay Chancellor called Derek Thurston, asking him to come to the house again to set her hair. Derek reminded her that he suggested that she find another stylist since she was convinced that he was only interested in her money. He agreed to come if he could find the time.

Jill Foster told her mother, Liz, that she had spent the night thinking things over and had come to the conclusion that she couldn’t stay at home because of her mother's attitude towards Derek. She would be moving in with Derek and taking her son. Liz, the Chancellor housekeeper, told Kay that she was concerned for her grandson's future and followed her suggestion to see Mr. Thurston herself. Liz suggested that Derek didn’t really understand Jill. She was in love with him and hoped never to move out after moving in. If he wasn’t ready for that kind of a committment, he'd better put a stop to it. Liz returned to tell Mrs. Chancellor that Derek Thurston promised he would take care of it. Derek found Jill packing and told her that he couldn’t allow her to move in, not because he was against it, but for her own sake. It would only cause more stress on the relationship with her mother. He handed her an envelope of money, telling her to take a vacation so that she could get away to think things over.

When Kay heard how Derek solved the problem she called, asking him to the house. She explained that she had thought it all over and wanted to be a part of his dream to open a beauty salon that would do everything to make women feel beautiful as well as look it. She suggested that an existing building might be better and asked him to put things in motion. Derek returned with ideas, but was sure that Kay would not approve because the mansion he found had a selling price of well over $100,000 and would require another $100,000 to remodel. Kay was pleased and told him to go ahead

Kay was surprised to find Joann Curtynski at her door after the harsh things she said to set her free after Brock, Kay's son, suggested that the love she had for Joann was keeping Joann from a normal relationship with men. Kay told her that she kept her promise not to drink when Joann commented on how well she looked. Joann showed Kay the diploma that she felt she helped her earn. They agreed they were friends.

Ron Becker saw Chris Foster out shopping with his daughter, Karen, and took the opportunity to tell Karen that he hadn't forgotten her. - Ron's confession to his wife Nancy that he had raped Chris' sister drove Nancy into catatonia. Ron had tried every means to get his daughter back, but the court had made Chris and Snapper her guardians. - Ron had a visitor that he had trouble placing. He realized that she was his mother – Marion - when she explained that she had been looking for him and hoped that the personal problems they had in the past hadn't hurt him. Ron threw her out, blaming her for everything. - Ron hated women because he felt that his mother loved other men more than she loved him as a child. –

When Lorie Prentiss heard about her sister Leslie's divorce from Brad Eliot, she understood why Lance spent time with Leslie without explaining to her, but she told him that Leslie was very vulnerable and he had to be careful of her feelings. Lance saw that Lorie was right and asked Brock if he could help Leslie through this rough time. Leslie told her father, Stuart Brooks, that the only conclusion she could come to was that she was not attractive to men. Brad had decided that she had to be a concert pianist and not a wife without asking her what she wanted. She was deter-mined to find out if she had any appeal at all to men. Brock suggested that she was not the kind of girl to bar-hop and pick up strange men.

Lorie returned from shopping to find that her mother-in-law invited Leslie to the house and then slept through the visit, leaving Lance to entertain. Lorie gave Vanessa a dress she thought would please her and said she knew Vanessa was trying to undermine her marriage while she was buying her a gift.

Jennifer Brooks had insisted that life go on since all her family knew that death might be eminent for her. Brock had given them a philosophy by which to live. "God grant me the serenity to accept that which I cannot change, the courage to change that which I am able and the wisdom to know the difference." Lorie asked her father to let her give a big party for the family and friends to celebrate her parents' thirtieth wedding an-niversary. He disapproved until Lorie said this was not a reminder of how little time there was, but a celebration of the life they had had together. Jennifer was pleased and looked forward to the party.

That evening, Stuart gave Jennifer her anniversary gift before the party rather than after. It was a diamond heart pendant to symbolize the heart he gave her long ago — his own. Lance and Lorie gave them a trip to Paris as a gift. Stuart had wanted to take Jennifer away, but she wouldn't leave the girls with their problems. The party was such a success that Jennifer told Stuart that this had been the most wonderful night of her life. Jennifer slipped away in Stuart's arms that night, clutching her pendant.

Stuart called Lorie who located all her sisters and asked them to meet at their parents'. He explained that their mother felt no pain and was happy as she passed peacefully away. Peggy felt she should have been home for her mother rather than visiting a friend, but Stuart said it was sudden. Lorie blamed herself for giving the party which was probably too much. Stuart told her how much that party meant to Jennifer. Brock came by to tell them that Jennifer had him draw up instructions for her burial and wanted only her family with her. He also had a letter for Stuart. She wrote him this love letter in case she didn't have the opportunity to tell him in person how much their life together had meant to her and this is why she wanted him to remarry.

Snapper visited his mother after he learned of Jennifer's death. He felt he hadn't seen enough of her recently.

After the funeral, Peggy told her sisters that she would not be going away to school. She was the only one left to care for their father because Chris and Lorie had husbands and Leslie had a career. Stuart insisted that Peggy finish packing and catch her plane to school as planned.

Chris was worried about her father after Snapper told her to keep an eye on him because grieving husbands could become ill as they didn't remember to eat. She called to insist that she was coming over to fix his dinner and found that Liz was there. Liz asked him for an extra key so that she could do the laundry and cleaning to repay him for earlier kindnesses.

Leslie told the Maestro that she refused to give her concert. He talked with Lance who asked Brock to help. She saw that her mother would expect her to continue and realized that Jennifer would live on through her daughter's music. On the flight to Chicago with Brock and the Maestro, Leslie talked to Cynthia Harris who said she was going to visit a friend. She told Leslie she was glad to see Leslie making a life of her own and wished Leslie a successful concert.

Brad Eliot survived his surgery and when he became conscious several days later, Dr. Lionel told him the tumor was benign, but they wouldn’t know if the optic nerves had been damaged until the swelling went down. Dr. Lionel did offer hope. Cynthia told Brad that she had to return when she heard that the operation was successful. Brad was glad for the company. He asked if she knew how Leslie was or when her next concert was. Cynthia said she had heard nothing.

Chis was worried that Karen might be coming down with something even though she begged to go to school. Ron picked her up at recess and took her to the bus station for their promised trip.

Informed that Karen was missing, Chris called the police who told her they could do nothing since she suspected Karen was taken by her father. At the bus station Ron was urged by concerned strangers to take Karen to a doctor as she was obviously running a fever. They escorted him to a local doctor's office and the door was opened by Dr. Snapper Foster.

Jill realized that the new man in Kay's life was Derek and that Kay had sent a picture of Philip Chancellor, the father of Jill's son, to the child to unnerve her. When confronted, Kay told Jill that she had more than beauty to offer Derek and if she mentioned their discussion to him, she would withdraw her financial support, blaming Jill.

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Thanks for posting. Great read.


What were the circumstances around Sadie's return to Llanview? How long was she away?

What was the behind the scenes reason for Lillian Hayman being off the show?


Nancy's sister Pearl was still being mentioned. She was almost an original character yet never seen.

First mentioned when Helen Wagner was briefly fired in 1956 and Nancy was sent to stay with Pearl.


The Ellmans introduced David, Dorrie and Alan Q in their brief run.

Edited by Paul Raven
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6 minutes ago, Paul Raven said:

Thanks for posting. Great read.


What were the circumstances around Sadie's return to Llanview? How long was she away?

What was the behind the scenes reason for Lillian Hayman being off the show?

In a newspaper article, I found the info that Lillian Hayman was coming back to the show after a 2 year absence. I found another article from May 1971 which mentionned that Lillian Hayman played the role of Sadie until recently. She had apparently already left briefly as in September 1970 she is mentionned as being back. Esther Rolle played the role briefly at some time. It's not very clear.

During the same month, last original cast member Doris Belack left and Anna was recast with Kathleen Maguire.

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Thanks @FrenchFan

Please register in order to view this content



We're finally up to the big hurricane - now I knew about David losing his wife and children, Martha Taylor dying and Laura and Scotty seeking refuge from the storm, but some of the other storm incidents are also interesting such as Gina, Gary and Adam facing negligence charges after losing a pregnant patient and Harvey the orderly accused of supplying drugs to another pregnant patient to cause her miscarriage.

Poor Diana, this is the second child of hers that died.

2 hours ago, Paul Raven said:

The Ellmans introduced David, Dorrie and Alan Q in their brief run.

Dorrie ended up lasting two years I think, and then was mentioned again when Howard Lansing was written out as going to rekindle things with her just after Diana's murder.


And here we have the first of many of "The Perils of Dr Evans" with Samantha managing to get Marlena locked up in Bayview lol.

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1 hour ago, Dion said:

Dorrie ended up lasting two years I think, and then was mentioned again when Howard Lansing was written out as going to rekindle things with her just after Diana's murder.

Angela Cheyne played the role until September 1979. She was English and had a major role on the British soap "Emmerdale" before moving to the USA. It was rather unusual I think.

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21 minutes ago, soapfan770 said:

ATWT: I’m glad to finally see when Chuck Shea’s occurred as I’ve always been puzzled what year it happened. I think it was a mistake to kill off the character 

Totally ! It was mostly a plot to put Lisa closer to Bob but Chuckie seems to have been forgotten so quickly...

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2 hours ago, FrenchFan said:
2 hours ago, soapfan770 said:

ATWT: I’m glad to finally see when Chuck Shea’s occurred as I’ve always been puzzled what year it happened. I think it was a mistake to kill off the character 

Totally ! It was mostly a plot to put Lisa closer to Bob but Chuckie seems to have been forgotten so quickly...

Wow...and really made Lisa seem her bitchiest...her son dies and she is mooning for Bob?? And from the synopsis it seems as if everyone just went along with life. "Oh Chuckie is dead...well how is Joyce??" I know Marland wanted to bring him back instead of making up Scott Eldridge, but Fulton said, "Nancy Hughes buried him and whomever Nancy Hiughes buries stays dead!" I think it would have been cool if Shea was still alive and faked his kids death to punish Lisa and then they both came back years later.



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