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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. I am so happy that Victoria will be making an appearance as herself to talk about Neil this week on the show, of course as everyone knows it would be fantastic if she could have came back into the role as drucilla.
  2. Yes this is probably sometime getting closer to there meet but this time is so far gone for some people because even though it's interesting you can tell bell was playing around with all these characters
  3. Of course bill bell had them all meet in later orbits just for it to continue for decades long like today
  4. So this is apparently from September 1981, I was shocked to read Victor basically good timing stopped Vanessa from killing Lorie again
  5. Also reading these I never knew John Abbott met Victor himself to ask if Julia could be featured with jabot modeling. jack wasn't even apart of Victor's orbit at that time until years later and even that I have no clue, I'm guessing like 85 the earliest or I could be wrong.
  6. Hey guys I found these articles from 1980 but the dates aren't correct, anyone know what month this was from? Also alot of great interactions at this point and can't forget the transition mode was definitely in hand
  7. Hey I'm sure most of you remember at Nikki and Victor's wedding in 1984 they had Lorie brooks talking to Ashley abbott and they were supposed to meet up I even think that could have been a next storyline. Plus the fact that even that night Lorie danced with Marc mergeron I think there could have been a good plot to that twist if they had duggged deeper I wonder why they even made those interactions because you know y&r once you see someone who never usually interacts with each, there usually is some potential for a story but bell always loved being a teaser for basically nothing to come out of it.
  8. Interesting I only read about them meeting at Jack and Patty's wedding and it seemed like there was a hint that they might be tested for a pair but I've never heard of Paul/Ashley interacting like that
  9. There was another scene in 2011 when Nina and Nikki were both staying at Katherine house and when Paul came to see Nina I think Nikki walked down the stairs but we should all assume that they interacted okay with each other cause they were both living at Kay's I loved when Nina slapped Phyllis back in 2012, they needed to show Phyllis that she ain't the only bad girl that can throw down
  10. I would love to see those scenes one day, and Nina had some great stories on the show back then. I wonder why they brought back for a few years then just took her off because Paul chose Christine I noticed that to about the show I mean it's interesting and leaves alot of story telling but I wonder if this was done on purpose, I find it funny if certain characters never interacted they always make it seem like those characters know each other yet you would never see them share one scene lol classic bill bell
  11. Speaking of cricket and the abbotts wasn't Christine a friend of Traci back in 1983 or 1984 when Traci overdosed on weight loss pills, I've always wondered if they were friends back then. It's funny I noticed Nina in all the years she was on never had interactions with other main leaders of the show other then Katherine/Jill but never have I seen her interact with Victor,Nikki,Sharon,Nick the Abbot's
  12. Oh really I never knew Vanessa was that old, I always use to put here in same age category as like Katherine,Jennifer,john,dina,Liz but I can see they were Abit younger then her. I guess the pairing wouldn't have even discovered itself but John and flo that would be interesting and Nina interacting with the abbotts lol something you never see
  13. Hey everyone this board gets dead sometimes but I wanted to throw another scenario out there what if they did a pairing back in the early 80's with John Abbot and Vanessa Prentiss? I wonder how that would have went or maybe not what do you guys think would Vanessa have been too old for John since he did like his younger women Plus it would have gave some type of interactions between both families, even going further there could have been company competition Prentiss industries vs jabot cosmetics.
  14. Nikki looked really good in that clip, for some reason when I see old clips of Nikki I like how she looked from the mid 80's to 90's but she still looks very good to this day, she will always have that soft sweet voice and that baby face
  15. Hey everyone just wanted to touch up on something that was posted a few conversations back, I think it was after the 1975 and 1978 episodes were posted someone said they found some copies of 1983. Just wanted to follow up hopefully we still get to see them I guess 1983 was basically the new revived beginning for y&r because we all know that was coming from the transition period.
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