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  1. Do you know how long barbara was appearing for? I use to hear people say it was one of the worst storylines in those days. But to be honest i enjoyed her scenes second to Vanessa lol but Maybe if i watched the whole april/Paul/barbara May be it would have gotten boring who knows lol
  2. Wait Im confused and wasn't most of those characters written out by 1982? This is new to me sorry someone needs to clear this up lol
  3. And there is soo much other great scenes from those years that I hope we one day get to see, these are hard enough to come across.
  4. Oh i didnt know any of this happened, im sure they could have gotten alex Donnelly back after things cooled off and probably could have made her character last with the original women playing her.
  5. I read that same thing also i would love to see clips of when Chris was visiting the mansion, i dont think there was ever a scene of chris Brooks and katherine
  6. There is many best of jill episodes in the timeline of history, im still waiting to maybe one day see Brenda Dickson first episode and maybe the very first scene she had with Katherine.
  7. I so agree with you cause current state of Y&R needs a whole revamp of changes to make me wanna tune in for there poor excuse for story telling smh. Also your right if they stick to the classics that are actually worthy then im fine cause we aren't missing anything with the new ones.
  8. Oh ok i didnt know that was apart of the writers strike in those days, sucks they couldn't save her lol Also your absolutely right Lisa and Joyce could have been carried through the 80's maybe even the 90's and there history would have always been something to fall back on.
  9. Looking at some of Joyce time on this show im really surprised they just let her go, she's apart of the great history of the show, i wonder why they just made her leave in 81. Does anyone know if there was a goodbye scene for her departure?
  10. I never knew lauren and gina had beef, i guess there scuffle has to do with Laurens father I guess. Cant wait to see this 1984 episode to bad that's the last time all the Brooks girls made a last trip together.
  11. I really hope before production puts out newer episodes, they at least show one episode from the 70's, or show some more of 1981 im keeping my finger crossed!!
  12. Ive never heard of This before lol, was this Secretary appearing often enough in 1984? When did neil fenmore first appear i never really seen much scenes from him. How do people feel like the women friendships on the show, i feel like alot of them act like they dont know each other. I was surprised to see in some 1983 or 84 recap that Christine found traci on the floor, i guess from her overdose but what i don't get is how they started interacting cause i dont think ive seen any scenes with them ever.
  13. Since the show is supposedly doing tributes for certain characters, why not do one for dina, she is still apart of the show right now and they still need to figure out what to do with her storyline. They should show dinas first appearance from 1983, that would be enjoyable and full of some drama.
  14. Hey does anyone remember how the first nikki was and how long she was in the role before melody took over? I know nikki came on in 1978, i wonder who the first nikki interacted with when she first came on the show.
  15. I always heard cricket came on in 1983 as a summer teen model for jabot, but when you look her up it, it says she came on in 1986 which i know isn't accurate because there was clips of her talking with Brad and ashley so I know she was a kid in those scenes I have been trying to look for some 1979-80 clips, it's like nobody has other material then we have all seen sop many times. There has to be someone with more material cause a lot happened in those years not just victor and nikki stuff.
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