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  1. I would love to see the whole year of 1979 episodes because that was a fantastic year from what ive heard. I think that's when all the brooks girls confronted jill stuart also nikki was like a teen those times and just every storyline was on point
  2. And 1983 isn't even the best of the years, i would personally love to see some of the earlier dialogues like when lucas prentiss first came to town and the whole introduction of lorie brooks and her fights with her sisters or the fight jill and lorie brooks had over stuart brooks and nikkis early episodes and not only melodys Nikki. There also is pauls and andys friendship
  3. Sometimes i wonder what was really going on behind the scenes because all of these actors have worked on this set for years, i remember hearing eric and peter got into a physical fight
  4. Yes i did read that danny contacted leslue for gina and leslie gave gina the place and then gina i guess had a scene with stuart about the place, but also i kept hearing stuart had a short fling with gina
  5. Yea thats the same thing i had read but wasnt sure what it exactly it meant, i wonder why he was fired and did robert ever talk about it in any interview. I hope with the show currently bringing up stuarts name with dina that maybe we get more insight as to how he died in more details or mayne we wont who knows but i do think the brooks should atleast make some appearances when this unravels vecause this is kind of a big story to not have them apart of it in some way
  6. I swear the best years to watch would be 1973 to atleast 1984 then again like 1986 to 1995 if im correct
  7. Well im like u as well i always seen it on tv in the 90's when my mom and her sisters wouls watch but never actually watched it until like late 2006 so i wasnt even born when half of the good stuff aired. But when i started to watch i wanted to know the history amd now im interested. I would love to see the early jill/katherine material and early nikki/paul stuff and early brooks stuff and prentiss family there alot of good stuff from those times that would blow us away rifht now
  8. I really want to know what the writers are thinking or did they just forget? And that would make no sense because how do you skip the obvious. Im still trying to figure out when stuart actually last appeared i think i read it was sometime in October of 1983 but not sure And the article i read of him last appearing apparently thats the same week dina first came back, wouldnt that be interesting if they had crossed paths before he was gone forever. It would have definitely made this new storyline there making of them way more believable
  9. Yea that kind of bothers me why stuart of all people never got a proper send off, but then again most important people on shows sometimes never get one
  10. That would be good for ratings if the brooks girls all came to town and had reunions with people they havent seen in decades, also there is still a few people on canvas that would know them As long as there is a few people on canvas that the brooks know they can possibly mix in with the new group. Atleast there is still paul victor nikki jill esther jack ashley n traci thsts more then enough for them to come back to
  11. Yes currently jack and traci wanted to write a book about the abbots and when jack went to visit dina she was saying how hansome stuart was so jack and traci have been digging for more ibsight on that. Last week when traci got a hold of the sisters through telephone she just said chris and peggy no nothing about stuart and dina intertwine but apparently lorie and leslie found a note stuart wrote years ago and leslie forwarded the letter to traci thats about it, i see they are definitely trying to make it something but ill tune in to find out where this is really going.
  12. Hey everybody what does everyone think of the whole current dina/stuart brooks storyline being brought into the fold, i feel like y&r are running out of material to use to excite us that they will pull from anything and use any nane to bring back some momentary excitement. But hey if this bring the brooks back or atleast for dome appearence in the future im down cause the show has never really brought them up in years plus the old viewers got a new update on them lol I laughed when traci told jack about peggy and Chris not knowing much about dina/stuart and jack says he hopes she doesnt hold any feelings towards him, that has to be about her joining jabot back in 1982 before she left town
  13. Lol 2009 was not a good year for the show either, i find it boring and stale and thats a decade now not much has changed other then a few changes but the same boring plots
  14. This is awesome i always tried to figure out when exsctly lucas disappeared because there was no send off but i guess aroubd this time is when he was gone forever, i thought i read that he left town with andys wife karen and thst could have been a nice little storyline for abit but they never explored all the characters together like that I eben read a episode from late 1981 where lucas and andy had an interaction i thought that was random old meeting new
  15. Hey i almost forgot i did read that spoiler and the way it was worded it sounded like when jennifer and stuart came not long after kay n phillip showed up so i guess they all did have a few seconds of sharing a scene probably jennifer and stuart left after they arrived When i think of that story that was basically wrapped up very fast along with the characters, they could have put more layers into that triangle they could have even added jack abbot to the mix because those times when sally came back jack was hitting on chris there could have been a huge snapper/chris/sally/jack debacle going on sally could have walked in on chris flirting with jack and tell snappy just to get things started lol
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