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  1. Hey i almost forgot i did read that spoiler and the way it was worded it sounded like when jennifer and stuart came not long after kay n phillip showed up so i guess they all did have a few seconds of sharing a scene probably jennifer and stuart left after they arrived When i think of that story that was basically wrapped up very fast along with the characters, they could have put more layers into that triangle they could have even added jack abbot to the mix because those times when sally came back jack was hitting on chris there could have been a huge snapper/chris/sally/jack debacle going on sally could have walked in on chris flirting with jack and tell snappy just to get things started lol
  2. Oh thanks for this insight very interesting and another thing about that rose deville women she seemed to have stories with alot of characters, she must have been pretty popular to always have been brought back i never knew she interacted with chris, snapper and brock . I only knew of her stories with nikki when she was with greg and then later on nina a chris thats crazy how all these characters nevee came together and talked about there horror story with rose
  3. I have no clue i mean ive heard the other names referenced when you look them up just like youvsaid nobody ever called them that on the show. Funny it seems like bell kept this non interaction thing going on even after those early years he basically continued it with his new gang of characters, it got better over the years ill say like example i always wondered if back then nina and phyllis shared a scene since they were close in orbits because of chris danny paul but it seems like they never shared a scene until nina slapped her in 2012 lol. But if you look back at the 1994 clip when phyllis called to see if i think chris was there nina answered but non of them knew who the other were iwerei never got to see much of lynne topping as chris maybe like 1 episode can anyone tell me how she was? And also the girl who played peggy for abit in 1979 i would love to see how she played peggy
  4. Wow i never heard of this interaction before thanks for sharing and im sure thats the only time jill interacted with any prentiss
  5. Also i think it would have been wonderful if they had put jill in other orbits other then chancellor and fosters, she could have had a stronger rivalry with lorie or leslie through the prentiss orbit and also that would have been good to see vanessa reaction to jill which could have possibly made for some kay and vanessa plotting on jill, lorie conversations lol But then again they did put her in a whole new family orbit when john and jack were being developed.
  6. I remember hearing that was through casey and even when leslie showed up to the ranch they made it sound like as if victor wasnt there or maybe its different occasions she showed up who knows
  7. Did victor ever get scenes with the other brooks women because i can only remember lorie and peggy unless he had scenes with chris and leslie randomly. I think leslie knew of victor involvement with lorie but i dont think they ever shared a scene but im not sure, also i do know victor knew stuart cause isnt that how eve came into the picture originally
  8. I still think its incredible the way bell wrote for all of those women and it was done separately in good fashion, i would have loved to see a scene where kay and vanessa go toe to toe but come to think of it kay never had any interactions with the prentiss at all i dont even think she ever mentioned them at all during there tenure on the show. Random but also i think its amazing that the brooks gang got to interact with the new gang before they were off the show forever like lorie mixing with victor and nikki and apparently she knew jack n met ashley, then chris mixing with the abbots before she got the boot and even leslie interacting with gina and danny before she left and also peggy had scenes with nikki jack victor and the williams before she left
  9. Funny when i first started watching i always thought ashley was boring but really good looking, i think ive only started to like her character as of recently i feel like she really took control over jacks being a [!@#$%^&*] about paternity. I dont blame her for pulling the stunt that she did it just added on another layer to her character
  10. I really do miss drucilla i think she was one of the characters that drove me into watching the show actually back in 2007 but she was shortly gone when i started getting into her stories The next close to drucilla wrath was hilary and maybe sometimes lily but hardly, lily has more of a softer presence then both those women had but i started liking lily when she would go up against hilary
  11. I honestly wish there was more material from those years coming up ahead but Ofcourse getting them is the hardest thing and 1978 quality was awesome. I would like to see the episode when jennifer brooks died in 1977 and the funeral and everything going on at that time. Does anyone here remember anything from jennifer brooks final days on the show? Also when i seen that 1975 episode, thats provably my third time seeing jennifer acting skills and she is great in her part.most of the middle age womwn on the show at that time had these little different layers about them that made them shine in there scenes lol we katherine,liz, vanessa,jennifer. Andci would also like to throw in dina even though she came on later she is still these womens age brackett
  12. Does anyone on here still kinda wish heather tom was in the role of victoria i know she was probably the better victoria just like others who originated character roles. But i think ive grown to like ameila victoria over the years shes been in the role for almost 15 years soon she will be known as a vet thats crazy
  13. Wow its ironic that these never had a open relationship at one point both of them never seem to stay in eachothers orbit too long clearly, and 1992? I thought they had a 1 night stand in 1996 im so confused I wonder if john ever found out about this or anyone for that matter cause that is some old school soap drama.
  14. Lol i have that same question because 2007 was definitely not a good year for this show id say atleast 92, 99, and maybe 2001 are worth watching but i still find those years sort of boring from what ive seen
  15. Just the way she has been portrayed as coming on the show and leading up to her even now, there should be way more story for her until this day but these writers dont really use her at all and she is beautiful even though she wasnt as slim as the other cast mates but she's unique to the show and needs to be more appreciated as a character. I like that she hasnt completely phased out she has been on pretty often enough in the last year and a half so atleast hopefully they can explore more of traci for what she has become now.
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