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  1. I really do miss drucilla i think she was one of the characters that drove me into watching the show actually back in 2007 but she was shortly gone when i started getting into her stories The next close to drucilla wrath was hilary and maybe sometimes lily but hardly, lily has more of a softer presence then both those women had but i started liking lily when she would go up against hilary
  2. I honestly wish there was more material from those years coming up ahead but Ofcourse getting them is the hardest thing and 1978 quality was awesome. I would like to see the episode when jennifer brooks died in 1977 and the funeral and everything going on at that time. Does anyone here remember anything from jennifer brooks final days on the show? Also when i seen that 1975 episode, thats provably my third time seeing jennifer acting skills and she is great in her part.most of the middle age womwn on the show at that time had these little different layers about them that made them shine in there scenes lol we katherine,liz, vanessa,jennifer. Andci would also like to throw in dina even though she came on later she is still these womens age brackett
  3. Does anyone on here still kinda wish heather tom was in the role of victoria i know she was probably the better victoria just like others who originated character roles. But i think ive grown to like ameila victoria over the years shes been in the role for almost 15 years soon she will be known as a vet thats crazy
  4. Wow its ironic that these never had a open relationship at one point both of them never seem to stay in eachothers orbit too long clearly, and 1992? I thought they had a 1 night stand in 1996 im so confused I wonder if john ever found out about this or anyone for that matter cause that is some old school soap drama.
  5. Lol i have that same question because 2007 was definitely not a good year for this show id say atleast 92, 99, and maybe 2001 are worth watching but i still find those years sort of boring from what ive seen
  6. Just the way she has been portrayed as coming on the show and leading up to her even now, there should be way more story for her until this day but these writers dont really use her at all and she is beautiful even though she wasnt as slim as the other cast mates but she's unique to the show and needs to be more appreciated as a character. I like that she hasnt completely phased out she has been on pretty often enough in the last year and a half so atleast hopefully they can explore more of traci for what she has become now.
  7. I still find is amazing how ashley, traci abbotts where present just in time that year for others farewells from the show, crazy transition era
  8. I did read somewhere possibly 81 or 82 victor wanted eve to get information on lorie and Leslie so i assume eve was still around stuarts orbit those times. Plus didn't stuart recommend eve to victor in 81 so i guess thats how eve was in victors orbit and the rest is history
  9. Funny i just thought of that, nikki and paul were always close but nikki never interacted with any of pauls family i swear nikki and patty have never had a scene ever or mary and nikki. But thats how bell kept his characters even the ones you think should be close weren't in eachothers orbits. Im loving the eve stuff, does anyone know how she started on the show again? I know she used to work for stuart brooks but did she ever interact with any of the brook sisters. Too much interesting loops on the show in that era
  10. Watching this episode just shows the viewers what less technology back then was still able pull off a successful show and every character on did a fantastic job. Is this when eve left for good or was there a bigger plot to happen? I know she came back briefly in the 90's but im just curious how she left in the 80's
  11. Ive always wondered how stuarts last episode was like i guess thus is better then nothing, funny his last episode was just in time for the arrival of dina now imagine they had made those 2 intertwined that would have been juicy material. And also lauren was on by then, i think this is the earliest of lauren ive ever read about. I always forget that she went into that orbit but it seems like they were trying to figure out what to do with her at that point
  12. Oh ok makes sense I heard she she and Traci were friends and Christine found Traci passed out when she overdosed, that's sort of interesting because I have probably never seen them share one scene
  13. Hey good morning all does anyone know when Christine officially made her first appearance I use to see 1983 all the time but then some sources will say 1985 or 86. But then again if she was around when Joe Blair was last around then that's like atleast 83-84 I'm guessing
  14. I agree and there is still alot of story until this day could be told about Casey reed, she does have a huge connection to the show and probably always will. If they can bring Lorie and Leslie brooks and even make Julia appear and even make Victor's brother Matt show up with all years of his absence then Casey return should be a walk in the park but I don't know what's going on. That's totally true I wasn't even born when Casey was on the show back then but ive done my research throughout time, and seen a few old clips of her so that's how I know about Nikki sister other then that if I didn't do those things I would have probably found out back in Feb for MTS 40th for the first time lol
  15. I thought Maura west did a fantastic job as Diane even though she was younger then the original cast I still liked what she brang to the table with the character. But I guess not everyone agreed but still I think they could have went a different route
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