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  1. Does anyone know when Nikki/ Neil first started interacting, around the time in 2015 I actually liked there friendship which led to them killing Christine's child accidentally. I e en think they would have been somewhat a interesting couple depending on what juicy storyline the writers can come up with to make it believable. I wasn't watching back in 2002 but in the vault i came across a scene where nikki was talking to him about his drinking, i didn't know they teamed up back in 2002 for the same thing they grouped up for in 2015 so i was curious what other interactions they have had before that. What about Katherine/Sheila and i know this is a hard one but also could have been juicy in small doses, Katherine could have friended Sheila and maybe add Sheila in on her scheme towards Jill lol
  2. That would have been interesting and rare, and didn't nikki sister (Casey) date lucas? I wonder how the interaction between her and Vanessa was cause im sure Vanessa seen her as a threat just like Lorie and Leslie. One of 1982 episodes i saw lucan and Lorie plotting about Victor and Lucas called Nikki a "dumb blonde" lol i wonder how there interaction went for him to say that even though we know in those days it was clearly true lmao.
  3. I was surprised to see a scene in the vault from 1982 of Katherine mentioning Vanessa to nikki as if they had some type of interaction, there might have been At least 1 scene that is hidden somewhere in those years that had them 2 in it. Victor must have came across Vanessa in those times, i wonder if Vanessa gave off any bad energy to him in those scenes, i could picture vanessa, lance,Lucas all plotting to get rid of Victor Newman if they had the chance!!
  4. They might have interacted twice because i remember reading in 1981 in one of the recaps that Vanessa was about to attack Lorie and Victor walked right in basically and Vanessa obviously acted civil, i would love to see that scene it sounds very rare!!
  5. Oh Nina/Sharon do sound interesting both passionate about the way they feel about situations, i think ive seen some interaction with them but nothing significant just more like occasionally seeing each other around town. Nina/Phyllis would be super epic and i was happy when they had that argument in 2012, that was just the exclusive peek of what could have. It's sort of weird how Nina and phyllis didn't clash prior before since Phyllis/cricket have beef that goes back to the mid 90's. In the 1994 episode of Phyllis running down Paul/Christine i think it was Nina who answered the phone but didn't know on the other end it was Phyllis who was trying to figure something out but i forgot in case anyone can fill that blank in?' Oh really i never knew they met that early on i would love to see that scene and what gathering that bought them together, i assume it had something to do with Danny connection? Ashley/Lauren i never thought about that but I think they would make good sparring partners or 2 smart business women that get along on a business relationship. Also again i find it weird that Ashley never clashed with lauren over how badly she treated traci in the 80's!! This is random but i always thought it would be such rich gold if katherine/Vanessa prentiss had crossed paths or where in the same storyline together or against each other and they have something in common they dont like Lorie but Vanessa hate is a bit deeper.
  6. Now I Know bill bell was good at keeping characters in certain bubbles for long periods of time but it makes me still think if certain characters were grouped together gradually what the stories could be. For example Nikki and Nina would have had Maybe been a good friendship, they both have some history in common like rose de vill, also nikki daughter Victoria and Nina beef in the 90's over ryan and i think Cole? Im not sure but i know Ryan for sure and Nina didn't look too happy when she found out paul had a long lost kid with Nikki. I also think Diane and jill would have had some iconic girlfights just like how Diane/Phyllis did, back then when jack was sleeping with Diane i think jill was also in his orbit a lot. Did jill ever find out that jack was a player including having patty around also. There was a clip on YouTube of Malcolm comforting Sharon about cassie, i picked up some chemistry between them i thought was interesting cause i don't think they have ever been in each others orbits. Both gorgeous looking with beautiful bodies and warm personality traits they could have actually been a interesting couple...how do you think nick would react?
  7. I know it's sort of funny when they wanna put good work in you can the big difference compared to majority of this hem and hah dialogue. I'm going to miss Dina as i knew her time was coming soon i just had hoped they could have done something to make her last but i guess it's the ending of an era. She will be missed dearly
  8. Do you know how old she was in this scene? All those characters had powerful scenes in those and even if it was a simple scene of them talking there was always something the sparked your interest even in what they were talking about.
  9. All i can think of is 90's Phyllis compared 2020 phyllis arguing with Abby, 90's Phyllis would have had Abby [!@#$%^&*] her pants or probably would have tried to murder her lol I don't think any amount of break time from the current show will have any effect on how the writers that are just not getting it right, if anything the classics should have inspired them to put some more juice into there sinking show.
  10. Lol from what i heard pam Peters hardly wanted to be on the y&r set, what did she refuse to do? I heard one day while filming she got up and left the building.
  11. I remember justin Yardley more being in Chelsea/ Newman's orbit but i think your right him and sharon never crossed paths unless they we're in the same room for an event.
  12. Right! The way the writers forget to implement certain dialogue with key characters that were apart of certain storylines, it's surprising they actually had Ashley revisit that emotion.
  13. Wow i didnt know she was asked last year to come back, i do know the actress who plays Lorie was suppose to be attending victors 40th in Feb, but she had to decline because she was on a trip. If they can suddenly make a nobody like Theo apart of the Brooks family then they can definitely bring on the those options you just listed. Do you know what month they asked her to come back cause didn't Theo find out just October or november last year? When they cane back in 2018 they had them rehash some old storyline about Stuart brooks almost dying, i felt like that was pointless in this visit they could have had them gradually bump into Jill and hash that out, but no they wasted it all on that!! They could have went to the hospital to see how Victor was or maybe talk with jack or Ashley they just didnt do it right.
  14. 2 upsetting examples, when theo was said to have had a connection to the "Famous" Brooks family all they did was show Traci telling Jack that she spoke with the sisters to get some picture or something faxed to them and that's all the mention of Brooks we hear. What the hell is that?
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