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  1. What they are putting out there shouldn't even be called storylines, just a bunch of characters talking about nothing it's really quite sad!!
  2. Im still amazed to have seen the 82 material and almost everyone of that years exits, I love Allison/Katherine beef and by the way does know how the Bancroft family left and what year it was? I assume before Victor/nikki wedding Eve was the best hands down lol too bad she was to crazy to have still stayed apart of the show's coming up phase.
  3. I think even though alot the material was cheesy it kept me wanting to see what has gonna happen next, the y&r of today is in better quality condition and bores the [!@#$%^&*] out of me so some of us should be lucky the cheesy version was soo well reviewed.
  4. I never knew 83 was this interesting, I've been getting a kick out of all the characters like eve,Julia, victor, nikki, Allison, Kevin, patty, Jack ,ashley, all have done a great job moving the show into a different phase.
  5. Im soo happy to see his last material and just like that they didnt try to hold on to him, he was there for the first decade like Katherine and Liz it would have been nice to see him continue. I thought the foster house stopped being shown in 82 so i guess 83 clears that up. All the storylines in 83 are soo wonderfully done and the acting is tremendously done well, good job who ever it is uploading them, i hope maybe one day we could get some 79,80,81 uploads
  6. Yes i cant wait for Vanessa arrival, i wish i could see these scenes one day and also im sure when she came on she looked abit more scary then when she left lol
  7. She was awesome in that scene, you go mary beat there ass lol atleast she had guts then other mothers. I couldn't see Liz or dina jumping in that fight but i could see Katherine or maybe Vanessa jumping in lol
  8. Its almost like a punishment them returning with bad repetitive material that will make people hate the show forever.
  9. Thats what made it so interesting atleast back then, i love seeing the cross overs between most of these characters
  10. This is soo boring and none of this is interesting and why is cane ghost coming into the narrative, they are divorced and lily made her decision and cane has left town so why is he still popping up for nothing.
  11. And it would have been interesting if victor and jack had crossed paths because of Julia if jack was in her orbit long enough
  12. I loved seeing Julia say that, and to see what victor was gonna say next but i assume victor by this time has heard of jack but not enough to discourage her away from him lol.
  13. I was trying to figure out when Stuart tied to romance gina, i would love to see those scenes but they say he left after that didn't workout but I swear he left October 1983 so im confused lol
  14. It would have been interesting if back in those early days victor and jack were good friends or at least had respect for each other and then they entered into there own war that would go on for decades. I just think it would spice up there rivalry and something to maybe revisit if needed. Ashley was soo damn beautiful when she started and basically still has almost the same face in 2020. I seen those scenes with Jack/Julia and i remember reading that jack tried to get Julia into modeling and those times he had stories with diane,jill,patty and i swear if im correct gina also
  15. I havent watched 83 yet but i did see that kevin and ashley had scenes which i was shocked about i never knew they got chem tested i wonder how that went. I also think kevin would have been great on the show moving forward, im surprised they never brought him back on ever again.
  16. Hey has anyone ever thought what the show would have been like in terms of jill/Katherine/Phillip if phillip stayed alive i wonder with there feud would it have been 10 times worse. Has anyone thought how jill/Phillip relationship would have been like maybe jill or Phillip would have maybe down the road cheat on each other. Also the fact that Lorie was kind of involved i wonder how the narrative would have changed.
  17. I actually did soak up some of Sharon's storyline when it began and it's doing much better pace wise compared to everything else on the show but i have a slight feeling we are gonna get a build up to basically nothing.
  18. My guess is gonna be that the show will stay the same old boring show with repeated predictable plots smh. Like where is the action and drama and villains like no excitement what so ever.
  19. Finally a recap that says when greg foster left town be a use for a long time i thought he disappeared in july but it was September and apparently after things didn't workout with Chris.
  20. I always pictured her last scene how it was and it delivered the exact emotions that i thought i would see so im soo thankful for finally seeing this material. Even though 82 was changing i still like all the stories from that year even if they got dropped, there was just this special magic about the show that it will never get back. I was Just mentioning how great that scene was and to finally see lorie/Katherine/nikki all in one room ready to throw shade at each other was pure gold. I still think Lorie and Katherine fights would have been another exciting story aside from jill and Katherine fights.
  21. What an interesting take on her character, that could have been really juicy for her to tackle and it could have definitely added more of a presence to her. Does anyone know how long the bayou was apart of the show i assumed from 81-83 if im wrong im sure someone will correct me.
  22. Yes there is also some that i just discovered as im seeing these 82 episodes for the first time, I'm with you on that I'll take what i can get at this point cause i never thought i would ever see even this. Also I loved the scenes where Lorie came to nikki and Kevin's engagement party, and to finally see Katherine and Lorie in the same room was 👍 pure gold, and Lorie certainly never backed down to any of them which made it awesome. I know we always Katherine and jill going back and forth but i would love to see Katherine and Lorie face off!! Also i was very shocked to even hear Katherine bring up Vanessa prentiss, so clearly katherine and Vanessa must have shared a scene one time cause why did Katherine make it seem like she only knows Lorie because of vanessa, she could have added she knew her from long when she use to flirt with her husband. I would love to see that scene and because it's soo random im sure the chemistry was there but they scrapped that. I still wanna see that scene i heard of i think it's 1980 when Peggy was held captive and when Paul or carl or Steve came in to save her and she was covered in rats... That's a scene i would love to see basically the whole cult storyline.
  23. The skipping of the scenes was irritating me soo bad, You can also tell those skipped scenes were probably just as juicy as the ones they only focused on. I love the victor/Lorie/nikki/Lucas stuff i just think those other scenes with other characters were just as interesting in it's own way.
  24. Yes that sounded like Lucas last scene, i thought maybe he had 1 more scene after but it seems like he vanished after Lorie did, they should have still had a send off for him since he was a leading man at one time. When i heard how Chris Brooks stayed until September and then she realized she wanted to be with snapper that was odd, we all thought she was going into a new storyline with the habit cosmetics and all of a sudden she was dropped. Does anyone know if Chris Brooks got a send off and who her last scenes were with?
  25. Yes "karen" was clearly just that random character that was there to fill in the space they needed and she could leave after and nobody should care much lol. Yes i could definitely see Lorie and Lucas being a couple but that never happened. Well technically Stuart was on until 83 but I would like to see some his last scenes on the show.
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