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  1. Same with sheilas mom, and Alice mother as well we hardly have any supportive mom's for the younger set now. I thought they would do this bringing in celeste for lola but that was sort of dropped, this is why should not have killed off diane be a use that would have been nice for kyle and im sure diane would have still had her own storyline if she was on.
  2. One thing ill give flo is she was believable, something hard to find from a lot of actors on this particular show lol, Do you know how long flo stayed i heard she stayed no longer then 2000 cause nina was pretty much on her way out.
  3. I have been trying to figure that out for the longest time, cause peggy was friends with the Joann character so i would assume they must have all interacted lol, Chris Brooks was more seperated then Lorie,leslie and Peggy if im correct Oh ok yes that's the same stuff i heard, I just thought maybe they kinda scuffled abit by the way it sounded. Do you remember who separated them?
  4. Hey do you ever remember seeing a scene between Lorie and jill ever physically fighting in the hospital room when Lorie caught jill checking in on Stuart? I remember hearing the episode through audio on YouTube and it sounded like they had to be separated lol i would love to see that scene and wouldn't that technically be the first y&r girl fight I always thought the first y&r girl fight was Katherine and jill.
  5. This again is fantastic material, i wonder if on screen when Lorie slammed the door on leslie hand if it came off like she wanted to or if it really was an accident? It probably was an accident but i say that because she wasn't too fond of leslie in that time period. Interesting chris brooks was brought up during the Kay/jill/phillip lawsuit i wonder if she was going by the chancellor house during the time the fosters had it? I would assume so and how many times has chris tried modelling it never seem to work out if you think about it lol I thought gwen Sherman was gone by 1974? If im correct i wonder. What she showed back up in 76 for?
  6. Were the Henderson's completely gone before lance came on? I find it funny how both lance and his brother were in this triangle with lorie and leslie for a few years and all of them went there own ways to probably never speak again lol
  7. This is another storyline i would love to see from start to end, didn't micheal Scott interact with Lorie first then moved on to Julia? Why would they nit wanna show one the show's best storylines from the great victor Newman. If they showed some parts of this time it will piece together other storylines that we probably heard about from that era but didn't get to see.
  8. When we are talking about new era y&r. I actually did like this episode but it's definitely not a classic it was shown just 5 months ago and i swear they showed it again lol but of course they will release this and call it iconic lol. I liked the episode because they showed dina near the end which was special and really put more history towards the rabbits with there mother, on a another note i hope when the show comes back on they figure out what direction dina is truly gonna be in because i would hate to loose her. She is like our Katherine chancellor these days on the show every era needs a grand dame. Also i liked when fen came back and was talking with his parents and then joined the party, what happened to fen because this was in December and he last appeared in January? Why Did they bring him back and drop him soo quick like that. Would have been nice if fen got to meet theo they both love bugging kyle.
  9. I also love how Peggy is being mentioned quite abit in the 1975 stuff, seems Like she went through alot all over the place emotional roller coaster. And Lorie was clearly not apart of the after phillip died saga, i was surprised in general that she even had interactions with him at all but it all sounds juicy. I wonder when the arrival of lance came about? Im sure it was sometime im 75 if im correct.
  10. Yea Kay and Lorie never really did get to have great significant scenes and they were both equally popular on the same platform, come to think of it kay never really interacted with Lorie or leslie or Peggy or Chris who I forget sometimes but we all know they know each other lol.F Does anyone know Derek's interactions with eve were about? I've read they had a few scenes in 1980 when victor arrived, also jill and Eve being roommates that just sounds and looks funny to imagine them.
  11. Thats the same thing i have been wondering, but if they didn't i assume they just let Lorie branch off into her own orbit like she basically always was. Plus the next year would be the arrival of Lorie worst nightmare vanessa prentiss i would love to see how scary Vanessa looked when she first arrived.
  12. Oh this is getting good, so Lorie was involved up until Phillips death omg and i never knew that until reading this. I wonder if there is any confrontations between Lorie and jill or lorie and Katherine. We all know this beefed up the stsrt of jill and Katherine, but i wonder if lorie had anymore involvement after his death.
  13. This Stephanie Williams lady, i never cared to do my research on this one but was she just a detective working with Carl? How long was she on and did she interact with amy at all?
  14. Oh ok thanks for the correction, so i guess they probably never shared scenes, does anyone remember Jennifer's funeral episode in 1977, i did hear brock was sort apart of it for support with leslie. Brock seemed to have Maybe tried with all the Brooks girls i wonder why there was never a triangle or much significant crossover since he actually had scene with them more then kay did but nothing came of it.
  15. Funny and this is just a random observation, how come when jill and Katherine would have there verbal show downs cussing each other out about Phillip this and that, why was there other feud with derek never mentioned as a jab at each other. Does anyone know how long the jill/Katherine/Derek story ran for, even later on in the years they always argued about phillip but not Derek or Mayne it's because Derek didn't die tragically that could why i guess.
  16. I heard that same thing to and I have no clue if it was true or just something made up just to say they all interacted, I've always tried to figure out if kay and jennifer had scenes back then but what i did read i think in 1974 or 75 i think it was Liz who got married to bill again and everyone came to congratulate her so i heard Kay and phillip arrived and jennifer and Stuart arrived, that's the only scene i heard about with all of them in one room
  17. Lorie brooks 2002 appearance wasn't as bad as her more recent appearance in 2018 with her sister leslie, I was mortified that they brang back 2 originals from the beginning to come back and argue with jill smh they definitely more then blew it Im not saying the whole episode needed to be just about Lorie a d leslie but damn they could have had them interact with more cast members, they could have had them both show up at the hospital to check on victor or maybe bump into jack and meet his brother billy and son kyle. There was soo much opportunity but whatever lol On Another note yes your right that random marriage she was involved with in 2002, it just all seemed like fuller material just to bring her back when they could have done that one better.
  18. Interesting this was leading up to Lorie goodbye from GC, i never seen this either.
  19. Omg this just upsets me and even add in eve Howard and rose Deville, Vanessa prentiss shooting her son accidently missing lorie. They still put up the least favourite i dont get it like are they enjoying that episode themselves smh
  20. I think i know the scene your talking about, lauren trys to embarrass traci about her weight in front of danny and Amy is in that scene as well. Aint that something in most of the clips i see of Amy she's usually with Paul or Andy or those 2 brothers she had a traingle with so i guess she came on as those random teen girls who happen to be black just to set the mood which is good I think every race/culture should be explored so we can know about them as well.
  21. Actually didn't they start adding in black characters around late 82 because i read how Amy Lewis and i forgot her mom's name and the father frank Lewis were on before the year was out and I'm not sure but i assume there were scenes with amy and her parents until they faded out and then didn't those other brother come on board? Cause Amy and i guess you can say aunt mamie were the first 1982 then gradually more came and gone until the 90's era.
  22. I feel like y&r was already a popular platform alone over the years but when shemar came into town he added the male african American spice that the show needed, even though neil and Nathan were already there i just think Malcolm was that character they could play around with and probably would have had great chemistry with everyone he interacted with. Like im surprised they didn't try to Malcolm with sharon that would have been interesting Malcolm/sharon/nick triangle with grace involved or maybe victoria? They Did it with neil put him with victoria which im not sure if people reviewed it properly. Also malcom and jill could have worked just as a fling cause they had good chemestry also, if im correct were malcom and phyllis ever lovers or slept together or were they always just close friends? april is another character i still hardly know anything about but up until recently i had no idea she was on the show more back then like in 79-81, i wonder who she was friends with or interacted with besides paul being her baby father and her story with barbara and the parents?
  23. Ok yea i was curious be a use i know Devon didn't really enter the winters bubble until like late 2004 and that's the same year mamie was last on so i was wondering if maybe they had some introduction and then that's it. Does mamie have a goodbye scene or was she one of those famous there and gone the next day like nothing happened?
  24. Yup drucilla is the first character that got me into this show years ago and i found her sop interesting that i had no choice but watch the show but they ended up killing her months later. Drucilla to me is probably the first african American women they put on the show that had is a legacy character and well connected with everyone, not liked by all but definitely was leading lady material and not used as some filler Hilary was close to having that spunk that drucilla had but she just wasnt written the best all the time. Does anyone know if Devon got to interact with aunt mami he or was mamie gone before devon came on?
  25. Yes i cant wait until we get to Peggy rape story cause i know for us to see it now would have soo much layers that we all could have missed, was the rape story and jack curtis/joann/Katherine stuff all the same time period? If im correct was it chris who was raped in 73 or 74 and did her rape have anything to do with Peggy rape later? Was Stuart more like john abbot in his days, i kind of get the feeling that bill sort of kept the same type of older men patriarch.
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