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The OLTL references just won't stop. Vivian called Gabi a ho and Dorian called Lola a ho on OLTL (where A. Martinez also portrayed the father of Banus' character). Not sure if that one was intentional, but I definitely remember that scene because it was the only time I recall hearing the word "Ho" used on a soap opera.

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On 9/27/2019 at 6:14 PM, jam6242 said:

I actually think Ron likes writing for Julie too but he likes her acting crazy.  It's like having a doppelganger for her without having to write one in, lol. 


lol so true


Just like Gabi turning bitchy (which I love), and Lani soon "going crazy" (probably thanks to Gabi) he likes his women wacky and insane. It kind of annoys me but it spiced Gabi up so ... I wonder if he keeps tossing Abby off the rails like he did with Jessica on OLTL, but at least with Mansi she adds a bit more camp and Abby can be a mess on her own so she doesn't even need an alter, but Flynn is contract and she's recurring so I know Ron and how he likes to weave people in and out in frustrating ways (remember Robin's tedious comings and goings on GH?)


Julie's been written terribly for a long time, lots of folks seem to dislike her. I love her though but she's been hysterical since Reilly. It's a choice on SSH's part, she even admitted as much and it was because of Reilly (much like Strasser hamming it up in later years). 


They could do a lot better with writing the show, even if I'm often entertained. Doesn't make it 'good' lol.


I kinda buy the rumor

Adrienne dies because she's so boring and Judi returns as Bonnie, you know they both prefer Bonnie and Ron seems to have zero interest in Adrienne


All the soaps are a damn mess. I'm barely hanging on.


I'm rambling ...


Back to the show, I was dead at Rolf calling Kristen 'elderly' ...

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23 hours ago, KMan101 said:


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Back to the show, I was dead at Rolf calling Kristen 'elderly' ...


So no joke, I work in a hospital and any time we have a pregnant woman 35 or older, the word "elderly" gets used in their diagnosis. Like "pregnancy in elderly female." It makes me laugh every time.

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