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Y&R July 2019 Discussion Thread

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On 7/30/2019 at 3:01 PM, Fevuh said:

I'm sick to death of girls not wanting nice things.  Lola to the front.


Oh, you don't want that purse?  I'll take that. Oh, you don't want a nice ring because if someone gives it to you then you're a philanthropy project?  Oh, I'll take that too.  Gimme.  I'll be treated nice by a hot rich man.  Hells yes i will.   


It's just a little much.  Every girl is now a sympathy project who doesn't want Louis Vuitton.  Because it's too expensive and then she's suddenly objectified.


OK, well this Gay man wants to be objectified.  Tiffany, Louis, Gucci, all of it.  Gimme.   



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 I agree it's a shame that Loren Lott(Ana) is out, and that Zach Tinker(Fen) is one, and same for Robert Adamson(Noah).  I also think each was good in their roles.  The same goes for the actors who played Reed, Charlie, Mattie & Scott.  IMHO, all should still be part of the canvas, with others being gone instead.  I also think they should've tried getting back Davetta Sherwood as Lily, or found another good recast since Christel Khalil does not want to be contract any longer.  I hope they get rid of the Current head writer and axe people like Rey, Cane & maybe Lola, Theo & Celeste (although I love Eva LaRue), and bring back Loren Lott, Zach Tinker, Robert Adamson, and Tristan Lake Leabu(Reed), Lexie Stevenson(Mattie) and they'll probably have to recast Charlie since I think the actor who played him booked a series regular role on a new comedy series. I'd also bring back the last actor who played Scott. 

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