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Days: February 2019 Discussion Thread

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From the deadline.com article:


The filing slathers it up more by claiming that Sony is tightening its hold of late by “imposing solely on Corday the burden of absorbing the multi-million dollar annual operating deficits due to an inadequate NBC license fee and mandating an inefficient, costly production schedule.


Well, I'm glad we're not the ONLY ones who recognize that taping 10 years in advance, and on a budget of one half-penny per week, is doing the show no good.  Honestly, Ken Corday must be on the verge of running a commercial like this one:



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The biggest piece of this that I found interesting was that Corday Productions is demanding significant control of the show be put back in its hands, essentially confirming that the major decisions people blamed on Ken Corday and the producers/writers was actually because of Sony.

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