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Days: February 2019 Discussion Thread

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If only....Right now I'd take that toxic TomSell combination over this [!@#$%^&*]. 


I have been nice about Ron Carlivati till now because I have PTSD from Dena's writing.  I've simply been grateful that scab and hack is long gone.  That doesn't work anymore.  In my opinion, we are watching this show slowly devolve into dumpster fire territory. 


Diana Colville is now some psychotic Joan Crawford on steroids. 


There are more MAGAts in Salem than there are in my city, and I live in the south.


Eve being anti-immigrant especially makes no sense since she had a Hispanic daughter.  She was never likable, but Ron has done everything he can possibly do to finish that character off, for good. Just trash. 


Leo is every bad gay stereotype imaginable, and it's played as comedy.  To make matters even more ridiculous, the entire city wants to excuse Will and Sonny for rolling said stereotypical gay into a rug after "killing" him.  Lawd, it's just laughable. 


I'm no soap fool.  I was wondering when Ron would run out of steam and screw this like a hound dog in heat.  We now have the answer.  He ran out of ideas and steam when he started penning January of 2019.  We all know what happens when his creative juices run dry.....


It gets progressively worse till he gets fired. 

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