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  1. I loathe mask storylines with an infinite passion, primarily because of what you just stated. This is Days. They went the JER route decades ago, and needless to say it can be cartoonish. But this is the second time ReRon has put Kristen in a d#mn mask. Seriously. He's ran out of things to copy from shows he once wrote for, so he's resorted to copying his lame a#s material from Days.
  2. Yep. You got it. This one's going to be like watching a trash can catch fire.
  3. So, I get to be the one to reveal Ron's asinine, tired, and repugnant plot to all of y'all. Sigh. Don't shoot the messenger. This is in the latest SOD that's slowly rolling out. In other words; this is accurate. Here goes..read below Yeah, ReRon is lazy, incompetent, and I wish he'd stop writing completely. He could always just relax in The Hamptons.
  4. I've been wanting to post here again for a good while, but per usual I forgot my password. I frustrate myself at times. Obviously I couldn't post here until I suddenly remembered it. It's nice to be back. On to Days, and the continuing saga of how ReRon will self sabotage the show just as it's finally watchable. I'll save that ridiculous, stupid, repulsive and tired plot for the spoilers page. Still, Christ on a cracker that man is the hack of all hacks. I LOVE JACKEE HARRY! She lights up every scene she's in. Boy, did Days get lucky. I'm enjoying the "Who Killed Charlie?" Storyline, solely because of the dysfunctional family interactions. Sami brings much needed tension and conflict to the canvas, especially with her onscreen family. I wish Rafe would die. Xander has no balls. This Kristen/Susan story is going places. Places nobody asked for and not a soul wanted. I'm halfway enjoying the show again after loathing it for months. Knowing what I know, in about 3 weeks it's likely going to be painful to to even read recaps. Well, Ron will do Ron.
  5. Her last visit proved that Ron is going to write her as OTT wacky. She carried around an urn, for Christ's sake. That was so bad....
  6. Like I said, I never watched regularly. I do know Alicia Minshew is annoying AF!!!
  7. OH GAWD!! I never watched AMC very much, but I didn't have to view it regularly to realize that is the worst example of this crap of all time. Christ, they undid one of the most provocative and relevant stories of that golden era of soaps, to grace us with a character I could not sit through for ten seconds.
  8. And said children always get shoved down our throats, many times in favor of legitimate offspring that we have grown to know and love onscreen. That makes the entire plot point even more annoying. Oh, and I just *LOVE* it when a retconned child is created while pissing all over history. The latest example: Stefan O. Dimera on Days. The entire point of making Vivian insanely jealous of Carly was that she didn't have the capability of conceiving a child. Her jealousy over Nicholas plainly boiled down to her barren womb. It also made it even more unbearable when Stefan turned out to be a s#it character and a clown of a villain. I can stand it better now that Barash is in the role, however.
  9. Retconned children, lazily introduced, that go on to eat up the canvas like termites on over-aged driftwood.
  10. EVERYTHING you just said. I mean all of it. It seems like a lot of the greats had a hard time taking someone under their wings, and that left us with the mess we have been viewing for about three decades now. Sheri Anderson was schooled the right way, but I start drawing blanks after that.
  11. Suddenly, it all makes perfect sense. The way Packer and Backus wrote Lester out was abrupt and ridiculous. However, as usual Lester's performance saved the day. Once he was done, they were done....to be honest.
  12. You always deliver, and you are spot on right here. They do it to placate old ladies in the Midwest and South, whom love clutching their bibles like a a drowning man wishes to cling to a life vest. This genre's obsession with pleasing them has been a factor that has contributed to it's demise. How can we feel any empathy for a bunch of execs that are satisfied with feeding the smallest of minds? I'm sorry.....I have not an ounce of compassion to give when they made this a stagnant genre that caters to fear.
  13. + 1,000,000 ALL OF THIS!! The wheels came off this INCREDIBLE drama when Marland died, and they never were placed back on. I know many didn't like the Royce Keller story, but I loved it. That was the last story I enjoyed on this show. Yes, it is post Marland, but it still felt like an ATWT story. Past that the show lost it's character chasing stunts. It was a sad sight to behold, because this was a jewel of a show. I loved Days, and accepted the camp because it was a standard feature of that show by this time. ATWT had maintained it's integrity (Well, besides the head shrinking) and had remained a show devoted to character dissection. I loved it for that reason. Watching it wander so far from that path was an excruciating experience.
  14. When they shovel dirt on this show next year, we will all be stating the MULTITUDE of reasons for it's inevitable demise.... The taping schedule will be a highly cited talking point. It was a definite problem when Dena trashed this show multiple times, and it's still a problem today
  15. Just when I start to enjoy ORK, she gets the boot. I LOVE this crazed b#tch now. Her lighter could be the answer to all of this show's ills. Lightem' up Claire! Just do it, for the love of Christ. Shady Sonny Bear and his tumor ridden twink need to jump from a diving board into the shallow end of a swimming pool. They torture me. I should be rooting for a gay couple, but I can't stand by two canker sores. When I see them, I think of that old spiritual "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot", and dream that they are six feet under. Yes, they have dead eyes....so why not do us all a mercy and make it official? If this is what we were destined to receive by reviving Will, I sincerely wish he'd still be in the grave. As for Sonny, his chubby a.s.s. can walk straight into a sausage grinder.
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