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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. You are my new best friend.... Listen, I don't blame Missy....I'd suck him dry. Plus, I am sure she got tired of having one of Santa's elves on top of her, grunting Bible verses into her ear as he climaxed.
  2. I always loved Jack and Billie's friendship. There was something so down to earth and real about it. Matt and Lisa had just enough chemistry to pull that off.
  3. If only....Right now I'd take that toxic TomSell combination over this [!@#$%^&*]. I have been nice about Ron Carlivati till now because I have PTSD from Dena's writing. I've simply been grateful that scab and hack is long gone. That doesn't work anymore. In my opinion, we are watching this show slowly devolve into dumpster fire territory. Diana Colville is now some psychotic Joan Crawford on steroids. There are more MAGAts in Salem than there are in my city, and I live in the south. Eve being anti-immigrant especially makes no sense since she had a Hispanic daughter. She was never likable, but Ron has done everything he can possibly do to finish that character off, for good. Just trash. Leo is every bad gay stereotype imaginable, and it's played as comedy. To make matters even more ridiculous, the entire city wants to excuse Will and Sonny for rolling said stereotypical gay into a rug after "killing" him. Lawd, it's just laughable. I'm no soap fool. I was wondering when Ron would run out of steam and screw this like a hound dog in heat. We now have the answer. He ran out of ideas and steam when he started penning January of 2019. We all know what happens when his creative juices run dry..... It gets progressively worse till he gets fired.
  4. Sonny's mommy is everything to him. He just has to tell her all of his secrets. I'm certain he tells her every time he bottoms. The relationship between Adrienne and Sonny gives me nausea.
  5. Yeah, I love both of those dudes....and they are right. When two love interest lay in bed, and you could drive a freight train between them, there is a HUGE problem. It also doesn't help that the spark that once existed between WilSon is as dead as my great great grandfather. Just speaking truth.
  6. Yeah, that wig would make anyone go blind. Sweet Jesus.....
  7. For once, Ron and I agree on something....Sonny should never take his shirt off, ever! However, he needs to tone it down with Leo. He's playing on every stereotype he can, and it's really offensive.
  8. I love her, and must concede she is a living legend. However, knowing Ron and how this will likely play out, we all know we will be getting a substantial serving of ham come Fall.
  9. Hey, I'm "SouthernBoy #Resist" on Twitter! Thanks for quoting me. I am truly honored. Sheri leaving is a very bad thing for the show. She helped reign Ron's hack ass in. We are genuinely screwed.
  10. If that means Sonny finally dies and exits the canvas, I'd have an orgasm where I sit.
  11. So true. I remember how many people reacted when McKinsey walked away from GL. A lot of folks thought she must be some difficult control freak that didn't know her place. In reality, she ran out of that place like it was on fire for several good reasons. One of those many mitigating factors was that she saw the handwriting on the wall, and knew her character would be butchered had she stayed. I hate that she left, and yet I am thankful she exited when she did. In my mind, she was Alexandra, and she's preserved in time as the character I always loved more than any other. In hindsight, her departure has allowed us to remember those days more fondly.
  12. Yeah, I agree. We have witnessed just how much damage FrankenVarni can inflict on this show without Ron's help for years. Valentini did Ron no favors when they worked together at GH. No doubt about it. Does that mean I think Ron did a halfway decent job at GH? HELL NO! Carlivati devolved into full blown hackery for a full two years before he was fired. The day he was let go from that job, it was like the feeling the warmth of the sun after a dark and ceaseless winter. I'll never forget how relieved I was that day. I'm glad he's found his knack at Days. He belongs there. This Carson baby is going to become an utter fiasco before it's all said and done. I'll just sit back and watch the shitshow unfold before me. My neck is going to get sore from me shaking my head.
  13. My household was Assembly of God (Charismatic). Most of those mother fuckers need shock therapy and a potent Thorazine drip. My parents actually voted for Clinton both times, but I think that goes back to the fact that he was a southerner. People are very strange in this part of the nation. The good ole boy mentality isn't as prevalent in my generation (GenX) and younger, but with Baby Boomers it's still very much a reality. We saw what eventually happened with George W Bush. I loathed that man. Many liberals today have looked back and felt that he wasn't all that bad. They get all kinds of feels when Michelle Obama passes him a cough drop. GMAFB! Saying he's better than Trump is not saying much at all. The fact that we have to compare them proves that Bush was an incompetent fool too. His illegal war damaged some of my best friends for life. Anyone that now wants to claim that W is a decent man, and revisit the 2000's with rose colored glasses, can take all the seats. That man does not get merit for ruining the Middle East and sinking our economy. You don't give a dog a bone for pissing on the carpet. You just don't. That debacle woke my generation up, and it pushed the nation more to the left. Trump is going to eventually screw up so royally, that the less extreme part of his base will desert him. He will always have the white nationalist. They would support him if he chose to tare down the Statue of Liberty and build a damn casino. They will always align themselves with him. However, those that are not as extreme will fall out with the man. It's more a matter of when, and how it will occur.
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