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SOD: 2018 Best & Worst

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SOD picked Days as "Best Show". Ron posted a clip of the article showing this on Twitter:



I agree with this choice. I think that Days has been the most interesting of the soaps this year and has made the best use of their cast. They had a lot of storylines going on for different characters. I thought that Kirsten interrupting John/Marlena's wedding in the fall (and the drama surrounding that) was entertaining. I really liked SH as Kirsten/Susan and also "Hattie" returning for a bit. I also liked other storylines that happened in the fall and some storylines they have going on now.


I wonder which soap will be given the title of "Worst Show". I think it should be B&B or maybe GH. IMO, GH is dark and dreary, but I think that B&B is hands down the most boring of the soaps. There really isn't much that has happened in the past year on B&B. Except Liam trying to have two families with two women he impregnated not too far apart from one another. And the other characters basically taking sides over that, mixed in with Bill trying to woo Brooke yet again and a sprinkle of other characters shown here and there. 

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When DAYS is your best show, you know the low bar is in sewers. I remember in the depths of the late ‘90s when Michael Logan, the kiss-ass of all kiss-asses, simply didn’t have a Best Show because no soap was good enough for him. He said Emmy voters should abstain, a bold statement. But I suppose if you’re still in the soap media business in 2018, you’re willing to praise a lot of BS. 


DAYS is probably the best by default, but I haven’t cared about a single story (and I can point out a plot or two I liked in the other three. Hmmm, well maybe I’d struggle with B&B).

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This was posted on another site.  Looks like the full list.


Best Story: JT Return/Murder (Y&R)
Best Twist: The Baby Switch (GH)
Best Mystery: Who shot Bill? (B&B)
Biggest Waste of Screen time:  Mexican Getaway (Theresa, Chloe, El Fideo) (DAYS)
Best Use of History: Ryan is alive (GH)
Biggest Rewrite: Peter is Anna's son (GH)
Best Secret: Christian's paternity (Y&R)
Best Recast: Mike (GH)
Most Rejuvenated Character: Gabi (DAYS)
Most Sidelined Character: Hope (DAYS)
Best Family Drama: The Abbotts (Y&R)
Worst Family Drama: Oscar's Illness (GH)
Best Return: Laura (GH)
Worst Return: Summer (Y&R)
Best Couple: Liz & Franco (GH) !!!
Worst Couple: Emma & Xander (B&B)
Best New Couple: Ciara & Ben (DAYS)
Most Tortured Couple: Chad & Abby (DAYS)
Best Triangle: Ridge/Brooke/Bill (B&B)
Worst Triangle: Jason/Sam/Drew (GH)
Best Breakup: Nick & Sharon (Y&R)
Worst Breakup: Nick & Chelsea (Y&R)
Best Wedding: John & Marlena (DAYS)
Worst Wedding: Liam & Hope (B&B)
Biggest Tearjerker: Nathan's Funeral (GH)
Biggest Tearjerker 2: Hillary Dies (Y&R)
Biggest Waste of Talent: Nancy Lee Grahn (GH)
Biggest Waste of Talent 2: The Vets (Y&R)
Best Show: Days Of Our Lives


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Thanks for posting. The ones I agree with the most are Best Show and Best Wedding. And I'm fine with them putting Hilary's death as one of the biggest tearjerkers. Though, I don't agree with most of the rest of them.  I definitely don't agree that JT's murder was the best story. 

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