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B&B Promo: Week of 6/11/18

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Here is the new promo for next week: 




I am glad that they are doing something with Thorne. Though, he hasn't been shown much since Ingo has taken over, he has expressed romantic interest in Kate. Now with her and Wyatt breaking up, it looks like they are going to try and do something with these two. I actually also thought that Thorne had some chemistry with Quinn in some scenes they shared recently. It was when the family was waiting to hear about the birth of Steffy's and Liam's daughter, Kelley. I thought that Thorne and Quinn were giving each other some looks, that made me think hmmm.... But I think they will try him and Katie for the time being.


I don't know why Sally is pointing a gun at Wyatt. And I want to see what happens with the new Avant. I want to see he does in addition to having a romance with Emma the intern. There is a spoiler that says that Emma is Justin's niece and he will warn her not to let the Forresters know who she's related to. With that connection she's also related to Marcus and several characters from the Y&R including, Olivia, Nate Jr., Dru, Lily, Mattie and Charlie. 

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they should couple Thorne + Sally. They wanna do older/younger, why not start something fresh? Unless they are gonna do that in a roundabout fashion - have Wyatt & Katie dating them both, and then they cheat w/ each other and send Katie reeling off the deep end as usual, etc. LOL

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