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Former GH EP Joins The Bay

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    • And all were gone not long after Moonves became fully ascendant at CBS. (Though I'm not counting The Nanny.) Yes, Moonves was looking for success. He also had a clear focus on undoing a female-centric image at the network. i'm not going to rehash the entire discussion many of us had about CBS history while I'm recovering from COVID, lol. You can look it up yourself in that thread. It's not hard to search those names in there.
    • The hair definitely 'elevates' this to Big Fat Gypsy Wedding levels. Tiara? You are too modest. It's a motherfucking steelworks up in that birds nest. We knew it would be blingy. We knew it would be Baroque. Teresa lives to overshadow other people. This event is probably the biggest thing northern New Jersey has seen in a LONG time. But the whole thing also looks like it might be a lot of fun to attend? And she definitely understands the assignment in terms of leaking a few insane pics and inviting all these RHs who are going to leak too. This is wonderful marketing for the next season of NJ plus the wedding special.  I wonder if the special will show if Ramona was uninvited, and why Dina refused to attend.
    • She was clearly drunk as hell. She's been deeply unwell for years, but I was hoping it had settled into casual eccentricity in recent times.
    • On her podcast she was saying she was having an awful day because her neighbors interrupted her meditation routine.  Obviously, that's a huge problem if that drives you to drink in the early am.  The amount of opiates that will be prescribed for the pain alone will most likely be problematic.  There is a chance she could turn this around for herself and make it a redemption story-which I hope is possible for herself and her children, but she clearly will need lots and lots of help.  It was just such horrible reckless behavior.   I am trying to empathize with the raw deal she was given as a child and her mental health struggles, but lots of people have awful [!@#$%^&*] happen to them.  She was a famous actress.  Hopefully this is a wake up call and she owns her behavior and works to fix herself.  
    • I'm a big Astros baseball fan. They are currently playing on Peacock. A lot of Houston Astros thought the game was being played on the regular channel. They throwing fits and saying they aren't paying $4.99 to watch the game. That's just for one time. No more Astros games are scheduled on Peacock. Days is in deep trouble!
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