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Big Brother 16 Live Feeds/Spoilers Thread

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Recap of feeds night one:

  • Paola/Donny nominated. Donny is basically the one going home at this point. These were Caleb's noms and he is final HOH
  • Frankie nominated Victoria & Brittany. They won (BoTB) Battle of the Block. Word on the street is that they have immunity for the week.
  • Frankie/Zach have a final 2. Frankie is trying to get a side alliance going with Christine. Zach already has a side alliance with Derrick, Cody, and Devin.
  • Devin is getting on everyone's nerves already. Majority of the houseguests want him gone. He had a spat with the girls last night about bed sheets.
  • Joey ruined the girl's alliance (El Cuartro). She apparently exposed them. Amber wants her to be backdoored.
  • Caleb, our resident racist, is in love obsessed with Amber. Like GM or Danielle (BB14) bunny boiler status. He went on and on about her for the longest.
  • Potential showmances: Cody/Brittany, Hayden/Nicole, Amber/Caleb (I doubt it).

Devin seriously needs to cool it because I can sadly see him being the first boot via backdooring or being the second boot. One wrong thing to do in this house is piss off the females. So far, Nicole, Christine, and Brittany loathe him. Cody loathes him too. Derrick was plotting Devin's demise last night, and Frankie/Zach, who want to keep him for awhile, deem him as unstable. His only good move is that he is extremely close to Caleb; however, with Amber obviously being attracted to Devin, this could be an issue. As aforementioned, Caleb is a stage four clinger/bunny boiler and any word of Devin/Amber hanging out might set him off and push him into backdooring Devin. I hope today is the day someone (like Jocasta, who has been neutral), pull him aside and tell him to chill and be aware.

In the previous thread, I mentioned how shocked I am with Jocasta. I was worrying that she'd be a pious, preaching mess, but she has actually meshed well with the house. Even though she has no alliances (that we know of thus far), she's not on anyone's target list and everyone likes her for the most part. I hope she continues this for the long haul. If so, I can see her taking this all the way.

Amber is clearly this season's temptress and I hope this does not burn her. I think she needs to quickly nix things with Caleb because he is already coming unhinged and declaring his love for her. Just last night, he went as far as saying that Amber is "the one." He could see them being together and he wants to take her home to his mother. closedeyes.jpg How ironic (and hilarious) that the racist homophobe fell for the girl that is half black? :P

Zach & Joey = Nick (BB15) & Lydia (BB11). I had high hopes for Joey but after last night, it is apparent that she is thirsty and hungry for attention. She dominated majority of After Dark last night with her loud mouth and I'm over her. And Zach is like Nick all over again. The clothes. The swag. The homoerotic vibes he gives off. At one point I thought he was going to mount Frankie. The fact that he thinks he's a mastermind. He has pre-jury boot written all over him.

Ones to watch (the ones with good games thus far): Jocasta, Derrick, Christine, Nicole, Hayden, Amber, Brittany.

Ones I see being instant targets: Paola, Devin, Frankie, Caleb, Zach, Joey.

Ones I'm uncertain about: Victoria (as word is she was getting on everyone's nerves post nomination b/c she was crying), Cody (because he is aligned with Zach & his hatred with Devin, which might be his downfall), and poor Donny (a fish out of water and needs a prayer at this very moment).

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Amber is being a dumbass and doesn't want Donny gone now. If he doesn't leave now we're gonna be stuck with him all summer.

I hate all the men because they're arrogant jerks, and the women are just too stupid for their own good :(

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Even though Paola irks my nerve, and I like Donny, this is making me reconsider wanting him to stay. I'm kind of leaning towards wanting Paola to stay so she can somehow stumble into the HOH position and put up two strong boys--preferably Frankie, Zach, or Caleb. Paola in the long haul will bring much needed drama, which Donny won't....

*sighs* I'm praying that Joey is put up and backdoored. I want her gone for effing up the girl's alliance.

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Tonight was boring. Frankie dominated After Dark with him getting the houseguests to meditate and play stupid a** theatre games. I'll be glad once he's evicted. The real drama will occur then.

Jocasta came out her shell again tonight and she's really stunning me with how well she is doing in this game. Again, no one is bringing her name up. I hope she floats to final six where she then becomes a comp beast.

Donny came out his shell tonight too. I think that him winning POV helped. He seems to click the girls better--especially Jocasta, Amber, Paola, and Brittany.

Devin continues to tank his game with his constant whining and rudeness. I think it's because his daughter's birthday is this week and he won't be there, but he knew this signing up. I see him either self-evicting or going next week. He wears his emotions on his sleeve.

Caleb continues to be a creeper. He's been stalking Amber for the longest, anxious to make his confession of love for her. She's been trying to avoid him as she does not want to gain a target for being in a showmance with him. So pathetic that his whole HOH has been more about winning over Amber instead of advancing his game. Amber is going to be his downfall.

Joey asked Cody for a vote, sensing she's going up. However, I see AG persuading the houseguests into keeping her over Paola if push comes to shove. But I'm praying the houseguests ruin AG's plan and vote Joey out. I know she'll be pissed because her twist will be foiled.

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You sure about that? After tonight, Joey is the target. Number one to go. She tried calling a house meeting tonight and failed miserably. She tried to called Caleb (HOH) out about him possibly putting her up and declaring that the house is a democracy. First of all, who does that? :lol: Who has a blow up about being nominated before being nominated? She has no clue when it comes to the game. She is going to be Annie 2.0, and I doubt Allison will care because this will once again lead to her getting another male winner, which Grodner is ALL for.

Joey also went on to tell Devin that he's going up (not true) and that he's going home. Joey is imploding her own game because Donny, Amber, Jocasta, and Christine are going to make sure that Joey goes up. For sure.

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Devin and Brittany got into a fight with Devin not looking favorable; however, Britt has been asking for it since she's been the primary culprit trying to get him nominated (but to no avail).

Britt/Christine/Nicole have been really irking my nerves with this whole "Devin is a bully," "he's threatening," "he's intimidating."

Girls, please. :rolleyes:

These three are borderline obsessed with Devin like Amanda was Howard. Britt went as far to compare Devin to the late Michael Clarke Duncan (who she clearly viewed as threatening too), which is hilarious because MCD was beloved and apparently a big teddy bear.

Even though Devin is condescending, annoying, bossy and a bit moody, I don't see him as threatening. Even though I don't think these three are doing it personally, it's kind of like they are race baiting. Or trying to toss a stereotype onto Devin when he's really just stressed. Dare I say it but I hope Devin wins HOH and puts up Nicole/Brittany. I want one of those two gone next.

Especially, Brittany. But you know what--I take that back. I'd rather Devin bust up the alliance of 8 (himself, Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Christine, Zach, Cody, and Derrick) and slap Cody's b*tch ass on the block. He's been getting on my nerves too with his constant moaning and groaning back Devin too. Devin, Amber, and Caleb need to grab Hayden, Jacosta, and Donny (who are already on their side) and get the rest out.

I just want a Devin HOH so these people can grovel and seethe. Especially, Brittany, who has practically destroyed her entire game tonight trying to save Joey and get Devin (Caleb's BFF) nominated.

And isn't it odd that Caleb was thought to be the racist but he's getting along with the black hgs (Devin/Amber/Jacosta) the best? :P Despite his delusion, Caleb is winning me over because I do not care for the likes of Derrick, Zach, Cody, and Frankie--four people that think they have this game in the bag.

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