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From SOD

"Fletcher" is described as a 25 to 32 year old "GORGEOUS CAUCASIAN MALE. Must be at least 6'. Confident, Charismatic, powerful, dynamic. His dry wit and breathtaking looks make him irresistible to the ladies. He is a master in the boardroom and bedroom. Men want to be him. Underneath it all though, is a good man with a heart of gold." The role is contract.

Sounds like a cross between EJ and Chad.

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In what universe does MM pass for anywhere near 25?

I dont feel the need to voice my opinion about the matter until the whole thing play itself out (although i tend to side with HK) But theres no way he would be right for the part regardless.

I think it must be a Chad recast. But having one of sonny's brother may lead to far more compellling story.

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