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Y&R November Spoilers

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Let me guess? A groundbreaking storyline regarding Nick's seed and its magical abilities?

Le sigh.

More excellent writing from daytime scion Passanante and Altman, who has proved her talent and awesomeness in the annals of daytime already.

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Astounding? Wouldn't go that far.

Y&R has had some momentum recently only because of two things. One is a SL where the main actors are totally invested in... beefing up their Emmy reels. Two: the Abbotts all together again -- showing up the Newmans for the cold, boring archetypes they have become. The Abbotts could be on the verge of becoming Y&R's premier family again -- if TPTB want it badly enough. Which I don't think they do.

These spoilers are doing nothing for me, though. Couldn't care less about Adam/Annie/Jason, or Villy/Chlovin (if there are two couplings on this show that ever needed to be destroyed and buried, Villy and Chlovin are IT).

Summer/Noah/Courtney, are you kidding me? Those dayplayers?

Starting not to care about Michael and Lauren now that they got rid of the eye candy. The killer -- drugged up psycho-eyes Fen -- is not even on-screen.

And Victor, Nikki, Jack, Jill playing supporting to this mess. A depressing TG? Ya don't say.

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