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ALL TIME Soap Ratings

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This is for all the soap operas you ever watched. Basically an overall grade.

1. General Hospital

2. All My Children

2. One Life to Live

4. Days of our Lives

5. The Young and The Restless

6. Passions

7. The Bold and The Beautiful

8. Port Charles

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1. The Edge of Night

2. Brookside

3. EastEnders

4. Hollyoaks

5. Shortland Street

6. Emmerdale

7. Days of our Lives

8. Coronation Street

9. One Life to Live

10. The Young and the Restless

11. Guiding Light

12. As the World Turns

13. General Hospital

14. All My Children

15. The Bold and the Beautiful

16. Passions

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As the World Turns

Guiding Light

Young and the Restless


Bold and the Beautiful

I remember watching snippets of Love of Life and Search for Tomorrow, but not enough to rank them. And EON for that matter.

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In terms of what I think is the best to the worst, not necessarily my personal favorites.

The Young and the Restless (watched 99-now. Seen lots of 85-99)

Another World (watched like 89-93ish, 96-99)

General Hospital (watched 99-now, seen most of the 90s)

As The World Turns (watched 2002-end, ranked it high due to reading/watching history)

All My Children (watched 2001-now, seen some 90s)

The Bold and the Beautiful (watched around 03-now)

Days of our Lives (watched from birth til now, seen a lot of older stuff)

Guiding Light (same as ATWT)

Ryan's Hope (saw whatever years soap net aired)

One Life to Live (watched 2001-2009; here and there after)

Sunset Beach (watched entire run)

Dark Shadows (watched whatever is on DVD)

Port Charles (watched entire run)

Passions (watched entire run, less and less as it went on tho)

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Well, I've only watched the ABC soaps on a regular (or semi-regular) basis. Eh, well - I did watch Passions during the 'Sheridan in a Pit' storyline. ph34r.png

I'll just rank the ABC soaps...

1) All My Children

2) Loving / The City

3) One Life to Live

4) General Hospital

5) Port Charles

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This is based on a mix of day-to-day watching over the last 12 years plus watching older episodes. I didn't include any older soaps that I never got to watch on a daily basis simply because I wouldn't want to judge solely on here-and-there episodes.

1. All My Children

2. As the World Turns

3. Dark Shadows

4. One Life to Live

5. Days of our Lives

6. The Young and the Restless

7. The Bold and the Beautiful

8. Guiding Light

9. Passions

Eh, might as well do the older soaps on their own. This is just based off of reading summaries and watching episodes online.

1. Ryan's Hope

2. Love of Life

3. Another World

4. The Edge of Night

5. The Doctors

6. Search for Tomorrow

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Just my favorites in order (I don't know if they were better or worse than anything else because I've never watched a whole lot of shows at one time so most of these did not overlap for me)

Another World

Santa Barbara

Guiding Light

One Life to Live

Young and the Restless

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I don't feel qualified to assess objectively so these are what I've enjoyed the most

OLTL (1993-present)

AMC (1993- present)

GH (1997-2013 (not watching regularly since the Chew/Franco/Todd development)

ATWT (2000-2007)

GL (on and off 1999-2007- Manny 1.0 is still in my top 3 all time soap couples)

DOOL (on and off 1999-present)

PC (1997-2001- quit when the vampires came)

Passions (1999-2001- LOVED this as a 12 year old but feel none of the nostalgia for it that I do for the others)

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