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Y&R: Summer recast


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Reading the comments on that site is almost as painful as the show currently

This is really disgusting by Jill Phelps. It's not a matter of whether or not I disagree with the cuts she made (and I do for most of them) but how she is managing the show.

Let's look at this from the business perspective. I don't have exact figures, but this is essentially what she's doing:

Actress A makes $1200 a week. Despite her history on the show, I can bring in a similar character played by Actress B for $1000 a week. Look at me Sony, see, I'm turning the budget around!!!! I just saved $200!

Lindsay Bushman was young, I can't imagine she was making that much money, but she wasn't that bad. If you're knocking 20% or so of the salary for the next child actress to play her do you think you're going to get such a vast improvement that people will excuse YET ANOTHER recast? No.

Something I have noticed with a couple of these cuts too, mainly Debbi Morgan and Marcy Rylan, is that it appears they're removing some of the comedy elements of the show. Now, you can say what you want, and while some people may not like that in Y&R anyway, it is something that adds to the broadcast when you are not exactly at the climax, and the exciting parts of storylines. Without some light-hearted Neil and Harmony conversations and some Chloe and Abby catfights, those filler episodes are going to get even worse.

One last thing about the way Phelps budgets the shows: She cut a bunch of actresses who were key parts of the show, to bring in actresses for slightly less money who have no legacy in Genoa City, yet she counteracts that by bringing in her handpicked headwriter Josh Griffith.

So, not only is she not saving the show any money, but we lost some characters that had big fanbases. Makes no sense from a dollar perspective, and makes no sense from a storytelling perspective.

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I just find it interesting that ALL the axing has been women. The two men (who have been renewing their contracts in pieces) leave on their own. As far as JW, who knows what the real story was (is). I'm glad she's going to be back. However, because of the short filming period, I tend to believe that she decided to scale back and enjoy her life. (Nothing wrong with that.) I just wish they would get rid of AH now and somehow return MR. Adam and Abby are by FAR the most interesting Newman spawn. (That doesn't include Adam's look-alike younger half-brother Kyle.)

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