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Y&R: Summer recast


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Update: http://www.tvguide.c...er-1053629.aspx

TV Guide Magazine: Julia Pace Mitchell [sofia] has been taken off contract. You've also dropped Lindsay Bushman [summer] and Kevin Schmidt [Noah] and replaced them with Hunter Haley King and Robert Adamson from Hollywood Heights, the show you and Jill teamed on just before coming to Y&R. Anyone else headed to the chopping block?

Griffith: I think that's it right now.We've put away the ax for a while.

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She's pretty, and she was playing an obnoxious teen - she did that well. Seriously I wouldn't mind if they killed Summer off and have it due to some stupid thing that Phyllis did. Phyllis has been doing too many stupid things and managing to get away with them. I'm so sick of Phyllis saying stuff like when you hurt me you're hurting my kids. She doesn't care if SHE hurts someone who has KIDS that will also be hurt. Maybe the new writers won't have her constantly blame others when SHE does something stupid. A girl can dream.

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Either way, the Nick/Phyllis affair happened 6 years ago and Summer's paternity played out 5 years ago. Hell, it wasn't that long ago that she had an allergic reaction to the peanut butter that loony Patty fed her. Point being that her being SORASed was unnecessary and confusing.

Phenn is another one who shouldn't have been aged. And Kyle. And Abby.

And we have MAB to thank for all of them.

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