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Y&R Recasts and Firings

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If this is even true, I understand about Bryton. He's very likeable and is a good actor, but in this era of underwear models turned actors, they probably wanted someone "prettier" and with a 6-pack in the role in order to make the Devon more of a force on the canvass and push his relationship with Tucker into high stakes territory. Would be even more surprised about CK, since I thought she was extremely popular.

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Y&R's Lily Out!


According to her official Web site, Christel Khalil is out at THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS! "It is not her decision to leave," the site reports. "An agreement could not be reached during contract negotiations."

At this time, there is no official confirmation from the soap regarding a final airdate for the Emmy-winning fan-favorite, but it puts a new spin on a recent casting notice Y&R sent out looking for an African-American woman in her mid-20s who is "vivacious, energetic, ambitious. She's a mom balancing work and family. She's had her share of tough times, but always bounces back from even the most trying situations."

That sure sounds like Lily to us! The role has been recast before, with Davetta Sherwood briefly taking over as Dru's daughter in 2006 before Khalil took back the part. As soon as we get any more information on this developing story, we'll be sure to let you know!

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    • I uploaded this episode. I wondered why there were missing scenes. When you scroll at the timeline you see all scenes, but when you watch the video, the end is black for 6 minutes.   i hope they upload it full again.  
    • OMG!! Please register in order to view this content I need to try that!
    • Team Thomas, but getting full custody of Douglas is a LONG shot.  This simply comes down to what Douglas wants.  Poor kid, torn between his parents.
    • Didn't know where else to post this, but I keep seeing this idea that BB will outlast the other soaps because of its appeal and reach in international markets. While I know this is true and definitely held weight in the 90s and early 2000s - how fair of an assessment and statement is that really. I feel like it is a comment that is regurgitated but no real data is there to back it up. I do think that international markets might help BB to be the last remaining soap, I just don't believe those markets are really doing as much nowadays to keep BB alive as we think. Streaming and social media apps are prevalent all over the world and people are seeking entertainment through these outlets. Traditional TV viewing has changed everywhere and young audiences aren't watching daily soaps be that in the US or internationally. So I can't imagine BB not experiencing dwindling audiences in its international markets as it has in the US. Im also sure several markets have dropped it in recent years...so how fair is it to say that international money will help keep it afloat. Is there real data to support this?
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