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  1. We saw her house and "Tommy" during the pink dress episode which is why I asked if Erika's husband is Denise's attorney. There was a comment about them finally meeting in person which I thought was a follow up to Denise calling him to ask for help with Charlie. But I agree, Erika has been all about playing Roxie Hart and bullying this season.
  2. Thank you! Things are getting interesting. I don't understand the lack of understanding about keeping certain conversations away from the kids. It seems dumb that the HW don't seem to get it. The rumors about Kyle's husband and Rinna's husband would explain why they are so destructive lately. I don't like Camille because of the way she acted after her housefire. It seems that it was not just about that trauma because she is doing it again... Isn't Denise's lawyer Tom, Erika's husband, or was that just for the most recent Charlie Sheen issue? I read months ago that they had filmed the reunion shows (also months ago) and Denise didn't show up because of a family emergency. Kyle was bashing her for not showing up for "work." I like that Aaron accompanies Denise, for whatever reason. And all the other HW show that he needs to be there. They are even bullying him. There is a lot of behavior and comments on RHWBH that don't make sense so I guess A LOT is going on that we don't know about. But that's how it always is with celebrities.
  3. I am missing (the trainwreck that currently is) RHOBH. When will it return?
  4. I have loved the classics, being able to see Drucilla and Mamie and Gina and Nina, and to see Victor actually having different storylines than he's had in the past few years. Today was extra special - my favorite Lily and my favorite Colleen. And Dru!
  5. Katherine Kelly Lang is still beautiful but it was so nice being able to look back and see her before she cried millions of tears due to the horrid Deacon storyline.
  6. I just watched the last two episodes. I didn't see anyone in need of "receipts". LOL. So much fun without all the backstabbing and game playing. LVP is a long-time pro at this so I am sure there aren't any "receipts" in danger of seeing the light of day in the possession of her employees. I love how Teddi brings everyone back to reality when they start getting sentimental or nostalgic. Like those who have Stockholm syndrome. I'm a from day 1 fan of RHOBH and I am not an LVP fan anymore. Or Stan. Whatever.
  7. BH: I am sorry but excuse me. LVP orchestrated this entire thing. When the dog was returned, she set all the wheels in motion. When a dog bites a child and has to be returned, what kind of person immediately thinks about using it (one of the most emotional issues in the world - pets) to ruin other women on TV? This issue was full-on BEFORE the Radar article. LVP may very well be truthful about not knowing "who" contributed to the Radar article. What does that one detail mean exactly? Nothing. Please be gone from RHOBH LVP and Camille.
  8. I don't like the Adam recast. He looks too young and he's just not a good fit IMO. I don't think even MCE will be able to make him "work" for me. Why all the actors with such chiseled facial features?
  9. Seriously? THIS is the best JG can do for Traci and "Lane" ? I am beyond disappointed, already.
  10. Can't happen soon enough for me! And, if Chelsea must return, I am glad it's MCE.
  11. Would anyone be willing to PM me with the link to the day ahead episodes? I haven't the slightest idea of where to begin to look for "crumbs" anymore...
  12. I just don't know what to think about LVP on BHRH. Grief can make people act out, for sure. But she is notorious for this kind of thing. She set this in motion - THIS issue (pets) that enrages people - - causing people to be threatening towards Dorit's (who is my least favorite HW) children because of it. LVP should have never gone there. She seemed convincing when she was lashing out against the radar accusations..... But IDK. It definitely did not turn me against all the other women.
  13. I would love to see Hartley's Adam interacting with Miller's Billy... I am meh about Adams' recast and the thought of Chelsea being recast. Say what you will about the character Chelsea...but I really enjoyed MCE in the role after a while. I am not impressed by JV's Rey but he is much better than JV's Tony on GL. But that's not saying much. This show could be stellar with better casting, now that the writing regime has changed. JMO.
  14. Sharon Case is so much more beautiful when Sharon Newman is in a romantic relationship... I do wish the recast would be Billy Miller -> Billy Abbott.
  15. Thank you. I read that in the April spoilers thread after I posted this... I hope her attack on Lola will be revealed... Don't know if Arturo will be an option for her if that happens.
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