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  1. Same here. I do remember LVP asking her if "Erika Jayne" was funding her designer wardrobe (or something like that) and she said "It is Now."
  2. RHOBH Wow. I just read on Just Jared that Erika G. filed for divorce from Tom Girardi after twenty one years of marriage!
  3. Wish they would LISTEN HARDER and do something about Rinna who is so much worse... Whoops! They didn't quite think that through did they?
  4. Rinna is NASTY. It was very sad watching them try to brow-beat and bully Denise into saying something other than "her truth". I hope those women watch last night's episode and see how audacious they were.
  5. Ok. No problem at all. Thanks for letting me know.
  6. I can't imagine anything that would make me want to tune in next season.
  7. Sharon and Josh? What? I was just about to post that it is weird that Sharon and Adam were not socially distanced in their scenes, but she and Rey were....
  8. I don't doubt she is getting social media attacks. There are cray cray people out there. I didn't think Andy was "letting them have it". It came across to me as him giving them an opportunity to clarify things. And I was surprised by their answers because they made sense. I still think Kyle has turned an ugly LVP like corner and she and Teddi think they are very important. Moreso than the other ladies. I don't understand why they didn't just shut the conversation about the alleged affair down. Just shut it down and not keep commenting about it. They were all outraged w
  9. We saw her house and "Tommy" during the pink dress episode which is why I asked if Erika's husband is Denise's attorney. There was a comment about them finally meeting in person which I thought was a follow up to Denise calling him to ask for help with Charlie. But I agree, Erika has been all about playing Roxie Hart and bullying this season.
  10. Thank you! Things are getting interesting. I don't understand the lack of understanding about keeping certain conversations away from the kids. It seems dumb that the HW don't seem to get it. The rumors about Kyle's husband and Rinna's husband would explain why they are so destructive lately. I don't like Camille because of the way she acted after her housefire. It seems that it was not just about that trauma because she is doing it again... Isn't Denise's lawyer Tom, Erika's husband, or was that just for the most recent Charlie Sheen issue?
  11. I am missing (the trainwreck that currently is) RHOBH. When will it return?
  12. I have loved the classics, being able to see Drucilla and Mamie and Gina and Nina, and to see Victor actually having different storylines than he's had in the past few years. Today was extra special - my favorite Lily and my favorite Colleen. And Dru!
  13. Katherine Kelly Lang is still beautiful but it was so nice being able to look back and see her before she cried millions of tears due to the horrid Deacon storyline.
  14. I just watched the last two episodes. I didn't see anyone in need of "receipts". LOL. So much fun without all the backstabbing and game playing. LVP is a long-time pro at this so I am sure there aren't any "receipts" in danger of seeing the light of day in the possession of her employees. I love how Teddi brings everyone back to reality when they start getting sentimental or nostalgic. Like those who have Stockholm syndrome. I'm a from day 1 fan of RHOBH and I am not an LVP fan anymore. Or Stan. Whatever.
  15. BH: I am sorry but excuse me. LVP orchestrated this entire thing. When the dog was returned, she set all the wheels in motion. When a dog bites a child and has to be returned, what kind of person immediately thinks about using it (one of the most emotional issues in the world - pets) to ruin other women on TV? This issue was full-on BEFORE the Radar article. LVP may very well be truthful about not knowing "who" contributed to the Radar article. What does that one detail mean exactly? Nothing. Please be gone from RHOBH LVP and Camille.
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