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Andy Griffith has passed away


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RIP Andy Griffith. He was a terrific actor and seemed like a wonderful man as well. My dad got me watching and loving the Andy Griffith show. He grew up on them. I enjoy watching episodes of the Andy Griffith show on TV Land. My favorite episodes are the black and white ones, even though I enjoy a lot of the color episodes as well, especially the ones where we see how Opie is growing up. Andy definitely was a tv legend and I also liked how he represented my home state of NC. He will be missed.

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I believe SFK turned us onto this gem. laugh.png

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/QMmwpbS1PNM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

OMG, I was JUST about to post this! laugh.png

RIP Andy. I know it's weird to say as she's already passed away herself, but this is one of those deaths that would have made my mom so sad. "Awww, Andy. sad.png " He was such a warm, charming personality. I miss Hollywood people like that.

Trivia: Did you know that Huckleberry Hound was modeled after Andy?

You just know they're going to whistle at that funeral...

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The best of the best. There's no other show I remember watching early on in my life more than TAGS. A knack for telling stories and a memory for them like no other. Watch his TV Legends interview on YouTube. Fantastic.

RIP, Ange. sad.png

TV Land is doing a marathon of TAGS in his memory tomorrow. I don't have cable right now, so I can't watch it, so thank God for YouTube wub.png .

ETA This has always been love for me laugh.png.


I didnt realize he was still alive

Jon Stewart asked the same thing here, Cheap.

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Lemme tell everyone the Matlock story. I just posted this on my Facebook.

RIP Matlock. Ah, I mean Andy Griffith.

Last Summer I got hooked on Matlock reruns. It was kinda odd being 23 and watching Matlock. But, I remember it from when I was a kid. My bio-dad loved it. But, one time. I was being a little brat. And, was jumping on the bed while he was watching Matlock. And, I wouldn't stop. Even though he told me to like 5 times. So, he beat my ass with a belt. I don't blame him. Matlock is ass beating worthy. I think I have a few episodes on my DVR. I should watch them tonight.

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    • Please accept my apologies. Sometimes i get a bit loopy. The bad experiences i've had on here. Have done a real number on me. Thank you for the info.
    • I hope you buckle up and take Dramamine.  
    • Oh, I know. It's why I was be so adamant about anything on the Ericole roller coaster. 
    • Exactly!! No matter what actor is playing him, Nikolas has been sitting on the fence between  light and dark. And in the last few years he has been going dark, darker, darkest. That writing has definitely been on the wall. I thought it was very telling that Laura made a comment about her time on Cassandine Island that put that in perspective.   That was a great scene and Maura played that line to the hilt.    That is something I forgot to mention. The fact that while I too do not want Esme to be a heroine, I have to admit the actress is winning me over to her current state...the elusive tabula rasa. The audience is aware of who she is and what she has done, but in her current state, she has a remorse and common sense factor to her that does make her compiling in a way that Esme as vixen did not. One almost (note on ALMOST) do not want her to remember. That said...given SOD's February Sweeps info, it looked like she might be getting aimed at someone she should be aimed at, continuing to prove she should have never came out of that particular bubble of story. Even if the result if true, is typical of her current arc. 
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