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  1. It's been a long ass week.

  2. I haven't even been able to bring myself to watch this week's episode. I got the same way at the end of last season. I don't even remember watching the last 4 or 5 episodes before the finale.
  3. The first two seasons I was dying for Oliver and Felicity, but honestly, the way they've written her this season, I think Oliver deserves far better.
  4. My patience with Felicity has worn thin. LOL. I have honestly hated her at many points this season. And don't get me started on Ray. I'm over the whole big bad guy of the season model they do. By the end of every season I'm hating on the bad guy, which I should, but to the point I don't even want to watch. I don't want to see a bug final battle, I just want the whole season to be over.. I wouldn't think that would be their goal for a viewer. Then again I'm still pissed off that Tommy's dead and Malcolm is alive.
  5. Happy to hear the baby suffered no ill effects from his dramatic arrival. Little boys are so much fun. I wish my two were still smaller. (Maybe not in diapers, but young enough to still enjoy hugs from their mama). Treasure these days. There is absolutely nothing in life more joyous.
  6. Well, I'm happy to have the once a week bad guys back. I HATED Slade and I still hate Malcolm so I'm glad he isn't around much either. Overall, this season has been kinda meh for me. I LOVE Ted/Wildcat and I hope we see more of him, but that's probably going to mean we see more of Laurel and I could do without that. It has been nice to see Oliver not fall for every whine-y word she says this season. I don't know what to say about Oliver and Felicity. Honestly, I'm not liking Felicity much this season. I feel like the character is too different from what we saw the first two seasons. I get that she's growing as a person and I'm good with that, but there's something that seems off with her and especially her scenes with Oliver (after the season premiere).
  7. I actually was able to persuade my husband to watch this with me and we both loved it! I'm excited to watch the show grow weekly
  8. I enjoyed the premiere. I'm really sad to see Caty's time on the show end though. Not looking forward to Laurel as canary.
  9. Congratulations on the impending birth. Being a parent is one of my greatest joys in life. I love the name Oliver, so my vote is Elijah Oliver. I hope you have an easy pregnancy for the remainder of your time.
  10. Catching up on August's Y&R. Tragic how far this show has fallen.

  11. In other casting news... JR Ramirez (Power) has been tapped to play Ted "Wildcat" Grant. http://insidetv.ew.com/2014/07/29/j-r-ramirez-arrow-wildcat/ I read somewhere today that in the extended version of the Season 3 promo Oded Fehr played the part of Ra's. It would be AMAZING if he were to be the one playing the actual role!!! And here's the extended clip...there's an extra 15 seconds at the end... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5t1jcQjEsaw
  12. OK, here's the first look promo for season 3 that played before their SDCC panel today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfgthhsuUb8
  13. Three casting spoilers for season 3
  14. Another episode I didn't enjoy. Instead of building momentum like last season this has just been blah for the last 3 months. Hated seeing Malcolm return. There are just too many major villains on the show right now. BTW, today is Stephen Amell's birthday
  15. The entire second half of this season has just gone downhill every week. Last week may have been the final straw for me. I didn't even like Moira. but if they don't start killing off the right people soon (Malcolm, Slade, Isabel, Blood, etc), I'm not planning to hang around past this season. I hate when a show gets ruined for me but IMO this big all encompassing bad guy just doesn't work on this show. I liked last season when there was a bad guy or two and then he was gone. Ugh, I didn't enjoy tonights episode at all. Not even a single part of it. And that's almost NEVER happened since maybe episode 3 of the first season.
  16. I will never be ok with the ending of the streak. Part time ass wipe. They should've let Punk do it last year.
  17. So has anyone here signed up for the WWE Network? My son did and when those old show work, they're great. Unfortunately we've had alot of problems with getting them to play on any device. The show that is currently playing has no problems but going back and watching some of those old PPV's and such isn't working all the time yet. Hopefully they will get it fixed. I hadn't really watched religiously in years, but The Shield has brought me back to watching. They remind me so much of the Horsemen, not necessarily in talent wise, although they are pretty talented, but just the whole "We're the best and we'll kick your ass anytime any place" kind of thing. Not sure how I feel about the company turning them into baby faces, but we'll see how it works. I will say that every time Roman Reigns spears Kane I applaud. LOL
  18. Last week's show was well done once again. I enjoy seeing the occasional episode that focuses on someone on Team Arrow. (Although I'm still waiting for a Felicity-entric episode. ). It's been a weird few shows though. To me it's like we've started a different season. There's not been alot of tie in with the episodes from earlier this season. And unlike last year, I feel like the first half of the season was more explosive. BUT we have about 6 or 7 more so that opinion is subject to change. BOTH of my kids have started watching season 1 on Netflix. It's like I'm in an alternate universe. We never watch the same shows!
  19. I can't believe I didn't come and comment about last week's show. I like the way they are handling the Sara/Oliver/Felicity kinda triangle. Loved Felicity and Oliver's talk at the end and her being high on oxy was so much fun. Emily does a great job playing Felicity with her insecurities and all. That Oliver/Laurel blow up was MONTHS in the making. I was actually cheering OUT LOUD for him everytime he spoke to her in that hallway. She really had become the most selfish woman I've seen in ages. Everyone was out to get her and everything that happened was someone else's fault. I hope that was the end of the Laurel we've seen the majority of this season. As for last night's show? Bah. I hated it. I hate the island stuff more every week. I simple do not care and I HATE Slade. I've hated him from the beginning. And I don't think Manu is that amazing as an actor. He always looks constipated. My dream is to let Slade and Malcolm kill one another. Offscreen where I don't have to see either of them again. It was a wasted episode IMO.
  20. Officially renewed for Season 3!! Woo woot!!
  21. That's true. They owe her no explanation. Paul Blackthorne has a really interesting documentary on Hulu called This American Journey. I thoroughly enjoyed it!!
  22. It took me a while to warm up to Quentin so I went back and watched The Dresden Files on Netflix to see if it was Paul that I didn't like. It wasn't him...it was definitely Quentin. I hadn't noticed about the lisp though...me son has most of the Burn Notice episodes on DVD. I'll have to check it out when I can. Back on the Laurel issue....do Sara and Oliver really think them banging again is gonna HELP Laurel? I mean, come on!! I suppose neither of them are thinking about Laurel right now.
  23. I know what you mean. Although I think with Sara I get the attraction more than the others. Sara is basically the only one that can really understand what Oliver suffered thru for those 5 years, because she had almost the same experience. It's one of those 'she knows where all the bodies are buried' kind of relationship. I wasn't so upset about them as the fact that we had no follow up conversation between Oliver and Felicity after his mom's press conference. The set up when she spoke of her folks and how she couldn't stand the thought of losing someone else.....and then NOTHING? That was bad writing IMO. Because to me, it looked like she DID lose him. I loved Oliver telling Moira they were DONE! He's put up with her crap for way too long. Everyone I know felt so bad for Moira by the end of last season, but I've never felt one iota of sympathy for her because I've always seen her the way Oliver does now...as a lying bitch. As ya'll know I'm no Laurel fan, but while most people didn't get her reaction to Sara being alive, I totally get it!! She wasn't really able to grieve because she was so angry that Sara died while screwing her boyfriend and now suddenly here is her sister. Alive. And so is her boyfriend. Of course, Oliver and Sara being together now is going to provoke even further consequences for Laurel. I don't think her downward spiral is over just yet.
  24. I'm lucky to have two sons in their 20s so anytime a new villain or character is introduced, I ask them about who the person is. They usually know.
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