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OLTL actor joining GH - character and actor

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This has been rumored about for most of the past week but now it's been confirmed.

Tuc Watkins will be crossing over to Port Charles.

"We always look forward to Tuc's visits," headwriter Ron Carlivati says. "We're hoping this might be a more permanent stay, if his schedule permits."

What brings David Vickers to Port Charles?

"His career is floundering and so is his marriage. Dorian had a sex scandal with an intern and this wrecked his film stardom. He's going to try to get his own TV show."

Story ideas?

"He's going to have a lot of laughs with Jason, Sonny, and Carly. I love these characters but they need more comedy. He's going to say things like, 'What, do you only own one color?' to Jason and 'Hey, don't shoot me!' or, 'Don't throw that at me!' to Sonny."

Sounds great. What about any romance?

"David's still pining for Dorian, but you never know. Port Charles has plenty of beautiful women."

Any plans to address Tuc's previous role as Dr. Pierce Dorman?

"Sure. When David meets Monica, he says, 'Remember when you consulted on Real Brain Surgeons of Beverly Hills and held a power drill to my skull?' It's hilarious."

Any other teasers?

"David will have a surprising tie to Spinelli. Let's just say - like father like son."

More here.


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