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DAYS: November Sweeps Preview

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Things have never been more exciting on Days of Our Lives, but the best is truly yet to come! Here's what you can expect to see this November!

Is John Guilty?

Things are looking bad for John, who probably has to wonder if he was better off before coming back to town and getting arrested! But the situation is going to cause serious fallout for not only his marriage, but the lives of everyone around him. With Sami and Austin being pushed closer and closer by circumstances, will Rafe and Carrie soon find themselves on the outside looking in?

Alice's Shocking Secret!

Bo and Hope's attempt to find out exactly what Alice had to hide leads the detectives to make a discovery they never could have anticipated. But as so often happens, the truth is only the tip of the iceberg! Wait until you find out how Alice's secret account will impact the lives of several unexpected Salem residents!

Here Comes Trouble!

With Chloe away from Salem and the man who was attacking Salem's hooker population out of the picture, what will it mean when Quinn comes back to town? The former bad boy says he's turned over a new leaf, but is he for real? (The fact that he's the son of infamous Vivian doesn't fill us with a lot of confidence that he's seen the light!)

A Game's Afoot!

Sonny and Chad have worked their butts off on their website, but it could all prove to be for naught when hackers find a way to use the site to set up an illegal gambling ring. Expect to see major fallout for the guys... who may find the whole situation hitting closer to home than they imagined!

Snow Daze

There's a storm on the horizon, and if there's one thing every soap fan knows, it's that the only time anyone notices the weather is when bad, bad things are going to happen. Look for a blizzard to shut Salem down. And of course, what would a storm be if it didn't trap together people who have personal issues to resolve? Truths will be told -- for better or worse! -- when the snow comes down. And a devastating event will have huge consequences on the community as one family falls apart in the wake of the trauma. Is history repeating itself when a missing loved one is the center of a frantic search? Elsewhere, look for one couple to tie the knot and another to spontaneously renew their vows to one another


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I don't think that these spoilers sound bad, per se, but they are definitely not Sweeps level.

Then again, I'm kind of glad that they don't feel desperate enough to stage a big explosion or have a deadly outbreak like some soaps.

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This is what the big "reset" was all about?

I'm sorry, I find that very little about this show has changed, other than some better (but not great) lighting.

It's the same boring and contrived brand of boring suck .... just with supercouples.

Yup...boring being the key word....the chad/sonny story boring as hell

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