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Oh dear lord, please dont tell me they are bringing her back from the dead after over 30 damn years. Rolls my eyes. Oh well I hope if thats the case, she at least reveals how she gave birth to twin boys and what happened to them

Viki and Tina visit Irene at the hospital.

She does not need to come back from the dead for such an asinine plot

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    • Oof. Old Sabalenka reared her ugly head. Incredible unraveling to hand Muchova the match.
    • I remember reading that comment, too, @chrisml.  She made it during some interview with one of the soap mags, but I forget which one.  At any rate, I think her comment made it clear that their working relationship had soured by the time she left GL.
    • I agree. Being politically neutral doesn't cut it anymore - at least, not in the media.  This country continues to fight a war of misinformation.  You can be on the "right" side or the "wrong" one of that war, but, eventually, everyone has to choose a side.  Let's hope the David Zaslavs learn that lesson sooner rather than later.
    • So, when exactly was AW knocked out of the top spot?
    • Because she’s a horrible, awful character with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Who would’ve thought that, on a show where mobsters are the leads, the worst character would be a college girl. Eden’s portrayal doesn’t help at all either. I honestly never thought I’d hate a soap character as much as I hated Gwen on Passions, but here we are

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