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Old soap characters you wish you could see

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I don't mean wanting to see Myrtle Fargate or Eugene and Calliope or Bert Bauer. I mean people who are in eras of soaps that are basically pretty much gone, destroyed or left sitting somewhere, and whom you have only read about.

A few of my choices:

Edith Hughes, ATWT

Elly Jo Jamison, Edge of Night

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ATWT: Edith Hughes, John Hughes, Janice Turner, Neil Wade, Michael Shea, Liz Talbot, Paul Stewart, Alma Miller, Natalie Hughes.

I really can't come up with anyone for AMC besides Margo Flax. It's pretty easy to find at least a decent-length clip of virtually all of the show's major characters.

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Well, I guess some of these don't qualify as old soap characters if they were created a couple years ago and just left last year but...


Kevin Buchanan (Dan Gauthier)

Tina Lord (Andrea Evans)

Gabrielle Medina (Fiona Hutchison)

Nash (Forbes March)

Jared (John Brotherton)

Rachel (Ellen Bethea OR Daphne Duplaix)

Kyle Lewis (Brett Claywell)

Fish (Scott Evans)

Schuyler (Scott Clifton)


Frankie (Billy Warlock)

Glenn Gallagher (Rob Estes)

Jennifer Horton (Melissa Reeves) - I don't watch DOOL anymore but I just read that she's been back on the show. If that's true, I might watch again.

Belle (Martha Madison)


AJ Quartermaine (Billy Warlock) - pretty much the only character I liked on that show. As soon as he was killed off for their precious Jason, I stopped watching GH for good.

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I'd kill to see Audra Lindley's version of AW's Liz Matthews. She is numero uno on my list. Also from AW would be Susan Trustman's Pat Matthews and Strasser's Rachel. Also interested in seeing Liz Hubbard as Althea Davis on the Doctors. Oh and it goes without saying Joan Crawford's stint on Secret Storm. Someone somewhere must have even a bad kinescope of her performance.

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Yes, I'd love to see Audra too. There is some footage of Robin (at Lenore's wedding) but not much.

There's a 1982 episode of The Doctors on Youtube that has Althea, but I don't think we've ever seen any of her earlier stuff.

There have been rumors that someone has Joan's episodes, a private collector.

It means that most of the soap material from the late 40's to the late 70's is gone. Either in vaults and rarely seen, or completely destroyed. That was mostly what I was referring to.

But thank you for mentioning the people you want to see again.

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AW--Bill Matthews and Missy Palmer, Janet Matthews, the first Mac Cory, Ted Clark, Bernice Robinson, Mike Bauer's Bay City stint

ATWT-John Hughes, Edith Hughes, Alma Miller, Michael Shea, Jada Rowland as Susan Stewart oh the list goes on!

Days-Susan Martin(was Alexander really that popular??), Margo Horton

GL-Helen Wagner as Trudy Bauer, Paul Fletcher, Johnny Fletcher, Charlotte Bauer

SFT-Arthur Tate, Sam Reynolds, Scott Phillips(though I think I've see him)

Y&R-Gwen Sherman, John Considine as Phillip Chancellor(loved him on AW)

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First name that came to mind.

I have seen at least one clip of a lot of the following but I would love to see MUCH more (and sadly that isn't much of a possibility):

-Robin Strasser as Rachel

-Audra Lindley as Liz (she also makes a brief appearance in the Lenore/Walter wedding episodes Carl mentioned)

-Victor Lord (I have seen Ernest Graves but not Shepperd Strudwick)

-Meredith Lord

-Gillian Spencer as Viki/Niki (seen her Viki in the same ep I saw Ernest as Victor)

-Early Carla/Sadie

-Jack Neal (never seen)

-Joshua Hall (never seen)

-Nancy Pinkerton and Claire Malis as Dorian

-Patricia Pearcy and Jane Badler as Melinda (haven't seen either)

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    • 3-29   NINA!!!! Walked right back in and it was like she NEVER left. Loved seeing her with Tracy and then when I realized that it was two WRITERS talking...my writer heart did a little giggle. And yes on her lighting into Abby. Not as good as Amanda, but I could live for just watching TC act. And Abby is lucky Nina didn't slap her. I loved how the camera angle was, too...as close to an old school Y&R angle as we have gotten lately.    I am also loving that when scenes are going on that there are extras AND cast members sitting in the background.   Diane vs Phyllis continues to entertain. And the writing for 3-28...who did that because Diane and Phyllis read each other down. And YAAASSSS DIANE!!! SLAP THAT HEFFA!!! Bring it? Diane BROUGHTH it!!! Meanwhile, Phyllis continued to spin that web and I liked that Summer did not immediately fall for it. I loved that Jack and Kyle wanted to doubt, but Kyle's phone was found. I am feeling beats. And I know above I said I still am smarting from the lack of a Audra/Noah/Allie triangle, but AL's 'if looks could kill' stare at Audra when Audra gave Kyle his phone has now sold me on throwing Audra in Kyle/Summer direction.   Hmmmmm as I watched that Victor/Jill scene. If Devon/Lily have resolved their differences, where is this story going? It seems like Devon might take up McCall Unlimited. But it seems like JC is still leaving it open to keep Devon vs Lily alive.   I found that Nina/Christine talk interesting. Are the writers trying to show cracks in that marriage with Paul finally? Or just working toward another Danny/Christine moment?   Speaking of...GINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Love seeing her and Danny. I just wished that they had given them more of an entrance which I've felt all the returning characters so far have gotten.    That Billy/Chelesa kiss was

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      Didn't want it. Didn't need it.    Leeanna though (not to mention Chloe's dress and her remembering her fashionista roots)...LOVE. Leeanna has really been a breath of fresh air throughout these anniversary episodes and she has chemistry with EVERYONE. Can we keep her??? She's the kinda of busybody that has been missing on this show. And the lady is a vamp.    The episodes were so good in fact, I went ahead and spoiled myself on tomorrow. Yeah, THAT'S a doozy. But I'll wait to see it in its entirety.   
    • Elizabeth Hendrickson.     Cast photo and Gala:

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            new opening
    • Sad to hear the news about Rita Lakin.  One of my favorites.
    • Matt Trudeau was never a good  Lucas.  He showed zero personality and couldn't even fake chemistry with a lamp post.  Like Grandma used to say, "Well, at least he's pretty". Ryan Carnes was a chemistry magnet, from familial chemistry with Maxie, Bobbie, Carly, Uncle Luke. He came across as a healer.  The  drawbacks are 1. That Frank can't handle the gays. He botched things at OLTL with Re-Ron and couldn't run any story involving Felix, Brad or Lucas.  Lots of Golden Girls and Knots Landing but zero substance. Most of Lucas and Brad's story was basically Brad running around blathering about the Baby and Lucas while Lucas was off screen. 2.  Lucas wasn't played by anyone #firefrank needs to pay the mortgage for.  If Howarth were Lucas, here would be orderlies in their g-strings in the locker room.  Same with Easton.    As a legacy doctor on the show, Lucas should have been up for Chief of Staff by now.  Not twice a month Terry or Breeeee-tahhhh.  But twice a month Terry and her <cough> three sentences per appearance boytoy <cough> Yuri are fodder for a post of their own.
    • That's why I've always been against using her as a lifer like her screen mother, because she's so cloying and cutesy. She was a bit less so this time, but we barely saw her. Unless she can show real chops I'd still recast. Robyn Richards wasn't as green. I think she could've worked out, but people are forgetting that Kirsten was intensely unpopular in the role for her first disastrous year or so. She had bad and deeply unsympathetic stories. It was moving her into a comic role and the Spinelli pairing that saved her, IMO.
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