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GH: Actress dishes on her exit

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I'm going to miss her too. I've always loved Vanessa/Brenda. Exactly a year ago today she announced she was coming back...we were all so hopeful and course Guza had to ruin this. Vanessa was right, she always said this was a visit whereas ABC lied and said "at least 2 years." I feel like I've had to force myself to watch this [[email protected]#$%^&*] show because I waited so long for her to come back.

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OK. I love her again. Love her for "going there" with Brenda & Jason, :wub: love everything she said about GH and bringing back the Qs (this girl needs to consult), love her commitment to Brenda's history with Sonny and Jax. It is just too bad that GH didn't channel this commitment when they had her. They knew this was a one-year gig because it always is with Vanessa. And yet they wrote a piece of [[email protected]#$%^&*] story that I'm sure was the final nail in the coffin for Guza (along with the ratings).

Oh, and I especially love her for calling Sonny a whore and this:

"Whether it's Carly [Laura Wright] or some other hooker he decides to shack up with, I promise you Brenda will take care of it!"

Yeah, bitch! :lol:

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    • I just wish they'd end the whole Linc thing, it has been going on for over three years now. Ok, granted there was a near two year gap in the middle before they picked it up again, but it just highlights how stuck Chase and Brook Lynn are.
    • This past week - in reference to the Brightshine couple and their pregnant surrogate cleaner - I've been continually saying "What in the Handmaids Tale is this" lol
    • The anniversary open could have been charachter sketches (like the late 70s/early 80s) which transform into live pictures (like the 88-99 intro). Or they could have re-created the jazzy red intro maybe with a different color like gold instead of red for the 50th. Instead we get a windows movie maker intro with a horror movie font. I wonder if the cast can tell how awful it looks. This is easily one of the worst soap intros of all time. It really lifts GH's off white epilepsy opening out of the gutter. Idk how soaps are allowed to come on the air with such poor quality. Audience loyalty is truly strong. I had a feeling Y&R might drop the ball in some way for the 50th, hopefully GH doesn't disappoint. Their 60th celebration in 2013 was epic. 
    • Oh yes, that Voyager scene. Superb.
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