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AMC: Multiple Early Exits

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Asher, Caleb, & Marissa should be at the top of the list. All of their useless asses could disappear and no one would care. No one. Not even god.

I get why people said Frankie, Randi, & Brot but I hope AMC keeps them on along with the rest of the Hubbard's until the end. I just think it would be more fulfilling if we literally see them all together as a family in the end. Not just Jessie/Angie.

A lot of people say Griffin & Cara, & I agree they'll probably go, but I kind of hope not. I like them a lot, especially Cara. But I guess/think there's nothing else that can be done with them, with Zach & Dixie returning...

While I like Madison & Scott a lot, really no more time should be wasted on them. Give them a happy ending and send them off to Paris.

While the show is making room for returning stars I hope Annie is on their list. I hope to see her recover out of Oakhaven and reunite with Emma, & then JR.

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Its WAY TOO soon for a Tad/Dixie wedding. It just wouldnt work unless they fast forward into the future. Tad and Dixie havent been in love since 2001 and even that year, things were very shaky with their romance falling apart. They can get together and agree to try and make another attempt at making things work, but wedding? There's no time to even go there

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I really do see Jake and Cara as endgame so I don't expect her to go anywhere. But they could be written out, too, going back to Doctors Without Borders together. Ricky is not a long-term cast member so I could see him getting the shaft.

I've grown to like Caleb and Asher to extent, and especially as a father/son duo, but their time is definitely over.

I hope they can get MCE back for JR! I don't want him alone or settling on Amanda. :mad:

Has anyone considered who else Griffin could be paired with? Perhaps Amanda, maybe even Opal! :lol:

If they put Greenlee with Leo, will Ryan end up with Liza? They do have history haha

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His last airdate is already set. He will be gone within the next 2 weeks

Griffin doesnt need to be paired with anyone. If its not Kendall than no one. They've spent too much time developing him with Kendall to just have him be with someone else. He will most likeyl end the show alone and that would be for the best

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Worst-case scenario? Dixie shows up alive at, say, Ryan and Greenlee's wedding. Everyone's shocked, including Tad, who's one of the guests. Tad and Dixie reunite. There's hugging, there's tears, there's "WTF, yo, I never realized til I was gone how much I missed yer ol' chicken suit-wearin' ass," and then Tad says, "Well, since we're here w/ most of our loved ones - those who ain't can download the video later - and there's a minister - you are a minister, aren't ya, Rev? - why don't we just do what everybody's sayin' we shoulda done since 2006 or thereabouts?"

Cara: "But...what about me?"

Tad: "What about you?"

Cara: "Aren't we still married, Tad?"

Jesse: "Hell to the nah, girlfriend! I tore up and burned y'all's wedding license the same night I buried Angie's and my baby!"

Angie: "Say WHAT??? Jesse?!"

Jesse: "Oh mah damn...."

Frankie: "Dad, did you just -- ? I can't even."

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    • Maybe there could be some storyline where Marlena agrees to do a limited podcast series where she tracks down each clone and shares intimate, one-on-one conversations with them, lol.
    • Me either. I hated Ben Warren.  Having loved Scott Bryce, I'm not sure I could've accepted anyone else in the role. I understand that at the time they needed a [!@#$%^&*]-stirrer to shake Oakdale up. And it's hard to come up with a character who'd have as many ties on the canvas (although they rarely, if ever truly used Craig's). Maybe a better solution would have been to import a shady AW character to screw with everyone's lives. Although honestly, I was hella annoyed by Tom Eplin smothering the canvas at the time too. 
    • Shinee's comeback @Cheap21 ! Catchy song.  
    • I did.  At no time did I ever believe that Ben had anything but his own, personal, self-serving interests at heart.  Even when Paul Rauch/B&E tried to sell us on a Blake/Ross/Ben triangle, I didn't believe for one second that Ben had any romantic feelings for his sister-in-law (which annoyed me, because there was a time when Blake wouldn't have been so gullible). To this day, I wish that either James DePaiva or Philip Brown had played the role instead. Except, I wouldn't have wanted for Rick to be so two-dimensional.  I would've wanted an actor who could put SOME emotional layers into that character so that he wouldn't come across simply as this out-and-out bastard who was beyond redemption or empathy.
    • Ron seems obsessed with these Marlena clones.   No other writer including JER even mentioned it again and Ron brings up that fact on a regular basis.  I don't really need Ron to delve into what happened to the clones, but it is weird how casually everyone in town mentions Marlena has clones just hanging out somewhere in the world.   I'd rather it be forgotten tbh, but at the same time I am slightly curious where they ended up and what their lives are like.
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