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AMC: Erica as you've never seen her before Promo

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They even issued a press release -- the headline implied that this was created as part of the series conclusion: "With An End Date Set, Susan Lucci To Play New Role On "All My Children'". We all know that is complete BS! They are trying to rewrite this trainwreck ASAP. This is NOT the way Erica Kane should be remembered. I hope ABC does something cool with the character and just moves her to DH, like the rumor. (Not Susan Lucci as a new character, but can you imagine if she took Erica to prime time? Now that may make people tune in again.)

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    • Tiffany wasn't onscreen - she did a voice cameo over the phone due to Sharon Wyatt's illness, I believe. I think any Lucas but Ryan Carnes is a nonentity. He did great, was popular with the audience and left very abruptly and unexpectedly.
    • Matt Trudeau is so hot, I don't understand why they don't show him more.  They finally get the casting right for adult Lucas and then he disappears. When they had Tiffany come back for an episode honoring Sean Donnelly's death, I don't think she even asked about her nephew Lucas, did she?  The custody battle over Lucas between Tiffany & Sean and Bobby & Tony was a big storyline in 1993 (which I'm currently watching LOL).
    • To all the naysayers, what would you do to fix the current Y&R opening visuals? I remember in the old days of this board there were so many talented artists. I would love to see someone conceptualize a better/modern opening concept..
    • The show has also put out a series of decent memorial episodes for people. The John Reilly one was a bit silly but mostly very heartfelt, and had a beautiful use of his daughter. This one was even better. Leslie Charleson being left to a voice cameo - I'm so glad she did it, but the last time this happened that I can recall it was because either Sharon Wyatt's illness or other circumstances had apparently left her unable to appear onscreen for whatever reason, and so Tiffany was used by voice over the phone instead at John Reilly/Sean Donely's memorial. Leslie supposedly had a fall or accident around this time last year and was expected back soon. Now this. I don't want to worry about her, but I do. I am glad they wove her in any way they could. And while I do wish they'd managed to get Kimberly, and Kent Masters King and Minae Noji as Lainey Winters and Kelly Lee, having Emma appear in the Drakes' stead was decent enough. Brooklyn Rae Silzer has improved. Another thing the show has gotten better at is realizing where the real meat and weight of audience investment is. I may not love every story she has and find her pairing with Kevin milquetoast, but Mayor Laura is extremely central to the show and canvas these days. She's the heart. The same goes for Elizabeth; they throw her at every loser under the sun, from serial killer to Michael Easton, in part because they know and have increasingly valued just how important she is to the audience. So Elizabeth becomes the linchpin and centerpiece of this episode and her catharsis is the audience's catharsis. They know her value to the show and have slowly begun acknowledging it. Now if she could just get more A-story for her own sake, and not for Easton or Howarth's continued employment. I admittedly found Epiphany annoying as hell a lot of the time - I never understood her forced admiration for the mob scene considering Sonny and Jason got her son stuffed in a trunk and killed, and I didn't like that soppy song they had her sing to Sabrina and Emma at the 2013 Ball which repeated at the end of this episode. But it was tradition so they used it and that's fine, and Sonya Eddy was a lovely woman who was absolutely devoted to the show so I was sad for her and for the cast and the show. You could see Drew Cheetwood (never much of an actor) and Carolyn Hennesy were barely holding it together, even in their earliest scenes. It was all very touching, and it was well done.
    • I want to love Leanna's return but her performance is so stilted. I think a lot of it is the writing/ directing. She seems to be scheming for scheming's sake. How many times can she interlope and say, "did I just overhear..." She was a smarter and sharper character in her earlier runs. She was not just a listener/repeater, she was a plotter. Her machinations were memorable. She was the type of character that never needed an excuse to do the wrong thing. Now she's just a nosey yenta. See below for an example of Leana's quirkiness in full effect:  
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