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AMC SOD and SOW spoilers

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SOD and SOW spoilers summarized by DontStare at the soapcentral forum:

Ryan begins the week by proposing to his wife on bended knee. Greenlee doesn't want a second wedding with the secrets still hanging over them. Unfortunately for her, Ryan figures out the truth from Madison's doc before she can confess. He's angry. She tells him everything including the facts of her deal with Scott. Will he tell Madison? What happens to Scadison if the truth comes out? Ryan ultimately decides to keep his mouth shut - for now - after finding Scadison in the afterglow of making love for the first time. JHC gives RB/CM kudos for their work during these scenes.

Bianca & Marissa: Love? CBL is interviewed. She doesn't think Bianca is ready for a serious relationship as she ponder Bianca realizing how strong her feelings for Marissa are. While she's confused about these feelings, Bianca will be helping JR become the best man possible for Marissa in the coming weeks. Possibly having no knowledge of Bianca's history she comments on the great complexity of Bianca having it bad for a heterosexual female. She loves how self-sacrificing Bianca is, as well. She loves on working with Sarah Glendening and talks about their magical chemistry.

Wk. of 5/2: Jack gets an ominous email from Erica. Erica tries to escape. Things get heated w/Ricky after Kendall dons a wire. Maya looks at a photo of her baby.

Wk. of 5/9: Jake takes a nasty spill. Amanda makes a confession. Tad admits his feelings for Cara to JR. A deluded Ricky continues to plot his elopement to Kendall. Caleb & Jack search for Erica. 3 men are caught in an explosion.


- Kendall/Ricky: Its basically a - not quite - sleeping with the enemy arc

- Jmanda/Cara/Tad: Reality is going to hit home for these 4 in May. Jake & Cara find themselves in a situtation that will either change their lives forever or set them firmly on the paths they're already on.

- Cara's questions about Lucy will come up again.

- Bianca is falling for the apparently very happily straight Marissa. Bianca finds a new inner strength during this. Bianca will help JR woo Marissa. He really wants his family.

- Asher & Colby will team up to save Maya from a horrible situation.

- Scott loves Madison but he'd throw himself in front of a train to protect Marissa from JR. They want to bring the Chandlers back to the center.

- Brot will be a Myrtle type on the canvas. A moral compass particularly for Jangie

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*spits* I hope that as this show ends we get to see Binks get picked up a bar by some ultra hot lipstick lesbian - perhaps her first love Sarah - and they spend the next couple of days in a hotel room engaging in all manner of chick on chick debauchery.

Just once before this show ends, I want Bianca to be desired, wanted, and lusted for by a LESBIAN. A real, true, knew it since she was two lesbian.

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It would be even hotter if Biancé turned a latent lesbian out and then we continue with the Desert Hearts hotel room fantasy. But let's flip it. We'll make the other girl the younger oneohmyGod why couldn't it have been MAYA!?


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