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AMC - Friday - April 6, 2011

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yeah I noticed that. I really hate that we cant edit topics on this board

Tad to Cara: "Theres no easy way to say this so Im just going to say this. They found a dead woman in your brother's bed"

Jake: "Shut up Tad, this is not the time"

Tad: "I'm not joking"

LMAO :lol:

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Just let Maya see MR. Chandler...please!

That was so funny. I don't think Eddie Matos is a great actor but he sold those scenes, feigning concern for his "friend" Dr. Castillo, saying a prayer to the woman he just killed and then smirking when the cops weren't watching. If he had been like this the entire time, I would've liked him better.

Today's episode felt disjointed. There was a scene at the police station where they were all talking and then silence, like they were waiting for the next line of dialogue or something.

Same with Jesse in the beginning where he had the same facial expression for a good 20 seconds and the camera just stayed on him. Who was the director of today's epi?

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