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Y&R- Week of November 15th DISCUSSION

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Wow. I *love* Maura as Diane! In fact, she is my new favorite vixeny "heroine" on the show -- and yes, I do consider her a heroine in the sense that she has been put-upon and kicked around by a couple of choice GC individuals, is in dire straits in terms of finding a job and supporting Kyle and herself, but she is really coming across as plucky. I also find it hilarious how spooked "The" Stafford is in her scenes with West. It leads to the most desperate, over-the-top acting, all hands waving in the air and RILY ANNOYIN DICSHUN -- in sharp contrast to Maura's clear, uncomplicated delivery. When Diane snarled at Phyllis about hoping that Summer never got to find out about the questionable things Phyllis had done in her lifetime, I just about stood up and cheered.

And I must laugh at the Y&R threads being a ghost-town at the moment. Why weren't they a ghost-town during the excrement that was the Sarah Smythe/abandoned fairground SL which went forever and is probably Y&R's worst SL ever, outshitting even Out of our Asses? Y&R isn't nearly as bad as that right now. It ain't great, but it's ok in places.

One thing that is pretty stinky though -- the Shick reunion. Talk about fast. Nick did an epic shrug when he got the divorce papers from Phyllis, grunted at Sharon to skip breakfast and throw on some black underwear, then decided that marriage would be a logical next step. Sharon came across as equally bimbo -- Hmmm, don't know whether I love you the same way, but we might as well [[email protected]#$%^&*] while I think about it. Sharon and Nick really do not have an ounce of chemistry left, do they? I personally think Sharon & Adam do, but I'll probably be shouted down by a chorus of miffed Shick fans. IMO, Nick is utterly ruined as a character -- he is the human equivalent of a penis, proposing marriage wherever his boner will take him just so he can get a legal lock on unlimited shagging. And "ruined" is saying something when BimboSharon is pining for the psycho brother-in-law who stole her baby.

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AGREED! Diane is trash early day Carly as opposed to trash 'I love G-Man and my 20 kids' Carly. MW is great as a character actor. ATWT was her first gig, Carly her first and only character and Diane is just more of the same. Y&R should have just done this right and bought the Carly character from PGP if they wanted all this mess. (Personally, I would have rather seen Emily (KMH) play Diane). Carly marked the end of the World and I hope Y&R doesn't over use the character.

I would love a Shiela return for Feb sweeps!! Personally, I sort of like Daisy don't mind the creepy actress. I just hope the extend Sheila's stay as opposed to wrapping things up quick as they did wth Meggie and Sarah. The Adam steals baby story wasn't the best but I loved how it took months to develop and unfold.

Nick the dick is a penis with ears but quickly devolving into a dildo without batteries.

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