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Your Perfect Soap Lineup

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So I was thinking, what would your perfect soap lineup be if you were in charge of daytime programming for a network? You can pick any 4 soaps you like, past or present, but you must only choose 4 and in the traditional lineup sense- 1 half hour soap at 12:30 and 3 hour long soaps to follow. I guess you can sub in 2 half hour soaps for 1 of your hour slots, but choose no more than 3 1/2 hours of soap programming.

My lineup:

12:30- Loving (not The City, LOVING!)

1:00- Days of our Lives

2:00- Another World

3:00- Santa Barbara

Honorable Mention- The Young and the Restless, but those 4 I have shared a lifetime of affection for, whereas I didn't get into Y&R until 92/93. I almost put it in there over DAYS, but, like a typical long-time soap viewer, my loyalty to DAYS won out.

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12:30 The Edge of Night

1:00 Days of our Lives

2:00 General Hosptial

3:00 Guiding Light

Mind you, i'd never put Edge at anything but 3:30 or 4, but using the guidelines I've got to work with, the lunch hour would come a close second.

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Yeah, I thought about ATWT too, but again, loyalty. I didn't start watching regularly until 2000 (I had watched sporadicaly through the 90s, during Debbie/Hutch/Rosanna and most of Maura West's first run) so I don't have as much of an attachment to it as I do to the 4 soaps I chose.

I will say that from 2000-2006 and again from 2009-2010, ATWT was my favorite of all my soaps I was watching at the time.

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My Perfect CBS Soap Lineup (...you know, just in case the choice of shows was not that clear to certain post-ers here)





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I've always thought the June 8th, 1981 to March 26th 1982 CBS schedule was perfect:

12:30 Y&R

1:30 ATWT

2:30 SFT

3:00 GL

Mind you, I wasn't even alive but looking back I can understand CBS' logic, in fact it corrected their disastrous 1980-81 line up in the long run. Shame on CBS and P&G for not giving SFT a chance in the 2:30 slot.

My honorable mention would be Days.

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NBC once had a perfect lineup -- Days/AW/Santa Barbara -- but they squandered it, the idiots.

Gah! So many great soaps, not enough timeslots!

12pm Love of Life :lol:

12.30pm Loving

1pm Days of our Lives

2pm Another World

3pm Santa Barbara

4pm General Hospital

5pm Sunset Beach

IOW, I can't choose. I could barely decide between my love for Days way back when and Y&R. And how to choose between Santa Barbara and GH? Impossible.

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