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  1. Super Password (and Password Plus) has been back since last April, actually. They just acquired more episodes.
  2. Bumping this for BIG news: Sale of the Century is coming to GSN!!! And no, it's not an early April fool's joke despite the premiere date. http://corp.gsn.com/press/releases/gsn-acquires-new-series-sale-century-and-new-episodes-press-your-luck-launch-april-1
  3. It starts up again from 7/6 all the way up to 10/5/92. I think AW was preempted for Wimbelton on 7/2 and 7/3 because even the AWHP recaps for that week lists it as 6/29-7/1/92.
  4. Iris Wheeler (AW) vs. Vicky Hudson McKinnon (AW)
  5. So, it's 10/22 and all shows are still available on Youtube. I guess they decided to leave those alone? Let's hope so.
  6. I couldn't stand her either. She always (to me, anyway) seemed a little too clingy with Dwayne. Whitley always cracked me up when she screwed up Kinu's name.
  7. thinks (knows) that even if Y&R falls below ATWT (never gonna happen, though it deserves it), MAB**ch will still have a job. Sigh.....

  8. You mean Millie? I didn't like her at all. She was just...blah.
  9. I just flove this show. I do vaguely remember watching it a few times when it was on originally (I was very little), but I didn't become a huge fan until my local MyNetwork station started rerunning it around '05 or so (they've since axed it). Dwayne & Whitley are one of my favorite couples ever.
  10. I just can't believe it. I'm still in shock. I thought losing GL would be hard for me, but I think losing ATWT is gonna be even harder. This is truly a sad day for the soap world.
  11. Rachel Cory Hutchins (AW) vs. Iris Cory Wheeler (AW)
  12. ^Ooh, toughie..... After much deliberation..... Rachel Cory Hutchins (AW) vs. Victoria Lord Davidson (OLTL)
  13. Lucinda Walsh (ATWT) vs. Rachel Cory Hutchins (AW)
  14. Lucinda Walsh (ATWT) vs. Erica Kane (AMC)
  15. Alex Spaulding (GL) vs. Iris Cory Wheeler (AW)
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